Oh yeah he fucked up. Only a moron would load up a trailer and leave some product still on the skid smh.


Looks like mission accomplished to me. Items are now on the trailer. Failed Successfully


Nothing succeeds like failure!


Also, nothing fails like success! I know from experience.


I just need to know what the hell the intent was here in the first place leaving the gate up?? How did he intend to put it down?? Edit: also before it comes up, I have a trailer almost exactly like this, the gate can be removed.. so crushing it isn't really an issue I would love to be this dudes mechanic shop, wonder how fucked those axles are


Those axles are done, the whole trailer is scrap now that the frame is bent. That was the worst way of loading a trailer I think I have ever seen.


That wasn't loading a trailer, that was destroying a trailer.


In that case, effective!


Also, stay tuned for the next “idiots in cars” Post involving this truck with an empty bed hauling ass down the highway with a full trailer and when it starts to fishtail and the guy ends up double parked inside his own asshole on the freeway.


Double parked inside his own asshole. Comment of the day right there.


I wanna know if that was the owner of the trailer filming? Was he just too lazy to remove the gate? Did he want it loaded this way? If so this is his fault. However, the person driving the forklift should have also known this wouldnt end well.


I would have told him no


Need at least 2 axles for the weight of that full pallet. This was doomed from the start, even if it was loaded in one piece. Might have gotten away with splitting it and distributing the weight.


It looked kinda evenly distributed…🤷‍♂️… they could have went full extension on the fork lift though…


Oh it got distributed when it fell from 12ft.


Somebody promote that guy to supervisor, stat!


task failed successfully!


All the owner of the trailer had to do was lower the gate at the end and forkie would have loaded it nice and slow.


Low and slow baby low and slow


Lol you got it


Won't get forklift certified with that attitude.


Tech school in my hometown basically had a deal where you would pay them and show up for 3 days to drive around an empty parking lot with an empty forklift and take a ton of smoke breaks. Dude who put tines through a tire still got certified at the end of the 3 days. But hey... at least the donuts were free.


That was my experience with a community college that certified some workers at our warehouse. One guy did literally nothing right, had multiple accidents, was openly mocked, and STILL passed


Just slide that fork in there all nice and gentle. Yeah that's right.


That’s why I find it more funny and really don’t feel bad for the owner of the truck/trailor


this looks like an incident of malicious compliance... load it on your trailer... ok, can you lower or the gate? no just fing load it ok... here you go...




Yeah that sounds like both of them going "you're just really gonna do this? alright then, lets go" Liftdriver is thinking: "You just gonna stand there and not open the gate? Alright, let me dump it in, that'll teach you" Cameraman is thinking: "You just gonna load it up without opening the gate? Alright, I'll let you dump it in, that'll teach you" Like two idiots running at one another and none of them wants to be the one to move so they both bash their fucking skulls into each other.


That lift would've destroyed that gate only option here would be to down stack it by hand


This is the only correct answer here.


Yup , unless the gate could be removed. I would not drive that trailer with a load like that though(assuming they were going to ratchet the stack down) Way to high center of gravity for one, would need hand loading anyway.


And it's probably too heavy for that trailer to begin with. I mean, look at the axle at the end. Granted, dropping the load from low earth orbit like that didn't do it any favors, but still.


Ya definitely more to this story..


...this is 110% the forklift driver fault. No reason to lift that kind of load that high and no reason to have lifted it in the first place if the area its being loading on isnt ready. Operator should have got the dude to remove the gate and then proceeded.


And whoever recorded it. I assume it was the truck's owner, but who knows. Either way they obviously knew it was going to be fucked from the start.


theres no way that... someone would just do something completely wrong... *just to post it on the internet*, is there?


It just had to be deliberate, The driver must have known this would happen and did it out of spite or anger


Nah. This is a Lowe’s it’s happening at. Trust me, they “train” you to use these things but when I worked there so many people still didn’t know how to operate them even after training and more than a few guys would operate them while still hungover. This guy is probably some dumb kid in a hurry.


Had a similar thing happen at a Lowe's I used to work at. Training was a joke. Didn't matter the "training," it was always a video or series of videos to watch. And that was about it. There was one guy, let's call him D, in outside seasonal I had complained about this guy and OSHA violations until I was blue in the face, but he was in a different department and that manager didn't give a shit. D was just a massive ass. At one point he even tried to fight another employee - to the point of being restrained by othets - because that guy "interrupted his lunch" (guy literally just asked D what book he was reading). Hell, I thought about popping D in the mouth a few times myself. And yet, nothing ever happened to D. Well one day, D decides to drive a forklift and a whole pallet of pavers up onto one of those little utility trailers some brought with them. The combined weight snapped the axle of the trailer. Because he damaged a customer property, got hit with an immediate drug test. D got hit with having both weed (our state wasn't medicinal approved yet) and coke in his system and fired. I remember laughing when I heard he was fired.


I was in the other end of one of those. But a pallet of bricks was maybe 1-200lbs over my trailer load. Got lucky with a patient lift driver, pushed it on a few inches at a time. Myself and another associate spotting g the whole time. Sometimes you get lucky. Sometimes you wreck your trailer and your truck.


If I remember correct it means you watched a video.


Yes, [this one](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IAHzP4umE4M)?


As a former dumb kid (and current dumb adult) who was left to run farm equipment at a young age with absolutely zero training or experience, there's also a chance that the operator tried to say 'I'm not trying to be not a team player but I really really don't know how to operate this' and they were just told to hurry up and load it.


Not sure if you’re implying that the forklift drive up the ramp and set the pallet of mulch on the trailer, but if you are, I can assure you that that ramp is not going to support all that weight.


Usually the ramp can easily detach at the hinge.


There ya go!


How are you supposed to load it with that ramp up though ? Seems like both the op and the driver are idiots.


You're not, you're supposed to lower the ramp and then temporarily remove it. Trailers with that design almost always have the ramp attached with pins or carriage bolts that can be removed for exactly this reason.


This is the correct answer. Then you push it up into the middle with another empty pallet or just back out half-2/3 way, lift a little then push it in further. If I was loading this I would then take an extra step and unload some of the bags by hand to disperse the weight more evenly and keep that stack height to a minimum.


I like how the owner of the truck just sat there recording, instead of stopping the forklift driver. Negligence/ignorance from both ends lol....


I bet it was a beef between the two. Trailer guy was like “fuck you, you should open my trailer yourself.” Forklift guy is like “my job is to pick things up with this here machinery and put things down, not to mess with your trailer”. OP decided to film it knowing exactly what was going to happen instead of putting the trailer down.


Lmfao why is this idiotic scenario so plausible.


Trailers like the one in the video can't be loaded by a forklift because of the ramp. So it means you will have to hand load the skid. I know because I work at lowes and have had to deal with this multiple times.


Those ramps are usually removable by pulling a couple of pins from the hinges.


They may be but if the customer doesn't do it themselves than as employees we are not really supposed to mess with it for liability reasons I think.


Dude most of the time the customer doesn’t know they can take the ramp off. Just ask it will make your day and their day better


this video made my day better


> Trailers like the one in the video can't be loaded by a forklift because of the ramp. So it means you will have to hand load the skid. I know because I work at lowes and have had to deal with this multiple times. Former Home Depot employee. I can almost guarantee that the customer told them to load the trailer with the forklift. The operator told the customer it wasn't possible, customer insisted it was, customer is always right so fuck it thought forklift driver.


If the customer did i hope to God that they got the customer saying that or something otherwise they are fucked


There are no circumstances that this employee survives this.


Realistically yeah that employee is fucked.


That's horrible. Too bad forklift driver jobs are so scarce and references are checked so thoroughly


Fork truck driver is still liable even if the customer insisted.


You can get a couple empty pallets to put on the trailer, then load it from the side. Edit: I worked at the Orange store for a few years.


Oh I did not know that. How come the forklift driver couldn’t load it from the side? It’s a tricky situation there lol. Thank you for the explanation


The problem is you can’t safely disengage the forks from the load until the load is supported by the trailer, but due to the frame around the trailer, you can gat the load onto the trailer while still engaged with the forks.


Entirely possible the customer told the operator to do this. How do I know? 'Cause I've worked at a place like this, selling mulch and stone, and customers have told me to do exactly this, and other, more stupid shit.


Reminds me of a guy that was 110% confident his lifted pickup could hold an entire pallet of concrete and none of us could convince him otherwise. The manager slowly lowered it in his truck bed and reconfirmed every inch as his suspension slowly turned into a frown. It did go on, and it did hold, well for the 200 feet it took for him to get out of the parking lot, hit a pot hole, and then bust his axle and dump half the load out the back. Had three other trucks come to load it back up by hand and shovel then a wrecker to take his truck. Im just glad he made it off the parking lot so we didn't have to deal with it.


Ironically I am a mason contractor and I have a 3/4 ton 2500 Silverado for this exact reason, to put full pallets that weigh a lot in the back and I still have people loading saying “are you sure that will work?” Yes I promise haha but I get why you’re hesitant I’m sure some idiots have come here before thinking the same.




airbags are magical, I don't think most people realize their full powers


Given that these are clearly not the crash safety kind of airbags, can you explain this magic? Something that reinforces the suspension?




Auto Mechanic here, you got it right. Typically when folks add air bags to their trucks, they leave all of the factory rear suspension intact. Just throw together a few brackets, mount a small air compressor, plumb it up, wire it up, and boom. You’ve nearly doubled your trucks loading capabilities, whether it be trailers or heavy loads in the bed.


Flashback to Introductory Algebra: > When are we ever going to use this in real life? How about every god damned time you want to figure out how much of [X] will fit in a space [w] by [l] by [d], and how much it will weigh once it's in there.


The weight is written on the side of the bags. It doesn't take algebra to figure out how many of those bags will fit within the number written on the driver side door frame.


Reading numbers hard.


Grug no time for numbers. Only concrete


I worked at Lowe's for a year. That's where you say "No, I'm not doing that."


I worked at lowes in the outside lawn and garden at the nations busiest location (by sales) and I can say that I alone destroyed the suspension of at least 10 trucks a summer after the customer became irate at the suggestion that his truck couldn’t take the full weight of soil, bricks, stone, sod, etc. Usually it would get heated and the go something like this… “I’ll lower it slowly and you tell me when you have had enough” Customer “just do it already” I’d lower it, the truck would sink and sink and their eyes would get wider and wider until ether the suspension bottomed out, tires hit fender, or the owner would back out and say “bring it back up” only about 20% of the time would they call it off in time for the truck to rebound to it’s full height. Overwhelming majority of people though would just accept my initial guidance and let me load up a portion first and see how they/the truck feel about it and make more trips than planned.


Then they cry. Usually my boss would tell them they're stupid too, so that was nice. Until an hour later when the boss would tell me to do something equally as stupid and get mad when I say it's dumb and something breaks.


Our store had a lady in pro-services that everyone knew to go get for problem customers like that. Tammye would tell them straight to their face that it was stupid and that we aren't doing that.


I like to think I would be a Tammye if I worked retail.


Retail customers are turbo stupid around forklifts, or at least they are in my store. Their grasp of English is so poor that “let me pop in back and get that for you,” apparently means “follow me into the area clearly marked ‘EMPLOYEES ONLY’ where the 7,000lb death machines lives,” and jump out within about a foot of me as I'm honking my horn as I'm cruising at about 5MPH. This guy **REALLY** wanted his canning jars (one pack, that's all he took) and seemed totally unphased at how close he came to getting either gored by my forks or at least flattening every bone in his foot. People really don't get forklifts. Moving at less speed than I was someone took out a steel beam meant to hold up 6,000lbs of product. Once someone ran over a can of cat food and it sprayed, with force, all over the wall. I don't imagine the amount of power behind that thing would be good for your organs or bones.


They see this squat little go-cart looking motherfucker, scooting around with cute round edges, and think it's safe because of that. They don't realize they weigh more than a pickup truck and have almost no standard safety features. They are absolutely death machines.


Story time! I used to work in a hardware store and one of the regulars told a funny story regarding concrete. A guy had come in asking for a quote on having a cubic meter or so of concrete poured into his yard for some reason. When he heard the price he started all kinds of shouting on how expensive it is and said he would pick it up himself. Came back with an SUV and a trailer. He drove under the dispenser and asked for them to pour it in the trailer. The guys tried to refuse but he was adamant. They started pouring and the trailer became back-heavy and lifted the rear wheels of the SUV off the ground. The guy went really quiet and the guys said, “you better think of something before it sets”. Likely not true but a funny story nonetheless.


[I always like this one.](https://www.reddit.com/r/MaliciousCompliance/comments/89u6ux/gravel_compliance/) >"Well, what am I supposed to do now?" >"I recommend a shovel."


Reminds me of a cook I worked with at a camp that had a finger missing. He would tell a different story every time you asked how he lost it.


This might be kind of a fucked in the head thing to do but my son was born with Syndactyl and Amniotic Band Syndrome and is missing half of one foot,no toes on the other,half his fingers on both hands etc.. Through the years when random people have asked “what happened to him” my go-to is always just whatever I think of offhand. “Freak skiing accident” “Let’s just say chainsaws should come with a class” “Freak ballet incident” etc.. The best one happened with our daughter who is profoundly disabled (including blind) but as baby you couldn’t tell. We were at the local state fair pushing her in a stroller,it was a VERY bright and sunny day (she can see light and it calms her). As we’re walking a lady walking by the other direction scolded us “That sun is just blinding your baby don’t you care?” Without breaking stride my wife and I at the same time both just said offhand “it’s okay she’s already blind”. The lady stopped in her tracks and stared as we walked by. Took a minute till we realized what just happened and both of us burst out laughing so hard we startled the baby.


If you don't mind me asking, why are your children disabled? Two disabled children seems rare but idk anything.


Probably a freak skiing accident.




You know those tags on mattresses that say not to remove them? Don't.


Individually that would be rare. But there's like a 50% chance that two people in a classroom share a birthday. Plus just the US alone is huge. So even if there's just a 5% chance of a kid being born disabled, that would make anyone with 2 kids have a chance of 0.25% of having two disabled kids Soo 2.5 out of every 1000 couples would have two disabled kids. Realistically the rate of any kind of birth defect is even higher. So there doesn't need to be any genetic or environmental factors for this to easily happen often enough that a place like Reddit with tens of thousands of people around having a parent with 2 disabled kids and a bit of bad luck.


You're right but I was thinking maybe it was a genetic thing and didn't know how to ask someone why their kids were disabled. Also I'd wager that the birthday thing is because people like to fuck around the same time of year more than other times. Also thanks


Our daughter was due to malpractice,it took over 6hrs for him to start the emergency Csection AFTER he made the call and baby started crashing. With our son no clue,we didn't know till he came out and she had all the visits. As I understand you can't always tell depending on severity,position etc.. There were no red flags.


In the same vein. I delivered to a native American guy for a while and he always jokingly gave me crap about signing for his stuff and contracts in general. The guy was a hoot. He told me he was buying potting soil once and this little old lady asked him what he was gardening "Not gardening. Just buying my land back one bag at a time. This time I'm keeping the receipt."


That's an old joke, but it always makes me laugh.


Oh, that’s a 100% true story, even if all of the details were changed.


Even if a customer asked for this me knowing how much that weighs I’d immediately point out how it’s gonna stomp that little trailer out and fuck it and possibly your truck up and refuse to do it. I’d rather just take the time to load it on by hand because you gotta distribute that weight anyways. Also eyeballing all that he should have a trailer with some taller walls on it for all that mulch.


Exactly which is the only reason they would be filming. If I didn’t tell them to do that, I would have lowered the gate. And if I didn’t, it’s my trailer so I would know what it can support. He filmed to say look how genius I am.


I saw the gate and immediately shouted "this is not how that works" at my screen. I feel vindicated. But I would like to know the original plan. Dumping it from height can't have been it, can it?


It must have been the plan, because the fork tilts forward to dump the contents just as it clears the gate.


So you’re not allowed to refuse if customers make stupid requests like that?


Might not care. The place we use for rocks/mulch etc you have to sign a waiver that they aren't responsible for damages. I've never asked them to so something weird so I'm not sure if they'd actually do it and they do tend to be careful dumping stuff into the bed of my truck.


Oh yeah, I forgot that places like that usually require waivers.


Even loading commerical trucks there are often waivers. Having been on both sides of the dock as a forklift operator and a truck driver, drivers will have to sign a waiver or their company will have one on file for loading certain types of things on their trailer. And as a driver I would watch those forklift ops and call them out on any obvious shenanigans of negligence that would cause damage. No one wants to be liable.


A place of business is allowed to refuse service, and service workers are certainly allowed to refuse to perform work they feel is dangerous or unethical but you have to understand that customers are almost always the people making shit difficult. But it’s not like there’s training for customers, so be patient.


We require our employees to refuse requests like this that may or likely will cause damage to property. It doesn’t matter how many pieces of paper we make people sign, you total their truck and they aren’t going quietly. And I work in the USA and we can sue anybody at any time for anything. It’s just cheaper to refuse service and make a sale another day. The other thing we run into is people wanting to load out in a manner that is unsafe. If they lose a load on the highway and wipe out a mini van full of pregnant nuns, the victims usually go after the entity with the deepest pockets. Surprisingly that usually is not the fellow trying to haul 400 lbs of quikrete on the roof of his 1997 Honda Civic.


And that trailer axle is now proper fucked.




Customers are the laziest people ever, if only people knew how contractors treat ANYTHING that they pick up. That goes for Landcaping, Appliances, Furniture, Glass, Masonry


100% can confirm. I am a customer, and am in fact VERY lazy.


That wouldn’t have worked even if it didn’t fall. I think this counts.


I can’t for the life of me understand why they didn’t take the tailgate off and just set the pallet on the trailer.


We don’t have time for rational solutions


Quick, drop this 300 pound mulch onto my trailer from 12 foot. Gotta run.


This is much, much more than 300 lbs.


Mulch, mulch more...


Like 3...50?


Well it was about that time that I noticed that u/Schmich was about 8 stories tall and a crustacean from the protozoic era


Yeah I'd guess closer to 1000lbs, could easily be more especially if it's wet which often it is.


I’d wager a guess each bag is around 50lb, there are 5 bags per row on a freeze frame and about 12 rows so that’s already like 3000lb. Yikes.


Enough to bend/snap that axle, give a nice U-shaped curve from front to back into the middle of the trailer, and I'll bet that also did a number on the truck's frame and/or suspension. That trailer is totaled. There's just so much to unpack. I have so many questions


Too heavy has never stopped a DIY customer before. Years (well, decades) ago at one I worked at I saw a poor pickup being loaded with all sorts of stuff, of course right at closing so they spent hours in the dark after trying to get it all on there. There was so much weight from the lumber and maybe concrete bags that you could see the back wheels/axle wasn't quite right. We saw them drive off finally...have no idea if they made it home.


I mean, that trailer might have been pushing it with the pallet, but there's not a whole lot of things that will survive ~3000lbs being dropped from 10ft up. All the blame in this one is on the forklift driver. OSHA would have a freaking field day with this video.


Just what’s left on the forklift after the drop had to be at least ~12 bags. At 40lbs a bag we’re talking 480 right there. Probably 1,000+ fell onto the bed. Edit: paused at 0:17 and its 5 stacks, 14 bags high, is 2,800lbs roughly.


I can't for the life of me understand why they brought such a light-duty trailer for this job when they already had a perfectly good truck that is well-suited for hauling heavy cargo. Dear truck owners: You're allowed to use your truck.


> truck that is well-suited for hauling heavy cargo Based on the taillights, that looks like an older Chevy Colorado. That pallet would be a good 1,000lbs or so over his payload rating.


With the way Home Depot loaded into my truck last time I bought a snowblower I would absolutely require them to dump in a trailer. Huge indents and scrapes from the forks on the bed because the knucklehead unloading wasn't paying attention and didn't realize he doesn't need to force the forks down... Did it enough that it broke through the bottom of the pallet and pulverized the wood. And of course Big Orange just denies everything and says the damage was probably already there.


That's why you pay $20 and rent the HD truck for an hour. People are stupid let them fuck up their own equipment.


Or pay the 80$ flat fee and have it delivered on a truck with a forklift that can put the load wherever you want.


Assuming those are 50lb bags and that's a ½ ton truck he'd need to use both, there's almost 4k lbs of mulch there.


I think this is what he meant to do. I work at a lumber yard and trust me, this is much faster then hand unloading all that mulch and easier on the back. Only about 4 left to unload after that.


Yes this was 100% on purpose.


I was gonna say the same thing. He fucking nailed first try. That’s hard to do.


And so you damage people's trailers? The bottom almost cave and wheels are canted out


Yep, check out those really cool “stanced “ trailer rims! Lol


Pretty sure that was on purpose as well, it will now fit through low clearance parking garages. Plus that negative camber is great for handling. It now has a lower center of gravity as well. I know where I’m going for performance mods!


Also he helped him open most of the bags. Top level service here.


Good point! I mean short of driving to the guys house and unloading it for him, what more could he do?


What lumber yard do you work at? I’ll be sure to avoid it.


The one with all the smashed abandoned trailers all over the place.


Forklift guy owns the used trailer lot next door.


But why not just have the truck execute a sharp turn so the forklift driver can bring the forks over the tongue and dump it from a much lower height? That axle is proper fucked now.


Loaded the bags, boss!


So many questions here. Why wasn’t the gate down? Was he literally trying to lower the fork lift over the gate? Was he told to dump it in there? Why not hand load?


Also why were they filming? I like to think the operator knew this was a terrible idea but the customer was insistent.


There’s really no way to load it with a forklift. It needs to be done by hand if possible. If the gate comes down, the forklift may not be able to extend out that far with all that weight on the front end. Or it can crush the ramp doing so. If you load it from the side the teeth on the forklift won’t be able to slide out and up. Edit: op says it’s from r/lowes so probably just an inexperienced loader and the cameraman knew better so I’m assuming he filmed to help his case when this derails. Edit 2: I see you guys offering other solutions but Ultimately if you have 2 or 3 guys it’s more efficient and practical to unload by hand.


I worked there years ago. I had years of forklift experience prior to working there. You’d be amazed at the stupid ways customers would want stuff loaded. I had my own “policy” that I’d load it any way they wanted (and there’d always be a witness since power equipment required a spotter), but I refused to do anything in securing it. It’s their truck, their load, and I would merely follow their instructions to the letter. If something went wrong, I had the witnesses to back me up that I was doing only what I was told. Want a 4K lb pallet of concrete in the bed of your rusty 1/2 ton truck? Well, I’ll warn ya of the possible bad things that could happen, but if you insist, it’s not my fault when the axle bends and the frame snaps in half.


Similar vein but I used to work at a mattress store. We had twine and shit for people picking who needed to tie down to a roof rack. Well my general policy was that I'll help carry it outside to your car, but you need to secure yourself it if it doesn't fit inside (ex truck bed or SUV with the seats down is generally fine) because I refuse to take responsibility for that. The number of people who showed up in cars the size of a 90s Camry and expected to be able to fit a queen size box spring and/or mattress inside was mind boggling. Even a twin size won't fit in your clown car. We literally offered free threshold delivery, usually within two days unless its a holiday and people still insisted on trying to do it themselves when there's no chance in hell that it'll fit. Always reminded me of working at target and watching people try to load big TVs in their clown cars lmao


I work at goodwill, and do a lot of furniture calls. Nearly every day someone will come with a tiny ass car and expect to fit a table or a couch in it. We've had to tell people "no you can't leave your kid here with their car seat so you can bring a table/couch home." at least a couple times


I have a decent size hatchback. Truthfully, I didn't think about my new big screen tv not fitting into the back of it when I bought mine at the store. Luckily, with some elbow grease and moving the front seats up, it barely fit. But there was a moment of embarrassment when I opened the back and looked at the size of the box again. lol. So I can kinda understand the TV thing.


The hatchback is a reasonable guess though; they're designed to have more room than a sedan. I'm talking like ford focus type of small and then they're surprised when a 60 inch tv doesn't fit lol.


Oh no no no, you never ever secure the load as a general rule everywhere that does this kind of thing. If they didn't actually teach you that as part of the job they screwed up. You are 100% liable if you secured the load and then it flew off and killed someone on the highway, etc. Some of the ways people wanted things loaded were just mind-boggling. The least dangerous but perhaps most amusing one for me was a guy who showed up in a fancy two-seater convertible sports car, a Mercedes or something similarly expensive. He bought manure fertilizer...but the only place to put it, after just one bag filled what little trunk there was left with the top down, was the passenger seat. I at least put some cardboard from broken-down boxes on it for him first...


Roadsters are remarkably practical. They have unlimited vertical cargo space!


Take the ramp off the trailer…


If you see something stupid about to happen, film it and upload it So we can all see the show


Generally you don’t drive forklifts on ramps Also the ramp wouldn’t support the forklift


What was the plan anyway? Crush the ramp when he lowered it? Fail regardless lol


Pretty sure the intention was exactly what happened. He had the fork tilted forward. He 100% was trying to dump the whole thing in. Pretty sure you can remove that whole back gate/ramp part, then he could just set the skid in gently, but that would take too long I guess.


They still broke the trailer though. Look at that wheel


Yeah, the load is probably still too much for that trailer, but it broke so badly because the mulch was dropped in, rather than set down.


It will go on the trailer, you just have to distribute the weight across it and not drop the whole load from 10 feet up. This guy is 100% trying to avoid having to take it off the pallet. Source: used to work for Lowes and loaded down this exact model of trailer with this exact brand of mulch more times than I want to remember


In this case, I would have lowered the ramp and just used fork extensions. He "might" have had to down stack a layer or 2 at worst but I doubt it. Mulch isn't that heavy and he is driving a bigger model of lift.


Isn’t it possible he could’ve removed the back of the trailer and it could be loaded on safely


That was...awesome!


Read in Chris Farley's voice...


Nailed it


Who needs axels anyway.


I used to work for a place doing deliveries on a trailer like this one. The ball on the work truck hitch failed one day and the trailer rolled off the highway. We had it towed on a flatbed back to the shop. The wheels looked just like this and of course the axle was bent like 10 degrees. Our super high sales manager came out and totally tried to Spicoli it. Like he was going to straighten it out with tie down straps before the owner saw it.


Yeah, Slash is doing well for himself these days.


Gotten from r/lowes


As soon as I saw the red vest, I knew something would get broken.


I used to work for them and you weren’t a real forklift operator until you hit something.


I worked in delivery for about a year. Between the things I saw and the way management handled things, I'm surprised things went as well as they did.


Why yes I have forklift experience.


“I thought you said you had forklift experience!” “I didn’t say it was good.”


I guarantee the guy filming it is a coworker at the store and the guy who bought it insisted that it be loaded that way. I did this job at the big orange store and this was almost a daily occurance. We'd pull out release of liability waivers and do what the customer demanded. Seen many trailers, hitches, and axles destroyed by customers who "know what they're talking about".


Aaaaaannnnddddd - you’re loaded up. Good day sir.


This guy gets his OWN sub: r/MoronsOnForklifts


I prefer /r/ForkinIdiot


1- Why is the driver just recording without dropping the gates 2- Why didn’t the driver stop him. 3- Why is there somebody that dumb on a forklift If I was on that lift I woulda sat there until the driver was like “You gonna move?”…. “You gonna drop the gates?!”. Plus that seems like it should be loaded by hand in the first place to distribute that weight


One word to answer all those questions, Lowe's. The Customers and workers are often just that stupid. I saw all kinds of stuff get destroyed and returned to the appliance department. Had one guy get a $1300+ dollar Samsung fridge delivered and he absolutely destroyed the doors dragging it into his house. Lowe's refunded the fridge and it sold for $100 after sitting on the floor for a month. Someone got a hell of a deal on a garage fridge.


tbf that’s one of the reasons i miss working there. 90% off for a fridge cause it was a floor model? done. $200 counter top for $30? hell yeah. nonstock minifridge for $50? mhmm.


1. That's probably a second Lowe's employee filming. (The spotter) 2. The driver probably told him to do it, and the forklift operator and spotter knew it was a bad idea but obliged the demanding customer (hence the spotter filming) 3. You get what you pay for. Paying 18 year olds $10/hr to drive heavy machinery 🤷‍♂️


Task failed successfully.


Dumbassery level 10/10 on several accounts. There was no way to lower the forks all the way down to remove the pallet. And extremely dangerous to crank the forks up that high with a heavy load and just start rolling. When forks are way up, as little other movement as possible is the rule.


It seems to me he did it on purpose. I have no idea why lol but the way he backs up after that with no pause like “ yup that’s what I meant to do “


As a forklift driver, what the fuck was he thinking? There’s literally no way he could’ve got the pallet in the trailer without lowering the fucking ramp


And there’s no way that ramp can hold a 10,000lb forklift


Just load it from the side, point the forks down gently and shake the pallet (with the hydros) or use the side of the trailer to pull/slide it off the forks, still gonna be a slight drop but nothing like what happened. I also would NOT drive that forklift up the ramp, would likely break it.


Or put a couple skids underneath it and set the pallet on top.


Temporarily remove gate. Slide skid on trailer into place. Done.


What exactly was the plan here?


I think that was the plan


You’re loaded up and good to go!