Romain Grosjean's Detroit GP Vlog

Romain Grosjean's Detroit GP Vlog


He’s already up in RA riding his bike through the backroads and enjoying Wisconsin. It’s impressive how many views his videos are getting on YouTube since he came to Indycar especially in comparison to the videos he was doing when he was in F1. Many of the Indycar videos are getting anywhere from 150K+ views with a couple getting 800k-900k+ views. Many of the F1 videos are 10K and under. I feel Indycar should be a doing a lot more to leverage that interest and is dropping the ball here imo.


I don't know that Haas was really promoting him that much either. His crash and then subsequent move to Indy really brought him a lot of love and attention.


Haas actually has a great marketing team, and while the team was doing well before the FIA came down on Ferrari's PU in August 2019 Grosjean and K-Mag were really popular interviews. People forget that Haas finished P5 in the constructors in 2018. Their downfall was Ferrari, not their own doing. They then had to go into financial survival mode because COVID delayed the new regulations by a year. Hopefully the new regulations even the playing field and Haas can be back in the midfield fight.


Indycar social media team is a *joke* they upload barely anything to the youtube channel and most of the driver's social is disjointed and really small stuck to their specific diehard fanbase of a few hundred to thousand people consistently.


Seems in line with their broadcasting strategy. The amount of ads is a joke. How do they even expect people to take an interest in it ?


Romain's first open IndyCar paddock with fans! He was killing it, I didn't see him turn down a fan request.


I really REALLY hope RoGro stays in Indy for a long time. He has been so awesome to watch and his personality and competitiveness is really shining through.


There's racing on a knife's edge…and then there's having a topped-off cup of coffee *that* close to your laptop. He simply has no fear…


I’ve always been a Grosjean fan and felt he deserved better than Haas. I’m glad to see him doing so well in Indycar and having the growth in popularity and exposure with his vlog. He did the French commentary for the Monaco GP and was a natural. Dude will definitely be in the booth once he stops racing.