Some people come into your life at just the right time


If fiction has taught me anything, the car that diverted the crash was driven by a time traveler out to save his family from a death they suffered in another timeline.


But the family dies anyways. So the time traveller keeps coming back to this moment before inadvertently realising that it not possible since it's a paradox so instead he goes back in time to study the dark arts and alter the flow of time, but his meddling leads to the breaking of the timeline and destruction of the whole known universe until only he exists in a small bubble, doomed to regret his actions forever.


It’s a fixed point in time, Steven! It can never be changed!


You don’t understand!


there's your movie!!


It's actually from the Marvel tv show "What...If?"


It's also the entire plot of a 2002 movie called The Time Machine. (Solid movie)


The pedestrians would have been dead if that car hadn't intercepted, full stop


Think that's the point they were making.


Yeah you right but also, the pedestrians would have been dead if that car hadn't intercepted.


True, but those people crossing the street would not be alive if that car hadn't hit the jeep


I see where you’re coming from, but those pedestrians would be dead if that crash hadn’t happened.


Point taken, but the elephant in the room is that the crash diverted the oncoming car and saved the lives of the pedestrians. Somebody had to say it.


I think you're missing the most important part of this video. If that car hadn't collided with the jeep that family all would have lost their lives.


OK but here's the thing, if that car hadn't collided with the jeep, that family would have their status changed to "unalive"


Be that as it may, I need to point out that the family is only alive because of that crash


I'm confused how are cars allowed to turn when a pedestrian is crossing. In Canada (at least Ontario) we have to wait for pedestrians to finish crossing than we can go.


The white car should have yielded to the pedestrian, according to the law.


Assuming the pedestrians had a walk signal. If the left turn cars had a green arrow, it’s likely that the pedestrians shouldn’t have been there to begin with.




Same in the US. Both cars should've yielded until the pedestrians had crossed. Though, cars are also supposed to stop at red lights...


I don’t know if this is the case in this vid, but if there is a left-turn arrow, the pedestrians do not have the right of way. If there are crossing lights, the “no walk” sign will be showing. Once the arrow is gone and there is full green, THEN, the left turning cars must yield to pedestrians—and the pedestrians have the “walk” signal. It is a common occurrence for pedestrians to see the red light for the cross traffic and proceed to cross without noticing that the left turning car has the right of way.


Maybe I’m seeing it wrong - but if you look under the stoplight to the left of the video, you can see orange flashing, which would indicate pedestrians have the right of way and the crosswalk is on the countdown.


The people wouldn't have fully stopped that car /s


The person driving the car that intercepted is the person who came into the pedestrians life at just the right time


I’m not 100% sure. The Jeep is already braking hard as it goes through the light, realising (I assume) what it was about to do. Modern braking systems on cars are phenomenal. It would probably still have hit them, but at guaranteed lethal velocity? I’m not just disagreeing for the sake of it, I really would like to see if anyone else interprets it the same way.


Yeah, that big ass jeep would have just gently scooped them up and put them back down on their feet on the opposite sidewalk. Sorry for the sarcasm but I was hit by a driver taking a left turn when I had the right of way, she was doing 25. I got flipped up, my body smashed into the windshield then the roof of her car and then I landed on my head on the road. I have serious nerve and neurological damage now. If I'd been hit by an SUV I'd be dead.


Even the second turning car shouldn't have gone. This is a fucking mess all around. If you look closely, the pedestrian shouldn't have either. They already lost their begin walking signal.


No, they entered the intersection with a white “walk” indicator.


I think the pedestrians walked when they shouldn’t have. Pretty sure the cars had a left arrow, which turned into a full green.


You can clearly see the white walk signal at the beginning of the video.


Looks like a scene from Final Destination 9


That was a close one


Looks like the car gunned it at the last second to block the car. Could just be coincidence though. Edit: on second look around I didn’t see it again. Probably just my brain seeing things


Nah seems impossible to have that much awareness and reaction time


Batman did it.


Trying to beat the light?


Why, who's in the van?


Do you think I should go to a hospital?


Gotta watch the news bro


You don't watch a whole lot of news, do you?


Happy Gilmore did it no more then an hour ago


I think it's because of the flash from the photo radar. It creates a strobe like effect so it looks like the car jumps forward between the first and second crash.


It does look like it, I'll give you that. Absolutely no way they'd be able to detect, calculate, react, and execute that fast though. Unless they are superhuman. They could probably take credit for doing it though because it totally looks like that.


Yeah I thought so so first and then figured bumps or a manual would cause that sort of forward jerk


Nah, having been t-boned by a red light runner before, you have a couple tenths of a second to see them and process what's going on it.


Happened to me too. Drunk driver blew a stop sign going roughly 45-50 in a 25. I saw them coming and had enough time to think "fuck" that's about it. The driver immediately bailed after he hit us. Drove away the second we opened up our car doors (me and my friend I was with). A car behind us saw the accident and stopped to check on us. Also he was like "hey is this your license plate?" He found a license plate on the ground. Wasn't mine. The drunk drivers plate fell off and the police were able to bring him into custody. He didn't do any real jail time for it, just fines, but was in jail for the night. Wisconsin has some fucked dui laws.


Woman who hit me was on her 2nd DUI. Judge went lenient on her because she had children. I had back surgery. I wrote the judge a letter and although it wasn't vulgar, the summary of it was that he could go fuck himself


So, youre saying there is a chance!


Nah, you can see the hood of the savior car jerk downwards as they brake right before impact. Also all of their tail lights (including brake lights) are lit


that's just hazard lights they were already anticipating collateral damage, plus if you zoom in you can see he is calling EMS


Actually, if you look in the shadows, there is a caped man holding out his hands using telekinesis to hit the car with the other car, the black car is empty. I thought to myself as soon as I saw this "Someone in the comments is going to say the car hit the other car on purpose to save the family." Sure enough, second comment down lol


I thought the same thing on the first watch lol... Maybe it has something to do with the flash going off for the red light camera


Yeah and that's exactly why you're not supposed to turn until the fucking pedestrians are across the street. They had nowhere to run because of two idiots.


People are inconsiderate assholes. Most times I cross, people will add an extra turn to take a left around me. One day someone is going to fuck up that maneuver, hit me, and run off. It's infuriating.


You are 100% right, but devils advocate that I am - they may have been crossing on a no-walk signal (I mean, that's probably not the case but there's no sure indication either way from this video). People in my city cross on green lights all the time but Just because the light for traffic is green does not necessarily mean that you can walk - It could be an advanced turn signal or one of the intersections that require a button be pressed to activate a walk signal.


As a pedestrian myself, even if they are crossing at a no-walk intersection, I am on their side. Soft, squishy and easy to break humans walking in the streets have preference and cars have to stop for them. Absolutely use the loudest horn you have, open the window and teach them verbally how respectable citizens like them can provoke accidents, and use other forms of visual and audible communication to express your feelings. But holy cow, brake for them. Also, the other dude was going on a red light, so he was already wrong to begin with :/ EDIT: At the end of the video, you can see on the left the pedestrian signal blinking so...yeah, they were being respectful citizens obedient of the law


You can even see the crossing light changing from the white "walk" signal to the blinking red "don't start" signal.


It should be clear to all of us now from watching videos on this sub that everybody is an idiot. No one is safe. And we all should not be allowed to drive. I wouldn't even dare to try and cross a 6 lane road at night, let alone with my baby stroller. This sub will be an archive for future generations if and when real autonomous driving becomes common place.


How the fuck is it the pedestrian's fault for legally crossing on the thin sliver of walkway they've been given while the lights are red. Literally what are they supposed to do differently?


Yeah I've always assumed the worse of drivers and been quick as fuck with my horn (when necessary like someone is reversing in a fuckin drive thru) and it has yet to fail me in 20ish years of driving. This sub should be a part of drivers ed.


News report and interview with driver of black car. https://youtu.be/O-SLKif3hDM




It wasn’t intentional but they are glad they helped.




Lol imagine if they were just complaining about their car though


Why the fuck do some people think they can ignore traffic rules.


The Jeep driver was [drunk. ](https://youtu.be/O-SLKif3hDM)


With Uber now a common thing, there’s no excuse for drunk driving


I know people that drink and drive multiple times a week, they have good jobs that could easily pay for Uber but choose to just drive around It’s pretty gross


It doesnt even go that far if you can afford the drinks you can also afford the ride home. Going out for drinks is expensive, a ride home is a pittance in comparison.


You know what's really really expensive... A DUI


Not really. It should scale with income. 5k-10k is pocket change to some of the people I know who drink and drive


I may be wrong, but I seem to remember in one Scandinavian country at least, fines are indeed scaled to income. Sweden? Denmark?


That sounds like a fantastic idea that needs to be scaled everywhere. Fed up of feeling like fines are basically just a price to pay to do something other people can't.


When you’re mega rich then fines and penalties are just business expenses. Corporations are like that too. 100 million in illegal profit but a million dollar fine? Still made 99 lol


Traffic fines (like speeding etc.) are usually not income scaled here in Germany. Fines in civil court cases or criminal court cases are income scaled. "Tagessatz" describes a concept that one has to pay what one earns per day. Thus 30 "Tagessätze" = what one earns in 30 days Doesn't matter if it's 1500€ or 150 000€. (I believe the "per day" income is calculated from the last 6 months of income or something similar. ) I personally wish all fines for parking wrong, speeding etc. were income scaled.


Finland does this.


Ah. Finland. Thank you.


No. It's Switzerland, very different country.


Per good ol’ Wikipedia: Denmark (Danish: dagbøde), Estonia (Estonian: päevamäär), Finland (Finnish: päiväsakko), France (French: Jour-amende), Germany (German: Tagessatz), Sweden (Swedish: dagsbot), Switzerland, and Macao.


Depends where you live, in Portugal beer and wine is dirt cheap.


So are taxis.


"I'm not that drunk, it's ok I drive better drunk and I can't pick up my car in the morning." all shit I've heard drinking with people


Definitely not defending it, but being the DD often for my friends and at times having to convince them to let me drive, it’s not that they’re trying to save money (I’m sure for some it is the case though) but that they genuinely think they’re fine because they’re intoxicated despite really not being fine because they’re intoxicated.


I have an acquaintance who Snapchats while drunk driving. He thinks it makes him very cool though we all tell him how we think it's dumb and not funny. I cannot comprehend why he does it so publicly if everyone thinks he's an ass for doing so.


If you know what street he's on when he does it you should call the cops on him. Even if he was your best friend he's gonna kill somebody some day using his phone while driving and driving is double stupid.


Insecurity issues. **THAT IS WHY!** People like that crave attention like a junkie looking for a cheap fix.


I used to be friends with a girl like that, until she crashed my best friend’s car and almost killed her when she was DUI (she lied about how much she drank). Lord knows how many times she had done it before, even though Uber / Lyft are popular in our area. I agree, it’s disgusting.


I know folks in small towns who drink specifically *to* drive. They call it booze cruising. I know a couple folks who died in high school and college doing it. Thankfully they didn’t kill anyone with themselves though


Even $100 one way uber ride is worth vs killing someone, yourself or the legal troubles of a DUI.


A college friend told me about driving drunk and how cool they thought it was that they didn't get caught. Me and another dude yelled at him for twenty minutes. Driving drunk puts your own life and others at risk, it's mega gross.


I would quickly forget those people


I’m pretty sure the biggest reason for this is that alcohol effects your decision making, and like yea


Report them, does everyone a favour


There was an excuse before ?


Yeah if you live in an area without ride sharing, you don't get to use that as an excuse. Its just even more reprehensible I suppose. Never go out drinking without a plan to get home


You'd be surprised how many alcoholics/weed smokers think they're just as good at driving if not better while inebriated.


People shit talk having a beer and getting behind the wheel. But they'll do bong rips all day and go drive for munchies without a hint of irony


I agree there is no excuse. But you're fucking high if you think Uber covers every square mile of the country.


Yeah... learned the hard way when I had to walk over a mile back to my hotel from the bar in a small resort town... in the middle of winter... in 3+ feet of snow. No taxis and no Uber drivers there. I can only assume the extremely rich vacation home owners there just drive drunk anyway, and in the rare instance they get caught, just buy their way out.


My hometown is like that. And in Michigan, you can buy liquor at the gas station. We even have a social district so you can walk around drinking. But no cabs or Ubers or any public transpo. But then they make these laws like you can't park your car overnight in a public lot and you can't sleep in your car. So we're really good at busting drunk drivers but not cutting down on them.


I'm a bit confused, are there gas stations where you *can't* buy liquor? I've never seen one before.


A lot of states and Canada only allow you buy to liquor at special stores. Maybe you can buy beer and wine, but not liquor.


Surprisingly enough, Texas is one of those states.


Beer only in gas stations in NY. Wine and Liquor must be purchased at Liquor Stores.


In Texas the only place you can buy hard liquor from is liquor stores that are only open until 9pm and closed on sundays. It’s pretty fucking stupid especially considering you can go out to a bar or club until 2am and get wasted af, have to figure out how to get home and all that but apparently that’s safer then drinking at home 😂


Good chance he is, in fact, high.


There isn't an Uber around for 25 miles where I live. But you're right they should have planned ahead for that and not made the choice to drive drunk.


I would rather walk 100 miles piss drunk than endanger someone else by getting behind the wheel drunk.


It was never excusable before. My grandfather was killed by a drunk driver in the 60s.


I agree with you, but in one instance, I rode with my drunk dad in an Uber. A few days later, the Uber driver charged $150 for punking. That didn’t happen because I was sober and my dad was sleeping. The picture shown looked exactly like corn flakes and milk on a rubber floor mat. Anyway, I figured since the driver thought we were both drunk, he would take advantage of us. So as a heads up, record your trip as proof.


Have you seen Uber prices recently?? /s


this is why i don’t trust Traffic lights to protect me as a pedestrian. Be always vigilant and on the look out when crossing streets…especially if you’re wearing headphones


Even if you’re just on the sidewalk. Some drunk degenerate could be barreling into you at 120km/h like what happened when I was driving once


Drunk driving is not taken nearly as seriously as it should be. Suspending a license isn’t going to do much for some people. Actually consequences are needed. You could kill someone drunk driving and get less of a penalty that having an 1/8th for personal consumption.


The consequences go wayyy further than just a suspended license, but yeah, they are too lenient.


The white car nearly hit them as well when they were in a crosswalk! They couldn't have ran forward if they had seen the Jeep coming because then they'd be hit by the white car! Edit they did see the Jeep coming News article: https://www.abc15.com/news/region-phoenix-metro/west-phoenix/video-red-light-runner-nearly-hits-family-with-stroller


Of course it was Phoenix. I saw more red lights ran there than anywhere else I have ever lived.


Ha! I thought I remembered this being in The Valley.


The Jeep couldn’t evade the traffic cameras. Two quick flashes can be seen as soon as it crosses the white line.


That person clearly wasn’t looking…


That's crazy. One hundred percent dead if not for the crash.




The problem is he was turning in the direction they were going you should turn in the Direction they already were


Username does NOT check out


More like MrWreckless


Ahh yes


Not sure where you see him swerve to the left, if anything he was heading slightly towards the right (watch frame by frame and notice he isn’t running parallel to the white line, he is almost touching it at the end)


Yo this kinda like the scene from dark knight when bruce wrecks his lambo to save the dude


GORDON: Mr. Wayne, isn't it? That was a very brave thing you did. BRUCE: Trying to catch the light?


First thing I thought of!


Did the car speed up at the last minute, or is that just my imagination?


I think it did.


I was sitting at a stoplight once that had a big building to the left so you couldn’t really see oncoming traffic from the left very well. I was in the furthest to the right of 2 lanes so I could see a little better to my left than the guy next to me on my left. When the light turned green we started to go, but a golden retriever came walking thru the crosswalk right in front of us so both lanes stopped abruptly for it just as a big rig laid down on the horn and came skidding thru the intersection from the left. I kind of saw the dog and the truck at the same time, but the guy next to me definitely would have been out in the intersection if he hadn’t stopped for the dog. Dog just continued on without a care in the world completely unaware he probably saved the guy.


Angel doggie








r/ASubWarnedMe (?)




They should never have a license again in their life. No second chances deserved for that one


Man these roads were designed by someone who hates pedestrians


That seems to be a lot of the people posting here…


That’s basically all of America and also like 80% of this subreddit.




What was that flash? Are there Traffic Cameras in America? If yes, then this is something I didn't know about


Yes. That's a red-light camera used to automate detecting those who run the red light, take a picture of their license plate, and send the registered owner of the vehicle a ticket. These exist all over the USA. We also have speed cameras and, less common, stop sign cameras.


I always thought that was a myth. I know Europe (especially Switzerland and parts of Germany) are crazy with such traffic control cameras. A friend who lives in the us said that only a cop can give you a ticket for speeding. Thank you for your helpful answer.


> A friend who lives in the us said that only a cop can give you a ticket for speeding. Perhaps a miscommunication or misunderstanding. While it may vary by state, generally a police officer must sign off on the photo ticket before it is sent. Also, a photo ticket can't have "points" assigned which can lead to suspension or revocation of your driving license and higher insurance rates. This is because only the car is identified, not the driver and points can only be assigned to a person upon conviction. Some places require the photo system to actually be operated by an officer standing/sitting in control of it while it's operating (speed cameras not red light cameras). And even then it's just a fine - no points. If an officer pulls you over, on the other hand, they are issuing a ticket to a person (the driver) and then points apply and the person may eventually lose their driving license and will pay higher costs for car insurance due to the points.


Okay this is very informative. Thank you


Also important to note that a staggering amount of red light camera tickets get tossed out as soon as they're challenged and many cities have removed them for a variety of reasons, mostly corruption.


These devices are borderline legal in the US and a number of areas have done away with them. In the US, you have a right to confront your accuser. You can't do that with an inanimate object like a camera. Additionally, most of the cameras are operated by private companies (including the billing/tickets), and it's been shown that they are aggressive in their ticketing guidelines because they have a financial stake in how many tickets they issue and how much revenue is collected. Too often in the US, traffic violations are *NOT* treated as safety issues, and instead treated as a source of local governmental revenue.


Depends on the state. It's technically illegal in my state. Unconstitutional because there's no due process. The way my city had it set up it was unfightable if you ran the light. Very difficult to fight a "rolling stop" even if you did fully stop.




Man you can see the family had the pedestrian walk sign to cross, so the left turning people probably had a yield to pedestrians on green (not green arrow). If I was at the front of that light turning left, I'd have waited and they'd be dead...


Was that flash a camera?


Yes. Red light camera. Apparently this problem isn’t new at this location.




Red light runner camera


No, that was the flash from when the black DeLorean sedan reset back to this timeline so Marty and Doc could save Marty's kids and grandkid by wrecking the red light runner.


That blue sedan was actually a guy sent back in time to prevent that family from getting killed because the kid is the one person that will save us from the robot apocalypse


Do you think he did that intentionally, I can’t quite tell but the car on the left does seem to speed up. If so, what a fucking guy


In the interview it comes across as no. Didn’t have time to rally do anything. But “happy” to have been at that place and time to save the family. https://youtu.be/O-SLKif3hDM


Exactly like the lady said, “At the wrong place, right time.” Couldn’t think of a better example than that!


Person was going straight while others turned left. Fortunate timing.


Looked like a Batman move right there.


Maybe. And all props if that’s the case. But he likely couldn’t see the oncoming car due to the van. And it’s more likely he was just accelerating from the light. Protected left and delayed green for the people going straight like the car in question. But hell of a thing if it is as you suggest.


You’d need some superhuman level processing to make that decision so quick. Like sure in this situation if you reasonably logical a minute or 2 to think about it they would come to the same conclusion but homeboy here did it in milliseconds. I’m almost certain you’re spot on and he’s just accelerating cause he’s going straight


Honestly would’ve been kickass if true. But after rewatching it it looks like it wasn’t deliberate


Feel like a lot is happening here in spite of the guy running the light. Where did this happen? I’m just curious because 1. Is the the family in a crosswalk with a walk signal and 2. If so, then the left turning vehicles need to yield to them until they safely cross (at least in the US). Of course it’s good that the one car was going straight through the intersection in this case, cause that family would have been obliterated. Back to the family, though, if they were crossing at night and there isn’t a crosswalk there then they are also idiots and very lucky.


I have watched this multiple times trying to figure out if they had the walk signal, and I think they must have. It looks to me like the other direction has it, which would mean that they were crossing against the red hand/no walk. But if that were the case, the cars turning would have been running the light. So while it appears that the walk symbol is for the other direction, I can't imagine it is, and it seems like the cars turning either didn't see them or failed to yield on a solid green.




Looks like they do have the walk signal, but you'd be surprised how many people think "I have kids. You'll stop/move out of the way for me."


It's an odd angle but they definitely did have a white crossing sign at the beginning that changed to a finish crossing sign but don't start crossing if you already haven't.


Very good points, thanks for weighing in, I have to agree they must have had the walk symbol. Just was very hard to tell.


You can see the pedestrian traffic signal blinking at the other side of the intersection.


This is an extremely common problem with left turns, especially when following another car. Drivers look for oncoming traffic and forget to look a bit to the left for pedestrians.


Why in the living fuck is everyone blaming the pedestrians, and not the car that blew through the red light that started the whole thing?!


This happened to me, my 3 month old car was written off. I was downtown Vancouver and a lady ran a red light and hit us when we were trying to clear the intersection when turning left. There were already at least 20 people crossing the intersection behind us when she hit us, had we not be there she would have hit them. So I suppose I have that to be thankful for even though I ended up losing 12k on the value of the car. A human life has no price.


In California, the required auto insurance coverage for killing a person is $15,000. So I guess that's the price of a human life here.


Drunk drivers are disgusting pieces of shit and deserve to rot in jail


Fuck you drunk jeep, you piece of trash. Rot in hell you disgusting sack of shit, piece of suck


American road design is a nightmare for pedestrians


That light couldn't be more red


The number of people here who have apparently never seen or used a pedestrian signal is bizarre. You can clearly see the pedestrians had a "green" (white) signal, which transitions to a countdown at 6 seconds.


The pedestrians had the right of way if you look closely you can see it starts green and then starts blinking red. The cars making the left should not have entered into the intersection until the pedestrians had made it to the other curb, or the center median if there is one. At least that's my understanding of the law.


In addition to having idiots in cars, US streets are horribly designed. People shouldn’t have to cross such huge roads.


That was a crazy "Get down Mr President!" moment. Glad the family was okay. This would have been a horrific accident.


They likely wouldn’t have even been standing still there too if that car hadn’t have turned illegally while they crossed


Everyone's talking about the stupid driver that ran the light, but there were also cars trying to make a left turn. No way the left turn and crossing lights were on at the same time...


Could be an unprotected left turn?


Is that a thing in America? In my country you cannot go until all pedestrians have crossed to the other side. This video just looks like a shitshow where every driver is an idiot.


Something similar happened to me on vacation in Vancouver about 15 years ago. I was pushing my baby in a stroller about 4 feet ahead of my husband and toddler. Baby and I started into the crosswalk, seconds later there was a crash in the intersection. I didn’t see the car running the light and didn’t think about it until a few minutes later — that crash saved my baby and me from being hit by the red light runner in front of my husband and toddler. I’ve learned to be more cautious, won’t count on drivers to obey the lights.


And they got a red light ticket lol