Does “all damage reduction” reduce “all damage dealt” or does “all damage dealt” ignore “all damage reduction”?


All damage reduction reduce damage, except all damage dealt, unless Armor is 65% more than the attacker. In this case, all damage dealt ignores Armor, pierce through 47% of the holy Armor, and only the active skill ignore all damage reduction. Whereas damage reduction only apply to 8% of the bonus holy damage of a hero, all damage reduction triples this if it's given by an artifact, add 78% if it comes from a frame (but obviously, o my in certain game modes), but can be mitigated if the bonus of the opposite players is superior to the bonus you would have gotten in another game mode, twice, and parrallel. Holy damage, on the other hand, gets buffed by all damage dealt only if the second passive is upgraded on the tree of origine, or if you got the two corresponding starspawns to the same level. Be aware that this is half the quarter of the multiplicative bonus if you are the attacker. Easy peasy, no ? /S


Lmao, I was reading through first 2 lines thinking "wtf are the DH designer been smoking coming up with all these random calcs", scroll down then understand. Good one.


Hey everyone, today we show how quickly you can do the dailies of the new game mode (2 minutes flat without my talking!!!) as well as the power levels of these new Avatar Frames. They are identical to the Starland Arena ones, but give All Damage Reduction instead of All Damage Dealt!!!


These have effect only in pvp modes right?


Correct any PvP mode


yeah 2 mins if you want to finish dead last. But if you want to go further, you have to spend time carefully setting your team up + if you have more than one acc it will be even more time. Since you get CSG, +60 every level, people wont be like "fk this event Im fine with the last place rewards" and try to get as many as they can get