This is why we don’t shutdown highways.

This is why we don’t shutdown highways.

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I like how they sound so surprised, like somehow they didn't know the highway is where cars do car things, like drive.


I'm still amazed I haven't heard of any one losing their shit and going on a shooting spree because of these asshats.


Some assclown in Houston just killed 3 teenage valets because of this shit. They shut down an intersection for this crap, and then when the cops showed up they tried to run and plowed into people outside a club. Three kids dead because these fucks can't just get out a ruler to see who has the biggest dick.


>Houston just killed 3 teenage valets [True](https://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/nation-world/national/article254727092.html).


Ah thank you - it was a restaurant and not a club as I'd heard previously.


Fuck it , it’s Texas , give him the needle


Again? There was that incident a few months ago where that jackass in the Camaro killed two brothers and another guy who were spectating. Are you referencing that or is this a new one?


New one, unfortunately. The one I was referencing was last Friday night.




Isn’t it only a matter of time before it happens?Lately it seems like there are more and more people barely holding it together and one wrong incident will set them off.


IMDb falling down, a movie


The roads are where trucks live...


I understand the reference. LOL


Last night was hecka memes start to finish.


SNL right? That line fucking killed me




Let's not guess, all right?


You'd be surprised how stupid and entitled people are. I was banned from one of the default subs for suggesting that blocking public roads is stupid. Some people feel entitled to do this and don't care about how their actions impact others.


To be fair they didnt do a very good job shutting down the highway.


Got that right.


I guess this title and vid make sense for someone who lives there


Yeah I'm a little confused too about what's going on here.


Idiots that watched Fast and Furious too many times thinking they're Vin Diesel.


This bunch of stupid hicks are using their cars to block this highway so that them and their stupid friends can do races and burnouts and shit on the highway.


Jesus this is a real thing that happens?


Yes, but its usually not "hicks" doing this.


The correct word is "pricks"




They should lose their license and have their car impounded. Fuck these people.


In Dallas, it's such a problem that just watching these will get you arrested.


Really? You guys are actually doing something about these? Our plan in the SF Bay Area is to do nothing and hope it goes away.


Ive heard of cops enforcing more stricter rules, I have yet to see it, but ever so often I see the skid marks of the donuts. In Dallas more than Plano/Richardson. Times like that I wish I had a 1950-80s beater tank of a truck to block these guys


> Times like that I wish I had a 1950-80s beater tank of a truck to block these guys At least here in SF that's likely to get you dragged out of your truck and beaten half to death. These assholes are just like the motorcycle swarms, if you don't sit silent and allow them to do what they want they'll use violence to enforce compliance.


If they try that in DFW that’ll be a good way to get shot.


Sure, but in DFW the people dragging you out of your truck are also armed.


I’ve heard many of these cars are stolen, I noticed that most of the time it’s Dodge Chargers or Challengers, which are relatively easy to steal. So they do this until they total the car, then bail and hoof it to the next one. But yeah, everyone in Texas is carrying, even the felons that aren’t supposed to be able to own a weapon. So don’t mess with them. I drive on my commute assuming everyone is armed. I hear of local road rage shootings all the time, and I live in a rural part of northeast Texas to boot. I can’t imagine how bad it is in the city.


Guns solve a lot of problems that words can't!


Eh, both Santa Rosa and Oakland have put forward plans to [legalise sideshows](https://www.ktvu.com/news/district-in-santa-rosa-proposing-legal-sideshows).


Not in the sense that they can shutdown highways. Just that they have an area to do their thing.


I’m sorry, I didn’t live in a particularly urbanized area in the us… and we don’t do much of this in Europe but is this actually a major concern? Like who is shutting down these highways? Gangs of illegal racers? It feels like it would be easy to track them down and put a stop to it, but maybe I don’t understand the situation fully…


Yeah kind of. And their fans. Its not a concern in 99% of the country. I think it’s basically like a flash mob but instead of dancing or freezing they block off highways with their cars and do donuts.


Correct, "gangs" of illegal racers!


I live close to Roseland and I'd be absolutely ok with a specific place for them to do this.


In Flint we decided to get a police helicopter…. Then something about there being delays and not we won’t use it until next year. Sooo


>Our plan in the SF Bay Area is to do nothing and hope it goes away. Well that's the same plan for other stuff too. At least they're planning






Jailtime and car they have are taken and sold off. They should also not be allowed to buy a car without a license. If they use someone else's then same punishment. Other person gets a suspended license, charged and cars forfeited.


I was hit on my Harley by a 16 y/o with no license. Her punishment? Unable to get a drivers license until she turns 21. Like that stopped the b!tch the first time? Now I can’t get milk off the top shelf of the fridge with my left arm, she just goes on with her life.


I'm sorry that happened! Also glad you're still with us to tell about it.


Thank you 😊


And can't even sue because I'm guessing she's judgement proof.


No license means dad’s insurance wouldn’t pay a thing. I got money from my insurance to cover medical care, $8,000 for rebuilding my shoulder. Fortunately my health insurance was top notch. But 8k for a $77k surgery. I’m sorry for sounding bitter.


Her family had no assets to pursue? I feel like that level of entitlement usually means parents have enough money to pay off her bad behavior.


hell i would sue them beyond measure even if they can’t pay. it’s hard to expunge a judgement from your debts


Exactly. Make it follow her around the rest of life with garnishments and never getting tax refunds and disqualification for many types of benefits.


Fuck being sorry, I'm bitter for you. Way too much of the population are self important asshats. Between /r/idiotsincars and seeing the world through a covid lens I now hate most people. Too many irresponsible assholes with no shame and no accountability.


That's my point. She should have been put into jail for it.


Not sold but crushed in front if the asshole driver.


Not enough. There are tons of people driving without insurance and a license. I've met two of them. To state it another way, their vehicles met mine. Cost them nothing and they simply vanished the CA public w/o the cops giving a damn. I don't blame the cops, it's the dysfunctional Government which won't punish those who break the law and want to keep it all a "civil" matter. Well, when your car is toasted and you have no other available transportation, sucks to be you in CA.


In 2001 I got T-BONED by a drunk driver without any license or insurance. She got 2 years house arrest and I missed a year if work recovering.


Are you able to sue them for lost wages or anything?


Chances are you wouldn't get anything if you won cause chances are they have nothing to take.


This is the reason I carry the lowest possible deductibles. I got tboned in a car with 6800 miles, the kid that hit me was uninsured.


how does having a lower deductible matter? i’ve kept mine at 1k for decades and probably have saved more than $1k by doing so.


If it make you feel a bit better, those people will never have a life. They will never move forward, simply work dead end job. Never go on a decent vacation see the world or even America. They live day by day waiting on their death. A meaning less life, which is pretty much a resources for other people.


We just brought back our attack helicopters from the Middle East. Time to enlist their services once more.


Fuck these people.


True, how dumb.


*Don't fuck these people. We don't want them to reproduce.


Idiocracy was a prescient documentary.


and fuck those subs that condone these type of behaviors.


Anyone caught doing donuts on the highway should be forced to drive a 84’ Yugo for a year


Would it even last a year?


Well if it’s an 84 Yugo then it already lasted 37. So they should be good.


Logic checks out.


That’s the best part: no.


> 84’ 84 feet? Why do you think that the apostrophe goes on that side? It indicates omitting the 19 from 1984, so it's '84.


I would pay to watch someone try to drive a Yugo that was stretched longer than a semi with trailer...


He means year 8419


For life...Yugo life. 🤙


Somebody tell me what’s going on here? Why are all the cars stopped?


Jerks blocking the road so their jerk friends can do nonsense on the empty road. Of course, they did a bad job blocking the road, so this happened.


A gang of street racers shut down the highway so their friend could do donuts on the highway itself The cars in front of the traffic are his buddies The car that got hit is just the only one that managed to squeeze through the blockade


Calling these idiots street racers is giving them too much credit.


“Self styled” lol


I find the description 'assholes who deserve prison' more appropriate.


Thanks, I was wondering too. Almost everyone else in the comments is acting like this (minus the crash) is an everyday occurrence. Maybe it is. Maybe I'm just too fuckin' old. Oh, shit, It's 9:05! Goodnight Reddit; Time for bed.


I’ve said it before. It’s always a charger.


Or challenger. Or mustang


Mentally Challengered.


For me it’s altimas.


Or a Nissan or Infinity or Impala or Malibu. We know who we're talking about


Or ram 2500


[Dodge Ram 2500 drivers have twice the average number of DWI's. ](https://www.thedrive.com/news/38238/ram-2500-drivers-have-the-most-duis-more-than-twice-the-national-average-report)


But on the upside they get twice as much head from their cousins. So they have that going for them.


They don't sell the 2500 here, but it's fun watching people with the 1500 try and get into parking spots.


charger, nissans, limo tinted sub 30k sedans. If you see a ton of these in your neighborhood you are in a shitty area.


As a rule, I never fuck with Nissan Altimas. Seems like it's the car of choice for poor criminals who don't give a shit. Altima cuts me off, starts tailgating or otherwise driving like a jack ass? I let them pass.


Nissan and Dodge survive by financing damn near everyone. That's how so many shitty people wind up driving them. Other brands are a bit more selective in their financing.


Always charging insurance, huh? I’ll see myself out.


You mean "Always Changing Insurance", right?


Except when it’s a mustang


Nah, no crowd or powerpoll to flip into.


Never mind the people trying to get to the hospital, trapped in traffic behind these clowns.


A few weeks ago, there was a caller to LBC who told the people on the radio station about how the "Insulate UK" (which was a movement to block the roadways by gluing their hands to the tarmac) affected them. I can't convey the feeling or emotion the caller stated with my synopsis, but let me try. The caller was an elderly gentleman, about 50 years of age telling the callers about how he got stuck on the roadway when this happened. He first related how his mother of 70+ years of age was having a problem and he couldn't get an ambulance so decided to try to drive her the 15-20 minutes down the road down the highway. Turns out she was having as stroke, and he was stuck in traffic with her for 4-6 hours. He saw her deteriorating and the worst part (I felt) was when she reached over to him, touching his hand to ask if she were going to be okay. Ultimately, when he got to the hospital, the medical staff told him that if he got there within 90 minutes, there would be very damage and they could work through rehab. But after the hours of being stuck, the stroke was full blown and she's not only paralyzed on her entire side, but suffers speech and other ailments. One of the saddest stories I heard. Okay, spent a minute to dig up the link : https://www.lbc.co.uk/radio/presenters/andrew-pierce/insulate-britain-m25-eco-protest-delays-left-callers-mum-paralysed/ Listen to it if you dare. Totally and 100% heart breaking.


That is horrible but 50 isn't elderly.


If 50 is elderly then 25 is middle aged.


Lol why is this getting downvoted? "Elderly" is pretty commonly 65 and up


Yeah. Fuck off am I less than 7 years from "Elderly".


Did the people who "protested" at least get arrested with several years in prison?


Not the ones on that day, but due to intense backlash and pressure on the government the powers that be confirmed to the police that the protesters can be arrested and will be charged in a meaningful way, up until that point he police were hesitant because of potential backlash and the fact that they weren't sure if any meaningful charges would stick. Since then arrests have occurred, including the twit who went on GMB and stormed off in a temper tantrum. To the insulate Britain people, I look forward to the day that I can say good riddance.


so whats the point of the insulate britain shit?


I panic that when I go into labour, something like this will be happening


Labour isn't like it is in the movies, most of the time you generally have lots of time. When my wife went into labour at 3am, I raced to the hospital. She gave birth at 7:14**pm**


I had my first contraction at 1045, was told to wait 45 minutes because 'it doesn't go that quick' at 1130 I was sure I couldn't wait. Baby born at 1153. Lucky the hospital was a 2 minute drive and people don't protest around here haha.


Felony stupid. When one of these results in a shooting, I’m not gonna cry .


In Atlanta these have resulted in numerous shootings (and deaths).


LA too. One case became news worthy because a 17 year old girl got shot in the head when two assholes where fighting at one of these street takeovers in Hollywood.


That’s so terrible to hear. It’s way out of hand. Yeah, last July 4th here, it came out a shooting was because of an alteration involving a known street racer who was pulling donuts. Something went down with one of the people watching and 2 people were killed and 14 shot. It was basically outside by condo steps. It was weird that the media kept reporting it at first as a fireworks watching celebration until the videos came out showing what was going on.


Unfortunately this kind of things happens in residential neighborhoods in my area. Shootings sometimes happen and it's not always the participants that are shot because bullets can go through walls.


there was 1 idiot that did it down the street from my house, when me and a few friends were walking to the beer store cuz we don't like driving when were drunk, none of us turned around nobody acknowledged him just kept walking hope dude felt like an idiot


Unfortunately the one here in Houston that resulted in a shooting was these fucktards shooting at a couple trying to get past their barricade. They also harassed their dog. The shooter did get arrested though. Unsurprisingly already out on bond for a weapons charge. Was funny watching him try to ask the judge to lower his bail with a straight face.


Do people really not expect this? I'm always expecting people to try to kill me out there. If I trust someone else, I die.


Permanent loss of driving privileges, full liability for any and all damages, and $250,000 victim restitution payable via automatic wage garnishment. It needs to be so financial painful to do shit like this that the consequences basically follow the perpetrator around forever.


Vehicle Crushed before their eyes.


“Nooo my custom drag racing charger! You can’t do this!”


Me pulling hydraulic valve listening to glass popping!


How did the hazard lights come on so quick. Must be automatic?


Most new cars put the hazards on when the bags deploy


Also if you slam on the brakes.


It's true, don't downvote them, my 2012 Punto does this when I slam the brakes, the hazards blink at a faster pace too !


BMW - and other European manufacturers - are forced to remove this feature due to antiquated US federal 'safety' laws. Instead of indicators all flashing under high braking, the rear brake lights come on brighter. Seriously. Thankfully it can all be over-ridden in Bimmercode. https://youtu.be/1QXvLE5gM8c?t=232


It's automatic, the hazard lights come on also when you brake really hard to a stop if I'm right


Thats neat. That's a pretty good function. Very useful in fog related weather.


I forget what car it was, but if you panic braked, it shifted to neutral automatically. Scared the crap out of me when I braked and then hit the gas to scoot out of the way.


>I forget what car it was, but if you panic braked, it shifted to neutral automatically. That is not only fucking _idiotic_ but it's also highly dangerous as cars brake better in gear than in neutral.


Yeah, I don't really want the car reacting in unexpected ways in an emergency. Going into neutral automatically in the event of a collision is a great idea. As the result of sudden hard braking? Kinda bad news if the hard braking causes oversteer, or if you want to follow up with an avoidance manoeuvre.


Clarification: Automatic transmission.


Yes. That’s still incredibly dangerous.


Agreed. I wish I could remember what vehicle it was. Part of me understood it, another part of me was saying "well, that's just freaking stupid".


I had that happen with a Chrysler Concorde


I think if I was stopped by these idiots, I'd remind everyone around me that we all have lug wrenches in our trunks






I’m glad he hit that other car. I can’t stand morons that do shit like this


They got an easy insurance claim




Nice, they are having a demolition derby at the wrong place.


How dare they interrupt their donut.




Do the hazard lights turn on automatically after a crash? Or did the driver just have frame 1 accuy


Most modern vehicles will turn on the hazards, apply the brakes and unlock the vehicle after a crash. On many European vehicles, heavy braking will also cause the hazard lights to turn on or the brake lights to flash (depends both on vehicle and local laws).


Oh really? hope that carries over to the states as well that’s a good idea.


That's really cool


And then those gangs beat up the innocent person they hit they are all useless.


It's almost as-if you should check your mirrors before being a dumbass.


I'm a new-ish driver (I'm 17 and have been driving just shy of a year now) and I don't know what a donut is in terms of driving. Who is at fault here? Not finding a clear explanation... all I know is there's a butt load of traffic behind the cars in the video.


Car in the left: trying to get home. Car on the right: being a massive bellend. Cars behind: being held back by the bellend’s friends I expect, to allow him to be the biggest bellend he can be.




I don't know why you're getting downvotes. The video isn't clear as to what is going on. But to sum it up: a bunch of street racing douche bags blocked off the highway to do stupid things like donuts. A donut is when a driver burns their tires and spins in a tight circle. Someone gets frustrated and passes the road block, right as the black car is doing a donut, and they collide.


I'm 36 & I didn't understand what was going on either. I've never heard of street racers blocking highways.


You're lucky. I get caught up in these at least once a week on my commute.


For real? I’ve never heard of this. Where do you live?


Detroit. During the first few months of the lockdowns it was even worse and basically turned into Mad Max lol.


Oh thx I didn’t get it either (also 17)


I’ve been driving for 18 years and I also didn’t understand what was happening here. Just kept scrolling until I found an explanation, which was in response to your question, so thanks!!


where i used to live was at a large intersection, in a surburban neighbourhood, and as such, gathered idiots to do burnouts and donuts. Used a massive spotlight once and the left, didn't come back for a month or so, but when they did, i found a better way. From a hidden location, i bounced a rock, up into the engine bay, no damage, but to the driver, they would have heard a loud bang, they stopped, and slowly drove away trying to figure out what broke, they never came back after that.


This reminds me of seattle last year when protesters went onto I-5. Well surprise surprise when a driver went around some blocking cars and killed a protestor. It's unfortunate but pedestrians don't belong on the freeway.


Honest question if the person who got crashed into got out and shot the asshole in the charger. What’s the likelihood of a jury convicting him/her? Or have we reached a point where these idiots don’t get any sympathy from all the shit they do?


That one could go either way in court


If I were a defense, trial attorney, I’d take those odds. Edited


Depends on the state


This was in Florida.


Not guilty then


Annnnd that’s why this keeps happening down here




Car takeovers, highway shutdowns. Dangerous car meets.


Play stupid games…. …win stupid prizes




The "true car guys" who leave skidmarks all over my familys store parking lot can get fucked. Go to a track.


We do set up a track, on a parking lot (or old runway) we have permission to be at. It's called the SCCA, and it's a very cheap and safe way of doing the sorts of car stuff that shouldn't be done on the road in a legal and non-nuisance manner.


True car guys don’t damage other people’s parking lots. I hope you mean your own parking lot.


I can not tell what's going on when the camera pans over and shows whatevers there for a thousandth of a second and the video stops playing so reddit shows the first frame of it again. Someone please explain what's there.


Street racers had the highway blocked off to show off their cars and do shit and the dude you got hit just drove thru the road block ig and tried to pass and yea


I couldn't tell if it was traffic, police there or what. If people were purposefully blocking traffic, or if that was just a highway of cars waiting to pass them. All I could tell was some sort of vehicle is there


Yea I first thought it was cops too cuz it does look red and blue but nope just some illegal blockage


Fuck Mopar guys.


“Hey guys look at me I’m cool”


Very polite of him to use his blinker


Well said


How did he get the Emergancy lights on so fast? Do they automatically come on in some cars after a collision?


Yes. Most newer cars have this feature.


*Nelson Laugh*


Fuck these dumbasses.


I blame vin diesel