hp to atk ratio?

hp to atk ratio?


Atk substats dont do much so focus CR, CD, and HP for substats


While the cap is true, getting to that point is virtually impossible so you don't have to worry about it. You may aim from 30k to 35k HP for a sweet spot especially if you have Homa. The thing about ATK is since she has very low base ATK she is not benefiting a lot from it (not saying it is bad to have some percentage here and there, but just not focusing it). I'll say after reaching 30k~ you can start focusing on EM since you wanna pair her with Xingqiu to vaporize (Having at least 100 would be great). About the lavawalker situation tho, I'm not sure what would proceed with it.


glad to know it's hard to reach that cap!! if atk% isn't something to focus on then i'll just go with my original plan of substats focusing crit rate/dmg > em > hp% or hp without fussing over atk; except for lavawalker where i'll eliminate elemental mastery. thanks!!


EM > HP > ATK, unless you play mono Pyro.