16” Hanson


I’d take your advice on this one. By the way the 0:59 second mark on the anime intro video almost killed me.


I second this advice.


Hard to argue with that recommendation. I think I knew it in my head, but for some reason my heart wants 14.5".


I prefer the Hanson profile over the Gunner in a WWSD style rifle, but that said in my personal experience the match Gunner delivers marginally better accuracy on a hot bore (1.8moa vs 2.1moa over a 5 round group); not much, but that difference naturally does multiply at range. I also prefer a 16" barrel. If you want a handy suppressed carbine, you really need to move down to a 12.5" or even a 10.5" barrel, at which point you really want 300BLK. Theres just no reason to drop barrel length in 5.56, which is so velocity-dependant, without a direct and tangible benefit. Especially in something like the WWSD, which is really a "do it all" rifle, and in the Western states could conceivably be required to reach to 600+ yards in a pinch. When you look at the cost-benefit, it's really difficult to justify "well it feels a little handier inside" as a reason to reduce your effective range and terminal performance beyond about 150 yards. Frankly, even an 18" barrel may be a better option, depending on your local terrain.


Yeah, that all checks out with what I've gathered from a bunch of articles I've been reading. I do buy in to the idea of not trading velocity if you don't have to, so I'm not sure how or why I let myself get so fixated on 14.5. I think maybe because I also have an 18" fluted upper for a scoped build. I was thinking a 16" might be too close to redundant, and 14.5 would be handier while still good within 300 yards. Nevertheless, it seems like 16" is the way to go.