Apparently it was only details about his unit so not that big of a deal but still worrying


Atleast, angel Priya ki fake noods ke liye toh nai pigla....


Atleast have some standards and hold out for honey traps like our guys


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Knowing what equipment was purchased from India does not affect our products in any way. It's up to Armenia to maintain the confidentiality of their military positions etc


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Part of the game. That's why you have export variants that are a few product cycles older material. We should only be concerned about continued sales and money from it


Inki madad bhi kya karni 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️


French didn't stop sales just because someone leaked Scorpene.


Pretty sure the Scorpene wasn't leaked by an Indian Navy officer


But it *was* leaked. That's just something you gotta deal with.


Stupid take. The Scorpene details being leaked are France's responsibility while potential details of Indian weapons being leaked by an Armenian officer is Armenia's responsibility. You just don't "deal with it" you ask the importer to prevent that from happening again. While we're of course not gonna stop the exports because of this but it still has ramifications such as preventing potential exports of more advanced weapons in the future. Dumb comparisons don't help the case


Armenian here. Well that’s a cross-selling opportunity for India: do you guys have surveillance tech to control these behaviors?


This isn't that big of an incident to be fair but I'd say except top brass no one should have any details about the armaments and details on the more sensitive part of the advanced weaponry. Particularly stuff such as MRSAM. >do you guys have surveillance tech to control these behaviors? It's impossible to tell what happens in India since it's too secretive. Some of our people get honey trapped and blackmailed once in a while but I don't think we lose any extremely sensitive information. And while our intelligence agencies aren't as good in foreign operations, they've been pretty good in counter intelligence on Indian soil atleast to some extent. But there's also this that many of our advanced weaponry are Russian which the Chinese probably already know about so not much of a point. In simple words, we're too big to fall or get invaded anytime soon so these things don't matter as much but it'll be pretty important for Armenia since you can get attacked anytime. Since both your and Azerbaijan's military are also somewhat smaller in comparison to the likes of India, these small things can mess things up a lot for you if your enemy can create a good strategy through it. I mean you had probably seen first-hand how Azerbaijan utilised the use of drones knowing your air defense is vulnerable and your Su30's don't have any missiles despite Armenia having a geographical advantage (due to which Azerbaijan suffered nearly the same losses despite having a much better military). It matters for India since we're exporting our indigenous weaponry which we're going to standardize for our own forces as well and we don't want it getting destroyed because of negligence and harm the reputation we're trying to build for future exports


Arm sales agreement are different than purely transactional. There is also a partnership aspect to help the buyer perform on top of pure equipment acquisitions. NATO is also a personnel training network on top of a military alliance for instance.


Indian government doesn't even have the ability to politely ask the Burmese dictator not to bomb Indian soil. What're they going to say here? MEA and Indian UN delegation only has the competency to insult Pakistan, no one else.


They're not going to say anything but will prevent future sales of more advanced systems such as MRSAM if the information is that easily leaked. >Indian government doesn't even have the ability to politely ask the Burmese dictator not to bomb Indian soil. They probably got permission to use Indian airspace as the Myanmar Rebels around the border are allies with the Indian Northeast insurgents. One of the bomb falling on Indian soil was an embarrassing accident but Myanmar's cooperation and them eliminating the rebels is more important




Not only did we provide them our equipment, but also our babus' habits


Hey, at least it wasn’t bobs and vagene I guess. Unlike some of our guys.


fucking bastard thankfully it seems he wasn't able to give too much important info.




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Looks like we are fucked turkey Azerbaijan is after us Pakistan and china too


Turkey was already after us and Azerbaijan is more of a mini nuance. Also Turkey has problems with China too although they're pussies like the rest of the Islamic world to call the Uyghur thing out


why are we fucked, nothing new has happened lol.


People really getting stressed out by likes of Turkey and Azerbaijan when we have fucking China pumping out 100 J20s every year next to us


American analysts were publicly saying they only thought China had a few dozen and then at Zhuhai we figured out they probably produced 200.


Turkey isn't exactly in a great position to go after india ,considering that they have to deal with PKK and their US backed subsidiary SDF. Pkk has pretty good support networks in europe even though being a US designated terrorist group .So any wrong move and they most likely can expect a proxy war right in their ass.


Ergoden May lose this upcoming election and that could slightly change things.


Better to have him and let him continue to put brakes on their economy. New guy might be sensible.


Yeah we better pull out of Kashmir fast before Erdogan sends his drones to bomb Delhi! Hopefully if we join the new sultanate as a tributary state, some of us may survive. ​ didn't think I needed the /s, bravo guys


Neither Azerbaijan nor Turkey is after you lmao