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He only stopped to yell at the pedestrian for daring to get in his way.


apparently some drivers think that by hitting pedestrians it earns them Sky-Miles & Rewards points.


Ah yes, I too remember when I first played Carmageddon.


I think I was 10. A friend had it. We used to go over to his and play GTA2 and Carmageddon all the time.


Well, if you pay for your insurance with a credit card…


Just fucked that dudes whole fuckin life up and for what


That hesitancy before he was struck that must have been that time when the life flashes before your eyes kinda moment jeeze Hope the guys ok?, and yeah driver wants the ban, the court case, the prison sentence the whole fucking book tbh


Poor guy didn’t even turn his head to notice the van coming until a half second from impact… I think he still would’ve been struck even if he didn’t hesitate and continued walking. Honestly sitting here thinking about what I would’ve done even if I had noticed the van a half or a full second earlier than he did and had the time to calculate and weigh my options then actually execute, I think I would’ve done the exact same thing and stopped. Pretty sure my assumption would’ve been that the van would likely continue it’s trajectory after swerving left around the white car because they also finally saw me crossing, and therefore I’d walk directly into it’s path if I kept walking. I don’t think I ever would’ve assumed the van would see and avoid one object then immediately swerve directly at me and my current location 🤷🏼‍♂️


At the six second mark as he left the sidewalk he never looked left again until the 10 1/2 second mark. The van was about 10 feet from him before he finally looked that way.


Makes sense, he would have seen the white van turning so the most dangerous direction is his right. Normally cars wouldn't go through a moving van. He got seriously unlucky with that pos driver.


Was gonna say the same. Logically his left should be all cleared on account bc of good van.


A likely completely involuntary hesitation that's probably wired into our survival instincts may have ended up being what got him hit. Had he skip ahead on step the van probably would have passed by behind him. Wild really. Kinda looked like he might of gone down head first. Definitely hope he's okay.


Fight or flight mechanism? And his unfortunately isn't flight


Threat assessment before reactive decision.


Gotta figure out if its a lion or a hyena about to slam dunk you into the afterlife


They don't travel at 60 miles an hour, nor do they weigh 4000lbs.


Hopefully that minivan wasn't going 60 mph...


Probably more like 30 to be fair. So I suppose more like a charging elephant. Is that better?




Not even my man. That van was going 30-40 before slowing down to dodge the other vehicle and just long enough to go "wtf moron," not realizing *they* are the moron, and then hit the guy. Anyway, it was almost certainly going like 10-15 when it actually struck him. At 30 there would be some red mist.


If the minivan had been going that fast the guy might have been installed in the front of it


went for a quick ocular patdown


He gave the van an Ocular Pat-down, he decided it was not a threat.


I read it phrased as "fight, flight, or freeze" once and I don't know if it's scientifically accurate but it makes sense.


According to a psychologist I saw once, it’s actual fight, flight, freeze or fawn. Fawn being looking to appease during a stressful situation to reduce risk/tension, obviously useless against a car.


run a dude over and tell him to chill


The version I heard was freeze, then fight or flight. Faun is a new one, but it fits.


Some people use "submit" instead of fawn. With either term, the idea is for the victim to become or appear non-threatening, in an attempt to lessen the harm or threat.


Fawn is great for survival in certain situations, especially as a woman being harassed or assaulted, sometimes your only option to prevent your attacker from flying into a rage and/or killing you is to try to appeal to their humanity or appease their ego.


It is, the responses are “fight, flight, freeze, or appease.” 1) Fight or challenge the threat. 2) Flee and try to escape from the threat. 3) Negotiate or try to empathize with the threat. 4) Freeze and hope threat ignores you. Edit: spelling


He thought the van was going to go in front. He stops the way you do if a car were to zip right in front of you. The car was **directed** in front of him in the split second he first saw it, but he didn't have time to realize it was turning. Obvious to us but not to him becaause we can observe it longer.


As someone who's gotten hit by a car under very similar circumstances: unless you're trained for these situations, no, nothing tactical goes through your head. If you're lucky, your instincts say "run", but if you're unlucky, you freeze up. "Wtf their light is red" is as far as I got mentally before I went flying.


Same here. As I went down all I could think was "but I have the green light".


Hope you recovered well & are all good now x


I mean he did a flight




Fight, flight or freeze.




Thank you, everyone forgets the fawn response


I think now it’s recognised as being “fight, flight or freeze.” This guy froze.


>Kinda looked like he might **of** gone down Stop that. Stop that right now.


It's really kind've infuriating


This is disgusting. Bravo. 🤮


Sorry it’s itching me, it’s “might have gone down”. “Might of” is only acceptable if it’s followed by “Thor” ;)


> “Might of” is only acceptable if it’s followed by “Thor” ;) Funny, I feel the same way about openly calling someone fat. Only acceptable if it's Fat Thor.


I hope he at least fucked his own life up as well with serious criminal charges


I have a friend who had a aunt and uncle killed by a elderly woman who just pulled out into an intersection, sending them over the hood while the were on a bike. One died at the scene the other a day later. She got a $75 ticket. That was it. Family got lawyers involved and found it wasn't her first major accident resulting in her messing someone up but she was extremely old and on limited income so not worth suing. All they wanted was to get her off the road but couldn't even get that done. Sometimes people face no consequences. https://www.arlingtoncardinal.com/2009/09/husband-wife-michael-kelm-and-susan-kelm-killed-in-motorcyle-crash-dundee-quentin/


I never understood why car accidents have so little penalty sometimes. I once didn’t fully stopped at a stop sign (basically I treated it like yield sign). $400 ticket. My dad once got into an accident that flipped a dudes a car over. $150 ticket. Like what?! How does that logic work?


> Like what?! How does that logic work? Traffic/parking infractions are a major source of income for municipalities, so it makes sense for the municipality to levy heavy fines for them.


I get that. I’m just wondering why running a stop sign is a bigger fine than crashing a car into someone.


That's crazy. What the hell kind of world are we living in where she wouldn't at least get her keys taken away, especially after killing someone? I guess because she's too old to face even the slightest consequence, we'll just cut her some slack and let her go mow down her next victims instead.


Well, that would be the US, not the whole world. My grandmother got her drivers license revoked after leaving a dent in a parked car in Germany.


Makes sense! Every time I visit Germany, it's a much more positive experience on the roads compared to what you see in the US.


That may well be, it's usually pretty vanilla driving in germany compared to other parts of the world. But not always good justice, some guy in Berlin lost the control of his SUV and killed 4 people, the result? a fine of 15000 Euros and 0 jail time (2 years on probation) so peoples lives aren't worth much more here.


Why did he lose control? Was it something clearly his fault (too fast, drunk, asleep, etc.) or something where an outside factor had also an influence (defect of the car, horrible road condition, something really distracting happening before, etc.)?


How did she manage to do that? That should be like one point in Flensburg to her name. That's not enough to get your licence revoked by a long shot.


If there is doubt that the person is still fit for driving, expert judgement can be used to withdraw the license. https://www.allianzdirect.de/kfz-versicherung/fuehrerschein-abgeben-ratgeber/


A world run by people from her generation. Old people vote and have money to donate to campaigns, taking their keys away is basically impossible here.


Not to mention the average age of congress is like 200


Exactly. No chance they pass a law to take their own licenses away lmao


The fuck? That is literally vehicular homicide. The state should be on her ass


That’s infuriating. So basically two lives were worth $75? That poor family.


It is such a miscarriage of justice. Let's throw people in jail over a bag of weed but let's let go: drivers that kill other people, hit and runs, people that steal shit and get caught red-handed, people that defraud schools... What a broken system. Having a functional criminal justice system is such a basic tenant of society.


Time for some vigilantism


US driving privileges are way too fucking lenient. Those types of people need to be off the road. We need a significantly better system of testing drivers.


That's the problem with designing your entire civilisation to only be accessible by car. What should be a simple safety issue becomes potentially condemning somebody to house arrest, starvation or worse.


I can tell you, at least from my experience, this situation rarely ends with criminal charges. Last November my mom was hit almost exactly like this. Frontal impact with a van, up onto the hood. Only difference was she was riding her bicycle, and wearing her helmet. According to EMS that was the only reason she made it. She ended up with a pretty severe TBI, several broken bones including her hip and neck, and was bruised all over her body. The guy that hit her didn’t face any real repercussions. Aside from some short term memory issues, she’s made a full recovery, but even if she hadn’t, I doubt he would have gotten much more than a slap on the wrist


What the fuck are we doing as a society?


Not imprisoning people for honest mistakes. This really sucks. But it’s most likely not intentional. This is why we have civil law.


This is why I think the world should be less populated. Less population = less idiots.


Thats optimistic, you could also just end up with a higher concentration of them.


A friend suggested years back that people would drive so much more carefully if their airbags where replaced with a shotgun.


What could be so urgent to risk this as a result?


That's what I said I said what could be so urgent




Pull your head outta your ass


Give yer balls a tug, titfucker


They don't see any risk, they have 100% confidence in their driving skills and in the assumption that the world is all for them.


well definitely not a proctology appointment, unless he's into that kind-a-thing


Did you make this post just to leave zingers on every comment? You’re killing me. Lol


You dodge a car while running a red light, but 20ft later you hit someone? Seeing that video, that driver should immediately lose their license, and be forced to pay the pedestrian all medical bills and damages.


Permanent loss of licence should be a VERY common punishment IMO


Jail should be. No idea why it's so acceptable to only give dangerous drivers a fine when they injure or kill people so blatantly.




I can't even count how many people I see just simply scrolling through Facebook while driving. Not actually doing anything, not talking to anyone, just blindly scrolling through the newsfeed while not watching anything that's happening in front of their 70mph suv.


I've seen more and more of this as a road construction worker. This is my 31st year in the industry and I'm just hoping that I can survive through this coming summer so that I can retire next spring with all my bits and parts intact. Years ago, I naively thought that new technology such as radial tires, anti-lock brakes, HID/LED lighting, collision avoidance, etc. would make my job safer. Unfortunately, along with those we also got cell phones, entertainment systems, road rage and people-who-just-don't-give-a-shit-about-anybody-but-themselves. I'd say my job is more dangerous today than it was when I started.


In Switzerland (and probably many other countries), any important incident means a licence suspension. Then there's a probation period where you have to drive a shame-mobile limited to 45km/h. I don't get why this is not universal.


Hopefully not common but certainly available as an option for extreme cases or repeat offenders.


Oh yeah, start throwing those out there a few dozen times a day, too many dangerous drivers who drive with impunity


Yesterday I got cut off by a fucking semi while in the middle lane.. No lane ending, exit, nothing. Just wanted to overtake someone admittedly doing 5 over. He came from the right lane by the way... Found myself behind a beat up acura with a front wheel flopping left and right from a broken something probably everything because his fender said "I hit something and don't give a fuck." Still don't understand how he could drive that death trap while fighting the wheel. Watched a person miss their exit but dart over the white stripes, nearly sideswiping a pavement queen. And I got stuck in a gas station at the end of the day because a city bus wanted to skip the stop light, but ended up having to wait for the light anyway because he couldn't get out the other side on account of the stoplight congestion. Their fence has "NOW HIRING CDL DRIVERS!" plastered on every corner. People skip the light there like that all the time, must be a new hire. That's just one day of shenanigans I've seen around here.


forget repeat. this video is a 1 strike you're out


Maybe it would actually put pressure on governments to provide better public transportation or better walkable/cycling friendly cities.


You say that as if most people who do stupid shit in cars wouldn't drive without a permit.


Well, if laws don't stop people why even have them at all amirite LoL


Whatever I think of when people talk about driving without a license https://youtu.be/dY_WIozrHcc


And also get in the jail




Do not pass Go, do not collect $200


Directly to jail




Ethically speaking, he should also be forced to pay for all that man's cocaine and prostitute expenses from here on. It's the right thing to do.


Quite possible they already have a revoked license, and no insurance, and no assets with which to pay the victim's medical bills. More often than not, the morons that do the most harm are also the least able to make accountable.


He definitely tunnel visioned on the car he dodged and just stared at them rather than looking at what else might be going on


There’s hardly any traffic.. it’s a clear view for someone to notice the pedestrian.. after dodging that car that person must’ve easily expected the pedestrian crossing in mid-way


Yeah but didn't you read the title? He was late for his 9am!


Those TPS reports need filed!


I think he forgot about the memo.


Bold of you to assume he wasn't texting


Hope that man got hundreds of thousands from the insurance companies I pay to and never use.


Even if he's set for life financially, his life is never gonna be the same after that.


this the type of shit that keeps me on my toes whenever i cross the street. you never know


Yep - teaching my kids this. Just because you got the walking light or you looked both ways does not mean you stop paying attention.


My sister is so stupid she just walks out like saying “we have the right of way, we’ll get paid if they hit us” yea what’s the point when your dead or a vegetable.


It's a shame we have a society/culture/infrastructure that forces pedestrians to be hyper vigilant to just avoid death while it's basically expected that motorists can listen to loud distracting music, eat food, talk on the phone, etc, while operating a 3000lb death machine. My provinces drivers handbook says something like "smile or wave while crossing the crosswalk" as if it's some courtesy.


Yep. Don’t matter how rich you are, a severe brain injury and life will still be terrible.


Hey, I’m a lawyer and I’ve done insurance defense as well as plaintiff’s work. You would be surprised to learn about the term “underinsured” and how crappy that is. The minimum insurance policy is $25k which means should you get hurt and get $100k in medical expenses and the at-fault driver has the minimum, you get a whopping $25k out of the ordeal…but that’s if your insurance waived their subrogation interest. Yeah if your health insurance paid anything they have a provision that says they can recover what they spent on your care and they get priority. That means if your health insure paid more than $25k, you get $0. But wait, that’s why you have underinsured motorist coverage from your insurer but you get the minimum, which is also $25k, there is an offset provision that says they get to deduct from your UIM insurance…because the other guy has $25k that means your insurance will deduct $25k from their payment from your UIM coverage and you get $0. It’s a big suck when this happens. BTW…upping your UIM coverage to $200k or something adds like $5 a month to your insurance.


Hey mate, these insurance terms/policies are confusing as hell and they are purposefully made this way. I have no understanding of what you just said, so could you dumb it down even more for me? Wouldn't it be at least satisfactory if you, the victim, don't have to pay anything and your rate doesn't get affected?


Sorry. I’m on mobile so this may be rough. Health insurance in America has a term that says when they pay for your care because of a “personal injury” (someone else hurting you rather than you hurting yourself or getting sick) they a right to call dibs on what money you get from the lawsuit against the person who hurt you. This is called a “subrogation interest.” Health insurance sucks. Now car insurance kind of sucks. Polices have uninsured (UI) and underinsured motorist coverage (UIM). That means, when you get hurt by a motorist who has no insurance, you call your insurance and say some idiot with no insurance hit me and sent me to the hospital - your insurance should then pay you out of the UI policy (because the at-fault person was uninsured). If you get hit by someone who has insurance but your medical bills are higher than their insurance, you call your insurance and tell them and then they should pay you out of your UIM policy (because the at-fault driver was under insured given your injures). UIM doesn’t just apply to at-fault drivers with cheap insurance-it applies to all drivers. See hypothetical at the end. Now your car insurance carrier wants to make money so they have a provision that says when they pay towards the UIM policy, they will subtract whatever the at-fault driver paid from your UIM max. I don’t know what that’s a thing…it makes no sense. Hypothetical 1: You decided to purchase a UIM policy from your carrier and opt for the $300,000 coverage. That means, should you get injured by an underinsured motorist, your own insurance will pay you, at most $300,000 to cover what the other guy’s insurance didn’t pay. You then get hit by a driver who has a policy of $100,000 and go to the hospital and rack up $400,000 in medical bills. The at-fault driver’s insurance says they will pay “policy limits” which means all of the at fault drivers policy:$100,000. You still have $300,000 in medical bills so you call your insurance and tell them what happened and ask for your UIM payout. They will see you have $300,000 UIM policy and $300,000 in bills. BUT because they have that provision where they subtract the payments made by the at-fault driver, they take your $300k UIM policy and subtract $100k from the payments made by the at-fault driver and your insurance will pay you $200k…which means you still owe $100,000 in medical bills. Now, the dumbest shit is buying a minimum UIM policy because you get nothing and the insurance companies make money off of you because of hypothetical 2. Hypothetical 2: You bought the minimum UIM policy is if $25k and the at fault driver also has a minimum policy of $25,000. You get into an accident and have $400k in medical bills. The at-fault driver pays you policy limits of $25k. Then you go to your insurance and say please pay me out of the UIM policy. They see you have a UIM policy of $25k, and $375k in medical bills so the least they can do is pay a measly $25k in under your UIM policy…but no, because they subtract the amount paid by the at-fault driver from your $$25k, $25k-$25k means you get $0. The minimum policy is a waste because it zeros out no matter what. If you are hit by someone with $300k in insurance and you owe $100k in bills your insurance will pay you $0 because your $25k UIM policy - $300k payout equals -$0. Hypothetical 3: You have $300k UIM. At fault driver has $75k policy. Your *health* insurance paid $100k to your care meaning they call dibs on your $75k payout. That means you get $0 from the settlement because your health insurance (that you pay$500 a month for) took all of it. You tell your insurance you owe $100k in medical and the $75k settlement went to *health* insurance. Your insurance will still subtract $75k from your UIM policy but here that means you have $225k and only owe $100k in medical bills. Your attorney, if they are good, will say that remaining $125k is for your pain and suffering…and hopefully you get it. TL;DR: DO NOT BUY THE MINIMUM UIM POLICY. It makes no sense to get the minimum UIM policy because it will always never pay off. If you get hit by someone who is uninsured (UI), that is not the same as UIM. Having the minimum UIM policy is just giving your insurance money.


Essentially: Think of it like a bank account. Every US state has a requirement for the minimum amount of money you can have in your bank account in order to drive. Sometimes that amount is $0 (which is dumb). But say that minimum requirement is $10,000. You, a pedestrian, get hit by a driver who has $10k in that bank account. You need surgery in the hospital for a broken hip which leaves you with a $20,000 bill. Driver only has $10,000 available to help you pay that bill. You’re left with a $10,000 bill and a permanently fucked hip. It’s always worth it to pay a little extra for the coverage on your own policy that protects yourself in case of situations like these.


It's worth adding that you would have the option of filing a lawsuit against the driver, but if they don't have any money you're pretty much S.O.L. on that front too.


So…get hit by someone with a good insurance policy is what you’re saying


Oh shit, I thought this was going to be a near-miss video…


It was. He nearly missed him.






aww, they cut off the "... but not quite!" from the end


Another r/technicallythetruth in this sub this morning…


That’s another term I don’t get why it’s used in such a context. When things almost collide, they call it a “near miss.” It’s not a near miss… it’s a “near hit!” A collision is a near miss! (*crash*) “Look! They nearly missed!”


Well, I wasn't expecting a George Carlin quote on this fine day. But I'll take it.


They mean that the miss they had was near. Like "oh we missed, but by a very small distance."


It's a miss that was near hitting is how I've always read it. It's probably to avoid confusion too cos you can hear "near hit" and mistake it for an actual hit at first


Pedestrian had a car blocking on the left. None on the right. That's why he was looking at cam car.


Hope his head/neck are okay. Any updates on the ped?


Permanently vacationing in Hawaii


Nice, that's where my childhood dog went.




Is this an analogy for he died? Or he made millions from suing and can now do permanently vacation in Hawaii?


Wondering the same thing, lol.


Or maybe he's unconscious/coma but able to still think happy thoughts. Man imagine if one day we'll be able to tap into our subconscious and send info or memories to alzheimers or people in a coma/hospice.


Better that than Tahiti. It’s a magical place.


I understood that reference.


Watch out for ezra miller


He truly is a menace to Hawaii XD


Not sure that's the best abbreviation for pedestrian.


If you can dodge a dodge you can hit a pedestrian!


This is why I always hurry across the road, I don’t trust other drivers.


I do the quick shuffle across a crosswalk and my partner walks whilst saying, “they have to stop you know. You don’t have to run.” Bitch we live in Atlanta. I don’t trust anyone. I’d rather waddle across the street than hobble to a hospital.


Better to be alive and right than dead and right.


Alive and right for sure sounds helluva lot better than dead and right.


A comic that makes it seem odd we let cars own the road this way. https://i.imgur.com/3TGjG2C.jpeg


I'm sure r/fuckcars would appreciate this (unless that's where you found it in the first place)


Also keep an eye oncoming traffic, if he'd been looking he might've been able to get avoid being hit.


Just keep your head on a swivel and be aware of traffic around you. This pedestrian—while they do have the right of way—had his eyes on the crosswalk instead of scanning for cars.


I hope that guy that got hit is okay


I’d like to know too. The vehicle that hit him was probably going 25mph or less (after slowing to avoid the other vehicle) and although he got thrown up on the hood and back down, he didn’t get punted and didn’t go under the wheels so there is probably a good chance he walked away with relatively minor injuries. Fingers crossed, at least.


Yeah but it looked like he landed on his head or neck


Damn, was the pedestrian ok?


Full stop. almost surprised wasn’t a hit n run


Glad this car's dashcam caught that on video, blatantly guilty


Cheers to the camera guy. We didn't have to wait too long, you didn't cut the video at exactly the point of impact, and I didn't hear any shitty music, but that might be because my speakers are off.


And no subtitles explaining what is obviously happening, text stickers, useless red circles or arrows identifying the SUV, the light and the ped.


I hope that person’s license was taken away for good, and torn up in front of them


What happened to the guy?


He got hit by a van


Not sure how you could have possibly inferred that from the video. You must work in video forensics.


My mom says I’m just really special


She tells everybody that.


She just told me the other day


I can tell from some of the pixels & from running over quite a few people in my time






Probably the reason why he was in such a hurry


Better late than never


Fuck that guy. He needs 18 months in jail.


Only 18? He most likely ruined a life, who's to say he should go about enjoying his own after a bit of time off?


Where’s this at?


Alright Reddit, why is this ackshually the pedestrian's fault *this* time?


they were wearing all black and something something phone kids these days do I need an /s or


No, you see, with my superior intellect I have deduced that it was actually OPs fault.


If the camera car had beeped when the van dodged the first car the pedestrian would have stopped in time not to get hit. It's entirely OP's fault /s


He didn't wait for the schoolguard to say it's ok to cross


He didn't look both ways


That jackass who ran the red light might have killed the pedestrian if he didn't have to slow and swerve around the other car. I also need to say, if you are crossing the street... Constantly be aware of what's going on in both directions. That guy never looked towards his left. You cannot trust the light and driving of other people to keep you alive.


Yep. I feel really bad for the dude that got hit and it’s *absolutely not his fault,* but this situation is a great example why you should be totally aware of your surroundings as a vulnerable road user, like a pedestrian, cyclist, or the like. Assholes like this red light runner are mostly thinking of themselves and last thing they are going to consider is that there may be a cyclist or pedestrian they could hit. They’re barely considering other cars already. I don’t have a car and people like this are an inevitable threat for people like me with the many systems’ lax response to their recklessness, so I have to be extra cautious since following the road rules isn’t enough to be safe.


I once saw two cars have a head on collision in slowing motion because one decided to go the wrong way and the other decided it was fun to play chicken. In front of both of their cars was someone trying to cross the street who narrowly avoided them.


Not the pedestrian, not the pedestrian, please not the ped - aw fuck!!!


Prison time IMO.


they didn’t even attempt to break.


I think they broke at least a few bones


came here to see how downvoted the comments were about the man not looking while walking across the road. -39, -23, -65, -49. Yep, that's what I expected. Edit: I have no opinion on this, but that's just the result I expected to see.


imagine how the civil suits played out in court


Why, he had the right of way, his light was green.


Hell, there was even a vehicle going through the intersection with him. He does pause just before too, very surprised, but it's going to fast for him to dodge. I honestly assume the van was stolen by a 12 year old from his parents. That or some geriatric.


While the pedestrian has zero fault, I watch the coming traffic the whole time I'm crossing a street. If the driver is an idiot, is an elderly driver, has a medical problem, it doesn't matter to me, I'm the one who's gonna be hit by a 1+ ton murder machine . The pedestrian is not an idiot at all, but I wish I had that much faith in other people.


> I wish I had that much faith in other people Taught both of my kids how to drive, the first less was titled, "Assume everyone else in a car or near the road isn't paying attention or won't obey traffic laws."


> While the pedestrian has zero fault, I watch the coming traffic the whole time I’m crossing a street. Same. Hell, I look both ways before crossing one-way streets because, on both my street and another one around the corner (both one-ways), I have seen people coming from the wrong direction too many times. People are stupid and I like living.


Mostly because legally right < alive Obviously the driver is 100% in the wrong, but I would much rather have working legs and no permanent damage than have the legal high ground in getting run the fuck over (or in this case under) Always cross the street with your phone in your pocket and eyes sweeping left to right. You just can’t trust drivers. Or people on those fucking lyft scooters or even cyclists for that matter especially in packs


I think it's amazing that they can tell which direction his eyes and head turned before he entered the intersection, all from a few grainy pixels on a low-resolution video taken from very far away. They must have superhuman perception. If a person looks both ways before crossing the street and sees a car turning left next to him, it's a pretty safe bet that he will be able to enter the intersection safely because the car is hard to miss and also provides some reduction in the amount of energy coming his way if it gets t-boned. But the driver who hit him did something he didn't expect, which was to completely swerve around the vehicle that was very obviously in front of them and hit him.