If you're racing on a mountain road with low visibility on turns and something happens, you deserve it. Imagine some family going on a road trip and you single handedly ruin that experience by wrecking your bike and their car, injuring them, and haunting them with your death. That's an experience I don't want anyone to have to live through. Please don't do this.


Honestly these people don't have the foresight of caring about anyone except themselves. I sold my sport bike because I got tired of being grouped with idiots doing wheelies on group events and not being able to understand that if they crash their bike becomes a 300lbs crash barrier in the middle of the road. The problem is these idiots will continuously blame "cagers" (people in cars) and generally can't take any responsibility for themselves.


These guys are idiots. And it’s a shame you felt compelled to sell your bike because of people like this, but I get it. My husband and I have 3 rules: 1. ATGAT - all the gear, all the time 2. Never ride in groups or with ‘bike people’ 3. No alcohol - pretend its heroin. Not even once. Edit: Yes, knowing how to ride a bike safely and skilfully is OBVIOUSLY the first thing that benefits you and keeps you safe. America has the weirdest attitude to wearing gear - Im skilled so I will never crash. You might not even be in a severe crash, you can hit some sand and slide across the hot tar at 180kmph this is not going to end well. And for the person who wants to ride while high on opiates because 'rule 3 is ridiculous'- I literally said my husband and I. These are OUR rules that we use. I did not say these are the rules you and your non-gear loving, intoxicated friends need to apply when you ride.


It’s amazing how people in countries where motorcycles are seen as basic transportation and most people own a bike/scooter (like Vietnam with 42 million registered motorbikes) don’t subscribe to 1 or 2 at all (and probably 3, most riders I see don’t wear helmets or covered shoes) and yet they are more safe than the USA is where ATGAT is sung from the mountain tops. - 45 million riders in Vietnam with 8,000 yearly fatalities. - 8 million riders in USA and 5,500 yearly fatalities. Skill > culture > ATGAT


Well to be honest the most powerful motorcycle over there is like a 125cc which creeps to 100km/h for half an hour


It's a combination of factors, bike culture being drastically different plays a role as well as a preference towards practical low cc underbone motorcycles, scooters and mopeds over massive sport bikes and cruisers, but there are also a lot less cars there than in the US, the cars are a lot smaller too, and drivers are much more aware of motorcycles because they're such a common part of life, many may even ride motorcycles as well as driving a car. It's similarly to how riding a bicycle is massively safer in The Netherlands than the US even when there is no dedicated bicycle infrastructure around.


I agree with you, but it doesn't negate the effectiveness of proper riding safety gear. But to piggyback off your comment, I work in industrial maintenance. We have rules about what protective gear is required in what situation, but I make a point to underscore the fact that protective equipment is the LAST line of defense. Safe behavior, enhanced by robust training, is much more important and more effective. Example: Cut-resistant gloves are great for preventing accidental cuts on hands when working with blades or other sharp objects, but the practice of cutting away from the body will prevent more serious cuts to unprotected body parts.


I wouldn’t even say they care about themselves if they’re gonna put their lives at risk by doing something this reckless


That is a nice explanation and is true imo


yeah, for some reason sitting on an engine with 2 wheels comes with a free persecution complex when you buy one. i get it, cars suck and people are cattle but i mean theres no one saying you have to drive on public roads and put your life in others' hands. i think a lot of vanity is involved like they wanna be seen being mr. cool but then theyre mad that they are voluntarily risking their life to look cool, best case scenario




Not even real racers




We are DEVO!


Not even a


I’ve dealt with tons of motorcycle accidents over the years as a medic and firefighter, and over 90% of them are caused by the motorcyclist. When I was younger I was always told it is the other drivers that don’t see the motorcycles, but they almost always cause their own problems. Anecdotal, but that is my experience with it.


Agree with you 1000%


My distant cousin died this way - racing around roads like this in Hawaii. Took a turn on the inside lane and got ran over. Nobody in my family blames the driver of the car, but the guy was literally devastated and basically suicidal about what he “did”


If I were with my family in the car, I'd turn to my kids and say "That's how he met my great grandmother".


I love riding my motorcycle and I hate that dicks like this give the rest of us a bad name. I sincerely hope that if this person did survive that the long process of recovery gives him time to think about how to be less stupid


Came here to say exactly this. And fuckers like this sometimes take other people with them or cause other people to crash. If you want to race go to a track.


Even if the other person doesn't crash it isn't harm physically it's the psychological harm that's going to last a lifetime


True, my dad was a train driver and he had buddies who practically died inside when people committed suicide by jumping in front of their trains and they had no way to stop it. Wouldn't be much different for a car driver who has to live with the death of some speeding asshole who couldn't be bothered to stay on his side of the road.






Not even themselves.


Lost a friend in similar circumstances. He was racing, I was not. Wipes himself out at a junction - didn’t realise it at the time but he died right in front of me. Couldn’t eat jam or porridge for a long time after that. Couldn’t look at anything red for months.


My son died on a motorcycle when he was 19. The police chalked it up to excessive speed not taking note that there was a 52 mile an hour wind gust 3 minutes before the 9/11 call. It was the strongest wind gust of the entire day and also was less than a minute after he turned from having a headwind and having a wind from his left side. It was actually weirdly comforting to see that his helmet was punctured because it's evidence that he didn't suffer.


I'm sorry but it's just not idiot in cars.


Those idiots also like to play as policemen and yell at you or break your mirror when you accidentally cut them off while they're weaving though traffic doing 40 over the limit..


r/idiotsinbikes rather I'm biker as well, and I truly dislike this kind of reckless driving it completely destroys our reputation out there. The DirkBikeLunatic youtube channel is full of pieces of junk that are doing crazy shit like that


I'm pretty capable on a motorcycle, started riding dirt bikes when I was 4 or 5 years old. Got my license at 16. My father was a fairly quick club racer and taught the MSF, I've been on track and used to be the sales manager of a Ducati dealership. When I was a bit younger it wasn't uncommon for me to ride 10k miles a summer. One year I was riding with a big group (friend of a friend situation), and these people were absolutely nuts. Passing on double yellows, speeding everywhere, I was struggling to keep up because I just couldn't shut my brain off to ride that way. About half way through the planned route, one of the guys hits what looks like almost an imperceptible pitch in the road, but at 120ish mph basically had become a jump. Bike was totaled, and he was okay other than some road rash. While we were waiting for a tow truck to come get his bike, I noticed a woman had a sticker of a guy's face and two dates on the tail of her bike. I asked her what the story was and she said "That was Burt. He died on a group ride last year. We were ripping through some backroads and he ran a little wide around a corner and hit an oncoming truck." The truth is, it's unlikely that anyone involved in what happened in the video above will learn anything from what happened.


I think a lot of people who never make it to the track don't understand that it's a lot more enjoyable to risk it in a safe environment. I rode a lot more conservative on the streets after doing my first tracks and haven't changed since. It helps that nothing on the streets can equal an open, clean, predictable racetrack.


And the price of the medical bill


Probably lots of big rocks and boulders in that little ravine, some were kicked up when he began to disappear. Hopefully the helmet and gear saved him and he can learn how healthcare works in the USA.


If he is alive and doesn’t have *premium* medical insurance, he will be screwed so hard!. He will be working to pay that off the rest of his life


I legit just don't pay my million dollar medical bills thanks to a drunk driver breaking my arm, hips and leg.


As someone not from the usa could the health insurance company decide to deny the claim for dangerous driving? In Canada I believe your insurance is void if you cause an accident and it is later proven you were drunk at the time.


He probably won't work another day in his life.


Found the American


Want to live AND keep your limbs? That'll be 500,000,000 USD. Yup.


It never does. Every friend I have who rides has gotten into an accident. One of them died and got revived. Almost everyone else was hospitalized, and maybe 2 walked away fine. Not a single one of them rides safer now than they did before. I don’t get it.


Maybe when the insurance company sees this might cancel his insurance and make him pay for everything.


cancel? unlikely. some of the dudes that came into the shop while i was working there were paying like 800-900 a month due to previous accidents, behavior like this indicates that they know they can afford to just write off the costs of fucking up 100% rich rider privilege


He lowsided and slid down what looks like a pretty mild pitch. I wouldn’t be surprised if he walks away and changes zero behaviors




I love how we're just pulling numbers out of our asses.


observation bias you dont remember the 80% because 20% are so fucking bad


I have to agree. I can count on two hands the amount of Motorcyclists I’ve seen driving appropriately since I’ve had my license. That’s been about 13 years.


The assholes always stand out far more. I see plenty of motorcyclists driving safely, but I certainly remember the asshole that whips by me at 40 MPH over the speed limit a lot more. Unless you just live somewhere where you’re surrounded by assholes, to which I’d say just get out of Texas, the power grid sucks anyway.


In Sydney I drive the main motorway at the start of peak hour every morning/arvo and I'd say 90% of motorcyclists I see are doing the wrong thing. Lane splitting at 100kmph+, overtaking on the shoulder, weaving around traffic at high speeds, sitting right up behind you so if you had to break hard they'd hit you, sitting in weird positions like the back corner of your car pretty much straddling the lane line between two lanes, pulling in to your breaking distance gap without indicating, etc. I also have had co-workers who ride motorcycles and every single one has bragged about doing stupid shit like 200kmph in 80kmph zone, using some back roads as their own personal racing track, etc. This is also not one off, but weekly.


I’m sorry that dicks like this make me unnecessarily hate people who are normal ass riders.


Absolutely. These guys were a danger to the other riders on the road.


I was driving back from the mountains and a I had a group of riders doing this. Passing on the corner and riding fast. It was a sunny day and I saw no reason for doing it. I ended up catching up to them at the gas station. They only arrived minutes before I did so I didn't see what they gained.


What did they expect, Isle of Man? Meh.


and there's a reason Mann is one of the deadliest tracks in the world


Yup, but at least it’s an organized event when the roads are closed… but that’s too smart for these idiots.


Becoming one with nature


Sounds like a 1000 Ways to Die comment on Spike television.


That show shaped how I look at most stuff ngl


ohhh no anyway.....


Looked like he barely hit the car, just glancing, but it was enough to lose control. An idiot and his frightening crash.


In Japan, the word for ‘motorcyclist’ also means organ donor.


Motorcyclist - モーターサイク リスト Organ donor - 臓器提供者


If true, it's slang, but not common vernacular from what I know. Kind of like the slang of someone with a bike that has anime all over it is known as 痛単車 which literally translates to "painful motorcycle"


Rest in Pieces


If you roll the dice enough times then eventually you lose everything.


How entitled can people be? Driving a car on this man’s private race track?


Going the wrong way, even.


Rest in Pieces




Here take my poor man's award


I really don't feel any empathy for that guy. This was just stupid.


Hope he can never ride again.


I don't think he's going to do anything ever again


Perfect time to fake empathy, run to him, and take his wallet.


Did he die though?


I could be wrong but I remember this video awhile ago and they actually go down and talk to the guy and I think he survives. Might be a different video of another biker going off a hill similar to this though


Probably is in a body cast. It was a rocky but relatively mild slope in that particular area.


Hopefully. Can't imagine wanting to live through that


That’s the kind of person that would recover and go right back to being a dumbass.


Fucked around, found out 💀


Left lane on left handers... smart guy


Oh weird, I expected people speeding, and swerving in and out of traffic, on blind corners, with solid yellow center line to not crash... so surprised this happened.


I'm sorry but it's just not idiot in cars. It's MEGA IDIOTS ON BIKES.


S*** like that is the reason why most drivers think all motorcyclists are assholes.


I've always thought that people who ride those bikes like that don't really want to live very long.


Not a racetrack


Exactly the point.


Play Stoopid games win Stoopid prizes


I wanna feel bad for idiot on bike but can't. Luckily only he got hurt. This time. Look if you like adrenaline rush it's your life, but when you endanger others you get zero sympathy from me.


Save that shit for video games.


What defines an idiot in these videos, is their complete inability to foresee the disaster, despite how ridiculously obvious it is, until after it happens. "Riding on the wrong side of the road, why no, I don't think anything could go wrong."


Drive like an Ahole you get what you deserve


i hope the car is okay.


There’s always one or two who think they are untouchable. Hope that guy recovers and cures cancer otherwise fuck him.


natural selection


Worst Slip n Slide ever.






Instant karma, self correcting problem. Better that it happened that way instead of endangering another innocent motorist's life.


Just how many other people did they put in danger acting like complete clowns.


I guess now he'll have a leg up on his competition. Or a leg off. I'm not sure which.


Either way, his mind is in the gutter...


This is best case scenario. No innocent people get hurt, but the idiot breaks a few bones and likely lives. Hopefully they learn a lesson


Can't say I feel bad


He’s fine. He just knew a shortcut.


Well, I hope that was worth it.


He was riding like he wanted to get hurt so I guess mission accomplished


It's honestly not too expensive to just go to a race track a ride there for the day.


I am astonished at how stupid people are sometimes. You’re already taking risks why guarantee that you’ll get hurt.


One less idiot on the road, next please.


“KeEp An EyE oUt FoR mOtOrCyClEs”


We, nurses, call these guys 'organ donors.'




I bet if they survived they try and blame the driver coming the other way


He looked as if he wanted to stop and help……but the need to win seemed to overtake that urge..


I think it took a second for his brain to register what he just saw.


Yeah after a few times watching he is def slowing down…. Traumatic to see ppl get hurt badly


I hope they ticked the DONOR box on their license application


Not sure there’s much left to donor


That's what an asshole looks like




I think idiots on bikes fits this better


I never understood how people can go this fast, all lights and sirens in my head would go off at half that speed and on an empty salt lake, and here are these racers just begging to be shredded to a fine paste...


Seriously. What. A. Fucking. Idiot.


Everyone in this video is riding like a maniac on public roads. I have no sympathy for people who are inconsiderate of other drivers/riders. I ride myself and actual track days are better, funner, and safer. Public roads are okay to have a bit of fun in when safe, but they’re ONLY for transport and maybe sightseeing, not for traumatizing a family on vacation.


Idiots on bikes


Stay on your goddamn SIDE!


1000s repost?


Got what he deserved


The ending you love to see.




They dont even think about the posibility to kill innocent people.


Gee, it's a wonder that motorcycle death rates are so high with people like this riding. Clearly professionals. Complete mystery how this accident happened


Idiots tend to be drawn to motorcycles and their idiot brains decide it’s ok to drive like this. Sad for sensible bike riders as they get a bad rep. But ffs the guys in the video should all be prosecuted.


Bikers fault for sure. Can't be in and out of traffic like that on the side of a mountain. He got what he deserved.


“Racetrack” - I think it’s called a “road”?


Darwin at his best.


Guys like this are the reason my wife got a new liver in less than 2 days after finding out hers was failingand she was put on the transplant list. It was last August and the nurses told us "It's a great time to get a new liver, it's motorcycle season" -not kidding.


Idiots in motorcycles*


Every single one of these people should lose their license for good.


Is he dead at least? Seriously fuck that biker.




Natural selection. Hope he died.


Usually don’t like this kind of comments but must agree with you and that guy who said that maybe in that car was a family,don’t ruin another peoples life cuz you’re idiot


🤣🤣 funny.


Not a racetrack: expected result happens. FTFY


Not a racetrack. These idiots put lots of people at risk.


This isn't a racetrack. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes


“Amazing race track” it’s called a road




Darwin's theory at work


Ah yeah... that guys dead... play stupid games, win stupid prizes.. Feel bad for his family..




First of all my reaction to that’s was “oh fuck I don’t think he is ok


what a mofo..


I really wonder how far he flew before hitting the ground.


Bet that hurt.


Imagine someone on a motor cycle doing this coming from the opposite direction? Man the irony.


Have you ever heard the story of Dumb Bikus the Unwise?


Didn’t see that coming


sucks for him


Good. Save that for a closed course


I ride, but my step brother (an A&E doc at the time) used to refer to bikers like this as donorcyclists which has stayed with me






“Sponsored by your area organ transplant association.”


It’s great that these guys decided to be organ donors so soon!


If you want to race, go to a race track


Not a racetrack is it?


#idiots in bikes


Where the hell are the cops?


These guys woke up and decided to go see who would die first. Kind of a messed up way to live.


The whole "think bike" campaign in the UK, putting huge onus on drivers to double check for bikes and be considerate and then you get riders like this behaving in the most dangerous fashion.


aaaand he's gone


This made my day. Thank you.


Enjoy the ride and stay on your side or you won’t be riding.


Darwin strikes again


He got what he wanted




What a dumb fuck


“Amazing race track” that’s where this goes wrong in the first place. It’s a public road that you share with other drivers.


Reading though some of the replies…pretty sure sarcasm has died. :/


This is what happens when you use the public road as your personal race track and also cross over the painted line. So no. I don't feel sorry for him. Play stupid games,win stupid prizes. Hopefully the occupants of the car are ok.


That’s what you get, dumbass.


The biker is the idiot not the person driving the car.


Really. What did you expect? You endangered lives and one of you got what could have happened to a child in a car




Dipshit could have killed a family coming the other way. A richly deserved end.


A childhood friend of mine recently did something similar on a motorbike. He died.


No big loss


This is a repost of a TOP of ALL TIME /r/idiotsincars post, originally posted 2 years ago. https://www.reddit.com/r/IdiotsInCars/comments/h9gfck/treating_roads_like_a_racetrackand_then_it_happens/


Filming crossing hard yellow line multiple times? Stupidity.


He earned that one.


Should never ride faster than you can see.


Karma delt with one idiot 👍 I dont mind if you die, just Dont kill anybody else while committing suicide.


People that do this have an understanding of risk/reward I simply can’t comprehend. Even if you don’t have mouths to feed and children to raise, you surely recognize the possibility of an agonizing recovery in a hospital bed for months?


Idiots!!!! Why would you think that’s ok to do!?!?!?


Idiots in cars?? Try idiots on bikes.