The boys inherited their big brothers’ LEGO head yesterday. H is in heaven. 16 of the last 24 hours have been spent building and rebuilding. Latest creation is a Star Wars In-n-Out. A few months back I bought a big box of off brand LEGO people with the intention of putting them in the Easter Eggs. That never happened and now I’m trying to figure out a way to dispense these guys in a way that feels special and magical to the boys. Ideas?


Maybe hide them in places they would only come across when helping out around the house? So it feels like good karma


Poor Big G - despite feeling better during the day, he woke up around midnight again with a fever. I already had PCR tests scheduled for today so we’ll get that done. He slept in a bit and I just went in to check on him, and he asked to go back to sleep (VERY atypical of him) though he claimed he was feeling okay. Even if it’s not Covid, I think he has to stay home from school tomorrow because of the fever and he will be so upset over it. Sigh. At least I’m feeling better after being feverish and incredibly nauseated all day yesterday. Our grand plan is to get fast food for lunch after we go to the drive-through Covid testing. There aren’t a ton of fast food places in our area because of zoning and whatnot, but the drive-through testing that’s by appointment (so the lines are more predictable) is further away and has several options. My husband got the living room radiator spray painted last night… he went through three cans of spray paint because it’s so huge (6ft long, 2ft high, 1ft deep). He thinks it needs at least one more coat but he ran out of spray paint so that is a project for another day. It already looks so much nicer - clean bright white instead of grimy, chipping silver paint. We used the “high heat” spray paint just to be extra cautious, but since it’s a hot water radiator it doesn’t get super hot when the heat is on like steam radiators do.


Booster done! The drive thru was 100000% better, 20/10 highly recommend. She didn't even flinch and she was just watching her show.


Man so tired this weekend, feel like I can't get enough sleep. Probably fighting something viral, who knows. Almost wish we'd get COVID right now so our trip at the end of the month would be less worries. N has been happy to watch her tablet, play elaborately with her mess of toys in her room, and only bombard me about 1/3rd of the day. My husband leaves for his work trip next Saturday and I'll be a single mother for like 9 days, not looking forward to it with commute and having to pickup and dropoff N near home every day.


Growing up 4th of July was one of my favorite holidays, so for Little Bit’s first 4th, I’m working on a [special dress](https://flic.kr/p/2nq9Gue). The fabric for the skirt is actually from the Marvel collection, which makes it doubly fun for me.


That’s so cute!