This man asked the Waiter to sing happy birthday to his wife and it ended up with an Entire Orchestra singing for her

This man asked the Waiter to sing happy birthday to his wife and it ended up with an Entire Orchestra singing for her

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​ *"Oh God, the waiter is coming over with a cake!"* *"Oh God, he and another waiter are starting to SING!"* *"Oh God, A FULL CHOIR IS STARTING TO SING!!!"*




*How?* Maliciously.


mom's cheesecake


Llama on my sweater already


After endless breadsticks she’s bloated and heavy


But it's her birthday so lets throw the confetti and clap palms


Mom’s spaghetti


How do you tip a choir??


Honestly I’d fucking disappear into my chair so quick


Where can I get one of those groups of music singing people? A choir? OK, where can I *acquire* one of those groups of music singing people? Edit: thanks for the upvotes and particularly the awards. I can't take credit for the joke. I think I first encountered it on r/dadjokes but I saved in my brain in the (ever increasing) "jokes that make me chuckle" folder.


Had to read it twice, this is my kind of word play!




This had me laughing 🤣🤣


OK, where can I *an orchestra* one of those groups of music singing people? This joke is the way I remember the difference between a choir and an orchestra.


People like you r why I love Reddit


I dunno, check around Salzburg. I heard there are some watchmakers or something that can sing.


It’s a cross. From where?


Mouth orchestra


Go on...


Esophageal artist?




Lol I was waiting to hear instruments 😆


but they strummin' on those vocal chords tho


My first thought was "Bro do you know what an orchestra is?"


I was waiting for instruments


Choir? I don’t even know her.


Here I was waiting for strings, and got voices instead. Wtf. "Orchestra."


Preaching to the orchestra bud


Orchestra players often can sing too. I went to a musical school, every kid had to pick a second instrument/activity, something unrelated to the first one. Like if you play a trombone, then you could pick a piano or singing.




Definitely not an orchestra, but What is the difference between a choir and a chorus?


A choir is the focal point of a performance, and while there may be musical accompaniment, it is not required. A chorus is a group of singers who are part of a larger overall musical performance and they are not the focal point of the piece. Choir also often refers to a group of singers who perform religious music, so when Kanye gets a bunch of people in robes onstage to sing along with “Jesus Walks” they will usually be called a choir, but as part of that song they are technically a chorus.


I have a fucking music degree, and this was never covered. Granted, it is music technology and my instrument was bass trombone, but still...


>What is the difference between a choir and a chorus? I'm a semi-pro singer. If you start talking about Broadway or opera etc., there might be a meaningful difference, but I've always heard *choir* and *chorus* used interchangeably when talking about symphonic music. Elite snobby groups sometimes call themselves a *chorale*, but it's all the same thing.


Comment above you gave a difference but frankly not sure I buy it. According to them, chorus = accompanying part (more like the traditional chorus from plays and musicals) and choir = focused part of the performance. If that's true, then I've been in a lot of choruses who have put on concerts where they are the main act so not really sure that definition checks out... or we used the wrong name!


Lol choir but yes, that is awesome


What's a Lol choir?


League of legends choir


All they cover is Imagine Dragons.


But not the song you’re thinking of, only *Radioactive*.


Imagine Dragons has other songs?


I would imagine they'd have one about dragons


Is Radioactive not about dragons?


I thought it was about life beginning after nukes fell.


Lots of lewd choir


They’re basically communicating that it’s not an orchestra but a choir through “LOL”


rofl thanks


Lol choiren't you sucking deez nuts?


Love Of my Life choir.


lord of lords choir duh


Mmm listen to those cellos and violins


[removed] ^^^^what ^^^^actually ^^^^happened ^^^^here??


Good god what happened, it’s mass grave!


Talk about scorched earth


AND they can sing like that!? What an act!




Former Server here: maybe I'm in the minority here, but I always loved when people would ask me to sing for them. Idk I love connecting with people and that is an awesome way to do it!


I used to serve and I don't understand why it wouldn't be okay for people to ask if they would sing. You aren't obligated to say yes or anything. I would just tell them sorry no we don't sing and they didn't want to hear me sing anyway and move on. I could see it being an issue if they persisted though.




When I was 16 I worked at a Pizza Hut with some friends. Anytime there was a birthday request, we would file out of the kitchen ladened with various utensils and pans we would use to hammer out the most god-awful, rhythm-less, out of tune, cacophonous rendition of “Happy Birthday” you ever heard. People generally loved it!


If you're ok with that and the owner of the establishment is ok with that, then I think you're free to do so. Even better if you're able to sing in public. I probably couldn't do it. I love to sing, and I do sing in my spare time and in front of friends and family, but I've horrible stage fright otherwise, at least solo.


I ain't paid to entertain


Seriously.... thats never a cool request, but this seems like waaaay too nice of a restaurant to expect a server to sing to you


This orchestra could start a choir!






That might be the first time I've ever heard "Happy Birthday" sung on-key.


But the minor second dissonance sung by the family who can’t sing is what makes it special lol


Oh yes, I'm part of the "special."


At least you're smarter than an oreo, so you've got that going for you.


It's our adventurous, microtonal reharmonization of an old classic.


When I was in a church choir many years ago, we referred to that as the congregational descant.


Not only in key but in full chord harmony.


It's fucking beautiful.




Oh my god I love that video. It’s one of the best live performances I’ve seen (not in person but in video). It is a total goosebump moment for sure.




I wonder why Dave Letterman has the seat right next to Jimmy Page.


ETA: he was also being honored that night.


I’m not sure why this happens to me, but some music makes me sob. Like this cover. At least I’m in my home and not in public. I’m glad I wasn’t at that performance because I would have been a damn mess. Thank you so much for sharing.


I rewatch that at least 2-3 times a year. My god, what an experience. OG Members just watching like "...goddamit, this is better". Pretty sure I saw one of them shed a tear.


This type of thing happens when there’s an accidental critical mass of singers in your friend group. I sing in a choir and so do a lot of my friends. We’ve had fun turning heads in restaurants a couple of times. Once was singing “Happy Birthday” to our friend over birthday drinks, and the 6-part harmony got us claps from the bar. Most recently (in 2019, ugh), we did a holiday afternoon tea and they had us sing “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” before opening our crackers. Apparently normal tea party groups don’t sound nearly that good.


I have also been in multiple choirs where ridiculously over the top happy birthdays in restaurants are the norm. It’s so easy to harmonize!


Man I'd love to hang with people that can sing. What a good vibe


That’s so awesome. I love singing. It’s one of my favorite things, but I have an awful voice. I’m not tone deaf. Range isn’t great, but that can be worked on with training. But my timber is just not enjoyable to listen to. I’m probably a Contralto and it’s just really not appealing. Guess I’ll just never have the luxury of singing to tunes in front of people!


I don't know how to make a sound that matches another sound.


I love how people start it off slowly, waiting for other people join in early "hhhhhaaaaappyy bbbirrrrrthdayyyy TOOOOOO youuuuuuuu......" and it sets the slow-ass pace for the song, which ends up sounding like a dirge instead of an ode.






Not me. Heard it done fine many times.


Wow that's so fucking cool good for you.


Bro that’s a choir


Ah, yes, those orchestras without instruments.


The a capella orchestra!




Rock me amadeus.


According to another comment on this thread this is a "Lol choir"


Orchestras can sing too. The voice is an instrument.


That's not an orchestra, though. That's a choir. Source: I am a choir teacher.


Imagine that being a choir director isn't enough of a source to prove this group of people singing **without instruments** is a choir


I'm losing my fucking mind dude




It's such a strange, specific, unimportant argument. Just... why??


Is it a usual occurrence to ask the waiter to sing happy birthday? I would fucking hate to be asked to sing happy birthday while at work.


At some restaurants, the waiter will ask if you're celebrating anything. Depending on your answer you may get a free dessert. If the waiter doesn't ask, sometimes one of the diners (the one who isn't having a birthday) will ask if they "do something special" for birthdays. Everyone hopes the answer is free dessert. Normally the answer is small dessert and they sing. I don't know of anyone who actually requests the singing.


I’d prolly try to make them sing “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”


In the US it seems to be somewhat customary - never seen it happen in Europe - except in cases where they joined in when the family and friends started singing.


I used to work for applebee's in the netherlands, we had company birthday songs we had to sing if we knew it was someones bday...you get used to it, but first couple of times are cringe AF...


> I used to work for applebee's in the netherlands We have Applebee's?


we used to, out of 4 locations only 1 made a profit, so they closed all of them.


applebees is bottom tier american food, below mcdonalds


yeah... but i presume it's mostly kids birthdays then, right? Because celebrating my birthday at a fast food joint sounds... depressing AF (although i would probably have loved it as a kid).


nah man was for every birthday, if requested we had to sing, entire front of house staff, waiters and bar staff, at least 1 manager.


How depressing.


It’s only customary in crappy corporate chain restaurants, please don’t ask you waiter to sing, your an adult and no one else cares that you are having a birthday.


Right! If the waiters want to join in when the family & friends sings - sure, but don't force them to sing - expecially if the family & friends does not sing themselves. They are waiters, not fucking court jesters.


It would be extremely weird to ask the waiter to sing happy birthday. It would not be weird to mention to the waiter that it is the birthday of one of the diners. Depending on the restaurant, that might mean you get a casually presented free desert or glass of wine, it may result in a big production where the entire waitstaff comes to clap and sing and blow kazoos and stuff. Really depends on the restaurant’s policy.


In high school I was part of the choir and we were singing at the city opera house with an orchestra. After practice our choir went out for a meal at a restaurant before the real performance. Someone was having their birthday meal at the same time and when it came time for the waiters to sing happy birthday, they asked us to sing for them. Will never forget the look of surprise on that woman's face.


That’s not an orchestra. That’s a choir


How do I buy a singing group? *"A choir"* Fine, how do I *acquire* a singing group?


Brilliant and underrated.


They are cheap. Can be had for a song. I myself have a capella of 'em.


Hahaha that’s so cool, I love how awkward the wife looks


This would be so cool but I would be so anxious. I can remember once when I was a kid a group of employees sang happy birthday to me and I crawled under the table in awkwardness.


As an adult when people were singing it to me, the only thing stopping me from doing that was knowing that I'd get stuck and it'd be even more awkward


I just smile and wave my shoulders to the song now, so they know I appreciate them and sympathize with the awkwardness they must be feeling themselves. The only thing that I can think as worse than having strangers serenade you in a public place, is having to serenade a stranger in a public space.


Yep, I'm just thinking that something like that would have been both the greatest thing to happen and the absolute worst thing to happen.


Happy Cakeday to *you*, Happy Cakeday *to* you, Happy Cakeday dear azthal. . . Happy Cakeday to you!


Happy Cakeday to **you**, Happy Cakeday **to** you, Happy **Cakeday** dear azthal... **Happy** Cakeday to you! (I'm harmonizing!)


Oh, I didn't actually realize, thank you so much! Now I better go hide somewhere due to my shame.


>Yep, I'm just thinking that something like that would have been both the greatest thing to happen and the absolute worst thing to happen. Is it your cake day? Happy cake day! Don't worry. I won't sing! I hear you about how it's totally awkward and embarrassing to have happy birthday sung to you at a restaurant, but at the same time, it feels good to know you're loved, to know that people care about you. In this particular case, I'd also be thrilled by how beautiful that choir sounds.


Are you my best friend from middle school who moved away? I went to The Olive Garden with my best friend when she turned 14. When the waiter came out with the cake she was so mortified she turned bright red and just slid down into the booth until she was under the table. The waiter said he had never seen someone actually go under the table before.


I'm cool with those situations. Except for one time on my birthday. Went to school but just before that I met my buddy on campus and he offered me a joint as a small birthday gift. How could I say no? So I was really high when I got to class. No big deal because I sat in the back. This girl I sat next to commented on how red my eyes were. She must've known that I was high. A couple of minutes later she turns towards me and suddenly exclaims: "It's your birthday today, right?". I said "Yeah it is". Then she calls out the teacher to tell her that it is my birthday. Suddenly the whole class of 30 plus people turns around to face me and starts singing happy birthday while I'm just sitting there stoned out of my mind.


I couldn’t hear the orchestra over the choir singing. How rude of them!


I guarantee an orchestra will sing better than your average Joe, but not better than those folks


*Laughs in* [Two Steps From Hell](https://www.youtube.com/user/TwoStepsFromTheMusic).


Do servers hate doing that or???


I straight up refuse. Why would I do that? I don’t have a singing voice, I don’t know you... imagine you were asked to sing on request at your job, I don’t think you’d like it. Ya know?




Right, and my employer NEVER said i was expected to sing. Yet people constantly ask anyways, and get surprised when I say no. It’s not in my job description, it’s embarrassing for you and for me. People should stop asking waiters to sing songs.




>it’s still a pretty common thing … in the USA. r/shitamericanssay In Western Europe we don’t do this because we have Freedom over here: we aren’t slaves to our employers, we have work contracts, can’t be fired at will, have social security and aren’t dependent on our employer for our health insurance.


Sounds like the opening of an old Disney film


*choir. This distinction pained me. Lol


Still waiting for the trombones, timpani and string section of that giant orchestra to kick in


I think you mean choir.


The real hero here


Good luck topping that next year.


They do sound beautiful 🥰


They’ve got big “All in the Golden Afternoon” from Alice in Wonderland vibes


"Sound your A, Lilly" Lilly: " *No, no I don't think I will"*


Orchestra = instrumentalists. I don't see no tuba section.


You ever seen a fucking orchestra sing?


There ain’t a single orchestra instrument in that choir.


Wtf was her name? Crithiapela?


Also, Stop asking your waiters to sing happy birthday to your relatives, that is just a) cringey b) abso-fucking-lutely not their job


That’s the only way to get free cake though. Do it for the cake.


THE CAKE IS A LIE but srsly - i always got cake/dessert without them singing. Edit: if i even told them its my birthday that is.


I don’t think people usually *ask* to be sung happy birthday. They mention that it’s one of the diner’s birthdays, and that sets the restaurant’s birthday process in motion. Sometimes, that’s a free drink, sometimes it’s a huge production with sparklers and tambourines. It’s very unlikely that waitstaff would sing happy birthday at a nice restaurant where that’s not the restaurant’s policy.


This is why I never tell anyone at a restaurant it's my birthday, not risking that.


If they can legally be written up and/or fired for refusal than it is abso-fucking-lutely part of their job.


Yeah - im not saying employers don‘t make them do it. Thats why customers should not ask for that, because the job of a waiter is to bring food and drinks. But also i‘m more thinking along the lines of - if anyone sings happy birthday to someone, it should be friends and family. Or even better, at least if you ask me, absolutely none should ever sing happy birthday to anybody that does not ask for it.


You must have had a bad personal experience to care this much about it lmao


Absolutely, every time people sing happy birthday to me i want to die 😁


Honestly same


Shouldn't you care? Can you image working your ass of for minimal money, wearing some degrading costume, then having some asshole ask you to sing and dance because one of you fucks was born once? I think the biggest problem is people who have never worked in hospo, and assume the workers genuinely like the customers.


It’s demeaning, and thinking that coercing strangers to perform for you for less than minimum wage + tips is some real boomer shit. Just because they can be legally fired for not doing it doesn’t mean that’s right.


This. Like, I don't know if I'd say it was narcissistic, but it's definitely weird and self indulgent as fuck


funny enough i was once at a restaurant celebrating some relatives birthday, and the waiters just decided to sing happy birthday - thankfully they abandoned it after the first go through when they saw that everyone at the table was mortified and embarassed and did not join in.




An acapella orchestra


Reminds me of this. Same vibe. [Orchestra plays surprise happy birthday. ](https://www.reddit.com/r/MadeMeSmile/comments/nglqt4/orchestra_plays_happy_birthday_to_you_for_the/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf)


Who the fuck asks the waiter to sing happy birthday for their relatives??


Lol! Excellent! What a memorable birthday! That reminds me when a group of us ballroom dancers were out from a competition... we came across and old couple dancing and started a flash mob of dancing around them.


Had a similar experience at a baptism I attended once. The choir happened to be up in the choir loft rehearsing, and they timed it so that at all the important bits of the baptism ceremony, they burst out with a verse or two of an appropriate song. People can be cool sometimes.


That’s a choir


It’s called a choir, an orchestra is for string instruments, but still pretty cool


You know, I've been kind of in a hard place the past couple weeks. I don't know why, but this honestly made me cry. I just appreciate how beautiful and sweet it was. How delighted everyone was. It was just so lovely and beautiful.


Hey, I hope things turn a corner for you really soon.


Thank you, that honestly means a lot


If this happens to me, my introvert ass will implode on itself.


Holy fuck that brings back some memories. We went to an all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet restaurant for my 30th birthday, this place has a reputation for singing happy birthday. I hear the music playing, look over my shoulder and the staff are moving towards a table at the back. I figured this would be a great opportunity for a jape, by lifting my shirt up enough so I could hide my head in it and declared bravely that my friends had better not do that shit to me. I got a tap on the shoulder from the missis. I pull my shirt back down, there's a cake in front of me and at least 10 members of staff absolutely *thriving* on my misery. Turns out I'm a predictable kind of guy and my friends knew I'd react the way I did, so got the staff to go to another table, wait for me to do my turtle impression and then hurry over. I like to act up and get stupid in front of my friends, but it was only when I pulled my shirt down I realised that the whole restaurant was watching me. Fuuuuuun. It wasn't all bad. They kept the video private, and I got gluten free cake that was actually quite nice. But dear fucking god I have never been so embarrassed and it was all self inflicted.


Call it a real surprise ✌🏻


I’ll call it what I want to, thanks.


This is my nightmare


Now that is cool Birthday. I'm sure she'll remember this her entrire life... imagine that one moment when 50 or so years later she'll say: You know, one time i had an orchestra sing Happy Birthday to me.


Omg this so cool!!!!!!


Now that just made my day. What’s more heartwarming than a wholesome surprise like that from complete strangers?


Now this is the kind of content I flow this sub for!


This is my worst nightmare


Why would you put the waiter through that?