Hmmm. While hitting the red lanterns, it looks to me as if the player would always miss the lantern. Without testing this feature, I'd say this distance between hit and lantern would ultimately confuse me a lot.


I agree, hitboxes seem a little off but nothing you couldn't fix.


It's pretty weird, but it looks a little better in the game, maybe the gif compression ate up a couple of the right frames. But in general you're right, I'll work on it. Thanks for the feedback!


The Messenger anyone? Looks mega cool, love these kind of games.


Yes! One of inspirations ! There's a grappling hook here, too :)


Agreed that hitboxes are junky, and i dont like this splash animation on lantern hit, does it contain colored water or something? However dynamically it looks great, i can only imagine how super fun it can be jumping from one lantern to another in a long area without a floor and a bunch of flying enemies


Yeah, you probably right about splash, maybe make them smaller and speed up the animation would be better


Hitboxes seem a bit off, from the look of things it like you’re striking in *front* of the red lanterns. I do however like how floaty the bounce off said red lanterns looks and how it contrasts with the sharp bound of the green one. Looks like potential for some really fun platforming shenanigans with multiple distinct jump arcs to work with


Thank you for the feedback! I'll work on the hitboxes


Hitbox-Porn, but otherwise cool mechanics :)


Thank you for the feedback!


Cool mechanic! Quite similar to the Shovel Knight’s Specter Knight movement ability. Not necessarily a bad thing though, it’s always great seeing devs play around with movement mechanics in platformers, keep up the good work! Like others mentioned, I think the hit boxes look a bit odd in this video. However, I think that ease of gameplay should outweigh pixel perfect hitboxes and whatnot, especially if there will be any high speed lantern moments where the player can’t miss one. Also, it could be cool to add an extra visual cue to help players understand the upwards lift they get from hitting one. Maybe the flame escapes the lantern and regroups at the character pushing them upwards? Also, unless explicitly told, some players may just assume the lanterns are a background element and get stuck cause they don’t know that hitting a lantern = double jump


Specter Knight?


This has big rogue legacy vibes I like it


Looking good! are the lamps switches for a door or something? Maybe add a bit more sway to the lanterns after there hit would look kinda cool


I've decided to start a devlog on Steam. If you're interested, you can check it out at: https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/1829310/view/3104668979582122629