Wow. Well, luckily all they are taking a sample from is the trophoblast and not the ICM. If they were doing that to the actual embryo proper it would be even more daunting!


That doesn't look like the whole embryo to me? It's connected to something off screen to the left so maybe this embryo is already hatching?


Love how it says this tiny piece and it’s almost the same size as the embryo.


About to say the same thing. That was a huge chunk.


It can do damage and its not a definitive test based on the cell line sampled


Not that I don’t trust a Facebook link as the most reliable, but I do have some doubt. Is that a day 5 embryo? I tried looking up another video and couldn’t find anything so I can’t be sure.


In my research, testing a day 3 embryo might look like this. This is not a day 5 or 6 biopsy. I’m part of a shared risk program at my clinic where they return our money if no baby, and they require testing at blast stage to increase chance of success. I don’t think a profit-driven company would require something that is actually against their interests.


This is a lot harsher than other ones I've seen. Personally I feel like it was a good decision for us.


I agree. Of our four tested we had two aneuploid. That's potentially two miscarriages avoided. If we went through it again we'd still test


Same numbers here and I'd also do it again. Thankfully out first transfer was successful and feel.that part of.that was testing.


Me too!! Same boat as you on everything.


Oh wow! It does! It doesn’t look nearly the same afterward…. This is NOT what I pictured.


I found this video and it looks much less damaging https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=W4tqLo2iLFU


Uh, it does?


Haha I thought it did. It seemed to be a bit less destructive. But yea looks rough ☹️


From my knowledge, when you use Icsi there is already a hole to take the biopsy from? That would make it a lot easier. Can anyone else confirm?


Seriously? Could someone confirm this one? Our clinic only does ICSI


My partner says he doesn’t remember hearing this :/


ICSI is done on one cell, the egg, and a PGT biopsy is taken from an embryo, which will have many cells. Those two punctures will be different sizes and the original puncture almost certainly will be gone by the time the embryo forms anyway.


This is why my doctor is against genetic testing if you’re under 40 (or 35 I can’t remember but I think he said 40) or if you don’t have actual genetic disorders you’re afraid of passing down.


Not sure why you're getting down voted 🤷


Probably being downvoted by the people that are under 35 without genetic disorders that decided on genetic testing. But it’s not like this is *my* stance on it. I’m just parroting what my doctor said.


PGT doesn’t test for all genetic disorders, but rather the number of chromosomes an embryo has. If you had a genetic disorder in a gene, then you would need to do a different kind of genetic test. When embryos are formed, there may be some that have too few or too many chromosomes, and this may be incompatible with life. This can happen to anybody, but there will be more aneuploid embryos as you get older (>35).


Yup, this reaffirms my decision to not test my embryos.


Yowza. I'll pass.


I did not like that at all.


Ouch!!!! (I tested and would test again, but the ripping part..oof! Was not expecting that!)