It just went from bad to worse


With about the best possible outcome at the end, given the circumstances. Nobody else hurt, no major property damage except to his own.


Nobody was hurt? Then shut UP.


"Then shut UP." Lmao.


This is how you win all arguments right here.


"no u"


When I tell you I am still in tears over that.. Man is in the worse possible position he could be in that day, and still choosing violence.. 😂😂


I am still chuckling too. Why so HATEFUL. Might be the jersey...


> Might be the jersey... or...you know...alcohol


Nobody hates alcohol that bad...


Are you a cop?!


Yup 👍


Then shut UP


I read this without watching the video and thought you were being an ass. Upvote for you.


Goes into the comments without watching the video 🙃


Well to be fair, I watched w/o listening first so I was confused too.


And I watched it without sound cause I'm totally not at work.


Shhhhh I’m totally not, either!


Are you my boss? Then shut up.


Hold it REEEEEAL close to your ear. I have totally not ever done that before, just a thought. Y'all "Then shut UP" was the best part of the video. 😁😁😁


Well you see, I have this all nailed down for when I scroll Reddit when I'm totally ***not*** at work- I scroll on my computer and if I see a video I want to listen to really badly, I'll pull it up on my phone and listen through my airpods. Again, this is ***never*** while I'm at work. And yes it was ahahah


He spends 12 minutes reading the comment to see if watching the 2 minute video is worth it.


How else am i supposed to know what the video is about? /s


We need a word for skips video, reads comments, becomes offended, watches video, feels happy.


Sorry everyone, I speedoffended myself




>We need a word for skips video, reads comments, becomes offended, watches video, feels happy. Redditor.


So good XD


And got himself into a situation he couldn't drive away from.


The best outcome would be if there was a /r/convenientcop nearby.


Are you a cop?


That’s how you know this wasn’t his first time doing this


*Are you a cop?* “Yes.” *Then I was NOT drinking.* *Are you a cop?* “No.” *Ok I was drinking.*


Haha reminds me of this [Reno 911 skit](https://youtu.be/D6VQDNIZH7U).


That guy's day got a little better when he said no lol


This was my favorite line. LMFAOO


From a strictly entertainment perspective, I think you could argue it just gets better. No one was hurt, no major damage, and everyone is entertained.


> no one was hurt Whoa, hey, trees have feelings too


Those trees were laughing as hard as the rest of us.


This what happens when you let your little cousins playing on your GTA account


You go out to experience gta irl?


To worser


to worstestest




Worcester *


Enough of your sauce!


It never gets worse than worstestshire.


Nah this is a pretty good outcome. I'd say bad to great.


Good thing he rolled over, probably prevented him from causing any more damage or killing somebody


And somehow did it going like 2 mph


Its surprisingly easy to flip a car if you hit the tire right


brb gonna go try it out Edit: you were right now my parents are mad at me


“Then shut up”


Shit made me laugh bruh haha


Literally the best thing that could have happened here. We need more cars to lay down for a nap when it’s being driven by an idiot.


Awww, someone's tired Of all their owner's bs


My car laid down? Then shut UP.


It's a safety feature 😜😜


Add another slot on the PRNDL for "Park For Real, Not Sit There Looking Ready-To-Go".


I thought it was over when he drove into the tree but there was so much more video


IKR? I thought, oh, here's one of those videos that runs on so much longer than it should, but then there was more!


It's actually impressive how bad he fucked up. I've never seen a car flip going that slow. I can't even see anything that would have flipped him over (maybe I see a stump in front of the speed limit sign) Also random story time of when I was an idiot in a car, but in a better way. I was driving behind a work pickup truck with commercial plates that was driving like the dude in the video. He went half way into the other lane, was inches from telephone poles, etc. It's a slightly busy road but there's lots of people that walk it, so I felt I had to do something. I waited for a clear road ahead + a side street, drove into the middle of the road, and leaned on my horn. He tapped his brakes (like I thought he would) but pulled onto the street after I pointed out the window. After he pulled over I walked to his window like a cop and voiced my concerns. He gave the run around "I don't know the area well" but he had terrible "drunk face". I talked to him a bit and let him go, saying "please don't hurt anyone today, ok man?" He drove off towards where a cop was posted so I didn't bother calling it in. In retrospect this was a dumb thing to do. Could have been a crazy person with a gun thinking I was a cop or something (although I think being a 5'3" female helped). tl;dr I got to play cop and it was fun


I was behind a guy in a flatbed over in Idaho a few months ago, out in BFE in the middle of the night. It was pretty entertaining to watch but difficult to get around.


And just when I think the video can’t get any worse… he flips the car 😂


Honestly that was probably for the best, seemed to flip it without doing much damage to anything else. Could have done much worse had he kept going


yeah this is one of those few scenarios where the car flipping is actually the best outcome. dude seems “okay” (physically) and he’s out of the way now and won’t be able to continue driving


How can a grown man get that messed up and think it’s ok to drive? I mean I will get wasted but I’m not about to drive after! What a jackass


>How can a grown man See there's your first problem...


The very first thing that happens after you take your first taste of alcohol, it impairs your decision making. It’s all downhill from there.


Fucker asked, "are you a cop?". He knew he was doing wrong.


Impaired decision making doesn't mean you dont know it's wrong. It just means you're more likely to convince yourself it's okay despite being wrong.




Well put


Lmao not necessarily. You can be blackout drunk and your lizard brain can still conjure up (somewhat) coherent responses to a situation.


Exactly. That’s why it was a bad decision.


Many of us have gone on binge drinking episodes, I've done it for a month drinking hard liquor most days, and never drove drunk.


I'm just waiting for a mate.


But are you the federal police


"No mate, I'm a Victorian police officer" "Well that's not good enough"


"You can't park there, mate"


Was this fuckin Lebowski recording this?


“Okay, man…”


Was looking for this comment haha


Man still had the wherewithal to make sure he wasn’t being entrapped there at the end. He’s going places


Into another bush?


Back to the bar


Why would I show up to a bar sober?


To prison hopefully


my friend was killed by a drunk driver a few years ago. he was just sentenced the other day - 9 months. 9 months is all he got. i'd be shocked if this guy got even a month behind bars


If you want to kill someone in the US, run them over. If you're sober you can get off scott free claiming it was an 'accident'. Even easier if you put them on a bike. Wouldn't even matter if they were in their own driveway and not the road at that point.


A guy I hate with every fiber of my being stepped in front of my car once. Before I could think I had hit the brakes and came to a stop inches away from him. The fucking idiot literally ran in front of my car from the sidewalk without looking for traffic. After I got a look at him and realized who it was I thought it would be too suspicious to hit the accelrater and run him over at that point lol


I know a guy that has 12 has yet to see a day of jail time. It's disgusting how little consequences there are for this.


What state are you in? I live in NY and I’m pretty sure you’re fucked after 3. I'm ashamed to say that I got one about 14 years ago at this point, but I'm so happy I did. I was a fucking idiot in my 20's and getting arrested was the only thing that ever taught me a lesson. I had to pay a total of about $10k and I was making piss poor money at the time. I'm not even sure how I managed it. I learned my lesson though and haven't even considered driving while impaired again. The fact that this isn't a wakeup call for everyone who gets one is really beyond me.


Plus you need a lawyer, all kinds of fees for courts and courses to attend. Impound/tow fees. Suspended license to reinstate. Gotta be over to $5k to get one.


$10k is just the fine most states require you to pay after 1. $5k is on the cheap end for a lawyer and court costs


What happened in-between getting caught drunk driving and their court date? Most of the time, you sit in jail for a day or two waiting for court. They may still have never been sentenced to jail time, but I would be floored if they never spent the night in a drunk tank. Also, I don't agree with that system at all. Shit's fucked up.


Former boss just got her 7th and is out on bond. The one before this one she lost her bumper on the highway guardrail, had empties rolling around in the backseat, and said she couldn't get arrested because she was on her way to pick up her kids. That one made the local paper. Still hasn't had any jail time. It's so beyond fucked up. Hopefully she'll actually face some consequences at her sentencing next month but I'm not holding my breath.


Sadly he hadn't committed enough infractions for prison. His license will be revoked, he'll pay a huge fine, probably get *some* jail time if he's already violated a previous drink-driving order, and ordered to do some community service. Then, because we all know how well mental health counseling and substance abuse programs are in America, he'll go back to drinking himself stupid and getting behind the wheel of a 1.5 ton death machine.


That's not how entrapment works. Entrapment has absolutely zero relevance to what we saw in the video.


Entrapment is when you are persuaded into doing a crime you would not have done on your own without the influence. Having someone admit to a crime after they have already done it on their own is not entrapment


Bruh impaired drivers have to be punished way harder too many people die because of idiots behind the wheel


I really don't get it... Who would defend drunk drivers? Why wouldn't they be an easy target to throw the book at? You can make your own deductions I guess.


It’s something of an endemic institution. Many people drink and drive frequently without causing any accidents so they don’t see it as a problem. They probably know a lot of friends in the same boat. None of those people think they or their friends should be punished for what they view as normal behavior. I’ve literally heard an otherwise nice, normal person I worked with just laughing off being black out drunk while driving home from a party. Her only thought was if she got hurt or killed it’s fine, who cares. When I pointed out she could kill someone’s else she was actually a little shocked by it, like she’s never even considered it. Crazy what basic things people never think about.


I knew a guy with the same attitude. He veered into on coming traffic on his country road killing his neighbor who was riding a motorcycle. He was drunk after hitting the bar at the golf club in mid afternoon. Something he had done a thousand times before. A few years in prison and he’s back out now.


I live in a very, very rural area (like 1000 people in 1500 square miles rural) and there is very little social approbation about drinking and driving because they never crash into other people, they just go off the road by their lonesome. The one dui here that had a fatality to another driver was a drunk farmer driving his pickup slow and some tourists going 90 drove up his ass. We don’t have cabs or Ubers, if you want to go out and have drinks your either bringing a designated or you’re driving drunk. If I close the bar here and drive home I will probably be the only vehicle on the road in my entire end of the county. I can look out at the valley and literally see every car on the road within ten miles by their headlights. It’s just a totally different situation than people in populated areas doing it. Still not smart, but a different universe as far as the risk to others


Most people go their entire lives without thinking how they impact other people.


It’s bonkers, I was out for dinner with some family and friends last week and we had a conversation about how an acquaintance died a week before from drunk driving and someone goes “hopefully, it prevents someone else from doing it” as they are slamming beers with the intent to drive home. The cognitive dissonance is real.


I used to be a defense attorney, I defended drunk drivers. But I didn’t CONDONE that shit. Assholes.


Other people who like drinking and driving, sadly


The unfortunate reality is that the US is mostly a rural or suburban country, and our public transportation sucks. Sure, rideshares like Uber and Lyft are helpful, but it's not enough. The vast majority of people in this country need to drive every single day to every single task, chore, event, or location.


I am reminded of this oped from the NYT in 1984 in defense of drinking and driving: [https://www.nytimes.com/1984/06/03/nyregion/long-island-opinion-drinking-and-driving-can-mix.html](https://www.nytimes.com/1984/06/03/nyregion/long-island-opinion-drinking-and-driving-can-mix.html) Actually a funny read, because this is in response to what we would consider today to be common sense, extremely minimal laws.


This was great. I went down a rabbit hole and it turns out that guy lost his seat on the school board at the next election. The only campaign issue? This op-ed!


/r/agedlikemilk ... or uncorked wine, as the case may be.


While this whole op ed reads pretty goofily almost 40 years later, theres a couple valid points in there. The very high drinking age in the US makes alcohol have an allure to younger Americans than their European counterparts. Making something forbidden to a teenager is a surefire way to make sure they try it, and often they're not taught at that age how to safely consume alcohol. That, imo a valid point and I've always thought the drinking age being higher in the land of the free than most of Europe was pretty ironic. Probably mostly has to do with the history of prohibition and powerful old lobbys like the WCTU and the Anti Saloon League. Frances Willard and Wayne Wheeler would be proud of that I bet. The ultimate conclusion of the oped is pretty damn dumb though. The idea that the right response to people dying from drunk driving accidents is to lower the drinking age and strip back punishment for drunk driving and just "teach our children better" is asinine.




I'm with you on that all the way. But we're talking about the general public. I don't have much faith that the average person would be so selfless and responsible.


This doesn't solve anything. People are still going to drink.


Legislators definitely drink and drive Cops have been caught drinking and driving too That’s why you can get like 3-7 DWIs


Reddit has a weird dichotomy between making everyone a victim and having a dehumanizing justice boner of fury.


Even shitbags deserve quality legal representation. That’s the whole point of a trial, after all.


There's lots of campaigning for all sorts of strange things, not much for this.


"Are you a cop?".............lol......this video has to go to the courtroom with Mr Tipsy ......hope they throw the book at him.....


pretty sure his name is Mr. Blackout


Dude literally could've run over a school of kids and not even noticed. Fuck this wreck of a human


"Are you a cop?" This is very similar to the reaction I got from the fuck who ran into me when I was pregnant with my first kid. "Please don't call the police, I have a family." Motherfucker I'm trying to have a family, too! His case got thrown out because there were too many and they couldn't get to it... These people are beyond selfish and the system fosters it.


Had the same reaction when a guy almost T-boned me when coming out of a side road. He was on the phone. Fking asshole.


The idea that there are too many cases is so fucking mind boggling that I don't even know where to start.


I’m imagining Salma Hayek fucking his shit up like in the Hitmans wife’s bodyguard. She played the role so well I’d love to see a scenario where that kind of character fucks up one of these drunk ass loser’s shit.


Guy ran me over, fucked up my bike for good and gave me some heavy bruises, begged me not to call the cops. Yeah right, fuck you! Turns out his license was already suspended and when the cops asked if I wanted to press charges I insisted


My wife and I were driving home from casino one night in middle of night. Not many cars on road. We see car in other lane come around a bend on a bridge and hit barriers and flip. We were sitting at stop light watching it happen. I jump out and tell my wife to call 911 as I went to help. It was on its roof upside down. I pull door open and help them out. They were way drunk. I ask if they are ok. They said yea. I said ok we called 911 and they should be here any moment. Suddenly he was like did you see that other guy that ran. I’m like ok well police station is two blocks away so they are pretty much here. Cops talks to them. Cop comes to me and says the guy is saying the driver quickly kicked back window out and ran. The back window wasn’t even broken. I told cop we watched it happen and I ran right up and pulled the only opening open to help. And we didn’t see anyone running down road. Only other way would’ve been the “other guy” would have jumped off bridge onto road below. Not sure what happened to them but cop wasn’t buying it either. I told him the guy didn’t say anything about another person till I mentioned cops on way. Not sure who the real driver was because they were not buckled in. I only saw ass crack in window as I ran up. They know they are wrong because mention cop and they suddenly start blaming others. They don’t care about what happens unless it’s getting caught.


The whole school at once?


The whole thing! Gymnasium, janitor, Jim's parents, geology teacher, just about everything at once, and not even notice


At what point do you say, "ok...I can't do this lol"


When the car flipped.


OP, hope you called the police


pretty sure this isnt ops video, ive seen this video reposted a lot before years ago


I'm in awe of that guy's commitment to destroying his car. He tried a couple of times with minimal results and a normal person would have given up and driven home. But not our hero! He was going to destroy that car no matter what! What committment! What resolve! What an idiot!


Rio Del Mar !


I instantly recognized that intersection.


Good thing he took a left and didn't go down the hill directly into the roundabout!


Came here looking for this. Don’t know it exactly but looked so familiar. Used to live in Santa Cruz.


In his defense, he obeyed the speed limit. And used turn signals.


Bro should have to relinquish that Montana jersey


Was looking for any comments about the jersey, then SHUT UP!


Fucking drunk driving loser. Fuck these pieces of shit.


Mr lahey


let the liquor do the thinking!


I \*AM\* the liquor!


Well at least he indicated.


This video is Exhibit A when he is prosecuted.


Excuse me Sir, you can’t park here.






Bold of you to assume he wouldn't still get in first gear and then floor it to the nearest ditch, engine screaming at 5,000 RPM


Thank GOD they flipped. So many people could have been killed


How drunk are they and how did they not black out yet


That IS blacked out. A recovering alcoholic once told me he thought he was on top of his addiction and so he celebrated with one drink. Then he said the next thing he knew it was a month later and he was several towns over with no memory how he got there.


Oh gosh My sister back in her stupid rebel phase only got so drunk to end up in the local hospital a couple of times (she grew out of it and was never an alcoholic, just rebelious) but not enough to forget a whole month


As someone fighting with alcohol addiction, I want so badly to be able to celebrate like that but that's what happens; you fall right back into that hole.


Ya, as mentioned, this most likely is blackout. Blackout drunk doesn't necessarily mean passed out. It simply means that the drunk person has no memory of the things they do or the events that transpire when they sober up.


No one ever mentioned that plants or trees sustained Injuries when their involved in accidents. Poor plants and trees.


cuz if your a cop you have to say


This sickens me. He could of easily run some kid over. I don't understand why this is tolerated or joked about. People are damn near civil war over mask/vax requirement, but this kind of crime seems to be mildly accepted. This POS will end up killing some innocent family on their way home from a soccer game.


“No sir”


Slurs and says "FOOTBALL!"


It's possible they misplaced their steering wheel


I am super happy they tipped they car over. That's the sort of drunk who kills people on the road.


Dude filming reminded of Big Lebowski lol. So chill


Human garbage right there. Had a neighbor who was a mother of 3 young boys, taken out by a drunk driving asshole.


> The man, who was wearing a Joe Montana jersey, responded to the eyewitness by saying, “Are you a cop?” > Authorities said 46-year-old Antonio Ayala of Aptos was arrested for DUI and booked into the Santa Cruz County Jail. It was not immediately known when Ayala would appear in court on the charge. https://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/2020/11/16/aptos-santa-cruz-dui-arrest-crashes-rollover-caught-on-video-partys-over/


He could have killed someone.


Am I the only one who heard pinball machine sounds?


From watching A-Team, I can tell you following that car that closely was dangerous. When it flipped over the last time, it would explode.


People that think this shit is okay need to be in jail he could’ve killed someone


Motherfucker was determined.


I'd pull him out of the car, kick the living shit out of him, throw his ass back in the car the call the cops. Show them the video and when asked about his injuries say it must have happened when he was crashing!


At least they only took themselves out.


It might be just me, but I immediately go to “this might be a medical situation” then I see the guy drunk off his ass and getting belligerent, and just no “nope, fuck them, lock him up”


You can have empathy for someone with an addiction while also being aware that they are a danger to themselves and (importantly) to others. This man should 100% not be allowed to drive a vehicle—solely on the basis that he could *literally kill somebody*.


Imagine being that drunk.


“The longer you watch, the worse it gets”


That was the best case scenario. Glad he didn’t hurt anyone


Oops you can see the puddle next to the car when it rolls over, he must have spilled his drink!


I thought him slamming into the tree was bad... then he goes and flips the car...


Guys i think he may be under the influence of alcohol.


No drugs were harmed in the making of this video.


Gta npcs when you shoot a gun


Thank God he didn't hit anyone else. Drunk drivers are scum


It's probably a good thing that he crashed into a tree and not a car.


Holy fuck, this is Aptos. And if you’ve ever been there this is about par for the course as far as dudes go.


Fuck that guy.. call the cops on him. Get him to jail, he's an asshole.


Freaking '99 Honda Accord lasted so long, just to fall victim to this idiot.


I'm genuinely impressed. I don't think I could hit that many things and flip the car at that speed even if i tried.