How on earth can I remember to water my plants?

I love the idea of having indoor plants, however I cannot for the life of me remember to water them on a regular basis. For years, I have been trying to keep bonsai trees, but instead of being a bonsai artist, I'm more like a serial plant murderer. What do? Is there anything you do to remember to water regularly?


I have the same problem so I switched to pothos, snake plants, succulents etc. any time I forget about them I come back and they're thriving


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real LPT!


I have a big aloe that I forget to water because she's not with the rest of my succulents. I end up watering her maybe 3x/year, and she loves it. Good to remember that the bigger the succulent, the less often it's likely to need water.


my only issue w my aloe is I'd come back to find all these pups crowding mama out!


This is slowly starting to happen, but she seems to love to be absolutely stuffed into a pot, so I won't move them until she complains 😂


I did the same but I also use Alexa to remind me every Thursday at 4pm and I usually ignore her but sometimes listen and I've been growing a nice collection for almost 3 years now!!


I tie watering in with my morning tea and making lunches. I take a walk by the plants to see if anyone is looking droopy, and usually have a watering station set up on one side of the sink. I don’t have to water plants every day but I take the walk through every day just to keep it in my routine.


Definitely a routine helps. I have my plants around my bathroom so when I shower I water the plants before.


I have the same habit of doing a little walk through the plants with my morning coffee in hand, just poking the soil to see if its too dry and checking for pests.


It’s my fave part of the day. Just a few mins every morning checking in on my plant babies 🥰


I use the app Planta (free version).


Me too. I make sure I enter every plant I get… and that’s a lot. I don’t follow their scheduling, but at the very least it reminds me to check on THAT particular plant, and if it’s not ready to be watered yet, I just hit the snooze button.


I second this, helped my lack of memory a lot and my plants are thriving now!


Yes!!!! I have houseplants and succulents, it has made a huge difference in their health and less stressful for me. I never water without checking the soil or pot weight first. It's my guardian angel 😆 i wouldnt be able to keep nearly as many as i have. It also helped me to see I was underwatering over winter.


There really is no “regularly” with plants as the needs will change constantly. If you try to water on a schedule, you’re likely to kill them. I have an indoor jungle at this point and to be honest, I’ve found that most thrive on neglect. They more I obsess over watering and care, the faster they die.


yes this for sure. i never water on a schedule, not all plants have the same water needs and MANY factors go into how fast a plant dries out... pot size, substrate, pot material, light exposure, humidity, temperature, season, etc. watering on a weekly schedule kills anything that isn't a super easy pothos or philo. i water once every 1-2 weeks in the summer, and once every 2-3 weeks in the winter. more for my carnivorous plants, less for things like hoyas. i remember because they're right in my line of vision. when i clean a room i tend to check my plants to see if any of them look droopy or overly dry, then i water. remember its way easier to kill from overwatering than underwatering!


House plants are easier because they're always in view - she droopy, you water


I have ADHD and I have a dozen or so plants kept alive for a few years now (which is a massive achievement for me.) It might seem very simple, but by doing these two things I have had success in keeping things alive! • I have to do it on the same day every week. Before I was used to it in my routine, I had it on a recurring alarm on my phone. • I have to do the exact same thing every time. At first I had a little notebook with the steps written out, but after a few months, I had the procedure fully memorized. I say procedure because I’ve learned that not only do my plants need to be watered, they need to be watered very specifically so that I don’t have a massive infestation of fungus gnats again! Anyway, I hope that helps you a little bit, even though it is a simplistic suggestion.


thanks for this! could I DM u about your process? I have ADHD too and it's kicking my ass lately!


OK you two: spill the processes!


Please feel free to! I would be happy to share what I do!


They have an adhd sub


Hey yeah me too! Super proud that I manage to keep them alive though. I mean I have to remove some dead leaves here and there every time I water them, but most of them grow faster than I kill them :D It helps that plants started to become a hyper fixation about a year ago, that's when I bought a looot and brought a new one in almost daily... and now I don't want to loose them and alle the money I invested which is motivating enough. I started with the Planta App which helped a lot... but with 80+ indoor plants now it annoys me more to update the app than it helps. And i's actually not that hard! You need two watering days. My main watering day is Sunday where I check if the substrate is dry, and if it is still wet, I skip the watering and go around and check them on Wednesdays or Thursday! And with time you get a good feeling of how much water each plant needs. So if I can do it it means you guys can do it as well! 🌱🫶


I think of them like friends or pets, many of them I named. I enjoy checking them out and I will often think “i wonder if they’re thirsty!” And I feel like I am getting my friend/pet a drink and now they’re happy. It’s silly and fun


Set a recurring calendar invite on your phone to check the soil and see if it’s damp; make sure it triggers audible notification sounds.


Schedule a time to check on things, and set up a reminder to follow through with it on a calendar app. This technique will solve a lot more problems for you than just watering plants.


Plants that I kept when I had this problem: Jade plant- if the leaves get squishy it's time to water :) they can take a little neglect. Snake plant- my boyfriends mom left it on top of our fridge for 2 years without watering it. It had 1 leaf left so I plucked the dead ones and raised it from the dead lol I barely water it but it's still here 4 years later :) Arrowhead plant- it looks sad when it needs water so I water it then :) Rabbit ear cactus- I'm pretty sure I went like a whole year without watering it but it's still thriving. Plus it's super fun watching it dance around to reach for the sun :) Also theres all sorts of plant apps that can not only remind you to water your plants but also help you to troubleshoot when something goes wrong. Some apps you can take a picture and it will diagnose the problem and tell you what to do to fix whatever problem you have


There's apps for that. Try planta.


I use a free app called Planta to basically give me a heads up on which plants need watering. It reminds me to check that specific plant as I have lots plus ADHD so not the greatest memory!! If the soil is still wet I just snooze the notification. It really helps me to keep track 👌


I water all of my plants once a week with a couple exceptions, a couple get watered in between but those are things like hypertzia or some small anthurium seedlings. I tested some substrate mixes in my environment and created a mix that dries out every 6-8 days, a lot of coco chips, coco peat, pumice and charcoal. Every Friday is my watering day for all my plants, even if they are not quite ready for it they get it. With a mix that is airy enough after 7 days even if it’s still damp the new oxygen from the water helps refresh the substrate and prevents rot from getting out of control. I’ve been doing it this way for over a year with mostly aroids and no one seems to mind at all.


Make it a habit every morning to stick your fingers in their soil to see if they need it. It’ll become second nature.


Half the battle of finding plants that work for your plant parenting style. I would seek out plants that like to be ignored.


Use a calendar.


Don't do it to a schedule and let the guilt set it. Soon enough you will start check them out of fear, guilt, and the despirate need to not be a failure. This will teach out how often each plant needs it, and train your plants to be more dought tollerant at the same time. Eventually a kind of the homeostasis of guilt and strong plants that can be somewhat neglected will be achieved. That's about when people will start saying you have a green thumb. Good luck on your journey :D


Well, Bonsai need a lot more specific care than just watering. I wouldn't try unless you're an expert. For non-bonsai plants, keep them in sight. I wake up, and I see my little plants, and well...I see them. If they look thirsty I give them a drink. Keeping them in your kitchen or by your desk (with adequate sunshine) is a good bet.


I use an app called Flora! It’s not always right about when the plants need watering. But at least it’s good at reminding and you can always snooze the reminders. I think it’s a decent app


Get plants that are relatively drought tolerant and water once a week on the same day. E.g. “water Wednesdays”. Makes it easier. If an individual plant isn’t ready to be watered, just skip this week. It’ll get watered the following week. Works ok for me when I can get in the routine.


Water Wednesday’s.


Set a weekly alarm on your phone (daily watering is likely way too much).


Just water them on Saturday or Sunday


i water each tuesday :D its my free morning, works good.


You shouldn’t keep a schedule for bonsai. When to water depends on the species, the weather, the season, etc. Same goes for houseplants, although the consequences of letting them go dry usually aren’t as severe. To remember to water, just work it into your everyday habits by writing notes or setting alarms. Not all plants are going to be on the same schedule so it helps to be checking each one individually. You can practice with forgiving species or the opposite (plants that force you to constantly care for them)


Firstly, get yourself very forgiving plants, fot the start at least. And if you like having plants, you'll check their soil by hand once a week when you pass by them and know if you have to water them. I usually do it while taking phone calls.


Get a tray and some capillary matting, cut the mat to the size of the tray, put you plants on the mat, make sure your pots have holes at the bottom. Set a phone alarm to water the mat (if it’s bone dry make it fewer days, if it’s still wet extend the days - it may change with the seasons), your plants will drink what they need from the mat. For holidays or extra lazy watering cut the capillary matting longer than the mat and dip the end into a container of water, now you just need to refill the container and the plants will soak up what they need. Sadly in my experience bonsai do not come in containers with holes on the bottom but some do come with self watering reservoir Source: 5 years working in a garden centre


Set an alarm on your phone...once youve done it a few times it will become a habit.


I water every sunday. Some plants get more, others get less water. Plants that dont survive this are just not for me


Like others have said, the majority of the plants I keep can take a serious amount of neglect. Spider plants are my most successful because you can see when they need a water (they go a slightly different green) and you can forget to water them for a long time without them dying. Any plants that I have that need more attention live on my windowsill by my kitchen sink, that way I look at them every day and I'm immediately able to water them, if they need it.


Keep them in Leca/Pon. It will be much easier for you :)


Alarms Or put a reminder near your toothbrush 🪥


"Hey Google, set a reminder for me at 3 pm on Wednesday to water my plants."


I don’t remember to water them: I just do a lap of my house when I get in from work and inspect all my plants. If there’s anything they need doing, whether that’s pruning, watering, having water replaced (for my hydroponic plants), or being moved to a warmer/sunnier/less sunny spot as the seasons change, repotting etc., I do it then. It helps that I have 0 responsibilities in my life though, this probably will not be practical if you have kids for example.


Think of them as your children. Or pets at the very least.


Set reminders on you phone. And plants that don’t need lots of attention are also smart.


My one and only plant I have managed to keep alive for more than a month (3yrs this xmas) is a "Swiss cheese plant" I keep in my bathroom/ensuite - so I see it literally every day, and when I notice it needs watering I do so straight away, already being in a room that I can do so.


I water once a month successfully I keep Euforbia type plants succulents, cactus and orchids. All bloom constantly looks amazing and Never die. I am a serial killer of tropical plants and anything that vines. I use the water meter religiously because I was also an overwaterer too.


It’s the first thing i do when i wake up. It’s the only way i remember, doing it when i wake up


Go over them once a week - like every sunday. Maybe make an event in your calendar to remind you. If you rather them every day, they would drown. Fell with a finger if they are dry before watering.


I grow all my plants in leca and I make my own nutrient solution. They sit in the solution all the time a and the containers are see through so I know when I need to top them up. It's better than growing plants in soil because you don't get fungus gnats and you can't kill your plants by overwatering


Don't think about it remembering to water. Just check out your plants daily. Nothing too involved - just walk around and make note of what is droopy looking and water it. I feel like some weeks I don't need to water anything. Sometimes I need to water a few. And then there are those odd weeks where everything is bone dry for some reason.


I had to develop a coloured marker (white tags with Velcro and coloured buttons) routine so that each day when I go in, I look for "Blue" for Monday and water them. Switch it out for the new colour depending on the needs of the plant. Tuesdays I go in, look for "pink" pegs. And water only those and switch out the colour. I always have a set of pants that need water, but now there's no thought in it. I only water the ones with the corresponding colour and I'm out in a few minutes. I made a very nifty watering station in my plant room involving two small buckets, holes drilled in the lids and a rechargeable faucet pump. I don't have to lift pots to check if they need water and don't have to truck all the way to my kitchen


I used to take care 9f plants in malls, Dr. Offices, restaurants, etc. Accounts were checked every 10 to 14 days. I put everything on a 2 week schedule.


Set an alarm on your phone. My plants live outside between May and the end of September, so I forget about them when they come inside. For my plant blend, a good soak about every 10 days seems to do it and keeps them from getting moldy. You'll have to experiment with your crew to see what works best.


Timer on your phone everyday to remind you. If you have an android you can get this app called the loudest alarm clock.


I put it on my calendar.


Every Saturday morning I use a moisture meter and selectively water the 60-ish plants I have around the house. It's a chill, calming routine and the only plants I have that might need water more frequently (golden mosaic) usually bounce right back once I give them a water. The moisture meter is key for me - it's helped keep me from overwatering.


So I have ADHD so I forget regularly to water my plants and I never can pick up a routine but the only thing that reminds me to water them is my catnip plant. It always drops down all sad when it wants water so that reminds me to water it and all the plants in my house. I suggest to get a plant that will be dramatic for water like that.


How is it hard? Just figure out how often they need watering and do it on a certain day(s) of the week/month?


starting out with bonsai plants is like getting an expensive ass racing bike for learning how to ride a bike.


Ok, I think that's a fair critique, but if you boil it down to it's more basic components, it's still indoor gardening. For example, if you don't worry too much about branch and root structure, it will still grow a thicker trunk, and it will be more bonsai like without adding too much. Like a racing bike is still a bike, it just has extra features. And if you want to get into bike racing, you'd probably add a few features at a time.


the thing with indoor bonsai is that it’s way harder than outdoor bonsai. you work with way less light, wind and other factors that make a bonsai thrive in small pots. it’s way harder to create the balance between h20, oxygen and nutrients. you need to know how to measure microsimens, you need to know efficient root development. you need to know how to create the upmost healthy micro climate in a pot to efficiently create indoor bonsai, stuff that almost balances itself outdoors. this comes way before primary, secondary, tertiary branchdevelopment, foliation management, creation of movement and so on. if you want to thicken trunks you take the plant and plant it outdoors and let it grow for some years until it’s healthy and ready to be cut down and potted. then you train it for indoor conditions. the fact that you think trunk thickening happens indoors in bonsai pots tells me that you completely overshoot/ miss your goal of designing plants. and that’s ok that’s common misconception. let me put this way: you want a road-racing bike but you don’t know how to ride a bike, you don’t even know how a wheel works.


Phone alarm


C'mon, is this question for real?


this is why i have reminders on my google calendar to "water your plants, you asshole"


Add it to your routine or get a dramatic signal plant. Keep your plants in rooms you're in often. I have an avocado tree and my girlfriend calls it our relationship tree because I started it shortly after we started dating. It's nearly nine years old. Whenever I see the leaves go from horizontal to droopy I know it's time to water. For my outdoor bonsai trees I try to water them in the morning. My dog loves spending the morning out in the yard so she whines until we go out to water before I leave for work. On hot days I make up an excuse to work from home so I can go out and water during my lunch break. I have over 76 bonsai trees and four of them cost more than $100 so it motivates me to remember to water them. When I am depressed or burnt out from long hours of work sometimes I have to run and water plants at night because I forgot and they look a little sad but I only lost a few sundews to underwatering this year. I have a ton of plants though. Make it easy on yourself to water too. I have an elephant watering can in my basement, I have a basic indoor watering can in my pantry to water my main floor plants, I have a hose and two watering cans outside for outdoor plants. The watering cans are for using with the rainbarrel.


I love my Hoyas, they don’t mind when I space out on watering. I *try* to work in sections (kitchen/laundry room, living room/foyer, bedroom/bathroom) & designate a day for each section to check for watering needs. Otherwise I go Willy-nilly & plants get forgotten.


Planta app or Calendar app reminder work for me. I do mine in the morning also. I will say for plant apps, I use the opportunity to check the soil, feel the pot weight, and then may decide to snooze the task for a couple of days (or even change the watering frequency in the app to a few days more); I’d caution against watering on a schedule in general and always check the soil first.


I’m obsessive, I wake up every morning and look at each of my plants and determine if they need water. Most of my plants give visual signs but I do a lot of my watering based on my monstera and how far my bottom leaf has dropped. Also I heard bonsai is kinda hard (I haven’t tried it) so maybe try an easier plant and work your way to a bonsai!