In case anyone actually wants to check out the [link](https://www.carfax.com/vehicle/2HGFC3A56JH750711?store=BBYT8PAYOI&partner=VLA_C&gclid=Cj0KCQiA5aWOBhDMARIsAIXLlkcnc2z_YAjZHYLI4TI0eG-IAtGrxlKz71BJa2HqJc5HvxxLLAhKTpEaAmeEEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds)


At first I said "Yo that's not so bad...” 140k miles in 3 years??


Uber driver


Don't think so si ce it'd only a 2 door


ubereats maybe or doordash, or maybe the man just loved ripping his si


Could be. Who knows. The only I do know Os that's crazy.


I had a stroke trying to read this


You're welcome


That's not stop and go driving that's....just non stop driving!


To be fair that's not a crazy amount for a honda


35-40k miles in a year is a lot for anything.


Honda or not the national average is about 12-15k per year. This one's working overtime.


True! I have a 2012 Honda Accord I bought in 2015 w/ 82k miles. Car still felt new.




That just means the parts were worn in by use instead of age, as long as regular maintenance is kept its still pretty good for a honda


I paid that price in April for the exact same car with only 33,000 miles. Wow thats insane. I was told my car is now going for almost 30!


I sold my ‘18, blue Si coupe with around 38k miles for $25k to Vroom a few months ago. I was curious and browsed their site and they had it listed for sale for $26k lol.


Im going to laugh my ass off at everyone who buys cars at these prices. I can see them going to trade them in 2 years down the line after the bubble pops. "I still owe 15k on my 6 year old Civic"


Negative equity for everyone!


What I wanna know is how the hell does someone rack up near 140k miles in under 3 years? I can barely make it to 10k a year


I’m still trying to figure out how to take 58 photos of a car


Im just picturing Austin Powers and his photo shooting scene, “yeah baby, give it to me, yes, yes, no, no, no” lol


58 photos must be an attempt to get a buyer to forget that it has over 100k miles on the clock.


Obviously for work! My drive is about 75 miles a day for work. So I’m about 25K a year.


Same here!!! Like mentioned above, I drive 70 miles a day, so 18,200 miles just straight to and straight from work.... that doesn't count to the gas station, to lunch, to doctors, to families houses, out with friends, vacations/road trips, etc... I am in between my work and doctors... work being northwest of my house (35miles 1 way) and my doctors being southeast (60 or so miles one way).. so on the days I have work and then an appointment, by the time I get food and all and get home, I'm almost 200miles for just one day... the miles definitely rack up quickly. I bought my car (2018 Accord Touring 2.0T) on July 31, 2021 and it had right around 26,500 miles or so, and it is currently at 36,904; so like 10k miles in 5 months or so... it's insane how fast the miles can rack up.


I think my commute is 80 miles on the nose. I have a 19 Si so it’s easy to get 37MPG. Go through a tank a week. Not bad tbh.


Yeah that's not too bad.. I am pretty lead footed so I get around 30mpg daily... to and from work is mostly all highway miles so if I am conservative I can hit 35mpg or so, and the other night I made it home with 39mpg. But in city and driving sporty it drops to around 27mpg. Still not bad though. Idk how much difference me having the 2.0t and you having the 1.5t makes.


When I got my 18 I was doing about 100 miles a day for work, racked up mileage quickly, ended around 65k in 2020 before I moved within 20 miles of work.


Dang, that's insane... yeah, I'm still fairly young (20), and I still live with my parents. I don't have rent or bills or anything so I pay for my car, I pay for the tech stuff of the house (internet, etc), things like that that I asked them to let me pay for.. so for now, it's not worth me trying to move closer to work since the drive isn't terrible. They don't mind me living there and I don't mind living there. We are a pretty close-knit family and get along well, so I help where they let me..


And that's still only 1/2 what this car has per year.


I drive 70mi each way for work so 140mi round trip, 35kmi+ for the year Ive put over 50k on the car I bought last may


This is another 10-15k/year on top of that though.


I tracked my my miles for work alone, I drive 70 miles a day, so 18,200 miles just straight to and straight from work.... that doesn't count to the gas station, to lunch, to doctors, to families houses, out with friends, vacations/road trips, etc... I am in between my work and doctors... work being northwest of my house (35miles 1 way) and my doctors being southeast (60 or so miles one way).. so on the days I have work and then an appointment, by the time I get food and all and get home, I'm almost 200miles for just one day... the miles definitely rack up quickly. I bought my car (2018 Accord Touring 2.0T) on July 31, 2021 and it had right around 26,500 miles or so, and it is currently at 36,904; so like 10k miles in 5 months or so...


Oh bro it easy when your car goof on gas and keep going especially if it highway miles one time I drove from Tennessee to Florida just for the hell of it because I was bored lol


I drive 122 miles daily for work so that person probably had a far commute to work.


you could round it to 5 i think. Isn’t the model year plus one of the current year? so this car would’ve come out in 2017 and we are pretty much done with 2021


Solid comment for once


I used to work with a guy that drove 2 hours one way to work. Plenty of people around here drive an hour just one way.


Possibly delivery or Uber type stuff. My work has 2020 Fit for deliveries that just went over 100k.


I commute a lot and I’m 3 and a half years I’m at 88k and I thought that was a lot


so does that mean if i get a ‘22 and stack 1k miles i can resell a couple months later for above MSRP??


Probably yes actually


Literally just sold my 2017 Tacoma with 70k miles for more than I originally purchased it for. The market is pretty crazy right now.




You’d need to pay cash for it


In 2019 i financed a 15 accord sport 6speed price was 15 grand. These used hondas are 10,000 overpriced. Don’t think they gonna drop any time soon eIther


Welcome to the thunderdome


I did the cheap route since my family consists of mechanics. Lucked out at my local salvage yard and bid on a 2018 6 speed hatchback for 6,300 USD salvage. 25,000 miles on Busted front end and passenger side. Repairs cost me 4,000 for paint and body work. All together I spent close to 11,000. Runs perfectly fine.


I went the old route. Found a 2005 Civic Si hatchback with 90K miles, the seller bought it off the original owner and put less than 2K miles on it over a year and a half. Managed to get it for $7900 which feels like a damn good deal in this market.


Bought a 2018 civic sport hatch in august for \~21k with only 33k on it. Si or not this is a robbery


Honestly, it's kind of sad how bad it has gotten...


Man it’s crazy the market now.. I bought my 2021 in June civic sport sedan 51 miles off the lot for 23k


I got mine last year just before the bubble. Same as yours 18 hatch but only 19k on the clock. 17 grand.


Anyone else notice they took the six speed knob off?


*sold separately*


Geez. That's only a little over $2k less then I paid for my 2021 EX Hatchback when I got It new with 33 miles just 8 months ago


As much as I want a new car right now….I am probably just going to sit it out for a bit. I barely drive 50 miles a week.


Are car dealers just deluded ? or did civic si’s go up ?


Everything is up. In December 2017 I bought my 2015 accord lx for $11500. It had 32k miles on it and was a good deal at the time. I now see 2015 accord lx going for 15k+ with between 50k-100k miles. It is absolutely asinine. You are quite literally better off buying a brand new accord lx and paying the extra $5-$10k which is something I never thought I’d say.


I think its more greed than anything... sure we are dealing with shortages so some increase is expected... but this is just ridiculous...


And people are falling for it unfortunately


"It's a Honduh! They last forever"


I really wanted to get a 9th gen si but looks like I’ll just wait


You can still find 8th and 9th gens for decent prices if you look, just gotta kinda look hard.


If 9th gens are going for that much, I might look into selling mine. Work is giving me a car and I don’t know what to do with my 9th gen Si coupe. I only have 40k on the odometer. I never wanted to sell it, but to sell after 7 years for the same price I paid for it back then is tempting.


As much as i love cars, I’ll always put money first so if you really don’t need it i would be wise to sell it in my opinion at least


Yeah, probably the smart thing to do.


It’s the market… really has nothing to do with dealers this is the prices they can get


It’s the auction houses, where the rental companies are desperate for vehicles too and driving up prices for the dealerships.


A lot of dealers are marking new vehicles thousands above MSRP. Why? Because they can.


Remember, dealers make money by selling cars. Right now, they're struggling to get new inventory due to production slowdowns, so they're all battling each other at the used vehicle auctions for something to sell. This, coupled with the need to increase margin to offset volume loss, is why used vehicle prices are bananas.


I paid $24k in June for my Si with 9.5k on the odometer. Things got bad real fast


Yeah let's just completely disregard the mileage


Sold my 2011 pristine FA5 with 32k miles just before COVID for $14k. KBB has it at over $21k now.


Dang mines the same age. Ext with 150k on it.


Can anyone explain this? Im seeing posts about second hand market prices in several car subs and i'm not sure what caused this.


That mileage 🤢 I recently bought a 2012 Civic LX with 154k miles for $7k, and I try really hard not to think about the fact that 60k of those miles were driven during the last year. It only had 90k miles in 2020!!! :(


Just before seeing this post I'd found a 2017 Accord for $29K. I'm like "that's what they went for new, five years ago. WTF?"


I wouldn't touch that thing with a 50 ft pole


That’s what I paid for mine last year with 20k miles on it lol. God damn the market is insane


Went through this in the fall- new model was about $2k more than ~5 yr old models with 60k miles. No brainer.


I traded mine in for just a bit more than this with 20k miles


I paid $21k for my at the time brand new Si coupe late 2018. It was the green color and sat on the lot close to a year.


I bought a 2019 2.0t sport accord at 27,998 sticker w 13.5K miles 5 months ago and the same trim/year/model increased by about 5K. With milage anywhere between 25-45k used… pretty insane


In my country is always always like that


I literally bought my 2018 si with 35k miles for 18k. My goodness


This has got to be a joke…right?


I wish


Are you really surprised since inflation is at all time highs and new cars are scarce?


This has nothing to do with inflation, which isn’t remotely close to ‘all-time highs’ and solely due to the chip shortage and production constraints.


So much electronics im afraid i cant do repairs by myself


That's why I only like 8th gens


Not really, except the touch screen, pretty much same amount. Elec park brake is easier to work on that the old style twist back.


I just paid 25k for a 2018 Honda Civic EX hatchback that had 22k on the clock.


I'm waiting on a 2022 Civic Hatch Sport Touring to be built. I was supposed to pick it up on Friday but the Honda sent them the wrong model . . At least that's what the sales guy told me. They sent a Sport Model with the stock engine. I'm now waiting until late February or March till mine gets to the dealer. I've got paperwork now w/ the VIN and everything. ( Only got a receipt for the deposit originally .. .derp) Anyways point is I'm getting 21,500.00 for my 2018 Civic Ex Hatch that I owe 13,500.00 on yet - they are still sticking w MSRP of 30,500.00. The MSRP for my Civic was 24,145.00. - It's so crazy right now.


Screw that absolute trash


Looks like a deal for the seller. Lol


My civic is for 30k and I got it for 26k no miles


I bought a 2018 civic sport hatch with 15k miles for 20k in mid 2019 and then sold it for 18k to carmax this october. this is nuts


My 97 has 120k miles lol


Yeah I just bought an 05 Si with 90K lol




I paid less than that for my 2018 sport hatch brand new in 2018. This car market reminds me of the housing market in 2007.


Glad I got my civic when I did


Wonder how much my 05 rsx is worth lol, prolly still less tahn 5


Damn mines the same age and has a quarter of the miles on it


Check out Honda Fits. The 2020s are many thousands more than they were brand-new. [This 2020 Sport](https://www.cargurus.com/Cars/m-First-Team-Honda-sp59449#listing=319023303/NONE) had an MSRP of $17,600 when brand-new.


I just got a brand new Si for 30


Just because that’s what they’re asking doesn’t mean that’s what it’s actually selling for. Someone is just trying to gouge is all. Doesn’t mean it works.


That’s more so Honda’s fault. Sorry people no more coupes. Sorry people this is the only ugly ass “integra” you get


They all figured how to screw us in all aspects. Both Honda and dealerships.


My ‘17 Accord EX was only $18k. We bought it March 2020 at the beginning of the pandemic in the time between college sending us home early and everything shutting down. It’s probably worth >20k now


I’m so upset, even looking at 9th gens the prices are similar to this. It really pisses me off, I’m ready to get into something relatively fun but it’s impossible with these dumb ass prices, we got Covid vaccines and masks so why do we still have shortages?! Sounds like a bunch of baloney to me!


Because of the shutdowns, demand dropped to very low levels, production therefore dropped, and now they are behind catching up to the demand. This whole COVID-19 thing was as worse as a world war in my opinion. Response was inefficient and confused, no one knew what to do. Only one country benefited largely from it and I'll leave it at that. But now what we see with these prices is just dealerships making up for the losses because our economical system allows price gouging. I bubble-wrapped my Sis.


Gross….used to get a used Acura for that much coin.


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Jesus Christ I was really swiping trying to look at all 58 pictures. I’m fucking old.


My 2001 only has 20k more miles on it...