Just put another order in for KP-15 lower.


I recognize and respect KE Arms' request to not take in donations, and I will be purchasing several items of gear from their online shop. For the international supporters that wish to contribute but cannot because international shipping is not set up, I wonder if it would be kosher if they were to buy gear (not a receiver) from the shop, but set the shipping/delivery address to KE Arms headquarters?


It'd be nice if KE listed a few of their "high(est) margin" items so people could purchase those and ensure the greatest amount of money went to help KE.


I think that would probably be the "Defend 2A" patch that costs $25


I'll check it out. Thank you!


Defend 2a goblin as well. Otherwise, per Russell, stripped lowers are the highest margin.


If you're like me and not really in the position to buy a new lower or upper or whatever, at least go buy a patch or a shirt or something guys. Take a break from your GAFS addiction for a week and put some money toward a good cause.


In lieu of donations, KE Arms should have some ridiculously-high-margin item that serves as as a donation proxy. Similar to how Bandcamp has a "Name Your Price" feature for purchases, allow people to buy something like a "Special Event" morale patch but allow them to "name their price" and pay whatever high-value amount they want. A morale patch costs what, $10 per unit to make/ship/process/store? Set a price "floor" for $35 on the website but allow people to pay any amount higher than that that they want. This keeps it "exclusive" but also allows anyone to buy in. Hell, send them an invoice in a fancy font with their purchase so they can frame it lol I'd happily spend way more than something is listed for if it's something (brand/person/organization/etc.) I want to support.


> KE Arms should have some ridiculously-high-margin item that serves as as a donation proxy They do - [this patch](http://www.kearms.com/defend-2A-Patch.aspx) is 3x more expensive than their other patches. Same goes for the [Defend 2A Gobling](http://www.kearms.com/defend2a-aluminum-goblin.aspx) - $10 more expensive than the normal ones.


Sure, but there's no "name your price" feature, which is the primary point of my comment. Allow people to spend as much as they want on an item to allow it to function as a pure donation-proxy token.


Ah - okay that I agree with. I've already bought some extra kit for me and my wife's WWSD carbines, but if I could throw like an extra $50 at them that wasn't tied to a shipping requirement or something, I'd absolutely do so.


Yeah, this was me. I couldn't justify a new lower + FFL fees (in NY especially) but I could swing an LPK so that's what I bought.


Curious, but what do FFL fees run in NY? 20-25 is usual in this area in Ohio.


$25 is the lowest in my area and it's a guy in his garage. In my experience, $40 to $50 is the norm at your full time FFL's.


Typical gun store FFL fee in CA is 200, plus state fees.


I’ve been hit with $75 before


I got the synth wave and green wave kp-15 patches with my WWSD and DIY lowers. They really should add some stickers for sale too


Bought 2 hanging handles this week to support.


Contact your local gun stores to see if they'll start carrying them.


I bought the ODG lower and parts specific to the KP-15 last night.


Anybody remember the "Chef Aid" episode of South Park - perhaps a relevant solution here?


Snagged an slt trigger and safety combo last night


Can we get some stickers too? I need safe/gun box stickers I don't have anymore room for patches XD


Bought patches. I'll need to ask my wife how she'd feel about having a PCC after I permanently borrowed her AR-15. (Which I would probably *also* end up "borrowing", but, eh, we're married, and she uses my fabric scissors on paper, so I'd say we're even.)