I tested at home before the beta because I wanted to be prepared. It was negative, so I had a good cry and took a day to myself to fall apart a little. THEN I made up a list of questions to ask my Dr. about the failed FET and what the next steps would be. Because I was able to process the shock and pain early and had time to get my mind straight, when the doctor called with the news, I was clear headed and able to ask important questions and get a plan in motion for another retrieval and transfer cycle. If I’d waited for the beta and been blindsided by the bad news, I wouldn’t have been able to have that conversation. Things I would do differently: I would definitely have waited until 6-7dpt to test instead of testing twice a day from 3dpt like a crazy person. There’s no need to torture yourself by testing so early. Next time, I’ll wait a week before I start testing.


Second this !


This!! 🙌🏼


💯 this.


I tested once and regretted it. Haven’t tested before beta since. Recently on this sub a girl posted about testing positive at home and getting a negative beta. She insisted on additional testing because of the at home positives and it turns out there was a lab testing error. I think I will absolutely test at home whether it be morning of beta or afternoon of beta before the phone call, just for added assurance in the event it’s negative.


That’s so scary 😨😳😱


I had my FET on April 27th. I tested negative yesterday (4dp6dt) and I cried all day. I know it’s still early but I really wish I hadn’t. I’m convinced it didn’t work and it really sent me spiralling. I made my husband hide all my pregnancy tests and I’m going to wait until BETA and test with a home test that morning (which happens to be Mother’s Day…no pressure) This is hell. You’re not alone.


Having to test on Mother’s Day is fucked up, I really hope you get good news. Good luck.


Right!! I had the option to wait until Monday but I would have to take time off work so I figured, let’s just rip the bandaid off. I’ve had some epic timing…. Including CD1 of my egg retrieval cycle on Christmas Day. 🙃


You have expressed completely my fear. Everyone I know who did IVF had first time success. I just...feel it in my heart that I won't be that lucky. Your comment made my eyes tingle a bit. I haven't tested negative yet, but my heart is just preparing for it. Someone suggested to me testing the day before my blood test at the clinic...that seems like a pretty reasonable compromise. I wish you success, somewhere, someway, somehow!


I just saw this post and it really broke it down in a helpful: [https://www.reddit.com/r/IVF/comments/fljrfi/when_should_i_test_an_informative_post/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf](https://www.reddit.com/r/IVF/comments/fljrfi/when_should_i_test_an_informative_post/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf)


Omg. Thank you so much for linking this!


Yup it’s so hard to picture success after so many failures. Best wishes to you too! Stay strong!


I had my first FET on April 29 and my beta is also mother’s day. Fingers crossed for us both!!


Let’s go universe!!


I did not test. For me it was like Schrodinger's baby - I was simultaneously both pregnant and not pregnant and I wasn't fully prepared for it to change. My first time I did a fresh transfer and ended up hospitalized with OHSS. We were googling to figure out (while in the local ER,) what was happening and that's pretty much how we figured it out, but I ended up getting a blood test a couple days early. The second time I considered testing but didn't. I was however able to view my results online, with my husband in the privacy of our own home, within hours and didn't have to wait for the phone call.


Schrodinger’s baby!!! I’m dying over here!!! 😂😂😂


Oh my God, that is *exactly* what I've been calling our transferred embryo in my head: Schrodinger's baby! I love that I'm not the only person who had that thought 😂


I tested at home starting on day 4 because I didn't have the willpower to stop myself. I would always rather find out at home vs finding out from a blood test.


If you don't mind me asking, why day 4? I get so many mixed responses about when to start. Mostly I've heard day 7 is the earliest day you can get an accurate result. I'd be so scared to do day 3 or 4 because it might have been too early to take, so seeing the negative result might kind of crush my spirit. :(


I tested day 4 and got such a light line I knew I couldn’t even show anyone. But I’ve seen so many stark white tests I knew it was a positive. Tested again 6dpt and got a positive I could show to any non-obsessed test reader.


So, I think it was because I was used to doing IUIs and wanted to test out the trigger. I did a 5-day transfer and got a very faint line on 4dp5dt and a clear positive on day 5. My plan was to test every day until my beta, either negative or positive. Day 4 could be too early, because of implantation times, etc. But I was pretty sure I felt implantation cramps the day after the transfer, so I felt safe testing.


I’ve had 4 transfers so far and have always tested early at home. My clinic doesn’t do betas until 14dpt (which is insane to me). Regardless of that, I know I personally could not handle hearing bad news over the phone. My first 2 of the 4 transfers I did get positives on 5dpt (only 1 ended in a live birth), so I have always started testing on day 5 for the subsequent transfers. Of course I have been absolutely devastated seeing the negatives at home, but it gives me a long time to process the news so by the time I get the negative beta I’m already ready to move on to the next step. I totally realize this doesn’t work for everyone but it’s just what I’ve done.


So I have had 2 fets my first I was itching the test and tested at 7dp5dt bc I knew it would be long enough to show a true positive. It was negative not even a hint. The clinic called and said it was positive but only 14 so it was a chemical. My second beta rose to only 17. Definitely nauseous and cramped this whole cycle. Second fet was the next cycle. I was convinced it was going to fail since the first did. I refused to test. I was super nauseous but I felt about the same as my first transfer. I waited till 9dp5dt for my beta. They called and it was 516! I was floored so convinced it had failed. I ran to the bathroom and took a positive test and saw the first blazing positive of my life. Personally I wouldn't test as it literally broke my soul to see another negative


I took one on the morning of my beta blood draw, just so I would be mentally prepared for the call with the results later that day. I didn't know where I'd be or what I'd be doing when I got the call, so I wanted to be ready and possibly have a breakdown in the morning at home. I actually enjoyed just not thinking about during my waiting period after the transfer.


Food for thought. I had my first FET last month. Tested day 7 & 8 after transfer and had faint positives only to test day 11 and nothing. Beta was a big fat zero. I was gutted. Just the flip side of testing early. That being said. I’m going into my second transfer and I know I will not be able to go into a beta with zero knowledge of the result. I still plan to test early (because for me knowing they are implanting is super important) but am going to try to keep level headed about it knowing it could be chemical. It’s a highly personal choice and only you know what you will be able to cope with but if you do test early try to be cautiously optimistic about it.


Personally, I am more comfortable with a negative test early than waiting. I was used to them by that point! I started testing at 3dp5dt knowing it was *very* likely it would be negative no matter what. For me, I think I would have been absolutely crushed if I waited until betas/phone call if it were bad news.


I’m weird. Said I wouldn’t take a pregnancy test but by day 7 I was dyingggg for info and needed to pee on something. I took an ovulation test 🤣 I had heard ovulation tests could be positive if you’re pregnant. But even if it was negative, it didn’t mean you weren’t pregnant. So I felt like that was doing something to satisfy my need. Good luck!!


Hilarious but oddly solid advice.


I wish I had waited to test until the result would have been conclusive (8dp5dt). I tested early and the BFNs sent me into a mental spiral. My FET was a failure, and I wish I had just found out the one time instead of dragging it out over four days of hell.


I tested. (Am testing). My beta is on 5/5. I’m loving seeing my line get darker each day. I started 4dpt. But I also decided to test in case it didn’t take. Figure it’d be nice to see two lines for moment rather than not at all. At least I’d know it implanted but then didn’t take. Which is just more data. If that makes sense. I’m testing now to just keep an eye on things and make sure the lines are darkening each day. If things lighten up, I’ll know I’m losing it. I’d rather find out than have a dr tell me bad news.


I can’t even begin to imagine waiting around for someone to call me with such huge news. My betas have always been on weekdays, so the inability to know when the call would come makes that so anxiety inducing. What if I was in a meeting? Would they say in the voicemail or would we have to play phone tag? I just need to control as much as I can in all of this to feel sane and I can control the circumstances of a home test. I can make sure I’m emotionally ready for whatever the result is (to the extent that’s possible) and decide when/how to tell my husband on my own terms and start processing whatever thoughts and feelings I have without having to respond to someone on the phone. I also hate surprises, so maybe that’s part of it too? Who knows but the idea of getting that phone call with no idea what you’ll hear is absolutely dread inducing for me in a way that a negative pregnancy test just isn’t. I’m pretty numb to the bfn at this point and always extremely guarded when I am pregnant anyway, so it doesn’t change much to test early. I tell myself I’ll wait until the weekend to start testing, however many days after that is after transfer (it would’ve been 7), but in reality I tested at 4dpt because I just felt odd and couldn’t resist. I wasn’t planning on testing yet, so I only had an expired test in the house and tested in the middle of the afternoon, but got the faintest positive. It was still stressful since my lines didn’t really get darker and my beta was super low (25 at 10dp5dt), but it all worked out and that transfer got me my son. This time around, I’m telling myself at minimum I’ll wait until 5dpt, but I’m hoping to make it to 7 so that if it’s bad news, I don’t lose half a week of productive work to feeling sorry for myself over it. But in the end, even if it’s bad knowing > not knowing.


My transfer was 4/29 too! My beta is scheduled for Sunday 5/8 (Mother’s Day 🥲) and I’m planning to test on Friday or Saturday (7-8dpt) just so I can prepare myself but also I think 7-8dp is late enough that it won’t be misleading.


I tested at home at 5dp5dt. I knew I wanted to know the results before beta. I couldn’t have handled having the nurse tell me that it didn’t work.


I have been testing at home since 7dp. Visible positive on a cheapo. My first HCG blood draw was today (at almost exactly day 10 post transfer) they are telling me it’s borderline and I need to go back tomorrow. So the waiting continues


I waited about a day before my beta test, sadly it was negative. I was devastated, but it’s getting better and better every day. I have my apt tomorrow to check what went wrong and eventually will try again. If it’s positive, amazing news! If it’s negative, you’ll be sad, there is no denying it, but it will get better I promise 🙏 Wishing you all the luck!


For my 1st three IUIs, I did not test beforehand - negative. I hated getting a phonecall from the clinic, at work, around 11 am (usually in a meeting), so decided to test for my 4th and 5th IUI. 4th was negative. 5th was positive and I was so excited. Unfortunately, when the clinic called with my beta results, it was a very low positive - I went back for another test the next day and it went down. Chemical pregnancy. Now I am 7DP5DT, and I am going to try really hard not to test before my beta (which is on a Saturday, and I am not going to be at work for the phone call.) We'll see...I am super nervous, but I don't think I can deal with the uncertainty of the pee test. Thinking of you, transfer buddy! I hope we both get our positives.


I don't test, just because I've been trying for years and seen SO many negative tests. It puts me in a not-great place, emotionally. Tbh I now choose to believe it hasn't worked, that any symptoms are from the progesterone supplementation. It hurts less.


I did not test and waited until my beta. From the moment me and my husband started this IVF journey, I asked my medical team to contact my husband exclusively which my husband happily agreed to. Throughout this entire process, I heard all the major updates—egg counts, drop-offs, beta results—from him which has been hugely helpful. This way, I knew I could distance myself from being too invested in the results (although it is hard not to) and move on from on with my life. Also, whatever news I was about to receive, I was able to hear it with my husband’s loving encouragement and kind words. I recommend this method!


It’s so hard to figure out. I know that if there are tests in the house, I’ll be testing. So if this 2nd transfer fails (I’m waiting for the beta phone call as I type this), I think I’m just not going to have any tests in the house. I’ve only seen negatives during this IVF process, so why torture myself with seeing them all the time? It can be a real downer. The not knowing is excruciating, it’s very hard to deal with.


I had my FET on 4/28. I have decided to not test. I don’t have pregnancy tests in my house. I think I will go crazier testing at home. I believe my beta is early next week - depending on how I feel, maybe I will test on Sunday (10dp5dt) and if it’s negative then I’ll know I’m definitely out.


I also had my FET on 4/28. I am tempted to test but I know from experience seeing a negative will make me spiral and go crazy..


Yup same here, seeing a negative will make me spiral out of control.


I tested the morning of my beta just so I’d be able to process potential bad news alone with my husband. I was going to go completely without testing, but my husband was the one that convinced me to test that morning.


I personally start testing at 3dpt at the latest for a FET and at the trigger shot with egg retrievals. I would rather be in control of something than be in limbo for days. I also hate the idea of getting bad news without preparing for it first. My first pregnancy I tested positive with a vvvfl on 3dpt, it kept getting darker, betas were great, it ended in a MMC at 8 weeks. My second pregnancy I test positive 5dpt, continued to get darker until 9dpt and then they stayed about the same color. I had my beta it was on the lower end at 87.65, beta number two went up to 95 (not a good sign), and then ultimately fell down to zero. (I knew it was a chemical based on my line progression) My current pregnancy I tested positive 4dpt and the lines have been progressing nicely. I had an early beta (6dpt) and my hcg was 58.78 and My 2nd beta was (9dpt) 225.42 I think if you're emotionally able to handle testing early it can give you lots of helpful data in the beginning. However, it won't necessarily help with long term viability. No matter what the numbers say there is always a risk for miscarriage. Good Luck ! ! Hope the little blast sticks around ! !


I’ve tested at 3 and 4 dpt full well knowing it’s too early and they’re both negative. I also tested out the trigger for all 3 of my IUIs. I don’t necessarily regret it but it is crazymaking. I just want some sort of a heads up before some nurse calls me with the news after my beta. My beta is 5/6 (which is pretty early for a 4/28 transfer but doc gave me the option of coming early or waiting til Monday and I was hoping maybe I might get good news in time for the bad holiday). Good luck to you!!! 💕


I tested on day 6 I couldn’t wait any longer to know something.


I had my first FET on 04/19 and I waited for my blood test. Ignorance was bliss for those 10 days.


I had my FET on 4/25 and if I had it all to do over again I’d wait until beta. I have gotten + tests but now I’m driving myself crazy trying to determine if the line is getting darker each day. I fully expected it to fail (which i know is a bad attitude but I’m almost afraid to be positive) and it’s almost like i keep looking for signs it has failed. Its for sure a very personal decision but if you are anything like me (generally pessimistic about this process for no good reason and anxious!) I would highly suggest waiting for beta. Mine is Wednesday. Best of luck to you 🙏🏻


That's how I feel too! I've been given nothing but good news from the doctor, but to me, that means it's MORE likely to not work out (based on my history). For example, my ER went GREAT. So many follicles! The numbers were crazy! And then.........two euploid. Huge letdown. In my life, most times that something has been built up, I've ended up disappointed. I cannot help but feel totally pessimistic about this. I honestly can't even picture myself pregnant. I just can't help it. Best of luck to you too...I hope we are both proven wrong.


Absolutely understand all of that - especially the part about not being able to see yourself pregnant. I have been worried through all this that it was some sort of grand instinct I had but this IVF group has made me realize most of us (i dunno about most but def some) have a hard time visualizing being pregnant because we were driven to IVF for whatever reason to get pregnant. I’m pretty sure IVF is not a first line choice for most people! Yes, let us all be proven wrong! ❤️


I’ve tested before (it was a negative) and the beta was negative. I still held out hope though so was just as disappointed for the negative beta. Second FET I did not test. Went to work and waited anxiously ALL day! I had to eventually message my clinic and it was positive. But ended in a MMC at 8 weeks. My transfer is Wednesday, so my beta would be May 13. My husband has his graduation that morning and then we have to drive to go to my grandfather’s memorial. I’m debating testing either the morning before or after my beta. I haven’t decided.


So I chose to not test at home which was EXTREMELY difficult especially on the weekend when I couldn’t be distracted by work and the general day to day busy the week days brings. But honestly, it was worth holding out. I am so anxious and I feel like if I tested and it was positive I’d probably be freaking out until beta hoping it’s true and if it were negative I’d be severely depressed sooner than needed. I held out but I also would not like to find out somewhere public so what I did was take the day off from work, went to my apt, then went home and essentially napped and watched tv until I received the call from my clinic. That way I felt that if it was bad news I would have time and space to grieve but with good news I could celebrate appropriately. It really was the best way to go in my opinion. TW: luckily it did turn out positive so maybe that is creating a bias for me in this situation but I just feel like it was nice to be prepared either way. Good luck ❤️


I tested at home before beta every time. Like other folks said, I wanted to be prepared. I knew I would be getting the phone call while at work and I didn’t want to be a complete mess.


I didn’t test, and relied on the nurse who called me for my Beta result. I was too scared to test at home— it’s something that I’ve done with every two week wait and the negatives were too stressful to bear— and testing didn’t change the outcome. I was very lucky that my beta was positive.


I tested at home before with both my transfers. I didn’t want a nurse telling me I wasn’t pregnant over the phone. I wanted to share the moment with just my husband after taking the home test and I’m so glad I did. I took the home test the night before my blood test.


I tested out my trigger shot and continued to test (line progression in post history) fortunately I was positive. I would have wanted to know either way. I would have spiralled either way


If you test negative do you still HAVE to do the blood test to confirm?


I tested at home 6dp5dt. Definitely wanted to have a good idea what the results would be before the beta so I could emotionally handle the call better. Originally planned on waiting a bit longer but the night before my husband said he thought I was pregnant. So of course I tested first thing in the morning! Got a positive. Ran to a convenient store and bought another brand of test to confirm. My betas looked good but we had a MMC at 8 weeks. I'm starting stims on Friday for retrieval #2. When it comes time for another transfer I still plan on testing at home before the beta but will try to hold out a little longer. After I got that first positive I had a strong desire to keep retesting until my beta so I'm hoping by waiting a little longer I won't be so anxious to see what it any changes show up between my first test and my beta.


I tested at home because I could not wait any longer. My clinic does not do betas until 14 days past five day transfer so I could not stand waiting that long. I got positive is at five days past five day transfer which is early but you will know for sure if you wait until seven days past your transfer to take a home test. Best wishes to you. The beginning is very difficult and the waiting is brutal.


I had my FET 4/28 and just caved and tested today at 5dpt. I got a light positive--so far so good! I had a fully hatched 6 day embryo, and I've heard those tend to implant a little faster, so that was a factor in why I decided to test so early. I know things could definitely still change, but it helps me to not be totally in the dark about what's going on in there :)