Nope it’s not meant to do that. You won’t be able to tell why it’s positive or what it’s playing off of. I would just use cheapie hcg tests. They work well for this!


I would just use the first response early result tests. Once you get a positive with that (can sometimes pick up a positive down to 6 miu/ml), the pregmate ones are supposed to pick up a positive down to 25 so about 4 days later (if you are trying not to break the bank by using too many frer; understandable after what's been spent on IVF). Good luck!


Because the molecules share some similarities, you might inadvertently get an “elevated LH” when you’re actually pregnant. This is what I used to trend my dropping hcg after my losses on my Mira device. Haven’t used it for progression though.


Interesting. But wouldn’t u also have LH present in your system wouldn’t that mess up with the profession or trending down of hcg


Yes! There in lies the complication. It’s very flawed. As far as progression, you wouldn’t expect a continuously rising LH for weeks- at most you’ll get your LH surge and then a pretty quick drop. When I used it to trend my falling hcg levels, my hcg was so high that there was no way my LH levels were ever going to be that high. In my specific case, I knew it was coming from the hcg. Again, not the best way to measure. Just some anecdotal evidence about what worked for me


I tried this on 12dp5dt because I had no tests in the house as I was trying to wait until beta. Peed on an ovulation test, it was the whitest ovulation test I've ever seen and I was convinced it was over. Got a FRER the next morning and it was a blazing positive and my beta the next day was 1750. I wouldn't trust it


Hi - what brand ovulation test were you using?


They were the mommed brand that I got from amazon


I actually read the opposite, most LH tests have a threshold of 25miu whereas many early HPTs can be 10miu or even lower in the case of FRER. A very positive LH test at the wrong time in my cycle has prompted me to take a pregnancy test before, but it's not possible to definitively use them to detect very small amounts of HCG in the first few days of pregnancy.