[Grade 10 Chemistry] Chemical equilibrium.

[Grade 10 Chemistry] Chemical equilibrium.


Le Chatelier's principle states that the position of an equilibrium (roughly speaking the ratio of product to reactants) shifts to resist changes to its conditions. A) increasing the temperature would mean the equilibrium shifts to favour the endothermic (backwards) reaction. Think that you're increasing the temperature so the equilibrium wants to decrease temperature. B) Adding extra hydrogen would have no effect on equilibrium position - you're not changing the conditions of the equilibrium so eventually the ratio of products to reactants would become the same as it was initially. C) increasing pressure would favour the backwards reaction as there is 1 gaseous reactant atom and 2 gaseous product atoms, so to try and reduce the pressure again the equilibrium would shift to favour the reactants as the lower number of gaseous atoms means a lower pressure. Any questions and I'll be happy to keep helping :)


For a, think of G = H - TS Entropy increases as the reaction goes to the right (making gas from solids increases disorder), so S is positive for that direction. Thus, the entropy component affects the equilibrium more as temperature increases. So increasing temperature will give the right direction a more negative deltaG, driving the equilibrium to the right. I'm not sure about pressure, but it has something to do with the production of gas again, I'm pretty sure Edit: ah yes, treat pressure like you would anything else with lechatliers principle. In this case, by increasing the pressure of the system, the system will act to reduce pressure by shifting equilibrium to the left, thus consuming gas and making a solid so that pressure decreases




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