The 2 questions to always ask during an interview: - What are the biggest challenges facing the IT department? - What are some of the special projects that the department has planned for this year?


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Yes you did. You're supposed to always act like you're interested in a position by asking questions. You can even ask during the interview which can also sum up to your questions to the last part of the interview.


You definitely messed up, but I wouldn't say you have failed 100%. It is a must to ask questions at the end, it shows that you are interested in knowing more about the company and the position itself.


ALWAYS ask questions. I got a job once because I threw some questions their way and we ended up discussing something unrelated after they perked up ten fold for almost twenty minutes to which at the end they replied I did extremely well and will be getting a call shortly. Just ask about the company if nothing else, pretend to be interested in what’s going on there future plans etc. whoever initially accepted your application may not give a shit but your interviewer is a person too and them liking you is a plus. May not apply to faang and the likes though.


I don’t think you failed, per se, but it always helps to have a question or two to ask. The way it was explained to me (I’m no recruiting guru… at all) was, by asking questions, you are “showing a reciprocal interest”. There are some good websites that have interesting questions you can ask. Don’t sweat it that they aren’t IT-related; they don’t have to be. Some open-ended style questions can be utilized in any field. One that seemed to get good reactions for me was: “Let’s say you hire me. With that in mind, how would you finish this sentence: wwhatever you do, ___’.”? That seemed to make the interviewers stop and think. One said it was a “great” question, another (who eventually hired me) called it “interesting”. The latter, it turned into a five minute session of us just joking around about “not hitting the big red button”. This is getting long, especially on mobile, but that’s my tl;dr: don’t beat yourself up, but next time, try to get at least one question in.


Is not a big deal, you can still get the job. As recommendation, always make 2 questions max


Interviews should go both ways. If I'm only asking 2 questions they better only be asking 2


Ask questions even if you don't care to. Makes it seems like you're interested, motivated or whatever


I mean I didn't ask questions in my first 2 IT jobs and still got it.


No, etiquette is that you have a question ready but it's not required. Better to say nothing than ask a really bad question like "how soon can I take my vacation"


You didn't blow the interview. It is very possible you answered the technical questions far better than any other applicant and that will carry the day. The downside is that by not asking any questions you did make it seem like you do not care about the company or the companies mission statement.


yes always ask questions, follow up with your contact with a bunch of questions