Quick adjust 2-point sling with the sling keep thingy that KE Arms sells, and a paraclip on the handguard.


I run this on the butt [https://warhorseconcepts.com/product/d-ring-sling-attachment-point/](https://warhorseconcepts.com/product/d-ring-sling-attachment-point/) With [https://warhorseconcepts.com/product/ranger-green/](https://warhorseconcepts.com/product/ranger-green/)


I use a Ferro Slingster in most of my ARs. On the KP-15 build I have the front attached with a QD socket to the handguard, the rear is attached via a magpul GI style MLOK sling adapter attached to the right side of the stock (in the mlok slot)


Got a fun trunk monkey sling, though the sling point on the stock and through a nylon cordage made loop tied to the hand guard


Vickers tactical 2point run through the slot on the stock, then para clip on the hand guard


Mlok QD mount on the right side of the KP-15 but stock and another Mlok QD mount on the left side of the handguard. For the sling I'm using a Blue Force Gear Vickers 2 point sling with QD(push button) connection. Here's the only pic I think I have of the Sling mount/point on the right side of the KP-15: https://i.imgur.com/GCXioQO.jpg I'm pretty sure it's magpul but it doesn't really matter.


QD mount on one of the m-lok slots on the buttstock, a QD mount on the handguard, and a padded VTAC sling.


I run a Trex sling. QD up front and just wrapped through the hole in the stock in the rear.


A simple DIY 2-point I made from 1" webbing and some 1" buckles. I've got a QD on the stock and tied the other end to an mlok slot near the front of the handguard with paracord.


I thread the back of a BFG Vickers’ Sling through the MLok slots on back, then QD it somehow to my handguard; one of my rifles has a Paraclip and Paraclip loop, the other uses a standard anti-rotation QD socket because it’s what I had.


I have 2 mlock qd mounts, one mounted on the handguard, the other in the though hole for a sling on the back of the rifle. Then a 2$ alibaba sling