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gotta make this into a copypasta


How HOTLINE MIAMI helped me realize my mortality & the inevitable fate of humanity [SPOILERS] (FOR HM2) Let’s address the elephant in the room, if you live in America right now, you hate it You hate how decisions have always been made in favor of the few at the sacrifice of the many, you hate how the few get away with degeneracy & corruption through their connections & money, you hate how politicians puts this divided society up in fighting eachother, but in the end it is all pointless… We will always suffer because of the few who want to make decisions that benefit them over anybody else. & that most revolutionaries who promise to free us from them are in all reality madmen almost as corrupt as those in power. All we can do is just watch as we slowly watch our demise come to us. For most of us, the only glimmer of something worth living for is whoever we have is with those nearest to us. Even if we do die… Is it really that bad? We leave this world the same way we do entering it, by not existing. You may cease to exist, but so will your pain. We can’t change how society is ran, with the Federal Reserve controlling the laws above anybody else. But we do have the privilege of being alive & doing what we want within our limitations, life’s too short to care, go do Cocaine, spray Graffiti of McCarthy sucking a massive Richard, punch an asshole who’s in your life, do whatever whenever. As it always seems to go, we will eventually die in a hellfire, in our own lavish lives we forget any day we could be like the innocent people of Hiroshima & Nagasaki with China pissed off at us defending Taiwan launching their Nuclear Warheads on all of us, but why me? I done nothing to anybody… But such is the cost of living under a system that views us as an expendable extension to be used in their benefit.


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jesse what the fuck are you talking about


I can kinda see where you coming from, I don't share the same feelings with you, but these two games made me lose the fear of death, at least a little bit. I used to get very afraid of dying everytime and lost many experiences and opportunities in life because of that, but this game made me realize that fearing death is fearing living, so now I just try to enjoy life and people around me, and this thinking got me through these 2 past years and all of that Covid stuff, If I had that old mentality during that time, I would have panicked and... Don't even want to think about it...


*does mushrooms once*


tf are you on about


Homie is starting his antihero arc


Life is an uphill battle of surviving bad decisions that people make for you.


Based Still kinda wanna bomb the federal reserve, in Hotline Miami


do you know what would make you feel better? killing gangsters and scum (in HM)


The game is not so much about the inevitable as it is about the consequences of our actions and how they impact other people.


Can also be the inevitable reality that we are in a system that makes decisions against our consent that affects us, Rosa Berg did nothing to nobody, she never harmed a Russian or American, yet, the Governments don’t give a shit & have to play by the rules of War that she is a necessary casualty of War. Just like the countless people who say Hiroshima & Nagasaki was a justified attack to stop WWII.


Good lord I hate nihilistic idiots (in HM)


Isn’t HOTLINE MIAMI 2’s ending about Nihilism?


No it absolutely isnt. Richard's final message to Richter is a complete rejection of nihilism, in that Richard knows the end of the world is coming, but chooses to comfort him and shows genuine kindness and morality in the face of incoming certain destruction. One thing to remember is that despite Richard knowing the fate of all the characters, and what will eventually take place, seems genuinely disheartened that things did actually go the way they do. He even attempts to prompt them into changing by forecasting their deaths (especially the Fans). His choice of words to Richter "by now theres nothing anyone can do", is not a nihilistic outlook, hes disappointed because hes implying someone could have done something long ago to prevent the final act from occuring. He echoes this in the film reel room in the hardmode opening, in which he tries to convince some of them that their actions are wrong and that he wishes things would have turned out differently for Beard and that he never asked for any of this (implying his death is the final spark that started the General's mad descent into 50 blessings). Richard is the hope of a different future, one where things turn out differently and for the better, but its a hope that eventually never comes to fruition. Did you never think about "what about" scenarios for hotline miami? What could have happened if the characters acted differently? Thats what Richard represents. Its also why the HM2 version of biker witnesses richard in the desert and loses his spirit as he understands his inaction has caused a doomed timeline, because theres an alternate future (which we witness in the secret ending of HM1) where Biker eliminates the original masterminds behind 50 blessings and does something that would have prevented the events of HM2 from happening.


Get a grip man


This is deep