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Harry Lloyd is criminally underrated. Loved all of his narration in the lore videos.


He was one of my favorite parts in the lore videos. Hearing about House Targaryen from his voice was perfect (it was easy to imagine being Dany and that this is exactly how he also told her about House Targaryen).


He voices Viktor in Arcane too


I actually noticed a lot of similarities between Arcane and House of the Dragon. Both have the characters as kids that are all friends, and then time jump and they're pitted against each other. Eventually all of the friendships both shows start out with are gonna end up as archrivalries.


Very true, Arcane felt very similar to me as well because the characters in both shows are very grey.


They are in the same genre, grimdark fantasy. It's the opposite ot LotR when the tone is more helpful and have clear moral value between good vs evil. Some fans have issue with RoP because they portray the supposedly good characters with questionable moral value. It's mismatch of subgenre


Oh wow I really liked Viktor too!


That’s awesome. I never noticed. He was sooo good in season 1 got


He did Victor? Damn, yeah he was my favourite


Yesterday I learned that Barristan Selmy's actor also plays General Dodonna in Rogue One, and now (OG) Viserys is Viktor? Who else don't I know about...


Didn’t know that about the barristan actor, that’s pretty cool. Did you know that Jack Gleeson (Joffrey) was in Batman Begins 2005? Here’s the scenes he’s in: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=xZ9aIqk4Aaw


Whaaat! This made my day. I never noticed.




And he narrates Dunk and Egg on Audible iirc


He does and he does so perfectly


He also narrates the audiobooks of the Dunk & Eggs series right? They're such a great listen because of the way he reads the stories


Unsurprisingly, his Aerion Brightflame voice in that is especially fantastic.


Isn't he the one who also thought he was a dragon and tried to prove it by drinking lit Wildfire?




That is him! I loved his narration. It's not quite as engrossing as Roy Dotrice, but still thoroughly enjoyable. I hope they get him to do Winds and Dream if we ever get the chance


He voices Viktor in Arcane too


And, ya know, being the [great-great-great] grandson of Charles Dickens is pretty fucking cool.




I'm thinking he should voice a valyrian noble in an animated Valyria show


What lore videos? I wanna see


They released 1 hour animated and narrated lore videos with each season of Game of Thrones. Actors from the series did the narrations while remaining in character. There is so much to listen to but I think Harry Llyod only did the narration as Viserys for stuff concerning the Targaryen family and history. Here is a playlist on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOCQRrDDXaseEs3u-Ftbvu5G2TSy4ZwFZ


The best story from histories and lore is surprise surprise [The Dance of the Dragons](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WY_GyBuuf_c) which is HotD's story. Its such a gripping animation I must have watched it 50 times over the last ~5 years. I was over the moon when I heard HBO was gonna make a full series on it. Special shout out to Harry Lloyd (Viserys) and Mark Addy (Bobby B) who really pour their hearts into their parts of the narration


>!*Nonsense. It's a chair made of steel blades that she spent two of her sons to get - she probably gripped the damned thing too tight*!<


oh i ADORE that video


Robert's is my favorite but Tywin's and Viserys' are great too!


Roose Bolton was phenomenal. That man needs to narrate shit right now.


Thank you!! Ahh how have I never seen these before I’m obsessed


The way he delivers "SHUT UP STOP TALKING CEASE AND DESIST THERE'S A GOOD GIRL" in the Doctor Who Two-parter he was in is fucking phenomenal Also his narration at the end of that story is incredible


Brother of mine!


Oh my God, he's *that* guy!! I never put that together until just now.


He’s also Will Scarlet in the BBC Robin Hood TV show which I still have an unreasonable amount of love for given it’s lack of a production budget


He was phenomenal in those episodes. The whole two parter was incredibly well done, but even then he was by far the standout.


He's awesome in [Counterpart](https://m.imdb.com/title/tt4643084/). If you haven't seen the show, it has stellar cast. I wish they hadn't cancelled it.


Did it get cancelled? Or did it just… run it’s course? 2 seasons sorta seemed to tell the story they were going for…. Awesome show tho. Great acting wall to wall.


The last episode felt like they could have gone for another season, but it ended in such a way that they did tie up most of the character arcs.


Absolutely loved him character in Counterpart. Not many people I know have seen that show I wish it had a bigger following


Also, I really loved him as Legion's dad in the TV Show Legion. Amazing and very trippy show


Found Glidus guys


He does the audio book for Dunk & Egg “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms” It’s really good


He is also in the latest adaptation of Brave New World


I hope they bring him back as a Targ actor.


That'd be great. I was thinking someone like Daeron the Drunken if they ever get around to doing Dunk and Egg.


He is great narrating the Dunk & Egg audiobooks. In the first, you can feel the insane parallels between Aerion "Brightflame" and Viserys "Beggar-King.


I’ve never heard of these, where could I find them?




Which lore videos? I don't quite know




Daenerys was beautiful throughout, but the earlier seasons where they lightened Emilia’s eyebrows to match gave her such a stunning, soft look!


It really irked me when they stopped lightening their eyebrows. Her natural hair is super dark brown and it looked very odd to have dark eyebrows and bright white hair (same with Cersei).


Until I was 14 or 15 I had super light blonde hair and dark eyebrows like Cersei. Now my hair looks like s8 Jaime lmao


I also was like Lannister, now I'm more like Baratheon. Nature is weird.


The seed is strong 💪🏻


I know quite a few girls who have undyed blonde hair and dark eyebrows.


Same it’s not uncommon at all


Wait I loved this look and didn’t even realize it at the time that it was Dany inspired lolol my hair is dark brown and it was bleach blonde at the time and I loved that my eyebrows were dark with it haha


And it looks like her hair was much more cool toned in the last season. I liked the look in the first couple seasons better!


I thought I was going crazy but in like s3-s6 her wig started to look more blonde. And then s7 hit and it went back to the shade it was in the first 2 seasons. Was that in my head?


It definitely did. When she was taking over the free cities, her hair was blonde-ish. I also felt that they used a warm filter during her time there, perhaps to suit the deserted look of Essos I guess. But then when she stepped into Westeros, her hair was more platinum blonde but the first two seasons had a more silvery look to them. I prefer the earlier look tbh


The costuming and hair/makeup departments said they had a really hard time with the Targaryen wigs because they would start to yellow in the sun, so that could’ve been why.


I’m gonna need to know what brand of new purple shampoo she used to hold that platinum in


Fanola is my favorite brand


In season 8 they had a human hair wig for Dany. Those kinda wigs apparently cost like $40k Edit: Upon more reasearch it seems they cost like $7K each, not 40. Sorry.


You can actually get better looking human hair wigs than she wore in season 8 for like $1k.


Daenerys was also described as stunningly beautiful in the books.


My eyebrows are naturally dark and thick and my hair is naturally silvery ash blonde


She also slayed the Dothraki outfits and I liked when they left her hair more free and wavy. Toward the end of was very styled/perfect curls and very buttoned up/structured outfits to make her look like more of a bitch I think


I thought that her braided hair was to represent her victories, dorathki style?


Just a shame they never went with the purple eyes


Curious, were there any Targaryens with serious genetic disorders as a consequence from inbreeding (not just mentally)? Edit: spelling


It's not uncommon for a Targaryen to give birth to deformed stillborns.


*Ahem* Maegor I. Nah but he only had deformed babies because of a witch’s curse.


Book spoilers about miscarriages >!There were plenty of others, though, as well. Maegor, Rhaenyra, Daemon, Laena, Aegon II, Aegon IV, and Aerys II all produce stillborn, draconic children.!<


Daenerys as well in the books.


Although it’s probably retconned, considering AGOT makes it out like she was sabotaged by the witch.


It is a bit of a different situation since she didn’t inbreed…


Well, Danny believes she was cursed by Mirri Maz Duur, but it’s entirely possible that she is incapable of bringing a baby to term due to being a product of generations of inbreeding.


Isn’t there some (largely unfounded) theory that Targaryens bred with these weird mountain wyrms in old Valyria giving them their kinship with dragons and resistance to fire but also those occasional draconic babies?


This probably comes from the French fable of Mélusine, a were-dragon, or "fairy", who married a human noble. All of their children were "deformed in some way".


Maegor is like one of the Targaryen’s who interbred the *least* I thought. I imagined his deformed babies were just from his evilness


Tyanna cursed all of his children. She admitted to it. She lied about her sister-queen cheating with like 20 men. She got tens and tens of people tortured and killed because of it. Maegor was cruel but she sure caused a lot of the cruelty.


Yes and no. They may have come out that way due his cruelness, but it is to note that Tyanna admitted to have poisoned his other wives into having miscarriages in the first trimester of pregnancy. Considering how Martin describes the various relationships between parents and children I bet that if he were to write an adult child of Maegor said child would be a charming pacifist or at least a noble person.


In the books Laena’s son >!is described as twisted and malformed. Rhaenyra and Daemon also have a stillborn daughter that is scaled with a stubby tail.!< And Rhaego of course had a stubbed tail and leathered wings. These deformities aren’t that uncommon within the family line


This probably comes from the French fable of Mélusine, a were-dragon, or "fairy", who married a human noble. All of their children were "deformed in some way".


Maelys Blackfyre (subbranch of Targaryens) had a little second head growing out of his neck.


Ahh yes. Maelys the monstrous


Slain by Ser Barristan of all people


Who then meets his end from some spicy bird bois


Surely you mean who is currently alive and well, serving as the queen’s hand and lord commander of meereen armies, and have just crushed the slaver’s army sieging meereen with the help of the iron fleet


I love how his name is literally "Malice", but spelled "Maelys" instead.


I mean a lot of them birthed stillborn or weak babies. Aemma herself said that her 5 (?) babies died within 9 years. That’s actually insanely horrifying


This reminds me of Queen Anne. From birth onwards, Anne never enjoyed good health, and her almost-constant pregnancies that ended in miscarriages did not help. She became pregnant 17 times, but only one child lived, William, who became the Duke of Gloucester. However, William died prematurely as well, and the crown passed to King George I, a distant cousin of hers. This caused the Jacobite rebellions, similar to the Dance of Dragons.


The reason the crown passed to George I was because Parliament banned Catholics from inheriting the throne. She had a half-brother James Stuart (the Old Pretender) and Charles Stuart (the Young Pretender or Bonny Prince Charlie) who were disqualified from inheriting due to Catholicism. The Jacobite cause is named after James II, whose name in Latin is Jacobus. It all went back to the Glorious Revolution which overthrew James II who converted to Catholicism and then had a surprise son (James) with his Italian Catholic wife Mary of Modena. This birth followed multiple miscarriages, stillborns and infant mortalities. James was Mary's 11th pregnancy but first to live beyond a few weeks. Catholics rejoiced but Parliament was furious. They accepted James as king with the knowledge that soon enough he will die and be succeeded by a his Protestant daughter Mary from his first marriage. Since boys overruled women in the line of succession they set about hatching a plan to put Mary on the throne. They just wrote to Mary's husband William of Orange, Stadtholder of the Dutch Republic, asking him to raise an army and invade in exchange of being co-monarch with Mary. He obliged and James fled to Ireland, where he was still recognized as king and built an army to take back Britain. But he was defeated by William at the Battle of the Boyne in 1689 which is still a sore point in Northern Irish (and Glaswegian) politics. It was the main starting point for the current sectarian conflict because William would go on to displace many Irish Catholics and settle mostly Scottish Protestants on their land. The Jacobite cause appealed to Scottish and Irish nationalists alike who wanted more autonomy from England. This was despite Scotland being predominantly Protestant. The Stuarts fled to France where they tried to get France to back an invasion to take back the throne. France resolutely rejected their claim in 1701 in order to secure English support in the War of Spanish Succession (caused by the death of the incredibly inbred Charles II of Spain). Loss of support from France and the Hanoverian Succession drove supporters of the Jacobite cause to action. The 1715 Rising was started by a disgruntled Scottish landowner, the Earl of Mar, who raised the banner of rebellion because he was fired as Secretary of State by the new king. Mar was nicknamed Bobbing John because of his tendency to shift loyalty depending on self interest.


Have you heard how they found Charles I coffin? Super interesting story


Thank you for all of this!! I'm currently reading the Outlander series and all of this plays a huge part in the series but it hard to get my head all the way around. Tysm!


I think that was more common before modern medicine.


That might be because Viserys started sleeping with Aemma at a disturbingly young age.


The Targaryens are immune from the IRL negative affects of inbreeding (outside of the occasional reptilian stillbirth). Aegon I was the product of like 4 straight brother-sister unions....the fact that he didn't look like Sloth from the Goonies means that incest isn't a problem, genetically speaking. The problems start when you marry outside the family and then go BACK to incest. Aegon Vs kids were half Blackwood. Then his kids had an incest marriage, which means the Mad King and his wife were still half Blackwood. Then THEY had an incest marriage, so technically Viserys and Daenerys are also half Blackwood. Edit: assuming that Betha Blackwood is the sister of Tytos Blackwoods grandfather, Lord Tytos has less common DNA with his own grandfather than Daenerys does 🙃


Aegon ii has a son, I cannot remember if it’s maelor or jaehaerys born with 6 toes on either foot. And also hereditary mental disorders likely abound in the family


That was Jaehaerys, and that's what happens when you let the royal bloodline get polluted with Hightower blood


Aegon I Targaryens mother was a velaryon


Who was half-Targaryen on her mother's side


But also still part velaryon, why doesn’t your pure blood hypothesis account for her being a velaryon


Not dragon blood, but still Valyrian


And his twin Jaehera was "simple-minded".


>The Targaryens are immune from the IRL negative affects of inbreeding Ah, a fellow believer of Targaryen Exceptionalism.


Isn’t this just one of those “not real life genetics” things GRRM has put in his books though? He said he ignores real world genetics if it doesn’t serve the plot. So it might very well be canon that Targaryens don’t see much impact in terms of their appearance from incest because they have the blood from old Valyria, or some other in-universe explanation.


My fridge logic for it is that the Valyrians did some genetic experiments and part of it ensured they didn't suffer negative effects from incest. As other have mentioned, when they mix with other populations and then go back to incest, those genes seem to lead to deformities and insanity. In-universe, Targaryen Exceptionalism is a tenet that Jahaerys I introduced into the faith of the seven to allow them to get away with incest. Because it's otherwise a sin.


Not to be pedantic, but Aegon I’s parents (Aerion Targaryen and Valaena Velaryon) were cousins of some sort, and we don’t know the identities of the wives of Aerion’s father Daemion and Daemion’s father Aerys. But Aerys was the product of a brother-sister marriage, as were his parents.


I think that probably contributed to Aemmas failed pregnancies


The fact that she was married at 11 and gave birth at 15 probably didn't help


This is why most medieval men waited until a girl (or woman) was at least 16 - or 18 or older, in some cases - in order to allow her time to mature enough to bear children. Contrary to popular perception, it was frowned upon to sleep with a younger girl. The mother of King Henry VII, Lady Margaret Beaufort, gave birth for the first - and the last - time at age 13. It is thought that the birth damaged her to the point where she was unable to bear children for the rest of her life, and it was a miracle she survived.


Reading about this birth is absolutely horrifying, apparently it lasted like three days and at one point they put her inside a bedsheet and tossed her up and down to “dislodge” the baby


That's true too. Probably a bit of both there.


There’s maelys the monstrous who’s from house blackfyre who are Targaryen branch family he was the size of the mountain and had crazy strength like he punched a horse head clean off in a single punch and had small head growing on his shoulder said to be his twin he ate in the womb.


Some of the Targaryen princes/princesses throughout the history were described as “soft-headed”.


Alysanne’s last daughter, Gael, was described as “simple minded and frail” but not sure if that’s inbreeding or some other unrelated birth defect


Could be due to Alysanne's old age. Prior to Gael, she had been having a lot of stillborns and wanted to stop having children because she was around the age her mother Alyssa died in childbirth. Good ol' King Joe brushed aside her concerns.


Uh, well, Lich King Viserys is literally decaying before our very eyes. Although it doesn’t seem to have dampened his spirits (which is good because a *mean* zombie dragonriding King would be 100x more terrifying than a nice and sane one)


Wasn’t there a rumor (can’t remember if it was fan theory or actual rumor in the books) that Tyrion might be a Targaryen bastard hence he was born a dwarf?


Yup. But then there’s Cousin Orson. The Lannisters had their own genetic defects. Tywin and Joanna were cousins, after all.


Achondroplasia is not caused by inbreeding, but gene mutation.


The issues arise when there are defective genes, with selective (in)breeding, you actual just take the best of the best and get, well, perfection as you see. If there are no mutated genes involved, genetic disorders don’t perpetuate themselves. This would require trial and error I suppose for the time - if one partner had a defective gene that cause a disability, which parent was it? Have them both breed with other Targaryens and see the results - but maybe those new partners have another genetic disorder that gets introduced. If you look at our bred dogs, it’s a perfect example of how genetics work - if there is no defective genes, great pups and they breed again. If some disorder appears with the litter, the two won’t breed again but be paired off with other mates (yuck, I have dog breeders… why is incest more acceptable to me?!)


Yes and no. This is commonly the argument for "linebreeding", a subsection of inbreeding, which is also commonly done in the horse industry. However, linebreeding descendants of the AQHA champion stallion Impressive caused the HYPP genetic disease to be spread.


Interesting, thanks for sharing!


You're welcome! The AQHA has since banned HYPP positive foals from breeding.


Maelys the Monstrous was a bastard (I believe) who had two heads.


Harry Lloyd was just perfect as a targaryen, that wig matched him so well! And Emilia's wig in season 1 was good as well, but as the show went on it got worse and worse, specifically the color of the wigs, did not looked real as the season 1 wigs.


it was the adding masses of braids for me - and that with the perfect heat wand curls. so unrealistic


Ugh I hated those perfect ringlets.


Emilia actually bleached her hair during season 1! It was her real dyed hair, which must be why it looked so much better. Unfortunately it was frying her hair so season 2 onwards they used wigs for her.


Her seasons 2 hair was still good tho. I think they got a different wig for her after season 2 and used a different filter that washed her out. Also, I don’t see anything about her dying her hair for season 1, only that she dyed it during season 8 but she still wore a wig cuz her hair was fried and she had to chop it off.


Did she? I remember she dyed her hair towards the end for fun but it fried her hair. Sophie Turner dyed her hair in the beginning.


He was ridiculously pretty as Viserys.


Remember,the targaryens are not like normal humans in Westeros. They have magic in their blood that allows them to tame and ride dragons and other magic stuff. Yeah,some go mad,


It’s a small price to pay


Actually, they were able to acquire some genes from other families in the meantime.


Maybe the Dornish genetics helped it was the only ingredient they added in later to the incest soup


I just don't remember Viserys being that attractive wow.. Must have been his personality


this is heavily shopped


It’s the wigs. They were a lot better in the first season


Also the embroidery got better. Just look at the lettering on that tunic.


You could say hot like melting-gold-hot, one of them at least


Targaryens are like sandwich meat, better in bread


I always thought he'd make a great Loki.


He definitely would!


That's because they got the "Pure-Blooded" trait from Crusader Kings.


Maybe inbreeding issues don’t happen in this fantasy world. Still bitter about what they did to danerys


Still doesn’t explain the casting for Rhaegar. Dude looked like a great value Targaryen.


Right? He was supposed to be like the most handsome guy in the Seven Kingdoms at the time.


The actor actually looks good but the wig and the outfit were horrible. I don't get why they did this to him. The last season is just a shitshow.


They should’ve spent money to get Chris Hemsworth for a cameo. Pretty sure one of the official Rhaegar arts used him as a reference.


Besides the argument that is fantasy, there was an obvious price to the inbreeding. The women died in childbirth more often than not or gave birth to disfigured babies that would die quickly or plain stillborns.


but that wasn't even a common thing, for example, the death of women during childbirth was a common thing and not something that affected only the Targaryens, so it must be attributed to the poor medicine of Westeros. And it's really not usual for those reptilian children to be born. The only case where I remember this being a constant was Maegor, but there were many other Targaryen marriages where the couple had several children and only one or even none was one of those "baby dragons".


That mental health tho


The one that underwhelmed me was Rhaegar Targaryen. I expected something like a blonde Jared Leto from how everyone raved about his looks, but the actor they cast for the secret wedding scene was pretty pedestrian.


You say that now but just wait until they show Henry Cavil as Aegon the Conqueror in the flashback scenes!


I have such a crush on Henry Cavil, if he’s in this show at all I’m swooning


they are all supposed to be otherworldly beautiful (seen as gods by the smallfolk for their looks alone) with a few exceptions. matt smith was a peculiar casting choice in the eyes of many, at first, but the man's acting skills are *unmatched* and he was perfect for daemon.


they got the pure blooded trait from selective breeding for sure (ck3 reference, anyone?)


Viserys got really hot when Khal Drogo gave him his crown of gold. Ok, I’m leaving now.


Rhaenyra is supposed to be quite stout in adulthood according to the books. I love that the Targaryens in this round look more normal and less stunning.




Also see: "Adaptational Attractiveness" - TV Tropes


It’s not that weird actually. A lot of dog breeds are bred for their most desirable traits, which results in them being both cuter and so severely inbred it causes serious health problems. Of course, congenital illness *can* be visibly ugly, but just because a trait is nice to look at doesn’t mean it isn’t linked to some health problems or other genes which are.


“I’ve got Dragon blood, man!” - Charlaerys Sheengaryen


That's the casting choice, however in the books Targaryens have superior beauty all of them. No one looked as beautiful as them. Especially Daenerys.


It is known. Maelys the monstrous, both his heads were gorgeous. Seriously tho he had superpowers & I've always been like wtf about this, he twisted a man's head off & killed a horse with a punch. And Barriston Selmy whooped Dat ass.


It's the dragon magic


Rhaegar was supposed to be the pinnacle of human beauty or something to that effect


Nothin wrong with a little cousin fuckin, it's when you fuck your Dad that the baby comes out a little funky


Their blood is magic so they get away with it


Viserys was extremely underrated. The actor was great, I lived to hate him.


So many people in GoT were extremely attractive. Even Jorah, who was *intended to be less attractive*, was absolutely smoking. HotD has a few bombshells here and there (Both teenage and adult Laena were some of the most beautiful women I'd ever seen), but overall GoT is the winner in this fight.


Good looking people inbreeding should result in more good looking people. The Habsburgs were ugly because they combined ugly people. You can look at the Habsburgs family tree and find exactly which person the chin came from and who the nose etc.


They didn't stay inbred. Many married outside their families, extended or otherwise.


In Daenerys's first chapter, she reflects on how she grew up assuming that she'd marry Viserys when she came of age. >There was more like that, so much more, what a handsome man the khal was, so tall and fierce, fearless in battle, the best rider ever to mount a horse, a demon archer. Daenerys said nothing. She had always assumed that she would wed Viserys when she came of age. For centuries the Targaryens had married brother to sister, since Aegon the Conqueror had taken his sisters to bride. The line must be kept pure, Viserys had told her a thousand times; theirs was the kingsblood, the golden blood of old Valyria, the blood of the dragon. Dragons did not mate with the beasts of the field, and Targaryens did not mingle their blood with that of lesser men. Yet now Viserys schemed to sell her to a stranger, a barbarian. Of course, that's based on what her brother told her...


They were the last Targaryens, or at least they thought they were, so yeah they would probably get married later on if they managed to get iron throne back, so they could keep their Dragon blood going.


>Dragons did not mate with the beasts of the field, and Targaryens did not mingle their blood with that of lesser men. This reminds me of something I read once about medieval royals and nobles seeing themselves as "above marrying the peasantry, who they saw as akin to animals". (However, this didn't stop many royals and nobles from taking peasants as mistresses anyways.)


Dany's parents and grandparents are siblings lol


Danys grandparents married against their parents wishes. It led to a rebellion as both were betrothed to others. King Viserys II marries Larra of Lys King Daeron II marries a Martell King Aenys married a Penrose King Maekar married a Dayne King Egg married a Blackwood And thats just kings. Plenty of non incest marriages.


Daeron was not wed. It was Daeron II


Yeah didn't double press the I. Cheers though. I'll edit.


They are not that inbreed of you look in the family tree. But indreed this sibilings look stunning


Alabama has been inbreeding wrong all these years


In House if the dragon they seem to have gone out of their way to get weird-looking actors to play the Targaryens while in GoT they seemed to just want the hottest actors possible


Are they weird looking or just not stunningly beautiful? Honestly, many of the actors in HoTD look more like casting for a British TV show. That is to say, most of them look more average than Hollywood.


I’d say Matt Smith, Emma Darcy and Milly Alcock have a very specific “elvish” look to them that I can’t really describe. Not a bad look imo, just not your typical “attractive person” qualities


It’s the few generations without incest.


Daenerys and viserys parents were brother and sister.


I prefer Viserys from Hotd to that one


It takes a lot of generations to get derpy


The Targ's hotness peaked with Shiera.


Sorta implied their magic Valyrian blood helps the genetic disaster that would normally happen. And we’ll yah know fantasy lol