bhai photos barabar arrange kar leta aadhe upar aadhe niche mind fuck hogaya


Lmao I was so confused at first


3rd party modders will do a better job


They did a better job actually. But Rockstar hired em and deleted their mods.


Just a reshade....


Ugly cash-grab.


5k for this, Omegalul


5k?! You've got to be kidding lol


Original vice city looks better than remastered garbage. Gta 3 looks very promising than the orginal. I might play gta 3. Sanandreas looked like they increased brightness and saturation lol.


The environment looks good but the character models looks out of place.


But you will have to buy all three together :p


I said "I might" in the comment. I have already played these games like thousand times and modded the hell out of them.


I just meant that Rockstar is doing this shitty move that you have to buy all 3 games together. I think many more people will be interested in playing one or two of these games


Original looks way better lmao


I was worried that I would miss out if I don't buy this one. Now I won't regret not buying this cash grab. I'll wait for the time when it's heavily discounted and then might buy.


San andreas looks so disappointing




the characters looks like plastic mold but the buildings and beach kinda looks good


F to poor hyped peeps who pre-ordered this for 5k without seeing how the game looks...


I think they have fallen short of GTA6 budget so this ugly money making tactic


rockstar dosent have a GTA6 budget. unka GTA6 ka budget sabh GTA online me gaya


Problem with hype.


Original Vice city and San Andreas anyday over this money grab.


Regardless of the bad comments. People will still buy it and will be profitable.


Yup, Indian Audience, Ofcourse if there is no regional pricing 5k seems a lot for people here. But outside 50-60$ for 3 games with over 200+ hours of content doesn't seem bad at all.




The lighting has improved drastically.


when u want to find a reason to justify 5k :#


I don't know about the price. Im just saying that the lighting has changed a lot.




if u feel like this ugly thing is worth 3k something is wrong bro




I am not that guy and I am not gonna tell what you want to do with your money. What I will tell you is that this trilogy costs ₹5000.


Well the remaster does look somewhat better than the original which unfortunately, is more than what I can say for many other remasters. Looks like it won't be a total cash-grab at least.


lol are you serious?


I am. I do think it looks better.


people were excited for this. i never understood appeal of rockstar games. they seem like grindfest to me


What ? They are single player......


so single player games can’t be grindfest ? look at gta5 hundreds of stupid bloated side missions. and you wanna do main story line ? fetch this thingy,meet this dude, steal this car.


The thing is, you can always skip the side missions, and thus the name. And naah dude, Maybe in earlier GTA games that stereotype maybe true, but that is a understatement for missions in GTA 5. There are heists, blowing trains, aliens, break-ins, shooting down planes, chases, etc.


if you enjoy them good for you. not just my kind of genre. and heh people can have different opinions.


Hey could be worse, like Bethesda releasing Skyrim for PS5…


atleast the owners of skyrim se get the upgrade for free. The only paid part is paid mods from their store which is basically just a dlc bundle. So no, gta remastered Trilogy is factually just worse


I’m glad they kept the original “look and feel” of the game while adding the much needed GTAV control layout for the trilogy!


sigh the hype got to you


I never played the original trilogy so I have no idea what I’m talking about.


then i understand


Before and after drugs


Increasing polygons isn't always the solution. The vice city characters look horrible, they changed the art style to be very cartoonish


will smith in 1st SS :P


Increasing Tessellation is now called remastering


Wow that looks awful, there's better job done by the modders....and that's why they are now in a legal battle with T2, and then they release this janky looking 'definitive edition'.....i'm worried about this company since dan houser left


Everything apart from the character models are an improvement....Hopefully mods will fix this.


Orig looks better than remastered one. The remastered is too crappy.


In the 4th pic Tommy's jeans actually looks better, its always tricky doing remasters , imo they should not touch such classic games. These 3 games were pioneer in gaming industry in their respective times. Whats the point of making them again. Just bring us GTA6


It's definitely a hit or miss right now imo. Sometimes it looks quite good while others it looks pretty horrible. I like that rockstar are keeping true to the original artstyle. I know people want an absolute overhaul like the mods, but those are usually very intensive to run out the gate on most low end PCs. So far GTA trilogy has pretty good minimum specs. I'll wait for more testing once the game is out.


I'm guessing the haters just can't afford it because the graphics look ten times better. The vice city faces do look incredibly stupid but the original faces also looked incredible stupid so i can't say its a downgrade.


Anyone who looks at the gta san andreas screenshots and say they barely changed is literally blind... look at how the bridge curves its not jagged, the render distance goes from shit to being able to see the entire skyline, the building and streets are properly lit and the shadows and lighting on the basketball court look incredible and if you zoom in on the clothes you can see the fabrics and little details. All games looks incredible but some of the vice city characters faces do look abysmal and look like they dont have any eyelids and their eyebrows are too bushy. But overall these look incredible and getting to run around eith the game looking like this with gta 5 style gameplay is gonna be incredible.


Now I know what went wrong with Tommy, his shoulders.


Animations will be funny to watch.


The characters in Gta VC looks like quite cartoonish.


Please tell me they didn't remove any n-word from SA


I know its gonna have the "Modern Audiences" Tag,they did removed the Confederate Flag from Phil Cassidy t-shirt.More censored changes will annoy most of the older players


The VC ones look worse than the original wtf?


One week to go and still no proper gameplay trailer or anything smh


Don't you think people will get pissed off looking at that and not buy the game? Lol.


Lmao yeah


Vice City looks disappointing , models look soft and have baby like faces , overall its the same game with a Snapchat filter turned on.


This is gonna be amazing! The games have been rendered through new engines and their controls have been swapped with the controls of GTA 5. The train mission from SA and the helicopter mission from VC will be easier now lol