They do this Every. Single. Stoplight. I guess that's why they're driving an escape...

They do this Every. Single. Stoplight. I guess that's why they're driving an escape...

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Love how they're slow to step off the brake when it finally does turn green.


Hard to see the traffic light from there


Hope they have a sunroof


In europe our traffic light is far closer than here, its before the intersection, so maybe try to change that, so people can't actually see the lights in this situation and maybe fewer drivers will behave this way?




I actually have! Where I used to live this woman had the same route home after work as I did, and she would do it every light she came to. Hard to believe people like this don’t get in accidents every time they leave.


Happens all the time in my city. They usually wait until its closer to green and don't stop halfway through like this guy. They usually start inching as the other side turns yellow and by the time the light is green, they are through the light already. And of course never any cops around to see it.


I used to watch the other lights and when they’d turn yellow I’d start inching very slowly but the light would turn green before I ever made it to the cross walk. And I never did it if people were on the crosswalk I don’t know why I did it. This was in Ohio and everyone did it.


Because it's not common, but three people on Reddit will tell you it happens "all the time."


Common in cities here in Ohio


omfg this is EXACTLY what I came down here to comment. I see people do this ALL the time. and every single time it's never someone ready to go once it goes green, they do this shit and then they let off the brake 2 seconds after it turns green, and then they go super slow. it makes no sense at all


Same! The whole time the light is red they keep inching... and inching... and inching... like they’re about to floor it as soon as it’s green and then suddenly they’re not in a hurry anymore. I think they just can’t stand being still.


My grandma does this. She rocks the car at lights by oscillating the brake for no reason. I asked her why. She said she doesn't know. Its sickening. Like literally makes you sick. I got motion sickness every time she drove. Makes me wonder if this is specifically an older person thing from a time when maybe you weren't supposed to leave the car still for too long, or a myth maybe. Like if your car is idling its somehow bad for it, sorta thing. Idk man.


I would've had an aneurysm when I heard her go "I don't know"


Tbh I do that once in a blue moon when I'm bored at a red light and have ample space in front of me. It's just something my dad did once and I found funny. Please reddit prove to me why I'm an idiot for doing this and I won't do it again.


Unnecessary brake wear. Everyone else around you thinks you are retarded.


My dad used to tell stories of doing this just for fun, and seeing if the person next to him would take the bait. He also said he would put it in reverse slowly to watch the people next to him freak out under the impression that they were rolling forward. Sounded funny when he told it, but looks less funny on this video.


Someone did that to me recently on accident lol. I was in the median waiting to turn left and they had pulled up in the median to my right but I guess then realized they had pulled up too far and I couldn’t see around them for a gap so they very slowly backed up. I’m usually pretty calm in emergencies but I felt that rush of like blood and adrenaline to my brain and was pushing the brake as hard as I could to stop myself from blindly rolling into traffic. Was a very long 3 seconds before I realized I was just dumb lol. Doesn’t help that a recurring nightmare of mine involves driving a car where the brakes are pretty much useless.




Like how sometimes when there's a semi passing you on the left, going just a couple mph faster than you are, it feels like you're moving backwards very slowly and the semi is stationary


My son’s car seat mirror faces the front so I can see him (his seat is rear-facing) and the mirror catches the cars in the right lane as I’m passing on the left. It makes it look like a car is coming the wrong way from the side, at whatever speed I’m going. I don’t normally drive the highway with him, but we recently went on a road trip, and I had no less than 20 heart attacks. Every time.


Man the other day I pulled in to a parking spot behind my apartment building, and the exact second I put it in park and took my foot off the brake the car to the right of me started backing out. Thought I was rolling forward into the creek.


I have also had that dream quite often, where the brakes do not work, and then the steering stops working too and eventually I veer over into a parked car or a tree... Then I wake up. I do not like those dreams; not one bit.


Yup, made worse by the fact that I'm highly inebriated for some reason. Really gets the panic attack going.


That actually sounds terrifying to be around


sometimes I play a game when I drive where I try to never come to a complete stop at red lights, just slow wayyy down. my uncle did that once driving us back from a family vacation at Mammoth Cave when I was a kid, and I thought it was funny. also, it saves gas and makes me pay more attention to traffic signals and other vehicles


My dad used to do that, too. But only in that situation (no one around, plenty of space, would stop if another car was coming). I don’t see what’s wrong with it as long as you’re mindful of your surroundings and stop as soon as another car approaches-and everyone in the car is also cool with it of course.


I mean it's just not really the same thing it sounds like the severity of what OP was describing was different. So no, I won't call you an idiot. Take that.


Sometimes I do this to annoy my wife when I’m bored.


I love this. Keep fighting the good fight man


Whenever I'm behind someone like that, or really anyone who makes a fuss about being in such a rush to get past me, I make sure to let them know if they all of a sudden slow down. ​ Force your way into my lane so you can be at the front at the light? Better fucking hit it when it turns green because I will be on your ass honking waiting for you to go. Better not fucking go under the speed limit if you cut me off to get into my lane, either, when there was tons of space behind me.


Just sounds like you have road rage


I sincerely wish I could talk to one of these people to really understand their thought process. Maybe I wouldn't find this behavior as maddening if I understood how they perceived the world.


I LITERALLY fucking see someone do this EVERY day WITHOUT fail. Drivers are THE WORST in [city I live in].


Every single one that I notice pre jump the light, sits there when it does turn green. So fucking annoying.


Because their reaction time isnt that good, so they try to pre jump by timing it right (the key part) so theyll be the first to leave.


$500 says they’re on their phones


I'd agree, but these creepers have been doing that since before car phones Source: I'm fucking old


>car phones Old confirmed


Every single time


That's my favorite part of people like this. They're ALWAYS the slowest to react when the light actually changes. And when I'm next to someone like this, I make extra sure of it.


100% of creepers do this.


I swear every person that let's off the breaks way too early at a red light ALWAYS take forever to go once its finally green.


The ol' Creep & Sleep


I really wish this was a convenient cop video


Me too. But fortunately (unfortunately?) I see this dunce on the regular, and you better believe when it happens it's going on Reddit.




I see a Kohl’s sign next to a Festival sign, so it has to be somewhere in Wisconsin.


It's the festival foods in Kenosha just east of Green Bay Rd.


It’s on GB road, but I think this is the one up near Mount Pleasant. (Which someone may have said by now, so if that’s the case, I didn’t see it, but ignore me.)


I have found my people




If it was Milwaukee there would be someone in the right turn lane trying to go straight.


OP is from southeast Wisconsin.


Maybe it could be reported to the police?


They definitely don't give a shit.


They got a whole -0.3s ahead of the suv on the right


I guess he's trying to pre-roll the light to counteract his poor reflex time...


my favorite part is you can tell the escape accelerates extra hard to stop the car on the right from getting ahead of them. Thats how petty and desperate they are to *'prove themselves'* to strangers


In a 4cyl escape. I’m driving my grandmas right now as my car is broken and these cars. Are the definition of slow. It’s the slowest car I’ve ever driven I’m not even kidding.


Reset the console and start again. Not going to get a WR with those numbers.


I had an old dude in a van do this while I had a green, they were at the red to my right, and I literally couldn't go through the intersection they were so far past the red. I put my bumper right next to their drivers window and murdered the fucking horn until they backed up. I don't understand how some people still have a license.


i thought you were gonna say you murdered them


How else will they learn?


*cocks gun* they won’t


I like you


*cocks gun* you won’t


I'm under the impression the only way to fix any level of stupidity is either with a book or a bullet. We all have a choice.


This action is acceptable.


I'm working on getting missiles installed in my car to take out idiots. It will be expensive, but it will be worth it.


This happened leaving a parking lot and they people stopped at the red are blocking the intersection, I just held the horn till the guy moved.


It feels so good to lay on the horn in a densely populated area. I feel like I'm summoning every nearby living being to witness how stupid the person is.


My wife wants to murder me if I lay the horn on more than 0.5 seconds.


I feel like there should only be two types of horn uses, a light quick tap if someone isn't paying attention, or full on blasting to let someone know they're being an idiot. I don't really go in between lol


can't forget the momentary "wait I didn't mean to do that" accidental honk


I don't really honk, but when I first got my car a few months ago this asshole halfway merged/ halfway cut me off on the entrance ramp. She was either on her phone or fucking retarded, I dont see the difference but I laid on the horn for a solid 10 seconds and she gave me the "what the fuck did I do?" hand gesture. I'll admit, it was very cathartic lol


I almost never have enough time in the moment to remember to honk. I do remember one time I was driving through a two-lane parking lot and the guy in front of me kept stopping for no reason while in the center of both lanes. I gave him a good 5-second honk. It did feel amazing.


I do the same. Don't understand why most people just sit there silently waiting for them to stop their shit


Why didn't he just finish rolling through the light instead of sitting there? It's the same ticket either way.


Because this is the idiot who is going to reply, “but I didn’t go *through* the intersection, so I *technically* didn’t *run* the light”


This happened to me too! Dude was just hanging out in the intersection waiting for his turn to turn left while his light was green. But he waited too long and didn't skip through on the yellow like everyone does. So then my light turns green and he's still sitting in my lane. I gave him a little toot and he just stared at me blankly. So I gave him several more. He continued to stare. So I entered the intersection, stopped before I hit him, and expressed my irritation via the horn. He finally got the picture and backed up. (Luckily the guy behind him was paying attention and left space.) I wonder if I still have the footage...


I hate cars that do that so pointless


even worse when they do this and then you realize seconds later they got up to speed going 5-10 under the speed limit as you pass them


Edit: Here's the uncut video of all the time I spent with this amazing driver: [https://youtu.be/vEJZ7-IaQrE](https://youtu.be/vEJZ7-IaQrE) ​ This mofo was on a mission to the next red light so they could roll it again. I caught up with them for the first light and the last light before I got home. this stretch has like 8 lights and they buzzed through most of them but the second to last one. I would've included the whole thing but it would've been a mostly boring video. I see them at least once a week either on my way to work or on my way home, always Fred Durst, always rollin'




Police don't care. I called the police after I had dash cam proof of a guy breaking two traffic laws and they said that they can't write a ticket because there's no guarantee that the person driving the car is actually the registered owner of the vehicle and if they write a ticket to the owner of the vehicle, they could be writing a ticket to the wrong person. This was literally last week. I was LIVID. Edit: I think the bastards should have just written the ticket and then when the dude showed up to court, let the court sort it out.


They don’t seem to have a problem with that if someone is going 63 in a 60 though 🤔


I wish cops would focus on actual dangerous driving behaviour rather than "oh shit, this guy is going 125km/h on the empty 100km/h four lane highway in good conditions". ​ At least we get a lot of leeway here in Ontario. You can go about 30% over the limit without too much risk of getting pulled over.


Unfortunately “speed kills” has been rammed into everyone’s heads, so nothing will change there despite cars and roads becoming safer and safer by the day. It’s just too easy for the cops to make money off speeding tickets, so that’s the way it will stay. I’m not saying it’s okay to do 150km/h down a suburban street, but all dangerous cases of speeding should be booked under reckless driving. Where I live, you can get booked for doing 107 in a 100. That’s not endangering anyone. It’s just easy money. I’d argue that the “speed kills” campaign has done more damage to driver safety and awareness, since some people seem to think as long as they aren’t speeding nothing can go wrong. Distracted drivers, clueless elderly drivers, drunk drivers and fatigued drivers are so much more deadly.


Speed never killed anyone. But suddenly becoming stationary? That's what gets you.


You need a better speed dealer.


Pretty sure plenty have died from cocaine


Try obstructing the flow of traffic at 2AM by going 44 in a 45, in the right hand lane.


Sounds like they were looking for a reason to give you a sobriety test.


Probably with good reason. Go 10% over and stay between the lines.


Woah Nelly. You trying to kill some school children in the school zone at 2AM? You lunatic.


They were looking to give out tickets. It was so bad there was a federal investigation that shut down the town's revenue stream that was called a police department. Look up Waldo, Florida.


Here in Austria you can write a ticket to the car owner and then the owner can fill out a form which states the correct driver at the time. If he don’t know, then he is responsible for his car and he has to pay.


in a civilised country, the police would issue summon to the owner of the car, if the owner wasn't the one driving, then he needs to fill out the driver's details in the summon.


Yet they have no fucking problem throwing red light camera tickets at people for not coming to complete stop on a right turn or clipping a yellow/red


Those cameras get photos of your face, and if you weren't driving you can prove it. They send you a picture in the mail with your face and the instructions on what to do if it's someone else. It's clearly a different issue.


They’re also illegal and totally unenforceable in many US states. The fines/money is going to a private company and not run by the local police.


Well that's 100% reasonable and true. Edit: it's reasonable to not give a ticket. Karen was clearly having a bad day and needed to rant to reddit.


Huh. Yet they'll do it for red light camera violations. Somehow that's ok.


Texas actually recently banned red light cameras for this reason.


That was one minor reason, but it usually wasn't even cited in the coverage leading up to the law. The primary reason was that every time the data was studied it was shown that they did not decrease accidents, which was their main selling point. They were just being used to generate revenue. [Study showing no safety benefit](https://reason.com/2012/08/30/no-benefit-from-red-light-cameras-says-s/) [Another](https://reason.com/2012/08/08/no-accident-reduction-from-red-light-cam/) [One more](https://reason.com/2014/12/19/chicago-tribune-uses-science-to-demolish/)


u could edit the whole 8 lights for us, that would be pretty sweet


It was hard to keep up with them they wanted to do 20 over and I'm not that brave, (this is a heavily radared road) that last light that I caught them on, there was a car in between us and idk if you can even see the rolling with my apeman dashcam. Lol


> (this is a heavily radared road) Dipshit cops would make more money for the municipality, easier, if they just sat in a lawn chair at the corner, and had a "Failing to Stop" at a red light ticket ready for all these morons who don't seem to care that entering the intersection before the light changes is the same thing as running a red at full speed....


Lmao well Since I'm about 99.9% this is in Racine that makes sense based on how people drive around here


So don't leave us hanging... what are this person's demographics? Soccer mom? Chain smoking old lady? Old man with coke bottle glasses?


I believe its a blonde lady, but its always hard to get a look at them, being that they speed like mad and stop in no mans land...


Drivers with hair, amirite?


lol all that bullshit and at the end, they are still within 1 car of you. These kind of people make me giggle. Like the people who change lanes every 2 seconds to try to get an edge on the rest of the traffic, while I stay put. And a mile later they are behind me.


yep, creepers always seem to drive slow


Even worse is when you encounter them as a pedestrian. You give them the stinkeye or give them shit for blocking the crosswalk, and they either shrug or road-rage back at you, as if there was no possible way they could have avoided it.


I like to make a big show by walking very close to their car and not looking at them at all.


They generally don't notice when I key their car because they crept into the crosswalk.


I like how this is a four minute video, and that driver is doing everything in his power to get to his destination ASAP, but hasn't gotten any farther than you in that whole time.


Had a chick this morning speed up to go in front of me to go slower than me, what the fuck.


That happens so often


Even worse, when it does turn green, they just sit there until you honk at them.


And then the light turns green and they wait 3 seconds. Just fucking pay attention.


Yeah well it’s tough to see the light change when you’re stopped directly underneath it for some reason.


Had to send a quick text


Pointless? Sir, I’ll have you know that I do this every stoplight and almost always get to my destination 0.2 seconds faster.


0.2 seconds faster you say?!? you my good friend are a genius


And then after all that creeping, they get a terribly slow start on the green. I hate this so much.


Yeah, along with the people that ride your ass then break the solid line to make sure you can see that they’re on your ass as if you didn’t already know. Fuckin’ casuals


When I first drove in Philly, just about everyone did this. They observe the lights for the cross traffic and after it turn yellow and right before it turns red, they are already in the middle of the intersection already moving. I seen this behavior a lot more with taxi drivers. It was so bad, I think the philly cops started pulling anyone who did this. Not sure if still like that now or not.


All I can think is they have zero self-control.


That is just about as stupid as they come.


I’m still scratching my head over why people do this.


My theory is because some lights are set to 'actuate' when a car rolls over or sits on their sensor. I'm not entirely sure if it's the car that actually triggers the change, or just tells the computer to work a green into it's programed cycle. Either way.. at least around where I'm at.. we get this idea that you stop at the 'actuate' sign to activate the light.. So I see a lot of rolling as if they're not sure they're on the signal. I think, if I'm reading the wiki right, actuate triggers just.. keep traffic moving as long as volume is present in that lane? So it's not actually a trigger for the light, but holds it open as long as it's needed to within limits?


see, the thing about the sensor is that you have to be on top of it... not in the middle of the intersection lmao.


How the sensors work: "there's someone there so I need to stop the other lanes and give them a green within a certain time period." How this jabroni think the sensors work: "woah! This dude is going to cross whether I tell him he can or not! I better turn green right away!"


Yup.. which completely defeats the purpose of rolling forward!


I will say the most effective way I've found to trigger the lights in my town is to stop on the earlier plate for a couple seconds then roll forward to the further one. Works every time. But I only do this at night when theres no one around and lights cycle every 5 minutes


But if I’m *more* on the sensor it will change the light faster!! /s


Traffic engineer here, you’re pretty much right. Most intersections these days are actuated control, which means the signals are reactive based on current traffic volume. Usually this is achieved either with cameras, which I don’t see at this intersection, or loop detectors, which this intersection probably has, which are rectangular loops in the pavement that detect vehicular movement above it. It uses induction currents to detect metal, i.e your car. Phases in a light cycle always have a minimum length of green time, for example, maybe 8 seconds. After 8 seconds, the system will change to yellow if no signal has been received from the loop detectors. If a signal has been detected, i.e a car is above the detector, the green time will be extended, typically by 3 seconds. After 3 seconds, the system will change to yellow unless another car is above the detector, and the process repeats itself until eventually a maximum green time value is reached, it can’t stay green forever. This guy inching into the middle of the intersection is interesting, because he’s most definitely completely off of any loop detector at that point. If he was trying to inch forward to “trip” the detector, he’s not achieving that at all. Even still, it’s likely that the movement in the other direction had the priority and the traffic control system was reacting to the traffic volume from those movements. So even if this guy was above the detector, until the other movement clears or reaches their max green, it’s just a waiting game. To sum it all up; inching beyond the stop line achieves nothing other than jeopardizing your own safety.


Serious question: if I'm on a scooter, how do I make it detect me? My husband and I used to ride scooters and the light wouldn't register us. My husband says its was because of weight.


You can't. If the detector is adjustable you could ask the responsible authority to set it to better detect smaller objects.


You actually can. Some people mod their scooters to use magnets to create a bigger induced current




Most lights have a cycle that wont be changed unless the next lane in the cycle is empty and the next lane after that has a car in it. Otherwise, the cycle goes as usual.


I didn't think it was simple as "There is a car here. Immediate stop all traffic!" Thanks for the additional info.


Oh no, its not like that always. At a 4 way intersection (where I live anyway - driving on the left hand side of the road) the cycle goes clockwise. Depending on the road and how busy it is, there is usually one that is the main road, which generally has the cycle in their favour becauss there's more traffic running on the road. Other times there are equal amounts of cars travelling all directions because its a main intersection, and this is what I'm talking about in my previous comment. In this case, the cycle always goes clockwise, and when the next lane is empty, when the lane in front goes amber/red, it gets skipped (no point in stopping traffic for a full cycle when there are cars waiting in the next lane).


There’s this turn lane that I used to drive through every day and it would turn a solid green if only one car was on the first sensor, but would give you a green arrow if another car was on the second one behind it. I would always pull up to the front to activate that first sensor, then reverse and wait on the second one. Got a green arrow every single time. I got some weird looks when doing it, but it was a busy ass intersection and having to yield to 100 cars for 5 min. just wasn’t worth it.


Those people are complete fucking morons, then. The actuator is always behind the line, and a lot of stoplights are on timers anyway, especially on a three lane road like this. The actuator just lets the system know a car has pulled up so the other light will be triggered to change. It's basically the same thing as the pedestrian crossing button. It just lets the system know there's someone waiting now, so start the light change process. Sometimes the light changes immediately if it has been green a long time, sometimes after a set number of seconds. This is so the busier roadway can stay green if there are no cars or pedestrians waiting at the cross street. Some intersections will have additional actuators further back so the light knows whether to go green long enough for just one car or multiple cars. Also in some places you can have light sensors above the stoplight that can be triggered with headlights from further back so the light change process can be triggered before vehicles have to hit the actuator, which would basically be at nearly a complete stop since, if there's only one, it's just behind the line at the light. Bottom line is that yes, actuators can malfunction occasionally, but if you are on a three lane road, that intersection likely either favors the direction you're going anyway unless the cross street is the same size or larger, it's almost certainly on a straightforward timer at peak driving times like this, AND the odds that all three lanes have a broken actuator is supremely, supremely unlikely. AND even IF the actuator is broken, driving completely off of it into the intersection is extra fucking stupid. Those people are absolute dumbfuck knobs if that's why they're driving past the line.


Hey man you might wanna stop I think you’re starting to leave a pretty big mark on your head..


My theory is, because we give away driver licenses like candy. Ask 90% of people what a stop bar is, and they'll look at you like you said something stupid. Ask them to point to it on a drawn example, and they'll point to the first line closes to the middle of an intersection that leaves a car in the crosswalk.


If you're going to run the light, do it. Don't stop in the middle of the intersection people.


Initially I was waiting for them to get hit


I love how people like this who seem to be in such a hurry that they can't wait to start moving, are never the first to actually start going once the light is green.


This is such a *deeply* weird thing to do.


i was behind a guy like that this morning... got his nose into the intersection on red, then rolled a bit more, a bit more... but then light turns green, doesn't move... for like 15 seconds... then finally goes... in such a hurry can't wait at a red, then doesn't go when it turns green. i need to get a dashcam...


I've shared the intersection with people like this before. I usually tap on the horn to maybe get their attention in case they were rolling forward because maybe they'd fallen asleep, or got distracted by their phone at the light or something. Nope, it's on purpose. And yet then they're always the slowest one off the block when it actually does turn green 🤷‍♀️


You waited 15 seconds? I'm on the horn after 3








"40 kph" Do they not understand how to push down on the accelerator?


What a dipshit


Just got off the road after 2 dickheads were doing this. Idiots. And they always ALWAYS pause at least 2-3 seconds AFTER the damn light actually changes to green. It's just absurd.


And then they’ll drive 10 under the speed limit for the next 5,000 miles


Might as well fully run the red at that point.


A fun thing: some intersections use a magnetic induction switch under the pavement to detect if a car is there. I have seen knuckleheads pull so far up that they’re not over the switch anymore and if they’re alone, the *light never changes*.


THIS Or they'll insist on sitting several carlengths behind the stop bar because they think the better traffic sensor is there, Even if there are several cars behind them that would have ended up sitting on that "better" sensor!


I’ve seen that too. In some of those cases I think it was the transportation department that was at fault. I’ve seen some of those strips way back to where you can’t see the intersection very well. There are probably regulations that forget to take individual intersections into account. Nobody wants to hit the gas on green and not know if other people are actually stopping.


***You have already broken the law when you passed the line just fucking commit you coward.***


Car on the right looked like it was gonna get peer pressured into joining him


That's what happens when you don't look at the light but react to other cars starting to go.


I'm so annoyed watching that


I wonder what they do with all that free time they make up for


Practice more dummy creeping.


I always wonder what kind of rush those people are in then laugh when the light really does turn green and I smoke them in my shitty pt cruiser hahaha


I witnessed a pretty bad collision once from someone inching ahead at a stoplight like that. I seriously don't understand. Like if you're gonna run the stoplight (which I do NOT condone in any way btw), commit to it and speed through it. It makes things a lot worse if you sit in the middle of the intersection.


False start, offense gold Ford, repeat first down.


Pfft they just know the secret to making a light change faster is to slowly creep forward.


Somebody needs more practice timing lights. This just makes them look pure stupid


Or just wait till the light actually changes before you move. Wild concept, I know.


Bawhaha car on right passed his dumbass


Dude what camera is this? It’s so clear




The escape next to them knew how to behave, this is just a case of a driver having the stupids


The cheater in red light green light as a adult


Dude's clearly in the MLB. A pro at leading off


if im right behind someone when they do this i honk at them


People that are itching to get off the line but apparently are too stupid to PAY ATTENTION TO THE OPPOSITE STOPLIGHT TO GAUGE WHEN YOUR LIGHT IS ACTUALLY GOING TO TURN GREEN are the weakest race.


I never understood creeping forward when the light is red. Those few feet aren't getting you anywhere faster bruh! People act like it's a drag race or something and they want to jump the light. I pause for a bit, maybe half a second before I go so I can be sure some jackass isn't trying to run the red light. I prefer not to be the first into an intersection as it is.


I love mentally bonding with the cars around me, knowing we're all thinking, do you see this idiot?


These people inevitably are the slowest off the line when the light finally turns




What a fucking jackass. What the hell is wrong with this person


I will never understand these people. YOU CAN SEE THE OTHER LIGHT IS STILL GREEN! Why tf would the light be turning green for you if it’s still green for them. I know there’s potential for an incoming left turn but you can use your brain and figure it out.


And asshats that block the crosswalk. Fuck them.


That's SO Racine.....


My Hometown of Racine, WI. On the corner of Newman Rd and Hwy 31, lots of idiots in cars around there.


i HATE when people do this shit like its so pointless and dangerous. what if someone flew through the red light coming from the other way and t-bones them??? or someone crossing the street???? or someone making a turn??? and then when the light turns green they don’t even go right away like what? better step on it if you wanna go so bad