I’m so sorry for your loss luv!! I also just had an early miscarriage at 6w3d a week ago!! No one warns you about the cramps and lower back pain that comes w this loss. I kind of want to get right into it again.. push through. Sometimes the pain from the cramps and clotting makes it hard to forget about the loss and I’m rushing my feelings… take all the time you need to heal, it’s a crazy process.I’m here to talk any time!!


I'm in the same boat! We're not alone 💚


Aww sorry babes! Hang in there. How far along we’re you?


6w5d at my US we realized it wasn't viable 😔 started bleeding a little over a week later (which was Sunday). Brutal emotionally! LOTS of tears (and surprisingly anger!) But I'm glad my levels dropped quickly, so we can keep moving forward. Do you have any plans for your next cycle?


Ohh so sorry babes. Yea, I’m just waiting for my hcg to drop to zero before I can go forward w any plan. A part of me wants to go right in and do another fet, then apart of me thinks I might want to rest for a bit. We’ll see what my doctor suggests. What about you?


Yeah there definitely is no right answer which is almost more frustrating! For us, it was our only embryo so we need to do another ER - I just got the okay to start BC today so hoping for a smoother ride 🤞. I hope your hcg doesn't take too long and that your meeting with your doc goes well 💙


Wishing you all the best!!!


Hey, quick question. How long did you bleed after your miscarriage? I’m still bleeding and it’ll be 2 weeks Sunday.


Oof, I'm sorry it's been so long! For mine, I've been bleeding 6 days although today is pretty much done (but I did start BC two days ago which is most likely stopping it). The first day was the heaviest and then it was lighter in comparison. So not sure how long I would've kept bleeding w/o the bc 😕


Sorry, what’s BC?


sorry! birth control 🙃


I'm so sorry! It's truly heartbreaking 😩 I hope you can pamper yourself as much as possible and keep trudging on. This journey is so hard.


I’m so sorry. Thinking of you.


Stay strong and don't give up. We have 4 failed transfers.


Hang in there. It might take a few. You can do this


I’m so sorry for your loss.


So sorry for your loss!! This is such a hard journey to be on! 💗


I’m so sorry for your loss. ❤️


This is so unfair and you didn't deserve it. Sorry for your loss


That is devastating. I'm sorry for your loss. You are smart to give yourself time.