How was your Saturday?

How was your Saturday?


Oh shit! What happened?


not 100% sure :( another boarder saw his bloody face and alerted my barn owner, who alerted me. at first it didn't look so bad but when i started cleaning it i realized it was a giant flap that was REALLY deep. had a hell of a time finding a vet to come out, but eventually did and he needed stitches. :(


Poor guy. Mine ripped his lower eyelid one time. That was super fun.


Yeah, looking through the pictures that was my reaction too. "Oh, well that sucks but isn't too bad...... Right never mind". Glad he's in the mend now!


Hope he’s ok ♥️so glad you’re such a responsible horse owner and were able to get the vet there ASAP!!!!! What a shocking thing


What happened?!?!?!?!


Hope he has a speedy recovery! Saw you mention that no one knows how he got it, I had a horse like that, he was the king of random injuries that no one could figure out how he got


Clearly his unicorn horn is starting to come in!


Do you guys have metal t-posts anywhere? I saw you said you weren’t sure what happened, this looks like an injury from a horse catching it’s face on the top of a t-post to me — we put plastic caps or tennis balls on top of all of ours — Hope he makes a speedy recovery!


we don't actually :( it's all just wood.


Horses are crazy lol — could have happened from a branch potentially, otherwise who knows! I swear, for being 1000lbs of muscle they can be so delicate sometimes


Are all the fences okay? If one is damaged or there’s a nail sticking out or something, it could have caused this?


yeah, four people, including myself, walked his whole pasture and couldn't find anything obvious that would've caused this :( i reckon he banged his head on something as he lifted it up quickly and honestly it could have been on anything, horses are so fast and powerful :(


Poor boy! Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery 💜


my mare have this scar and someone says that is from metal post


Oof! Had a similar wound on a mare who threw her head up entering a trailer! After it was stitched up, it healed quickly and nicely! Wishes for a speedy recovery!


Looks like an avulsion that happened as the head went down. Hope he recovers quickly


god, that looks like when one of our boarder horses impaled her chest on a fence 😨 i hope he has a speedy recovery and lots of treats!!!


Bad Gus! Not approved.


Whoops! Hope your horse is being to be okay!!! Wounds like that usually heal quickly ( no tension on skin from muscle movement underneath.) so here’s hoping it’s a quick recovery!


Whoa at the first pic I thought it didn't look too bad, but then I swiped... Wishing him a speedy recovery! 🍀


I swear you could put horses in a padded room and they'll still walk away with an injury like that 😩 hope he feels better soon!!


Had the exact same thing happen with my brand new filly, right to the bone! Horses man…


I want to share a similar I experienced. I work at a barn all day on saturdays. I get there about 7 every Saturday morning and I bring in most of the horses. This happened last Saturday (October 9th). I was going to this one field and bringing in the horses in this field. I get there and realize there is one less halters than there are supposed to be. I steal one from a nearby field. There are two horses in this field. One I “caught” with ease. The other would come up to me and I would try to put the halter on but would pin her ears and back up after I put the nose band on. I tried a couple times, no luck. Took the other horse put her in her stall. Came back out with a different halter. I thought it was something with the halter. She did the same thing, came up to me and I tried to put it on. Pinned her ears backed up. I looked at her face and I was so freaked out. (Please note it was dark and foggy out so it took me some time to see). She had blood/puss running down her face and her nose was swollen. I looked at the source and there was a nasty wound on her forehead. I called one of the trainers and I was freaking out and really worried. She was like “oh yeah. We saw that on Thursday. Sorry we didn’t mention it. I’ll have the trainer look at it.” I was both relieved and pretty mad. NO ONE had mentioned it to me. Not her leasers, not the head trainer, not the assistant trainer. No one. Moral of the story always check your horse for injuries.


I’d be pretty pissed if someone saw one of my horses was injured and didn’t say anything. I work overtime a lot and don’t get out to the barn daily. I get out there quite often but jeez!!


I own a boarding stable and we check the horses am + pm. Even minor scrapes we snap a picture and send it to the owner. I always want to know if the gals in the barn see something.


i'm very lucky that i board at a fantastic place and if my barn owner or another boarder notices an injured horse, the owners are alerted right away. more then once i've had my barn owner save my horses ass by telling me something was wrong - even on days i had already been out and they hurt themselves afterwards.


Poor baby! Hoping for a speedy recovery! 🐴❤️‍🩹


Glad you caught it soon enough to get it cleaned up and stitched. A horse I leased years ago a cut below his eye but nobody saw it right away and by the time we did it was too late for stitches. Just had to keep it clean and use ointment and hope for not too much scar tissue


If you want some good news: face wounds typically heal quickly and well. Lots of blood supply to that skin (which is also why they bleed so badly to start with!)