Imagine you have a splinter in the unreachable part of your back.. some giant comes around picks you up pulls it out and puts you down You may feel better after that but it also may be a little scary and weird


“You Sir are a fish.” - Arthur Morgan 1899


*Blub* ಠಿ_ಠಿ


"You're not a fish, you're a man." - Kenny Davis 1998


"I'm a gay fish." -Kanye 2009


You fish are a sir


Certified Ferrari Strategy® moment




I love you bro but I have a plan




"Be like a goldfish" - Ted Lasso


it's more than this. with no arms, hands, etc, the fish has no concept of a solution. it's an unfixable and constant problem. so, instead, imagine you have severe depression or psychotic episodes. then an unknowable being appears beside you, flays your subconscious mind and removes your distress, then disappears just as quickly


Those fish have already started a religion


I'd pray at the church of *Giant Warm Happy Goodness*


I always like to think about the possible religions humans have caused to other animals or living beings


This reminded ne of an idea that humans are to dogs what elves (as described by Tolkien) are to humans.


Explain I don’t know much about lotr


Elves are incredibly wise, live very long or are immortal and have such a patronizing attitude towards humans. Here is the source, which I was thinking about: https://www.reddit.com/r/wholesomememes/comments/5wz4gy/we_are_like_elves_to_dogs/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share


I need that


Where do I sign? Please.


I love you!


Not just a giant, but a water giant. Like a massive water creature in a suit pulling a splinter from your body.


And not a splinter, a giant fucking metal hook impaling your midsection


Inside you..... The giant uses its sheer strength to force open your Jaws, reach its fingers down your throat to remove the splinter and then carefully let's you go with no damage.


I wager fish don't know what water is, or wetness, that's their world.


imagine being paralyzed for decades and then aliens roll up silently and boom. legs again.


Oh yeah totally, they‘d be like „aww look at that poor animal having such arbitrary issues that are easy to solve for us“ I like your example/metaphor


let me guess you're a top. just roll over and everything's gonna be okay champ.


I‘m really bad at understanding written sarcasm but I get the feeling your comment was sarcastic I‘d be happy if they pull it out either way tho


He wants to pork you in the booty hole


You just described being a toddler when dad gets a needle and some tweezers. A little scary?


Bro I don’t mean like a big and smol human I mean a giant that picks you up and at best you‘re the size of his hand, he may smush you but he also may just remove that splinter


I always think on how insects, arachinds and other critters perceive us. Given the size difference to sone if them we are more of a weather/natural disaster than a fellow living creature.


Must’ve felt so nice for that catfish


Probably not as scary as being used as bait in the first place.


Splinter? Nah imagine an actual hook. That’s what that was.


This what aquaman would be doing if he was real


The deep would have other plans


\*sucking noises\*


\*tentacles undulating moistly\*


Eat fucking Timothy, Deep


"Hes praying... Oh my god hes praying"






*He’s praying!* :(




That scene was so traumatic


Poor Timothy, we hardly knew ye.


"She wants to pleasure you and feel you." \*Woman runs in fear\* *Laughs so hard almost pissed self.*


The deep is getting way too much time in the boys. He’s like only there to fuck fish and be homelanders bitch. But he’s barely a character in the original comic and somehow they’ve made him even more shallow. Anyways, she wants to taste you.


>she wants to taste you ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


He assaulted annie in one of the first episodes and I wanted him to die immediately. I haven't watched s3, but if he's still alive then yuck. Someone make him dead.


Just watch season 3. I feel like the things that happen to him will make you happy.




Agreed, but he also brought it on himself. He deserves it all.


For sure. He's getting Theon Greyjoyed.


It's way more fun to just see him miserable and be the embodiment of a living joke. *"We have purposely trained him wrong, as a joke"*


The actor is great, sells it just as well as homelander's.


Want to meet my friend squiddy squirt?


“…He’s praying. He’s praying…”




or [The Little Trashmaid](https://imgur.com/gallery/EFjo5AM)


What the.. 385 strips of some mermaid who lives in the ocean filled with trash? I read them all, fantastic.


Well that was a wholesome journey


If he doesn’t get stuck in plastic or nets too


Are you telling me that aquaman is not real?


real-world physics dictate that aquaman cannot exist in reality. a character that sucks so much would immediately collapse into a singularity


Despite the memes, Aquaman was really one of the strongest DC characters in the comics. He was nearly invincible as he was able to survive crazy depths so he could withstand heavy machine gun fire, he could survive all kinds of cold temperatures, he could control water, so after Batman made him a special glove, he could pull all the water out of someone's body (from a short distance) giving him the ability to insta-kill most people/baddies. His power creep became such a problem that DC pretty much had to ice him.


[Aquaman is a total badass and you will not besmirch his good name](https://www.gamesradar.com/10-reasons-aquaman-is-a-total-badass/) [Good day, sir!](https://www.fandom.com/articles/5-things-never-knew-aquaman)


One time I put my finger in a catfishes mouth to remove my hook, it bit down on my thumb & my natural reaction was to recoil and pull it out. It nearly de-gloved my thumb. I now bring pliers when I fish. Idk how this dude didn’t get chomped.


I mean to be fair, you were the one that hooked / injured it. No offense but I take the catfish's side. >Idk how this dude didn't get chomped. Animals know when they're being helped.


I agree, I absolutely hate catching catfish though. I wish they’d stay away from my worm/bobber. Looks like someone caught this guy too but didn’t have pliers and cut the line. I at least sacrificed my thumb to get the hook out.


Glub glub I’m here to help you. glub glub I know, bro, thx


>Animals know when they're being helped Doubt. Every bit of my experience with animals says otherwise.


My dog is smart as all get out, too smart for her own good! She’s manipulated me more times than I can count. But she absolutely doesn’t know when we’re helping her! Brushing her out, brushing her teeth, trimming her nails, getting burrs off her, she was sit there politely because she’s well trained but will whine like a lunatic. Hell, if I had a hook in my mouth, I can communicate with a doctor and I’d still be jittery about them helping me. A fish doesn’t know a human friend from a human foe 🙄 that person is talking out of their ass


My experience with fish says fuck no they dont. Other animals it really depends. Cows, horses. dogs, cats, goat, and whitetail deer I would say have the ability to recognize theyre being helped, at least from my personal experience. Fish and birds though? Hell no.


Unique volunteer work.


Uniquely valuable


Unless the first fish was a store-bought shiner used for bait and not locally caught. They can be as invasive and destructive as goldfish and other kinds of carp.


So what I’m hearing is there’s going to be a market for fish assassins soon


Already is. [fish assassin](https://youtu.be/6lG-snJZIV8)


I just watched a man send a hit on a fish with a glock 9


Come on you know it was weirdly cool


Happy cake day man


Well that was certainly not what I expected lol


Lol thats interesting, lead free too. Id imagine that would suck without earplugs or something underwater




Why would they sell live invasive fish to put into the water? Sounds badly thought out


The wave is so cute


So I guess hooks don’t really rust out


It's why my dad always clipped the barbs off the hooks if we were doing catch and release. More fish threw the hook, but he could actually get them out of they swallowed them.


Just curious of whats the point of catching a fish to then release it? ... why hurt a fish to then let it go?


Fun and practice. It's fun and meditative and isn't very damaging to the fish as long as you actually take the hook out quickly and it's practice for when I'm fishing to eat. I agree with either cutting or just tamping down barbs on hooks and lures if you plan on C&Ring. Makes unhooking much easier and quicker, albeit at a cost of some fish slipping off the hook sometimes.


>isn't very damaging to the fish This is very difficult for me to believe. Even if a fish's mouth isn't seriously damaged, which is a matter of luck, it still spends a lot of energy struggling. Animals in the wild live in a very narrow band between starvation and predation and they need that energy. Do you know where I can find more information about this claim?


Well according to google, they feel pain and fear but they don’t have the same type of nervous system that we do. And in my experience in fishkeeping fish tend not to like being trapped(wether it’s a hook and line or a net) it stresses them out a lot and that stress can kill them. When it comes to Fish a small wound like that is not going to greatly affect its life, I’ve seen fish still trying to 🎶keep on swimming🎶 after being bitten in half by a shark.


The death rate is about 16% right after releasing them. I‘d imagine way more a week later or so.


Happy cake day.


Not every fish you catch will be big enough to legally keep/worth keeping, or you might catch a species of fish you wouldn't eat anyway. So even if someone's fishing to keep, there's a lot of catch and release going on even then. Barbless hooks help keep those fish alive. As to why one would intentionally catch and release... I like fishing, but I don't really think it's worth the effort to store/clean/prepare/cook the fish I catch. Plus you're relying on catching enough fish and big enough fish to make a meal out of, which isn't always going to happen. Kinda sucks if you keep one, then everything else you catch ends up being too small.






My dad taught me how to fish and he didn't spare me any bad feelings. Here he is telling his 5 year old that when the line breaks the fish will probably die with a hook stuck in it, so we want to try our best to not let the line break (so we can get the hook out before releasing). Then he was confused when I didn't want to fish anymore.


Thats pretty funny in hidsight, i can only imagine the stress trying to reel the fish in. I was an adult before i ever really questioned the whole idea of causing harm to animals for fun. The lie about them not feeling pain contributed to not feeling guilty for me


Fishing may be totally culturally normalised but I can't shake the feeling that catching wild animals by impaling them with hooks through their mouths for fun is sort of psychopathic.


It's because they don't really think of the fish as a living being. They think of it as "fish" - something that just sorta swims around with no real point. What it wants doesn't matter.


As Cobain pointed out “it’s ok to eat fish bc they don’t have any feelings…” Always felt my heart break just a little every time I heard that line. I know he’s saying it sarcastically, but we (people in general) do think this way. That killing and eating a fish is somehow different than killing and eating a cow, or a moose, deer, chicken, etc. Why do we think like this? It causes my mind much turmoil… I’m a vegetarian not necessarily from a moral perspective but from the perspective that I don’t want to participate in a culture that gobbles up suffering and contributes to the decline of our planet. I don’t want to live a life that adds to pain, there’s enough of that. Sorry about the rant, but this video got me thinking some deep shit strangely.


That's a very moral perspective tbh(which is fine and great even)


Also the plastic pollution it introduces to our lakes and rivers is horrendous. No fisherman goes without losing line, plastic lours, etc. eventually. That shit just piles up at the bottom.


Agreed. I'm a fisherman. I fish about 4 or 5 days a week. I've gotta have at least 100 lures and tons of hooks. None of them are rusty except for the hooks that I use salty plastics on.


Yea, i have had the same experience but it seems as long as you cuddle the majority in a reddit thread you can write whatever, truth be damned


Thanks for putting in words what I’ve always felt. Most people on this site just want to be reassured


I know this is what we're telling ourselves, but do we really believe it? \- Hobby fisher


Yepp. It's just something fishermen say so they don't have to take responsibility. I used to love fishing but most anglers just outright abuse the fish and land where they go fishing. Kinda sucked all the enjoyment out of it after awhile


Those are stainless steel hooks in freshwater. My hooks on my king rigs rust out so fast I replace them weekly because of how much rust/weakened they have become. They absolutely rust out in saltwater because it’s one of the most corrosive things on the planet.


Idk why you got downvoted. I’m moving to Florida from a landlocked state and I’m interested in learning how to fish in the ocean so this is really valuable information for me, I want to be kind to the fish in any way I can.


There are actually federal regulations that protect certain species too like snapper, grouper, etc. where you have to use non stainless circle hooks and descending devices to release them safely. The circle hook is so it cheek hooks them and not swallowed, and in the event you do need to cut the hook, it will rust in days. I’m okay with it, but I think people would be surprised to see how well/hard American fishing waters are regulated down to the type of gear you can even use, let alone when and what you can keep. Fish Rules app will help you learn them. Some people think fishing is barbaric I guess, but those fish also wouldn’t hesitate to eat you alive if you fit in their mouth, so 🤷🏻‍♂️


I was once on a tour boat in Wisconsin during sturgeon season. And there’s a strict length limit. The tour guide had been explaining it. And then we saw a fisher trying to put a clearly short one in a bucket. The tour guide said “here we see a fisher with a fish that’s clearly too short to keep. So he’s going to of course throw that back in the river” And the fisher took it out of the bucket and threw it back. So, I think we can fix this whole thing with tour guides. We’ll have to accept a steep increase in dad jokes and bad puns. But I think it’s worth it.


r/surffishing might be a good place for you to start, and will prob point you to forums/youtubes for your area


I loved fishing up until my early teens, when my hook went through a fish's eye from inside its mouth. I don't care how unlikely it was or whatever, I've never recreationally fished since.


The final nail in the coffin for me was I pulled up a ball of fishing line the size of a watermelon from a little 1.5 acre pond and I was just like damn.....this ain't it man.


Definitely not unlikely, happens all the time when I fish at sea. Food for the seagulls I guess. Cue "Circle of Life" soundtrack.


Fisherman really trying to convince us that fish don't feel pain.


Tbh, no one can honestly know. What I do know is recreation fishing and hunting is the biggest source of tax revenue that funds conservation efforts in the US. https://www.fs.usda.gov/features/hunting-and-fishing-are-pastimes-enjoyed-82-million-americans


From my understanding a big reason they eventually pop out is due to the fish growing in combination.


Yes, and also fish can shake the lures out, even at the back of their mouths, in a matter of days. Carleton University has done a lot of research on fishing catch and release. https://www3.carleton.ca/fecpl/C&R_papers.html The article about fish shaking out the cut lures is summarized here: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/thunder-bay/what-happens-when-a-pike-swims-off-with-your-lure-1.3054082


Music name?


Song in video is Gymnopédie No. 1 by Erik Satie




Probably reminded you of this [animal crossing song](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_dz3vN9Dao)


I’m recently finishing Twin Peaks, and I’m thrilled by your picture and quote ❤️


Bruh I was wigging out because I KNEW I know this song. My BFF was like "it's from Minecraft" and yes... but no, not quite. This is literally my alarm, I wake up to it 5 days a week at least and have for the past several months and I could not place it. So thanks for the help even though I'm also embarrassed.


I wouldn't have known if I hadn't been trying to learn it on piano a few months ago. That's the annoying thing about trying to figure out the title of an instrumental piece, you can't just hum it into Shazam.


All the gymnopedies are great and easy to learn on piano! Highly recommend.


*I doubt I'll ever forget my Dinner with Andre dinner with Abed.*


As others have said Gynmnopedie #1 If you like that try Peace Piece by Bill Evans, incredible piece of music and similar vibe at times


Is anyone going to talk about this person just snatching the fishes up with his hands?


Who needs hooks, apparently you can just pick them up


What a fucking chad


What a fucking shad.






Seriously, I could watch hours of this footage 🥺


Dallmyd on YT


My wife did this the other day. Fish was stuck on a line that had looped around a branch. She and her buddy cut the line and freed the fish. They started rolling up the line to clean it up and found a pissed fisherman at the other end..


Now imagine all the fish swimming around who don’t happen to bump into this guy. Damn.


He needs to start carrying a disgorger, they are really cheap and easy to use


Surprise medical Inspection


What if the fish enjoyed that as a sick masochistic fetish?


don’t kink shame fish


Kink shaming is my kink


Shame on you kinky bastard


Tip for beginning fishermen, don’t use giant hooks in freshwater unless you know that there are giants in it willing to bite. Also if you catch a fish that you might’ve had trouble with getting the hook/lure out, keep it or give it to someone who wants it


Great idea in theory, but before you or anyone else keeps a fish you gotta check your local laws. In the US every body of water has specific laws that tell you what you can or can't take home (usually based on length, tail to lips). I know it's a huge bummer to throw a fish back with a hook left in him, but conservation police are no joke.


Nature is rarely wasteful. Either it will recover like these or some creature will be happy for the free meal. Also, bring long needle nose pliers or some other hook removal tool. Also, please consider swapping your barbed hooks for barbless hooks or filing them down.


You don't have to file them down, just pinch them with pliers


Exactly what I do, it works perfectly.


Thanks, I'll give that a go.


Of course! Needle nose pliers are an ESSENTIAL part of your tackle box and every outdoorsperson should carry them. BUT (there's always a "but", isn't there?) There will be times when the fish swallows the whole hook, down into into guts and stomach and there is simply nothing that you can do about it.


First fish was more than likely live bait that got off the line. The catfish had an offset shank worm hook, which are more commonly used for largemouth bass and easily removed - catching catfish on a rig using that type of hook is pretty uncommon.


I’m not buying this video at all. It makes no sense at all that a shiner would be swimming around with a hook in its back. The worm hook you mentioned doesn’t make much sense either. No one would cut that line with a fish so shallow either. If it were guy hooked the river removing it would’ve made it bleed for sure. This video is a fake.


Yeah you make a solid point. All I could think is that the cat and shiner both broke a poorly tied knit, but that all seems unlikely. Plus what are the odds of finding two fish that would both let you get close at all, and happened to be hooked and swimming around.


I’m thinking it might be a trot line.


Now I feel like an asshole for being bad at fishing.


Awesome person!!!!


Ouchhhh those poor babies :(


Someone get this dude some new gloves.


Reddit NFT 💀


Don’t screenshot it Brian


Reddit NFT 💀


Avid fisherman (and conservationist) here, I bet removing hooks is a million times easier when a fish is suspended in water


Bless him. Poor fishies.


The amount of pain they go through before eventually die


Here I am struggling to catch a fish at the lake and this guy is walking up all willy nilly and grabbing em


Starting to feel that all creatures feel the 'greatfulness' emotion.


Commercial fishing is the biggest polluter of our water ways and oceans by a mile, if this isnt addressed alongside carbon omissions in the fight to combat global warming we are just as fucked. There is almost no regulations for commercial fishing.


Well this were definitely recreational fishing blunders


What does commercial fishing have to do with this video?


Nothing lol just made me think of how fucked the fish in our oceans are and typed the comment. Its not like its not somewhat related. Also people almost never talk about it. Sorry for the Inconvenience


Nah don’t apologize! Make people uncomfortable, it’s the only way any of them will change. Your comment is good.


Hey, no need to apologize. The fish in these video were probably caught or used as bait by sport fishermen, not commercial fishermen. The fact that they are still hooked also may be due to poor tackle and bait handling. My intent was just to clarify that, but it sounds like you understand. I fully agree with your concerns about commercial fishing as well.


Sorry, the catfish swallowed my bait whole and I wasnt reaching down the throat


I almost felt myself gagging as he stuck his fingers into that fish’s mouth.


He's going along and taking all the fish off someone trotline.


Is anyone else super impressed this guy is catching fish by hand??


Doing stuff like this seems like so much fun to do, really wish scuba gear wasn't so expensive though and I was near the coast


I’ve always wondered, is infection due to those hooks puncturing the flesh of those fish just not that common?


Fishing just seems pointlessly cruel and boring, I never understood it. Most fishermen don't even cook what they catch, it's just to fuck with nature and an excuse to leave the house.


If you're fishing for food, it is pretty fun. As soon as I catch my bag limit, I'm done for the day. Fuck fish torture.


Let's all think about this for a second. Everyone who upvotes this, you enjoy seeing the fish relieved of their pain, right? So is there maybe a way that we could not put those fish in pain in the first place? Anybody have any idea? If only there was something we could do to stop fish getting needlessly hurt... Anyway, I'm gonna go eat some fish sticks




lol nice


Fish doctor




This is the most pure human I have ever seen


happy wiggles


Is it just me or are fish adorable


Love fish, are much cuter and smart than most people think.


This is sweet, but it's also incredibly sad