Old dude is so lucky they aren’t on clay.


Lol. Dude you made my day.


That’s what I was going to say!


I wonder if he had to pay


I’m surprised that with that age, his skills didn’t decay.


Can someone please explain the joke.


Nadal is the greatest of all time on the clay surface, implying he’d whip the old man’s ass on clay


Lol, that was honestly the funniest thing I've read for a long time. Cheers, man!


My plan is to be like that when I’m 97. Hmmmm. I guess I’d better start playing tennis.


You should, its a wonderful sport


Damn! That man can move well for 97!! I’m 40 and some days, I’m stove up from sleeping wrong!


I agree that this old man has a nice move set. I'm young and even then this seems hard to pull off since I don't really play tennis


Tennis isn't super hard to play. It is super hard to be good at though. Rafa shot every ball right to the older guy, that is not easy to do. Edit: not saying the older guy isn't doing great, just appreciating Rafa being a bro.


My best friend in high school did the same for me. I’m hopeless at tennis, but he never lost patience. He’d hit every ball to me, and made me feel as though I had a chance! I then watched him for real, in a tournament; he could put a spin on the ball that made the opponents look foolish. Bless him for being so kind to the lumbering idiot that I was (on the court). He also got me through AP Chem and calculus. Bless that kind man!


A lot of tennis fans love to share tennis. I think it has to do with the chip on our shoulders for not being one of the "Big 4" sports. Any time we get to share our sport with someone new and interested is something special.


Try being a snooker fan lol. I cry myself to sleep most nights.


That's independent of being a snooker fan though


I love sharing tennis because then it means that I might have another person to play with in case other hitting partners are busy lol. Selfish sharing.


After the game, does your username come into play?


Outside of USA, it's a Big 4 sport.


What would be the Big 4 World sports? Soccer, tennis, basketball, and cricket? Maybe golf in there somewhere?


Football, cricket, hockey, tennis in that order according to worldatlas. Golf is down at #10.


Hockey instead of basketball, i think from memory basketball is about 7th or 8th


That’s a good question, captain


You helped him practice and contributed to his being a great tennis player! Tennis became much less interesting to me as a kid when I saw how competitive and expensive it could get. My fondest memories of tennis were just hanging out with my brother volleying mostly-flat balls back and forth while chatting shit.


Imagine if he just played as if it was a regular match. "Sorry old man, can't turn it off"


Nasal gets trounced fourty-love


If i were that old guy, i'd still want him to give me a few serves at 100%, just so i could see what its like.


I know 70 year olds who can barely walk on their own. It's not about how well he's playing but the fact that the 97 year old is backing up while his arms are swinging and he's hitting the ball. That is a lot of coordination and balance for someone that old. I'm in my 40s with a bad knee and if I back up wrong I'm basically on my ass.


i used to beat my younger brother in every sport we played. he played a couple years of organized tennis in high school, important for below… we were on vacation and young 20s, there was a tennis court and he suggested a game. I thought ‘great, probably kick his butt, but this will be a good diversion’ he ran my ass all over the court…. i can serve and hit a ball well, but he knew how to play the game far better than i did.


In the unseen clip Raph slams a 100mph tennis ball straight into the mans soul


Well that's not very Ninja Turtle of him...




What the fuck is with all these mid 30s-40s people falling apart?? Assuming you're not truly sick, you shouldn't feel this way. Are you carrying extra weight? Are you not active? Honestly, **if you can**, get your ass moving. You will not regret it. source: am old man who can fucking move.


stress *i quit my cushy corporate gig where I was slowly dying in my 20s and i even poop better now.. you might find it funny but it's minor changes like that that I noticed.. 30 second poops vs 30 min stress poops is my measuring gauge


Maybe because we're depressed and tired from working 45+ hour weeks and not being able to afford healthcare (in the US) despite all of the bullshit we're going through in our day-to-day lives and can barely even find the time and energy to watch more than 1 or 2 episodes of something on Netflix, let alone play sports? At least, I know I am.


I work at a university. Between classes, I run. That's it. No gym membership. I just run and watch what I eat. Made a world of difference, lost a shit load of weight. And sometimes I run at home on the treadmill, while watching Netflix. Just watched Heat the other night. Good flick.


Can't decide if "stove up" is a typo or if I'm even more out of touch than I thought


I'm 39 and in the drywall industry we say stove up as well. You sit too long at break, it's hard to get up. You just got stove up.


Same here, 39 and worked for the railroad for a while. All the old heads got stove up from time to time. Now I'm the old head lol


Being from the South I always thought it was a more Southern thing, but it's not super widespread either


I’m from the south. It’s one I’d heard from my dad.


You didn't see O Brother where art thou?


33 here and i have issues even falling asleep and then once i do, i cant fully wake up :D


Nadal will probably still be making it to the finals of the French Open when he's 97


That dude would beast me in a tennis match.I'm not even half his age


Good for him and all but living till that age must suck At least it will for me I’m only 30 and I feel like shit daily already Fuck my life


If you're having joint pain, honestly look into taking collagen on a regular basis (once a day). I had knee pain and it went away in a few weeks - the second I stopped the collagen, the pain came back. I've been taking it again and the pain went away, can't be a coincidence.


Part of it is because he's probably been playing tennis his whole life and took good care of himself. I should have stuck with my activities better after high school. I'm sore after a round of golf.


He does move well. I'm 51, and I often feel stove up too. BTW, outside of my extended family -- all from Montana -- I have neither read, nor have I heard anyone use the term "stove up" before. My family were ranchers and farmers, and often referred to livestock being stove up too. I've always been curious as to the origins of the term, and of it's usage -- is it regional term, is it a farming/ranching term, etc. (Reading your post made me smile with fond memories of my family, and of life in Montana.)


Don't fucking say that.... I'm 30 and what you're describing sounds like I'll age 20 years in the next ten. FML


Came here to say this. That man is spry as fuck for 97!


Same thoughts and I am 25! Kudos to this granddad.


I have a friend who works in 'talent relations' for Nike. I once asked him who the nicest and rudest athletes out there are. I'll leave you guessing about the rudest, but he said hands down, no question, the nicest were Nadal and Federer. He said both went out of their way to be super kind to everyone and I love that. He even said that once Federer decided to work odd jobs around Nike throughout the day when he was there once just to see people's reactions. So, he worked at the cafeteria for a bit, then at the security gate, etc. Just being a funny, chill dude, taking selfies and having a blast.


Tell us the rudest. We want stories.


Well, think of celebrity athletes who are nike athletes who are infamously rude despite their famous/smiley public persona and I bet you can guess it in under three tries.




Can confirm. Have met him. He’s a fucking ASSHOLE


And I took that personally.


What’s the story?


Here's one story...Chamillionaire talking about Michael Jordan https://youtu.be/y4ZQERHL6ow


Never meet your heroes. You find out they’re human.


Unless your hero is Rafael Nadal


Damn after listening to that I want to fly to wherever MJ is and randomly bump into him in public and then be like “Wait you’re famous where do I know you from?” etc and then stand there for 15-20 seconds while he’s just groaning mentally about the 12th person today that wanted an autograph, right before having a grand look of epiphany on my face and saying “OH YEAHHHH youre that one guy that ran the hornets into the ground, right? Yeah hope it gets better for ya my dude, cant win em all”.


You're delusional. You'd be the 1,000th person who asked MJ for an autograph by the time you saw him There's a price to pay for being the goat. It's not worth it


nobody out of his inner circle even likes him. GOAT or not, he's a total douche


Pippen is apparently far worse.


When I was a kid I got to see MJ play baseball when he was with the Barons. My little league team had won the league so they got us tickets for the game. We absolutely annoyed the ever living shit out of MJ the entire game. An entire little league team screaming at the top of their lungs from 20 feet away. By the seventh inning stretch we’d got at least 3 death stares from Mike.


Right around primo Space Jam time, my family met Michael Jordan while he was playing a celebrity gold tournament. Some football player was taking his time at the hole in front of us, making Jordan wait too long, apparently, to hold it. So, he came up to us and asked to use the bathroom. We let him obviously, and he took pictures with us and everything (after he used the bathroom). He was really nice to us, asked if we wanted anything signed too. As an adult, I realize now that he was being a dick and only taking *his* sweet time, taking pics with us and chumming it up, because he wanted to make **that same football player wait around for him** lmao. Pretty solid dick move tbh. **EDIT:** Pls don't ask me about golf rules, I have absolutely no clue. I was also about 6 at the time this happened and am sharing my recollection. **EDIT 2:** [Here's the pic.](https://imgur.com/a/pErgX6W) I'll always remember this because my dad made me wear a stupid purple outfit because I was a girl, but my brother got to wear his Bulls jersey.


I don't understand. If the football player was in front, why would he have to wait for Jordan?


They’re bubble buddies


In the late 90's I saw MJ at a grocery store in Los Angeles. I told him how cool it was to meet him in person, but I didn’t want to be a douche and bother him and ask him for photos or anything. He said, “Oh, like you’re doing now?” I was taken aback, and all I could say was “Huh?” but he kept cutting me off and going “huh? huh? huh?” and closing his hand shut in front of my face. I walked away and continued with my shopping, and I heard him chuckle as I walked off. When I came to pay for my stuff up front I saw him trying to walk out the doors with like fifteen Milky Ways in his hands without paying. The girl at the counter was very nice about it and professional, and was like “Sir, you need to pay for those first.” At first he kept pretending to be tired and not hear her, but eventually turned back around and brought them to the counter. When she took one of the bars and started scanning it multiple times, he stopped her and told her to scan them each individually “to prevent any electrical infetterence,” and then turned around and winked at me. I don’t even think that’s a word. After she scanned each bar and put them in a bag and started to say the price, he kept interrupting her by yawning really loudly.


Is this the norm Macdonald copy pasta?


Pretty sure it started with flying lotus.


Wait what? The dubstep dude?


The existence of this copypasta tradition would have been thrilling for Norm, though. Right up his alley.


God dammit.. took me too long


"Infetterence" gets me every single time


The man's a genius, no doubt about it.


Yep. Nothing but net.


I've heard mixed stories about him. Some people who have met him said he was super nice, others not so much. This is a friend of a friend story but, ahem, a friend of a rich friend of mine is upper echelon rich. One of their family friends is MJ who her father plays golf with and he comes over for dinner and stuff. This girl absolutely loathes him. Don't know particulars but my friend said that she said he's just a straight up asshole. Take with a grain of salt of course, but you seem to concur.


He may be nice at times, and is definitely one of them greatest athletes of all time, but is an asshole both on and off the court.


I think it’s worth taking into account that from a very early age, *everyone* wanted a piece of him. The dude was a major global celebrity. He was mobbed constantly, and there was always a contingent of sleazy people trying to make a buck off of him. I think to a certain extent, you have to keep your guard up and be an asshole when so many are trying to take advantage of you.


I met Kobe Bryant when I was a teenager, dude was stuck up. MJ wasn't too bad, though I had less interaction with him.


He went to my high school and came back to do a basketball clinic every year, and donated new Nike uniforms and shoes to both girls and boys varsity basketball teams every year. The vibe I always got was that he was a bit shy, not rude. My brother had great experiences at his clinic too


I just mainly remember not having a great impression of him at the time. It could have been something like he was having a bad day, or he wasn't enjoying it there. It was the only time I met him up close and personal.


Yeah that’s totally fair. He wasn’t super outgoing, but did a lot of good at our school so will always appreciate it


Does Spider-Man know?


You don't have to guess there, I think that's been confirmed by many.


Hmmmm does it rhyme with Wiger Toods?


Nope, similar level of fame, different sport. You have two guesses remaining.




Btw, the description of LeBron was that he wasn't especially rude or nice, just kind of a typical celebrity level of general dismissiveness. But he did say that he seems super genuine with the people he cares about and is actually really dedicated to his charities and is always fighting for them in different planning meetings and so on. So, long story short, not the nicest dude necessarily but people respect him b/c he seems to actually do good work and is legit about his passions.


Even closer. Since someone else already guessed it, I'll just let ya know, it's Jordan.


Not surprised


My favorite is when Federer gets [stopped by security](https://youtu.be/Qp5ycaYQl-s) at the Australian Open and he just waits patiently while someone comes with his ID.




[It’s so funny](https://youtu.be/moRrRD9sylo)


That's hilarious. I can imagine pulling up to the gate at Nike and seeing Federer, headband and all. I'd probably chuckle and say, "Well, I guess that's how they do things at Nike."


It's basically a This is Sportcenter skit but in real life.


There’s a reason people love Nadal and Federer over Djokovic, and it’s not really about their tennis prowess. Those two have always been so great.


Is Djokovic a rude guy at all? Of course, it is hard to be on the level of Nadal and Federer in that regard


He’s not really rude, at least now. He was a bit arrogant when he started but nothing extreme. It’s just that compared to nadal and Federer it’s tough to compete with that


He's antivax


That’s a shame


NoVax DjoCovid


He’s an antivax dumbass for one. Will probably be DQ’d from even competing at the Aussie Open because of it.


He’s an entitled sack of shit. Couldn’t fathom why quarantine rules should apply to him like they do everyone else coming to Australia. He was acting like a spoiled brat about it


I had a friend in college who was obsessed with airplanes, and in high school had worked for a company that ran small charter flights. He said the rudest client was Tiger Woods (big surprise there, right?), and the nicest was Emmitt Smith’s wife (the guy didn’t actually meet Emmitt). Another friend of mine was once assigned as security to Eddie George, Heisman-winning running back and former NFL Pro Bowler, when Eddie did a signing at his workplace. He said Eddie was just a super genuine, nice guy, the kind of person you’d want to be friends with even if nobody in the world knew his name. He said Eddie’s wife was kind of a diva, though, and Eddie seemed embarrassed by some of the things she said. Nicest pro athletes I’ve met are the late Pro Football Hall of Famer Reggie White (yes, he had some weird beliefs, but he was one of the friendliest people I’ve ever met, and you could tell he really loved kids); former NFL Pro Bowl linebacker Chris Spielman (just a genuinely good human); Big Red Machine outfielder George Foster (friendly and funny); and basketball Hall of Famer Jerry Lucas. Oh, and former fullback Pete Johnson, known for getting stuffed at the goal line in Super Bowl XVI. Really nice guy. Has put on a lot of weight in retirement, and he was already pretty big. I’ve met him two or three times. Almost forgot...not nearly as well-known, but former NFL safety Martin Bayless. A late friend of my family was his cousin, and we went to a free instructional football camp that he put on in his hometown of Dayton. He’s had different sponsors and partners through the years, but has continued to put on that camp over and over, even though he doesn’t even live in Ohio anymore. That’s dedication.


My mom had an awesome experience with Shaq back in the day and I cling onto that


I'm guessing Michael Jordan is up there with the rudest.


You guessed it


Notice how consistent Nadal is at getting the ball back to a spot about 5-10' each time.


Also he cuts on it with backspin so the ball slows down when it bounces.


I saw him do this and smiled. So much control that he can make it easy for the guy to return. This is an all around a make you smile video.


Now I'm imagining a south park skit where he just absolutely obliterates this old guy. Like maybe Butters is hosting a mock olympics, but really it's a sports game version of Saw.


Man. When the Red Wings kicked those kindergarteners asses....lmao.




“I hate you coach. I hate you.”


"Stop it! Jesus Christ STOP IT!" "LET! THEM! PLAY! LET! THEM! PLAY!" I just laughed out loud thinking about it too lol.


"Did we win coach?"


Yaknow what would be a great tradition? After a sports team wins a championship, they should play against a team of fans selected at random from an opt-in raffle.....they might accidentally discover some talent that way too. It'd be entertaining as hell to watch atleast.


Hilarious. Just thought that when they spoof Squid Games there's so much fucking potential.


An individual of culture..


That sort of reminds me of this. Makes me LOL every damn time. https://youtu.be/G8jK3Btq8pQ


I like to see a clip where he plays with the same grandpa and hits his signature 100mph over the shoulder forehand, then celebrates with a lawnmower rapid fist pumps.


You say that, but right after this cut, he gave him a full speed serve. Unfortunately there were no survivors.


It was a really nice assisted suicide


that’s true and the first time he doesn’t is when the older man is caught off guard and has to do the lob. i hadn’t noticed til you pointed it out


[Videos like this of Nadal catching a ball with his racket](https://youtube.com/shorts/05SPS3VDZcA?feature=share) is what really made me appreciate how much absolute control of the hall these guys have..




And *[Roger Federer as Religious Experience](https://www.nytimes.com/2006/08/20/sports/playmagazine/20federer.html)* for us tennis neophytes to get why tennis rocks.


I used to have a coach who would do that. Obviously not at the same speed (since I wasn't a hard hitter at 11), but I haven't stopped thinking about it since. It really impressed me.


As a coach, I can tell you we're conditioned to do this for all clients. In order for clients to have enjoyment and want to return they need to build consistency and get as many reps in. Spraying the ball and making them run around is going to make it less enjoyable because beginners and low level players can't return the ball that well from all parts of the court. The part that sucks is when good players suddenly want to challenge a coach to a set. It's much more difficult to turn on the competitive mode because you're so used to placing it and returning it to the area around your client and now you're having to turn the switch on to hit for winners and construction.


I’m an assistant tennis coach and one of my 18 year old coaches does this a lot. It’s very very cool to watch.


It’s like a 3 foot cube he hits it in every time... even the one at the end Wild


I mean he is a professional tennis player lol


Which is child's play for someone at his level.


Of all the things Nadal is capable of doing on a tennis court, this has got to be the least impressive. (Source: decent but mortal sub-college level tennis player that can do this all day for my wife who sends the ball to all corners of the universe while I place them back on a platter for her to do all over again. It’s exhausting.)


this triggered me lol


Damn, almost like he's a professional tennis player or something


Yeah almost like he’s one of the greatest professional tennis players alive.


Stupid Nadal comes on the scene, incredibly handsome and rivals Federer. And what does this punk do? Goes on to be a classy and professional dude that is honest and gives back. What the hell, man?


How douchey of him to be such a chad


When did being a chad become a pseudo good thing? I’ve noticed a branding shift amongst the chads.


When dumbass chads like Chadal here go and be all kind and nice.


Chadal lol


It's super contextual. In this situation it's like, this guy is so fucking alpha that he doesn't need to prove it with traditional toxic masculinity. He's mocking us with his thick, veiny kindness. He's six feet and two inches of pure, masculine altruism. What a *Chad.* I guess sort of adding a layer of irony?


I believe it was initially a negative term with similar meaning to 'jock', but that shifted when the incel community started to massively use it. And since almost everyone nowadays agrees that incels are terrible, Chad has come back around to have a positive meaning.


English is weird, man. I’m not sure there’s a language that has evolved as quickly (and continues to evolve) as this weird bastard language. Probably to do with the exponential pace of humanity too, but the fuck do I know.


As a person named Chad, it has evolved over the years from insufferable, douchebag, frat house jock / bro, to mostly meaning a good dude. Like doing the right thing or helping people is a “Chad move” now. Stepping up to help or being good at something and not gloating or bragging about it and not putting others down while doing so. It’s been a fun ride.


Yeah, my name is also chad, and I’ve been following along as well, but I have to say I am pleased it has rounded out this way.


Karens are waiting for their turn


Yea, us Chads got lucky in that regard.


I had a South African friend called Chad from Chad.


Chad squared!


Stupid sexy Flanders


Yeah he could have had the decency to at least be completely bonkers like Djokovic.


You really do expect him to be a cocky douche but he's such a great sportsman and ambassador to the game.


I just assumed he was at first. Nope, dudes a sweetheart.


Yup, I had no idea he's actually a much better human being than me.


A lot better at tennis than you, too.


How dare he be so perfect


Those assholes have no business being so nice


The 97 year old dude ripped a backhand I could only dream of.


Yeah but he has had years of practice ;p


He even saves the out shots to keep the ball in play. Classy.


lmao imagine if he just started going all out on this dude


*OUT!!!* …that one was out.


If he went all out on Rafa I still think Rafa would win. 😂


If I were the guy I think I would want to see the serve from a first person perspective just once. Nadal's one of the slower serving top level players but of course to a lay person it's still going to look crazy.


I still can't believe I disliked Nadal when he started coming up, man did I misjudge him, I'm still embarrassed about it. The man is a fucking legend, such a great guy.


I did too but mainly because I was so jealous of him in that music video he's in with Shakira


There's plenty of us who were jealous of Shakira too.


No worries but yeah, guy was already pretty cool as a teenager. Better sport and better self critic than most people in their deathbed.


I feel the same about fed. Now he’s my favorite player of all time lol


My bro hated Fed back in his heyday because he kept beating Roddick lol


that old dude was puttin some cuts on Nadal. watch out Rafa! Class act.


Nadal is so great. It actually takes a lot of skill to put the ball right on an opponents racket.


ITT people geniuniely surprised that Rafa Nadal can manage ball placement. Shocking, I know!


People are commenting that it takes skill to do it, not that they're surprised a pro can do it. It might not be obvious that ball placement isn't easy if you've never played.


As a tennis player and climber that has spent a substantial time doing the latter, it's one of those funny realities where the general public only really appreciates the super flashy stuff. When Alex Honnold free solo'd El Capitan, the impressive part for most people was that he didn't use a rope, but for the climbers watching, it was that he didn't use a rope on a route most of us would still fall off of in our wildest dreams.


**Leonid Stanislavskyi couldn't believe it when the tennis star invited him for a round of tennis, making his dream come true. Stanislavskyi is 97 years old and holds the Guinness World Records as the oldest itftennis tennis player in the world!!! Vamos Leonid! Vamos Rafael Nadal ! 🎾 ❤** **Rafa not only is a champion on the court but constantly carries out acts of kindness with his fans. Hermoso ser humano!**


Not calling bullshit, per se, but the title of the [youtube video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5tVNMpPusUw) of this says that this happened at the Rafa Nadal Academy, so it's not like Nadal was just walking by somewhere randomly and decided to stop and play a round with this guy, the older guy was at Nadal's eponymous tennis academy. You'd assume that Nadal is there giving lessons and may or may not do this with a lot of folks who take lessons there.


I assumed it meant that he heard about the dude somehow and invited him to his place to play some tennis.


> Nadal was just walking by somewhere randomly and decided to stop and play a round with this guy, Not calling bullshit here, but there's no indication or suggestion whatsoever from the OP that "Nadal was just walking by somewhere and randomly decided to stop and play a round with this guy". In fact I think it's pretty obvious that this was arranged ahead of time seeing how they even have a crew filming it. That interpretation is completely in your head. I never got the same impression at all.


For a 97 year old, this man's movement is spot on.


So you’re telling me Nadal could have hit it back easy to his opponents the whole time but instead has been making shots difficult for his opponents to return?! What a dick!


Well his serve is still like that at least


Nadal is either bad or this guy is a stud! The older gent is hanging with him. (Sarcasm) :)


That 97 year old guy is better in tennis than I will ever be


Best one I've seen yet


97 and he’s cutting about cleaner than me and I’m 7 and a half decades younger


That old guy plays better than most! Awesome vid, OP.


Moves like 37 though!


i play at a tennis club and the number of over 60 players we have always amazes me. get into tennis now, it’s a lot more fun than going to gym and running on a machine.


Oh so sweet.


I think Nadal was taking it easy on him


No way /s