Progesterone suppositories

This is potentially TMI but if I can’t post it here, than where can I post it, right? The progesterone suppository leakage is real. I’m very tired (and embarrassed) of constantly cleaning the chair, couch, and washing all my clothes. Regular lines last about an hour until it’s soaked. Is it a horrible idea to use a period cup to catch it? Any other better ideas?


I ended up using the extra long panty liners - I'm genuinely surprised I made it to 10 weeks without a UTI or Yeast Infection. It was like visiting the titanic it was so damp down there. This time I'm doing PIO. I specifically asked my doctor if we could do PIO instead and he was very happy to say yes (he prefers it, most patients don't). It's night and day. Yes there's some extra discharge but not much more than I would get while ovulating anyway, instead of being Splash Mountain down there.


Splash mountain ☠️


I used to use period knickers. The leakage eased after a few weeks too. I did find it all a bit gross though. I wish you every bit of luck.


Let’s hope so!


Have you asked/thought about rectal insertion? I’ve never done it yet but I’m supposed to do it rectally one day before my FET. My clinic said that it’s as effective as vaginal and “cleaner”. You don’t need to insert it deeply like the vaginal. Maybe ask your clinic!


Interesting. The rectum holds it in better? Because personally I'd rather be leaking out of my vagina all day than leaking out my butt 😳


So basically the rectum has the sphincter that acts like a stop plug. It will come out but only when you push it out, so at the time your on the toilet anyway. The vagina in comparison is just open, so it will come out at anytime.


Yeah I know what you mean. It does help to have another option if you have other side effects though. From what I’ve heard from the clinic, you don’t leak *as much* when done rectally. I just read a couple of articles saying that discharge reported as an issue is significantly less with rectal. Not saying one is better/more comfortable than the other!


Butt leakage…spit my drink out 😂


Oh? That’s interesting. I’ll check! Thank you.


I’m kind of nervous to do it but my nurse assured me that it’ll “just get sucked in” 😂


Hahahaha I’m so good with that plan. Because the other way, I keep feeling a slow ooze and freaking out that I got my period and running to the bathroom every 7 minutes.


I know, I laughed when my nurse said that 😆 Ooo yeah, that’s so uncomfortable. I do wear a pad (there is a super light one for days when you have excess vaginal discharge) or period underwear when I do it vaginally.


I tried it once before bed and it was the most uncomfortable thing ever haha I didn't think I would be able to feel it....but I most definitely could and felt so awkward. Never again.


These comments are so much better than I ever anticipated 😂


My rectal ones didnt really leak, the gunk just came out with my next bowel movement. I had white poop for a long time during those days. The vaginal ones leaked and I used thicker pantyliners (the ones for incontinence) and they worked fairly well. Sometimes I padded them with extra toilet paper.


I'm using extra protection long liners from Bodyform. Tried like 10 different brands and options before those ones. And change them about 2 hours after inserting the suppository. Also used the lightest period pads, but they are too uncomfortable.


I found that reusable cotton liners worked better than any disposable liners. I did have to change them very frequently though and do LOTS of laundry bc I don’t have enough pairs really to handle the onslaught. I found it very uncomfortable physically, although it does get a little better as your body adjusts.


Try the "teenage" pads. (U brand maybe?) They're bigger than a panty liner, but not hugely bulky 🙃


Just here in solidarity. Hate it the most. I’m on PIO and suppositories so that’s been fun. I tell myself at least I can treat myself to new cute undies after all these ones I’ve destroyed. Idk about y’all, but the little amount (even with a panty liner) stains the crap out of mine. It’s like.. oily. 🙃


Can I ask why you’re doc has you on the progesterone suppositories vs the PIO injections? Just started injections today and not looking forward to weeks more of them…but my doctor didn’t even mention I could do progesterone vaginally. But I did have similar wetness issues with estrogen suppositories 😬💦 and my cute new beige office chair is probably ruined because of it.


I use panty liners, regularly change them. I don’t particularly like Always (US brand), but they work great. I typically use period underwear for menses. I would not insert a cup right now.


I use heavy flow over night pads


Ugh same, the leakage is so gross and embarrassing. I also worry about whether all of it’s being absorbed if it leaks out! Has anyone found whether it’s “better” to insert while laying down vs sitting on the porcelain throne? I feel like I can’t insert the suppository as far up when I’m sitting, the way I would normally insert a tampon, and more leaks out. Regardless, just thankful I’m not doing shots, I hate needles!


I got put on them because at 28 weeks I was 2cm dilated. So OB decided instead of doing a stitch, he'd put me on the progesterone for 8 weeks. It's been over a week and the leakage is horrible lol I can go 6 hours dry then all of a sudden I feel the plop plop plop and it's soaked. Not fun at all lol