Posting as a support for endangered Rhino protection awareness, on behalf of World Rhino Day, 25th Sep. Rhino Monitor Nkosinathi caring Lillie having eye infection. @careforwild

Posting as a support for endangered Rhino protection awareness, on behalf of World Rhino Day, 25th Sep. Rhino Monitor Nkosinathi caring Lillie having eye infection. @careforwild

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Rhino Monitors in the Intensive Protection Zone reported that Lillie seemed to have an eye infection. The vet has prescribed some drops for Lillie which must be given three times a day as well as some medication. Fortunately our Rhino Monitors not only protect the rhinos, they care for them too. Nkosinathi has been protecting Lillie and her crash since they entered the re-introduction programme over two years ago. She trusts him completely to administer her eyedrops and takes her medication hidden in her favourite food. We are so blessed by the dedication and empathy of our team. #hearts&handsforrhinos South Africa https://www.facebook.com/careforwild/ https://www.careforwild.co.za/


Am I reading this right? A rhino family or herd is called a crash?


Fitting name


Yup. Up there among my favorites.


What you guys are doing is amazing


Hov the … is he able to stand right next to them…?


Always remember that rihinos are gentle giants while hippos are murder machine's.


Not an expert or anything but I think most of the Time a Rhino turns dangerous when they are startled or territorial. They have poor eyesight I believe, so if they don't see you move in front of them and then suddenly you are there... That probably startled them into attacking you. Now I could be completely wrong so take that with a grain of salt.


I'll never not upvote humans being good dudes towards animals.


Nkosinathi.......................another hero that has no cape!


Big puppy


Make sure you guys know that they are going extinct because of traditional chinese medicine.


Really? Please elaborate.


A lot of Chinese medicine require a lot of stuff that comes from animals which has caused many animals to become endangered. They are sold by poachers for huge profits in black market.


>poachers There's your problem


Idiots thinking that snorting some ground up rhino horn will make their dick bigger is the real problem.






Another approach to the situation : You can't just assume that poachers are some angels with broken wings that are being used by rich assholes. Not everyone in Africa or other countries is indulged in this shithole. So many people from extremely poor backgrounds, even more far gone than those poachers maybe, are actually working to save these beautiful animals or doing anything else to earn bread and butter. This is like saying, Pablo Escobar was a poor man who got a chance to run the drug mafias and make millions. "Would you miss that chance if you were in his shoes? Sure, so many people died because of it. But WHAT IF?" And they are not paid $500 ( even if you said that as an example, that figure is way off). They make thousands and thousands of dollars per deal/sale whatever you wanna call it.


Of course, which is why I made sure to explain that it’s hyperbole that’s not true in every situation with made up numbers as I’m not familiar enough with illegal animal trading to give accurate numbers.


I can say without a doubt I wouldn't commit horrible crimes for money yes


Can we legalize killing poachers?


A lot of African countries give Kill on sight orders. But the guys who are out there protecting the animals are terribly equipped compared to the Poachers. Then you have those untouchable guys, your Rich people who want to take a trophy so pay someone to knock the animal out so they can kill it. They even take photo evidence sometimes but no one ever does anything about it.


Even better than Ivermectin (horse de-wormer), the ground up powdered balls of a rhino poacher can prevent (insert disease here) Covid-19. On the internet, must be true


I thought he was going to have to pretend to give the other rhino drops as well so it doesn't get jealous


This guy should be Times most influential person


Very cool.


Rhinos really are the most amazing creatures. Major kudos to those who work to protect them.


These men and women who protect these endangered animals are beautiful human beings. I wish I could get my cat to behave better when I'm giving medication.


The real heroes aren’t in the military.


May this gentleman live forever


Why are their horns filed down?


Conservationists in South Africa have started to cut off the horns of rhinos to protect them from poachers. The BBC's Alastair Leithead, who accompanies a team to see how it is done, says de-horning a rhino is akin to cutting one's fingernails. You can see a video of that. https://www.bbc.com/news/av/world-europe-58703232


I wondered if that was the only reason why. And we’re all glad for it, especially these cute rhinos. Thanks so much for your informative response and the video You might enjoy, if you’re not already familiar, with Carl Safina’s books, esp one on animals think and feel…this interaction between two sentient beings, while they may not communicate in words, there is so much going on that conveys a deep bond between them Edit: changed people to sentient beings




Wow nice job 👍


Angel's working hard


Save the chubby unicorn