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Amazing that he was even still alive in that state! I'd love to see him a few months from now. I'll bet he'll be a very happy pup.


In addition to that, the changes shown here was in 15 days. Months would be crazy.


I need more days! I want to see him/her fat and happy!


Yeah. Until I noticed the breathing, I genuinely thought I was looking at a corpse.


Still not convinced necromancy wasn't involved.


To be honest then that dog probably won’t live that long after that. Being in a state like that takes a very hard toll on the body...


Unfortunately this is the truth. Being in that state damages their liver, kidneys, lungs, and brain. And those effects are irreversible. Hopefully she isnt in pain anymore.


Yeah, the best you can do in a situation like this is most often to put the poor dog out of its misery in a humane way. And if possible give it a comfy time with a lot of love in the end.


My family rescued my dog stormy in that state 10 years ago, we were told she was probably 5-7 years old at the time. We think she had to be 3 or something because otherwise she's almost 16-18 years old. We kept thinking she wasn't long for this world and 10 years later she's still going. Blind, bad hips, hearing is going and has tumors, she's still one of the happiest dogs i know (unless you try to hug her then she starts whining). Btw she's a purebred black and tan coon hound, and hasn't been able to put on more weight than the dog in the video the whole time we had her. Just wanted to share my experience, it's not always a lost cause.


I think it is girl. The woman in the video called her Mami(mommy). I didn't think she would make it, she could barely lift her head.


If you want to live, have the will you live….sometimes all you need is that helping hand to thrive!


The dog is a girl. The woman in the video calls her _“mami”_


Glad to see that the pup was able to recover. It was in bad shape at the beginning.


Seriously. It looked like it was hours from death when the person found it.


I’d legitimately be afraid of hurting it as I try to help. Like if you picked it up it might just pass out or break something. I’m curious how he got it home


You could hurt this poor baby no more. I would carry this baby on my back, in a snowstorm climbing mountains the whole way


It looked like something from resident evil, I'm so glad we saw the start of it getting better would have been a horrible clip without the follow up.


It's still in bad shape at the end. It better than what it was but that's not a healthy Dog by any stretch of the imagination.


Only two weeks into recovery though…barring any major complications, at that rate it will be fit as a fiddle in no time


Exactly. They have to feed it little by little as to not cause any issues. Plus the range of medicines to get it started on recovery. But the difference you see almost immediately in coat pattern and movement was showing that food levels and caloric intake could be increased in order to get weight back on without making the dog sick.


I don’t see it making a full recovery. Looks like ortho or neuro issues.


Hard to say when they're that bad off. You sort of start treating them for the variety of threats from infection to parasites and see how it comes along. It can take some doing to get them strong enough to move normally, this is about as close to death as you can get and make it back.


I, too, watched the video.


Did anyone else not realize he was a Dalmatian until halfway through?


Me neither, I thought it was 2 different stories


Isn’t it? The spots don’t match at all


I like to think it is the same dog, it just makes me feel good.


They do, poor pooch was literally just that dirty ☹️


When he’s drinking the medicine out of the syringe u can see he has a black spot on his eye and his ear is all blacked out and at the end when he’s walking u can see the same spots


Oh.. Oh no....


They do. I had to watch it several times because of your dumbass ignorant comment. Thanks for wasting my time.


That person didn't force you to watch it multiple times or even ask you to. Take some responsibility for our actions.


I honestly thought he was some sort of wolfhound


Because it's a completely different dog and this is shitty clickbait. Edit: I found a more complete version of original video which points it's source to a youtube channel belonging to someone named "Mike Brown": https://www.facebook.com/PROESociale/videos/2565576097077925/UzpfSTE1Mjg3MjI1NDQwMjE0NDM6MzQwMTU4MjM1MzQwMjExMA/ And as other people in the 5000+ comments already pointed out there, the first dog is literally a pointer/dalmatian mix, unlike the second one. https://i.imgur.com/PWANf1U.png So after further digging, it appears the original "Mike Brown" channel was removed from youtube for animal abuse and fake rescues. Here's another video from some person who did a giant investigation video of a network of animal abusing youtube channels that are all tied under the "Mike Brown" umbrella: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_9zwA5DHoq8


Nice research man, it’s a sad reality to take though that the first dog likely died


or... just a thought, because dirt can effect the coloring of fur or clothes, mindblowing, i know


https://i.imgur.com/MhP5Or6.png That isn't dirt, that's literally a completely different pattern of fur. Also, why would the music inexplicably change when it cut to the new dog? Its obviously ripped off of some animal rescue thing and spliced together different clips.


To be fair, it's entirely plausible it's the same dog. Dalmatians have skin color mottling as well as spots in the fur, and they don't match exactly. The earlier parts give clear indication that the dog's fur is very thin.


Not to that extentedent https://i.imgur.com/GMIbNUq.png


I've personally volunteered in rescue and seen dogs of various breeds look like not just a different individual of the same breed, but like an entirely different breed altogether post recovery. It is entirely possible. EDIT: Holy Fuck, your posting history is a cringy edgelord goldmine. I'm not even sure how you manage to rub your braincells together hard enough to make coherent posts at all.


Exactly. In the vast majority of rescue videos, the breed is hardly recognisable until the dog gets better. Most dogs living on the street have skin conditions and their fur barely shows at all.


Yeah yeah, anyway see the edit of my original comment, I actually found the source of the video which came from a youtube channel that was taken down for animal abuse and fake rescues.


Thanks for this, as someone who owns a white with black spots heeler mix, the stark difference in spot density/placement was the first thing that stood out to me. The full video on facebook and the youtube video discussing the channel(s) help clarify this is not as it seems.


Yeah my brother has a blue heeler mix as well! Glad to help shed some light on it, kind of surprised how little attention that video got that investigated tbh.




Your picture literally confirms it's the same dog smh. Are you blind or just choose to live your life being an asshole?


Circle the spots you're talking about if you're so invested in this, because I can see at least three prominent black spots on the picture on the right that appear white in the picture on the left. Not to mention the muzzle looks entirely different, much more rounded in the pictures on the left.


I thought the same thing lol like… you really thought you did something but you just confirmed that the spots on the nose are the same…


See the edit of my original comment.




Holy shit it looked like a zombie movies prop at first. God damn! Glad they are doing much better


You're welcome (I'm the person who did that, that's even me at the end speaking whatever that language is)


I'm confused, are you trying to claim that you are the one who rescued this dog? Because if so, I claim absolute bullshit


Sarcasm damnit, does no one understand sarcasm here?


Forgive me, but the issue is that the context of the comment it's responding to, makes it sound more likely to be a child fishing for clout, through an obvious lie. Also, sarcasm is tone dependant, please stop making people feel guilty for not being able to "hear" written sarcasm. Not everone has that ability, and not everyone succeeds every time. Not understanding sarcasm once, doesn't mean that I *never* understand sarcasm.


I’m going to preface this by saying this has nothing to do with whether or not I thought it was a funny joke or appropriate considering the subject matter. I understand that sometimes a ‘/s’ is necessary but when he says “speaking whatever that language is”, I’m honestly surprised that you couldn’t see it as satire.


Does "that's even me at the end speaking whatever that language is" not evident enough?


Not gonna lie, I saw "I'm the person who did that" and got confused when I saw the downvotes, but then I finished the comment, and have to admit, the last bit got a chuckle out of me. I thought it was obvious it was a joke due to that part


Yup that's me at the end speaking that language


Just horrible. The poor thing. As soon I saw him laying making that pitiful sound I starting crying.


I'm glad I couldn't hear the sound.


Cried without the sound, read your comment and decided to torture myself more now I can’t stop omg it’s so heartbreaking


Same, god that was heart wrenching.


I’m glad I didn’t put the sound on


Same. Good god. I was about to click off until I realized it was a happy ending story.


I'm still crying.


Same 😭😭😭




I know these videos should make me feel happy but they just fill me with rage instead. I try to be a kind, empathetic person but I am fairly sure I would try to harm whoever is responsible for abusing or abandoning these animals if given the chance.


Often things get so bad not because of any single evil individual, but because of a lack of infrastructure for the care and sheltering of animals, as well as human poverty. Not all communities have the same resources, and sometimes communities with a lack of resources have a surplus of stray animals. People who can't pay for their own needs aren't likely to take on feeding a stray animal. A domesticated animal without people capable of feeding them is likely to starve. No individual abuser needed. Support shelters, trap/neuter/release programs and policies that lift communities out of poverty.


Honestly, if you cannot support your pet anymore, and there are no shelters/other people to take it, I think it is more humane to euthanize it. Not only for the pet, but also everyone (human and animal) around. I agree that there may not be any "evil" person behind the story. I actually feel sorry for the people that have to surrender their family members, or the ones that are unable to love something that pure. But in any case, just abandoning your dog (or any other animal) is going to cause more suffering for everyone. 'Support shelters, trap/neuter/release programs and policies that lift communities out of poverty.Support shelters, trap/neuter/release programs and policies that lift communities out of poverty.' This is the key element. Educate, legislate, enforce, give resources. Compulsory chip registration for any dog owner (free of charge, or through non-profits), infrastructure for surrendering and centralized registration to avoid people who only adopt puppies for a few months and then abandon them. They are the biggest problem.


I agree, but I think one major issue is having to deal with people who think any problem can be solved in 15 minutes with a good Disney ending.


I totally agree. In my community, we see people posting about how they have "tried everything" to educate a dog, and are considering surrendering him (for a rehoming fee, lest they lose their investment in a purebred dog). The "tried everything" means that they watched a youtube video where they "fix" separation anxiety with a kong and some smart devices. They try to throw a kong at the puppy and leave for the whole day. That kind of "try everything" I don'¨t know why I'm getting downvoted. I adopt retired sled dogs because I know they will be killed if nobody takes them, and I see firsthand the effects of neglect and abandonment of dogs. I'd love to read counterarguments and educate myself


You're missing the point. A lot of these dogs were never adopted by anyone at all. So many just... live and die as strays. You're still forcing a middle class, western framework of dealing with domestic animals. In some areas, a policy of euthanizing all the stray animals (in the sense that western culture would identify an animal as a 'stray') would be a mass culling of all cats and dogs.


[Stephen Fry on God](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-suvkwNYSQo)




Isn’t it quite possible (not sure exactly how likely) that there wasn’t any person involved in this dog’s life beforehand?


A lot of us feel like that, definitely the person who mistreated the dog deserves crucifixion. Edit: crucifixion while listening to baby shark loop over and over again.


Wanna feel even worse? Some people do this to their pets intentionally, so that they could then "save" them and get millions of views.


I’d love to see an update


Terrible. Im sure theres irreversible damage at that point too.


Possibly, but dogs are incredible fighters! Look at WW 2.


Poor dog


dogs are the purest thing in our world i cant bare to see them so ill, im glad somebody found them and helped


We need more of this


We need an update!!


This is heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time. I care for a small group of stray cats at my work so this hits extra hard.


it always amazes me what dogs can recover from


And the dog doesn't even hold a grudge. Dogs truly are better than people.


This is the saddest thing I've ever seen.


Those cries will haunt me forever


I hate to be this person but always be super cautious of supporting these videos. There is a terrible, horrific trend we’re people abuse their own animals so that they can ‘pretend’ to rescue them. Always be suspicious of these posts. Looking through the comments it already seems like someone found something fishy.


I’m just terrified the person who filmed this is the person who hurt the dog


I honestly stopped watching the animal rescue videos because of something MAMAmax posted. And then doing my own research. Alot of people do hurt animals and "Save " them for clout. :c it's sad. So I avoid it.


If it has sad music, it's likely more for recognition than caring about the animal. That is the impression I get, even when it's not true.


Can you prove that ?


National Geographic: [How fake animal rescue videos have become a new frontier for animal abuse](https://www.nationalgeographic.com/animals/article/how-fake-animal-rescue-videos-have-become-a-new-frontier-for-animal-abuse) > Several years ago, animal welfare groups first started noticing that videos of fake animal rescues were proliferating on YouTube. They’re all variations on a theme: An eagle attacks a snake, a crocodile attacks a duck, snakes attack pet cats, dogs, lizards. In each case, the kills are thwarted by human saviors who conveniently come upon them or hear the animals’ cries in time to prevent carnage. Making the videos causes stress, injury, and likely even death for the animals involved, says Anne-Lise Chaber, a wildlife veterinarian and One Health specialist at the University of Adelaide, in Australia. . > Fake rescue videos are formulaic. They’re usually about five-minutes long and feature an attacking animal and a victim in a muddy hole surrounded by vegetation. Animals’ struggles are juxtaposed with an approaching human rescuer, often with a soundtrack of instrumental or electronic music to heighten the drama. There’s also a long lead-up to the encounter, perhaps to emulate the style of nature documentaries, says DJ Schubert, a wildlife biologist with the Washington, D.C.-based Animal Welfare Institute. Schubert says dramatic, varied camera angles and the sheer volume of the videos are giveaways that they’re staged. “Generally, if you are a wildlife photographer or filmmaker, it takes countless hours, days, months, or even years to get the footage ethically that can tell the story of a species in the wild,” he says. . > What may signal to scientists and animal experts why a video is a lie may not be obvious to many viewers. Some animals may have identifiable injuries before the conflict scenes, suggesting that that they’ve been subjected to repeated takes. Birds of prey may appear sickly and have their wings clipped to prevent them from flying away—underscoring that they’re captive animals. Snakes used in multiple videos can be recognized by their facial markings and injuries, say animal researchers who reviewed a sampling of about a dozen videos for National Geographic. > In addition, if the predator doesn’t try to escape a human handler, or the scenes are filmed in a location where one or both animals wouldn’t be seen in the wild—a rainforest species filmed in dry, open country, for example—those are signs that something’s wrong, says Neil D’Cruze, a herpetologist and the global head of wildlife research for the advocacy group World Animal Protection. . > The day before this story was set to publish, YouTube alerted National Geographic that it was adopting a new policy on June 30 to facilitate removal of animal rescue content “that has been staged and places the animal in harmful scenarios.” No further details were provided about how this would be done, and how quickly. Meanwhile, fake animal rescue videos are still being posted. . > Most of the uploaded videos across the various channels appear to be shot in Southeast Asia, likely in Cambodia, according to Jackel and other animal researchers. Khmer, Cambodia’s main language, is often spoken in the videos, the snakes featured are species indigenous to the region, and the vegetation looks right, they say.


Of course YouTube has a kneejerk reaction before the article published.


Righteous people should give us all hope for a better future always


I am a very desensitized person when it comes to messed up videos. This though... is the one thing I can't do. Seeing the condition of that poor puppy legit made me cry. I am so happy for this person who was able to get it back on the path to recovery. Whoever you are, you sincerely give me hope.


I'm autistic, it's literally a serious challenge for me to feel empathy for others. Videos like this? Just make me violent. It makes me **glad** to not feel empathy for other humans not switch compassion off like a switch, humanity doesn't deserve empathy for what we allow to happen to a species that has guided, friended, and protected us since we evolved from basic chimps 5,000, 6,000 years ago. Not the save, the save brings me back to humanity. It's the fact this dog ever had to go through this.


I’ve have a fear about people taking animals in good condition and abusing/starving them until they are almost dead, recording the process and posting online in reverse. I can’t ever enjoy these videos because I worry that I’m watching a lie.


You sir are a god among men


anyone else have to skip ahead to about 80% to make sure the dog was still alive before committing to watching the whole thing?


I'm *still* not going to watch the whole thing.


seeing the recovered dog helps


This shit. Humans are capable of such greatness. Great horrors and great kindness. I try to focus on the good, but seeing that poor thing lying in the gutter makes me want to give up all hope in humanity. Doc Farnsworth said it best: “I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.” Not with the worst species running the show. Sorry, I guess I’m in a “mood”.


Had to hug my pittie after that one. Glad that pupper is on the way to recovery.


Shouldn't be posting vids of injured animals. We don't know if the people who "rescued" the dog were the same ones that put it in that position so they could then get the accolades of saving it. I don't know what the right reason to **Report** is though.


I’ve heard a lot of these are people who abuse the dogs to this point so they can the film themselves ‘saving’ them


Send that person a cape


These are two different dogs. The spots do not match. I hope both dogs are doing better.💕


Nutrition has a huge impact on dog's haircoat and skin... That and a good shower. I'm guessing a lot of the spots were actually, dirt crusts, malnutrition, infections or parasites.


I agree with everything you stayed. Match the large spot over the left eye of the better feeling dog to the first dog. The first dog does not have large spots- dirt and staining would make spots larger, not smaller. Still stand with my first response- two different animals.


I don’t think they are the same dog


Humans don’t deserve dogs, apart from this guy!


Hermosa persona, excelente gesto de amor


Even here, I don't like videos that have to rely on sad music. Seems like some people would starve a dog, just so they can get some music underlined sympathy fame.


I like to think for every sub-human scum that would leave an animal in this state, there are ten angels who would nurse them back to health and give them a happy home.


Amazing recovery, good boy and stranger. I can relate to the day 1 status, currently there.


Surprised it didn’t get refeeding syndrome. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Refeeding_syndrome


Am I the only one that clicks on these types of posts, realizes it's about a dog in really bad condition, and then skips straight to the end because it's too painful to watch the first minute and see the dogs suffer.


It's wailing in the beginning cut me deep bro


Who cutting onions in here..


You have got to warn people. "My brother sent this to me" doesn't say its extreme animal abuse.


Seeing it in the first images made me cry...


I wish the tittle had a warning like involves dog cause the first few seconds were so heart breaking


After almost a week of warfootage.. This huet me the most..


Jesus christ how did that poor animal end up like that? (my thoughts while the cynics are poking holes and denouncing the authenticity of the video)


He went from looking like a Dark Souls dog to a dog out of 101 Dalmations, if that ain't a glow up I don't know what is.


What a fighter


That visible change in his coat is amazing.


I'm not saying that it's happening in this video, but there are people that starve and injure dogs so they can create heartwarming recovery videos


Fuck yeah




Cheyne-Stokes breathing, was very close to the end, somewhat of a miracle.


Christ, I thought this was a vid from the Walking Dead.


Fuck! Listen guys. I’m at work wasting time on reddit. Please stop making me cry at work. Thanks for all your help.


The sheer willpower of this dog, half decomposed but still breathing. Horrible world where this can happen in the first place but very happy it’s getting better


Oh God poor baby.. thank God there was at least a happy ending for this poor animal.


That Day 1 footage was downright horrifying and disturbing.


I want to damage everyone who passed those dogs and did nothing. Even long before they were that bad. I wish nothing but filth on their tongues. Thank goodness for the person(s) rescuing them.


Now I wonder if people don't fake these videos by reversing the order of the scenes in the video edit, and in reality they are just letting the dog starve to death for internet points.


All of these videos give me a bad feeling unless theyre from a source like the dodo.


I've heard these videos are fake as hell, and its often the people saving them letting them get in that condition in the first place.


Please, if anyone knows how to get in contact with the shelter DM me. We would love to take him home and give him/her the love he/she deserves. We already got a beautiful dog from the greek streets with a very bad broken hip. She wasnt able to move much nor walk the stairs. Almost a year later shes the happiest dog, can jump from her excitement when we get visitors and loves to cuddle with us. We would be very happy to get some Information!


Poor baby I don’t understand how people can do this I hate humans


*sees a dog dying on the road and whips out phone* OMG PERFECT TIK TOK MATERIAL


Maybe filming sht helps the vet? At least they helped, cmon now.


True, but also whipping out a camera makes it look kinda shady


Doesn’t help there have been discoveries of people trapping the same dog over and over again to produce a variety of “rescue vids”. Hard to swallow and believe anything nowadays


Whoever did this to this poor dog please ask me if you ever need some cash or donations


You want to give money to who ever done this ??


Whoever took such for care for this creature should be tortured.




hahhahaha. The combination of this comment and your downvotes is just killing me.


Wait what does this bot do exactly?




That’s what I thought… but why for this post…?


Yet here in Spain our politicians want us to pass an exam in order to be able to have a dog. 🤦🏻‍♂️ They don’t understand how the world works. This video is pure love, my heart is broken right now.


That dog needed a bullet and not love




Christ, that poor thing. Glad it was rescued.


This person deserves the world


I hope there is a video of the dog recovering. Heartbreaking seeing anything in such a degraded state.


Soo sad honestly it looked like the most humane thing to do at the first would have been to put it down and stop it’s suffering, but somebody took the time and nursed it bk from the brink of death so crazy hope the doggy is living it’s best life now!!


Beautiful. God bless him always for his love of His beautiful creatures, His gifts to us.


The start is one of the most distressing things I've ever seen.


Hated to see how it started, but loved the progression


Poor critter. Amazing it was still alive in that state


Horrifying. Get well pup.


I have to sought my life out in case I’m ever in this situation


I can never watch these videos without becoming so overwhelmed with rage and sadness. :( I remember watching that ASPCA show on Animal Planet when I was young, and I would always be amazed at how strong their hearts were to deal with that trauma on the daily.


Poor gal


Seeing animals suffering like that absolutely destroys me emotionally :'(


Watching this has significantly improved my day, if not week. Thank you!


*I'm not crying, you're crying!* That hurts my heart to see that!


Damn it, you can't make me cry at work. Fuck. That's so fucking wholesome.


Ah that’s so nice


can dog get refeeding syndrome?


In the final clip I thought they had put antlers on him and I was like why they messing with that dog after helping him start to recover and then I realized those were just his ears.


oh my fucking heart


Made me so happy. Man was he in ruff shape