Hey man 3rd place you’re still on the podium.


True! I recall hearing of a study where they surveyed Olympic medalist and Bronze medalist were happier than Silver ones. Something about just missing out getting Gold made them miserable, while the Bronze were happy to have placed at all. Gold were happiest overall.


I didn’t think of it like this before but that totally makes sense. Thank you for sharing




Family comes third


Also with team sports you have to lose to get silver and win to get bronze. It’s not like coming in second place in a swim race


Well... You had to lose earlier to get bronze but I know that you're saying


Its all about going out on a win! I have fonder memories of my team winning the chumpionship than losing in the championship. As Dale Earnhardt sr would say, 2nd place is 1st loser.


If you're not first you're last.


so what you're saying is they need to have another, "2nd place" game, where the number 2 and number 3 team duke it out for 2nd place.


>Gold were happiest overall. No shit. 🤣


could've been platinum shake my medal


Seinfeld cracked a joke about that (sometimes hear it when I have the Sirius XM comedy channel on), basically saying it like that.


And now a reading from the [Acts of Gord, Book of Annoyances, Chapter 5:](http://www.actsofgord.com/Annoy/chapter05.php) >And the winner of the tournament won the controllers that were opened for the tournament (worth $80), and $20 in cash. Second place was a can of coke and an autographed picture of Gord. Third place was $20. >The Gord likes to remind people that second place is just the first loser. So speaketh The Gord. All hail The Gord.


Been a long time since I heard the name Gord.


Alonso would be proud


El Plan


Cries in checo


he knows [what to do](https://www.reddit.com/r/formuladank/comments/r0k4hd/let_the_hunger_games_begin/)


Well, they won. Not sure what, but they won.


They got to escape this post apocalypse abandoned industrial town a few seconds sooner


I felt the depression of the town through the video


I was mad at those 2 at first, but now I understand. I get it.


Welcome to most Midwest towns <20k in population or the outskirts of a large Midwest city.


The sign on the building says Pittsburgh


You can pretty much lump western PA (Pittsburgh) into the Midwest comparison above. It’s more of a rust belt thing than specifically the Midwest.


Aside: I've been reading a book called "Good Economics for Hard Times" and the authors suggest that such economic malaise (whether or not it's what OP's video shows) is due to: 1. Humans really really don't like moving in search of more/better jobs, even when it might be a good gamble. *Homo Economicus* we are not. 2. Clusters of related industries mutually-reinforce profit when things are good, but also mutually-reinforce decline when things are bad.


they won less gas on their tanks


more wear on the brake pads too - don't forget that !


fun i guess and then frustration


They sure showed you.


I wonder what they did with all that extra time they saved


see world


Are you saying see the world? Or sea world?


See/sea world. Oceans. Fish. Jump. China.


Why waste time say lot word, when few word do trick.


Many lawsuit, benefit diminished




C world.


Person, Woman, Man, Camera, TV.


Why use many word when few word do trick


Just chilling. Taking a break from tiktok and driving.


Me and my wife joke about this when people zoom around when I'm slowing down for a red light then slam on their brakes, people fucking love to hurry up and wait


No different on the highway, people are incapable of processing anything other than, "car in front of me, MUST PASS!" Meanwhile, I'm constantly looking several cars ahead not only in my lane but others to predict who is going to do what. It gets to the point where you can tell just by acceleration and lane habits who's about to be an asshole.


Yup, favorite game on my commute. Watch asshole in mirror driving 20mph above the speed limit only to pass and slam on the brakes cuz of a wall of steel 100 cars deep. Like these people just don't look further than 10ft in front them.


My favorite is when they started riding your ass because you're going the right speed for conditions and they are zig zagging in and out of traffic trying to get pass everyone. But they just end up just going slower, being stuck farther behind as you pass them for the 10th time, and wasting more gas.


It's so depressing how many people have zero respect for their vehicles. Like you said I constantly see people revving the shit out of their heavy suv's to pass and then slam on the breaks to slow down. Like they fail to realize how much wear they are putting on their engine, brakes, and how much strain their automatic transmission is taking.


Ssshhhh, mechanics love these people. But seriously, they have zero capacity for thinking more than half a step ahead. It's why all their zigging and zagging doesn't do anything and they just end up in the same spot as someone who drives the speed limit and stays in the same lane.


That and the zero respect for people's lives. I'm just waiting for one of these daily idiots to cause a wreck. It's just stupid across the board, they don't go anywhere any faster, if anything they cause more congestion slowing everyone down. They cause more wear and tear on their vehicle and are just too dumb to comprehend the simple concept of how our highways are supposed to work. I commute on CA highways, I fear for my life daily lmao.


Just got back from driving and there was an accident three lights away with cops, so I took a right and went around while everyone else came to a dead stop, don't understand people honestly. A left or a right would have went around the area that has a strip mall and two gas stations so no reason for people not to


It's not surprising, actually. Whenever you throw the slightest monkey wrench into the average driver's daily routine, the tilt lights pop up in their eyes and they blindly wait for someone to tell them what to do.


Me and my wife have had this exact conversation pretty regularly usually when we watch people back up a left turn lane when 250 foot away is another left turn that goes to the exact same parking lot has zero people in it


Lmaoo it's scary how often people are on autopilot. My girlfriend constantly gets behind someone in the left lane turning left while the right lane is empty and just waits for them to turn before continuing through the intersection to the next intersection where we need to go left.


Same thing with roadwork detours, it's like people have never deviated one block from their commute in their whole lives and have no idea most roads connect to each other.


There’s a longish road I drive on to work every day, about 10 uninterrupted miles through the desert - no lights, one lane with intermittent passing lanes. The speed limit is 45. It ends at a light, a T-intersection so you have to turn at the end. I drive about 50-55 on it, never pass anybody. My favorite game to play when driving to work is to count and make note of every car that passes me, because inevitably *every single one* ends up stopped at the light with me at the end. It’s hilarious. And over time you notice that it’s often the same cars every morning making the same mistake. I have a really bright orange car and I secretly hope they see me catch up to them and sit there angry about it


The best is when they've been at the light a while and it's long enough that it triggers it so by the time I get there I don't even have to stop. Thanks Speed Racer!


Not desert, but my morning commute has something similar. It is about 6 miles along, 40mph limit the whole way. Typically I have my cruise set to 51. There are only two very short areas to pass legally. Invariably there is always some idiot (and some I've seen enough to have memorized the plate numbers) that will want to do 60+ even through the curves. One Charger has passed me on more than one occasion on a blind decreasing radius turn like I'm standing still. It warms the cockles of my heart when I catch up to them a few miles later as they are stuck behind a milk tanker doing 38 for the next 5 miles after the light. Where I set my speed it invariably ends of being right down the middle for most people. i go just fast enough that sane drivers will never complain, but just slow enough to both not have the cops bother me yet piss off the idiotic speed demons who do get caught a lot more often lately.


So many people can't "see ahead" when driving. Just have this bubble around them and can't anticipate events more than 500 ft or 1000tt in front of them and drive like assholes. Very dangerous.


I try to just cruise and chill so I don't have to brake too hard at red lights. It's night to be able to keep on rolling.


It saves gas and brake life and other wear and tear from the hard braking. That's just more money in your pocket


I just let off the gas far as fuck usually get to a green without touching the brake and just accelerate when it hits green so funny when I stroll past the guy that zoomed past and stopped at the light.


I can't wait to wait!


Double whammy, crossed double yellow line and solid white line all in one video.


Cop gave me a ticket and told me consider the solid white line a wall, crossing not allowed in California anyway.


Cop turns on his lights, you go to pull over off the road but there's an uncrossable wall of a white line stopping you


Well if you're pregnant and live in Arkansas they'll flip your car over.


That's convenient. Usually when someone flips your car they buy it from you first.




Is this my tazer or my gun damn it!


Shia LaBeouf


Same in GA. Got pulled over. Pull over. Cop gives me ticket for crossing the line to pull over. This is was in rural North GA and the next gas station was like 7 miles down the road with no other crossroads. I've seen video of a cop PIT manuevering a pregnant woman for not pulling over in the same scenario and she said she was waiting until there was a place to pull over. It's so fucking infuriating.


Or a woman that was dragged out of her car and beaten for not stopping on a dark highway for an unmarked police car. Was worried it was a fake cop and drove to a well lit area. Cops don't give a shit and will take any excuse for violence.


it's almost like not having consequences for misbehavior causes problems for people who behave. Which is, interestingly, the justification for a police dept in the first place so you know they understand the concept...


I thought the other guy was joking. Is that really a thing?


Depends on the state. Where I've lived a solid white line (lane divider, not shoulder line) is considered a recommendation to stay in the lane, but not a requirement. Basically means that lane changes in that spot are more dangerous than normal. White lines on the shoulder are no different than an unmarked shoulder. They're there for added visibility, not to indicate a "do not cross" area. The closest thing I've seen to a "don't go on the shoulder" indicator is stretches of dangerous areas where they say no stopping except for emergencies. Meaning you will get a ticket if you're stopping for anything other than a vehicle issue.


Yup apparently. I had other citations I had to go to court for and part of my plea bargain was getting that dropped but it still felt like fucking bullshit. Like wtf was I supposed to do? Go on a chase until I hit a gas station?


What did you get pulled over for? A lot of times that ticket is written instead of a much more expensive speeding ticket…


Speeding initially but I walked away with 5 citations for having weed on me. Improper Lane change (the line) Speeding Driving without a license (it was in my pocket and I couldn't find it at first, got dropped in court) Driving under the influence (wasn't stoned, hadn't smoked in days, but that 30 day in your system) Expired tag (was a rental)


Damn they even let you walk away with a DUI citation?


Oh no I went to jail lol. And a hospital to draw my blood. Dui got dropped in court tho


There's no way to test for weed on the spot, it has to be blood or hair samples to a lab, that's why they had to let him go then.


They took my ass to the hospital to draw my blood for it on the way to jail lol. In my server uniform being led through the hospital in handcuffs escorted by two cops. All for like 10 bucks of weed in my pocket I forgot about. I could either submit to the test or they'd take my license till my court date and they'd just take my blood at jail anyways apparently


Jesus fuck that's a lot worse. Good thing they got you early before you got into *even worse crimes*. The country was made more safe that day.


LMAO Yeah it was some fucking bullshit. Whole car ride over they were GRILLING me over crime and "why do you smoke that shit? Are you hooked?" Fuck rural GA.


Also it was fucking humiliating. This mom like shielded her daughter and ran away when we got close. I mean I don't blame her. If I saw some bearded dude in cuffs being led through a HOSPITAL in handcuffs I'd be wary. Fucking hell of an experience




This is the same in Quebec. People still cross them though... Even if it's just "not recommended" in some states and provinces, I wouldn't cross solid white lines if you can avoid it.


Where do you see the solid white line? If it's single solid white line, it's completely legal to cross it but crossing it is discouraged.


Ain't no stripe of paint going to stop me from doing what I want, I'm the king of the road. /s


Found Kid Rock’s account…




Imagine driving like this every single day of your commute. I don't see why or even how people do this to themselves. How is it worth the mental anguish? I can just imagine them cursing and slamming the hand against the wheel every time someone stops them from doing 100mph on the road. Every. Single. Day. For the rest of their life.


yesterday, a guy swerved between me and another car in less than a 2 car-width gap going 20+ over the speed limit. He turned into a BBQ restaurant literally a quarter mile later. Pulling that dangerous of a move to get to your place 6 seconds quicker just boggles my mind.


It always makes me bust up laughing when I see someone do that to fuckin whip their car into a mcdonalds drive through.


It's usually a mcdonalds


I read that second sentence as the driver crashing and burning and barbecuing and you being playful with your phrasing. But I understand what you mean now!


Seemingly every time someone does this my lane is also wide open for half a mile behind me. Goes hand in hand with the assholes who will cut you off making a right turn into your lane despite a clearly visible wide open lane behind you.


My theory is that people think there’s some unspoken universal game being played, and they want to “win” or at least not let other people “win”. So like, they think if anyone is in front of them or gets to go ahead of them in any capacity, that means they’re losing and the other person is winning. Had someone just yesterday when my partner was driving flip us off. What did we do? We were going straight after a light, they were turning left on the opposite intersection. We didn’t go slow enough for them to cut us off and turn left in front of us (no green arrow of course, just a green light for both, we had the right of way 100%). So they slammed the gas as the light turned green and then had to slam the breaks (and flip us off) because we were already going across the intersection and they didn’t have time to cut us off. Not sure what the hell they wanted us to do, just stop in the middle of the road and let them go for no reason? Fuck us for living I guess lol. The only thing I can come up with is they’re pissed because we “got to go” before them, they weren’t fast enough to beat us and therefore “win”.


This is it for a lot of people, I used to think that way as a teenage driver, largely because I wanted to get to my destination as fast as possible, because I had limited time. I'd get mad if anyone merged or pulled out in front of me, because it felt like they were winning over me or something, even if I wasn't actually slowed down significantly by them. I would accelerate if I realized I was going slow and someone was going to pass me, rather than just letting them pass, because I felt like I'd be losing if they passed me. Fortunately around 20 I realized that was a very dumb way to think and it was causing me totally unnecessary stress. I also lived by myself at that point so I had a lot more control over my time, which helped.


Kudos on recognizing it and changing. That’s always the weird part to me is that in general people around where I live are super nice, and it’s hard to picture the same people as the aggressive, angry, sometimes psycho people I see on the roads everyday. I live in Central Florida so it’s a huge issue here. I like to call it “aggressively stupid” driving. But there’s also a whole lot of just aggressive for no reason at all driving too. I always try to remind myself that those people are, like you said, just causing themselves stress and making their own lives worse so I try not to let it bother me. The problem though is that there’s a lot of super dangerous drivers here. And I can’t help but get really mad when someone does something dumb, aggressive and / or negligent on the road and almost kills me or my loved ones. It’s hard to not be upset after so many near death experiences.


A lot of drivers are playing the short gain/long loss game. Jump at any opportunity to pass even if that lane gets passed 2 seconds later. 0 forethought.


There is something incredibly satisfying about someone riding your ass when you literally can't go any faster because of traffic, and then them making an attempt to speed around you only to end up being blocked in the even slower next lane over and then ending up 3 cars behind you when they get back over.


This happens at least once a week on my commute home. If these idiots paid attention they would know when to pass. Instead they weave back and forth rarely pass before I turn off that road.


Also a huge waste of gas, which I imagine they complain about the cost of constantly.


And prematurely wearing out brake pads. Then they’ll complain about how much it costs for a brake job and it should have lasted longer than 20k miles


Don't forget the additional wear on tires from all the speeding, hard starts and hard braking.


Can't fix stupid


People do this constantly in the city


They're quite literally too stupid to even realize it. It's that simple. Just completely unaware, self absorbed, without a care for anything else around them in the world. IDK how you solve this problem really. Americans sure have it in spades though, and it's just insanity.


My brother is like this. Lots of crashes, lots of money owed and lots of anger on the road. Lots of swearing, attempted intimidation and close calls. It sucks man.


Why should you have not honked?


Same question. Someone commented that it isn't an emotional support device... But using it brings awareness to the situation, and in this case you might have caused a cop to look up and see that ridiculous driving and act. If a horn pisses you off, it's probably because you drive like an asshole and get honked at regularly. That's why it's there. Promote awareness. Not sure when else you'd use it if you argue this wasn't a good time to honk.


To me it's a "hey youre an asshole/idiot," signal or if I need to bring someone back to reality at the stoplight.


I find the practice to be very dangerous, especially these days in post-covid lockdown world where there are a lot more angry drivers. Honking at a mentally unstable person can set them off. The woman that died giving dude a finger. A man in NJ got shot for some road rage incident. I laid on a horn at a guy once who stopped, got out to pull something out of his trunk. I quickly dipped out. Idiotic way to die if you ask me. Before you say it, I agree, an inexcusable reason to be killed over that but that's the world we live in.


Nono, the honking was fine.


It's drivers like this who end up causing gridlock too. If you have to stop your car, you stop the people behind you too, and it takes a long time to get traffic moving again.


Traffic snake!


I call it a traffic slinky.


[Traffic shockwave](https://i.imgur.com/7dozU4k.gifv)


The word you're looking for is traffic


Yesterday as I was driving the speed limit a guy races past me in the center turning lane then slams on the brakes for the red light. And manages to get stopped by every red light. This urge to get one car ahead for absolutely no reason at all must be an atavistic need to show the tribe that you're an alpha contender. Not being sarcastic.


I'm convinced the red lights in my city are timed to slow down speeders. I can't tell you how many times I've passed a car going way under the speed limit only for them to coast into a green light I was stopped waiting for.


> I'm convinced the red lights in my city are timed to slow down speeders. A few things come to mind ... * There's a traffic light on this intersection that rarely turns red because there's a sensor and few cars enter the road there but on week-ends and at night more often then not, it's red -- even with no vehicles waiting. I'm convinced (with no proof) that the light turns red strictly to slow down drivers or to catch drunk drivers. * Downtown has one way streets where if you go exactly 20mph, you won't ever have to stop for a red light. The lights are timed.


I know mine are in this one section. It about 1 mile long with 4 sets of lights, and if you set off from the one at 25 mph you will sail through the other 3 just as they change to green.


There is a town in Oregon that put up signs to that effect! Breeze thru the whole town at 25.


[LA was the first major city to synchronize their lights in the downtown area.](https://www.nytimes.com/2013/04/02/us/to-fight-gridlock-los-angeles-synchronizes-every-red-light.html)


They got a set like that in downtown Fort Wayne.


Traffic lights are usually setup/timed a few different ways. They take traffic into account, but they also take the speed limit onto account. Meaning if you're going the speed limit, and you hit a light at the right time, you should be able to make it through the next few lights without stopping, assuming there's no traffic.


I live near a light that *always* triggers if someone is going over the speed limit. They haven't put up a speed trap, but there is a sign that flashes your speed when you pass it, and if it shows 55+ (in a 50km/h zone), the light *always* turns red. This is really annoying if someone is in a hurry to catch up to you and tailgate for no reason whatsoever, because it means I'll also get stuck at the red light. It happens annoyingly often.


I had this happen once. Turns out it was a neighbor that lived in the same cul-de-sac as me. She happened to cut me off but since I saw it coming I was able to slow down and since I wasn't in a hurry I just dismissed it. She kept speeding away but kept hitting traffic at every intersection which allowed me to catch up. Next thing you know she is pulling into my neighborhood... I follow, then she turns into my street, I follow. Now she is in full panic mode until I turn into my house. lol


Some people really think speeding in built up areas actually gets them somewhere quicker


Similar thing happened to me last weekend. Dude tailgated me on an empty, two lane divided highway for a few miles, only to decide as the lanes are merging into a one lane country highway that now he wants to pass me. Finishes the move with half a lane to spare...and slots in right behind a slow moving minibus and another car that refuses to pass said bus. A risky, last minute pass on another driver just to be a car ahead in a train that goes on for half an hour. Worse, the when the highway turned back into a divided 2 lane, they stuck behind the bus and I ended up passing them back anyway. Still not sure why that was necessary but hey, sick driving flex I guess.


Your city looks like it has a delicious breakfast diner, a cool antique shop, and a fun used dirt bike shop that house all kinds of old parts and vehicles


Nah you should've honked, these ppl need to know they're idiots.


Na honk on, this shit annoying as


> This area looks super sketchy, That area doesn’t look sketchy at all. It looks empty, because that’s what America’s car obsession has done to our cities, but anyone who is intimidated by chain link fences and garage doors has a problem. _Especially_ if they think it justifies reckless driving. > Yes yes, I know I shouldn't have honked. No, no, no. You absolutely should have. Not one but _two_ people floored it to pass you in a no passing zone. The point of honking is to alert everyone of imminent danger and those were dangerous maneuvers.


They do it because they need only get through one light you don't to justify their actions. Getting places sooner is a bonus, there's no predicting when the lights will change or who shows up at the 4 way stop. The real drive is to make sure they're not at the mercy of someone they deem to be driving too slow or passively.


I go through this all the time in a little speed trap town near my mom. The speed limit is 25, the town literally goes from 65, 55, 45, 35, 25, 35, 45, 55, 65 in about a mile and a half. The nice bonus about this is that there is almost always 2 police officers writing tickets.


Waldo fl used to do this until they got their whole police department disbanded


Where’s Waldo PD?




I drove through about 10 years ago on the way to Gainesville and every single place we stopped before there warned us about it. "Slow down in the next down, it's a giant speed trap" Lo and behold, speed trap a mile down the road.


Emporia, VA too. Wish they got disbanded. Literal highway robbers


Waldo was just one big speed trap. I used to drive through it going from gainesville to jacksonville all the time. Now there’s almost never police near that area so people fly through it


Didn't they dissolve the entire municipality? Or am I thinking of something else?


There's a little town near me that pulls this stunt. It's called "Center City" which is two lies in one, and its speed limit takes a sudden dip right in the middle, for about 500 feet before it goes right back up. And there is *always* a patrol car waiting there


That’s just a cash cow at that point


Someone overtook me in the parking lot. Yes thats right. In a fucking Parking Lot.


Parking lots are becoming dangerous. Watched some asshole almost hit a woman in the crossing space, and he honked at her like he wasn't the clueless idiot. People are just caring less and less about their community.


Parking lots have always been risky - cars suddenly pulling out, people walking everywhere, people looking for parking spaces instead of watching where they're going.


Was honked at yesterday in a parking lot. Guy shouted, "Use the sidewalk!" There is no sidewalk. I'm walking from my car to a store. Broadly speaking -- and I know this is an unpopular opinion -- I wish roads mostly went back to how it was when cars were first invented. Then, pedestrians were assumed to have priority in all roadways, with cars being viewed as a nuisance. When you think about it, cars really are an entitlement and it's a shame we've designed our infrastructure around them.


I work nights at a hospital and park in a ramp. I drive a boat of a car and can’t see over a damn Ford Focus when I’m in it, so everything around me blocks my view. I have to slowly back out until I see I have no one coming. But even when I do that, people will have sped around the ramp and will honk at me when I’m just trying to cautiously back up. Oh and I get to pay for that privilege.


I was once overtaken into the lineup for a drive-thru coffee place. I was turning left, into the plaza, and the guy behind me turned left inside my left turn to get the spot infront of me.


At regular shops that have walk-up service, that's when I park, go inside, get my coffee, come back out then park by the exit so I can wave to the guy that's still 4 cars back.


I overtook someone in a parking lot once, but hear me out! They were going so slowly down 5 floors of a parking garage that they weren't able to even make it over a speed bump. Yes, their tires literally rolled about halfway up the bump, lost what little momentum the car had, then rolled backwards off it. I tried being patient, and yes it makes me an asshole, but I just couldn't wait any longer! Only had to go about 5 mph to pass them...


To be fair, this looks like Murderville. I might try and race out of there as well.


It's not bad during the day. This is East Liberty/Larimer in Pittsburgh, PA.


"It's not bad during the day" kinda translates to "it's not great at any time of day"


Everyone in these comments are scared of anything that isn’t a pristine new building lmao






Yea I wouldn't honk over there


This just looks like generic old industrial/warehousing area to me. I don't understand how anyone thinks it looks like a high crime area other than have 0 knowledge of what both high crime areas and industrial areas look like.


Saw Pittsburgh on a sign...this was near the Strip District wasn't it?


It looks like its Hamilton Ave in Homewood.


Yep. Pittsburgh. Oddly, ive had the same thing happen to me on this very same street. At both ends of this stretch there are traffic lights with long cycles and people just can't wait to stop there. Yinzers gonna yinz.


I've come to the conclusion that everyone in the 'burgh is trying to kill everyone else. Almost got run into the sidewalk on Penn Ave today by S. Braddock/Walgreens. People just do not give a fuck where you are...no one is more important than they are and where they need to go.


Where is this? Looks like a nice place to raise a family.


A family of what, raccoons?


Passing on the right, pretty risky. The double yellow pass on the left was bad enough.


For folks like this, it's not really about the traffic. It's the feeling of not being inconvenienced by a slow driver. e.g. by getting to the end of traffic faster, they feel like they're "winning"




Somewhat, but you don’t break literal laws and endanger people by passing a slow walker


I do love when idoits speed by you only to get no further because of red lights.


A while back, I pulled out of my driveway on a cold morning and didn't want to push the car, so I was getting up to speed slowly, right when I got to the speed limit (40) a prius passes me on a double yellow. I end up behind them, and it turns out they were a teacher at my school. They pulled into their spot 5 seconds before I did.


I look at it the other way. If they beat/run the light it means they are further from me and I don't have to watch out for them anymore. Modern luxury SUV's are fucken' scary next to my 900kg hatchback and I can't see shit.


That's a perfect example of hurry up and wait.


Someone always comments the “wOW tHEy pASseD yOu big deal.” Yes it is a big deal. Two idiots on the road who we don’t need.


Usually if I can get next to them I say "Wow! You almost missed that red light!"


I used to do this too until I did it to the wrong person. I had a guy pass me on a double yellow going down a small country road with wet shitty road conditions at like 11 am one day. I end up next to him many miles down the road at a red light. I was turning right and he was going straight, so when I pulled up next to him I gave it a super sarcastic thumbs up before I turned. Yea, he proceed to follow me and try and run me off the road. I had to get cops involved, it was a whole crazy thing. Now, I just leave stupid people tf alone. You never know when you're about to piss off an unhinged person.


"I'm in a huge fucking hurry until suddenly I'm not and now have plenty of time for following someone to commit vehicular homicide."


Exact shit happened to me. I’ll just ignore them in the future


Pretty much the exact same thing happened to me like a week ago. When he saw me calling 911 he fucked right off, but people are fucking crazy...


This lady lost her grandchild because she honked at a crazy driver. https://katv.com/news/local/3-year-old-dies-after-road-rage-incident


Same here except in the other direction. Dude was trying to see his dad who was dying in the hospital. Just leave people alone, at best you're accomplishing nothing but stroking your own ego by engaging them.


I would do that but people have been shot over road rage issues where I'm at


I find it's a better idea to avoid confrontation with them.


That's when you go full speed into the back of them screaming "no cuts!!!"


Some people are in a particular hurry to get to waiting.


I always call this maneuver the "hurry up and wait".


that .5 seconds of time they saved was totally worth driving like a crazy person I'm sure.


"in a hurry to get to that red light aren't you?"


That’s when I give the speeding idiot a big slow clap that they can see in the mirror. Look what they gained with a risky maneuver. Dumbasses.


“Racing to red lights” is something I notice of people who have no patience or foresight


Must Get In Front


Some people really gotta poop


Get your slow ass out the way in the ghetto, them prolly.


I mean, better for you. They get pulled over first if they go above the limit. They no longer have the urge to tailgate. They go the speed they want. You get left alone with no one around you. Since they are faster you don't worry about them being slower than you and wanting to pass them.