I hate how ecobee renders make it look like the backlit screen isn’t there. All of my ecobees have the very obvious rectangle screen completely opposite from this seamless image


They act like they use OLED when they use low grade VA lcd screens


Yes! I couldn’t put my finger on it


For real, hope this one is different but I doubt it. It’s almost a dealbreaker for me, might just get a Nest and homebridge it into homekit.


Isn’t the nest the exact same thing? I didn’t think it was oled.


Nest has a circular cutout. There is still light bleed on the lcd, but the circular shape makes it blend better.


God forbid they spend a few extra bucks on an OLED.


OLED would have burn in issues, especially since it’s the same exact image all day every day. But they could at least use better quality LCD panels that have WAY better native contrast. What they use now are truly bargain basement panels.


All of the Apple watches I’ve ever had with always-on OLED LTPO displays would disagree. It’s not a problem if it’s done right. These things literally show the same screen for 95% of their day.


Do people leave their screens on 24/7? I have mine set to only turn on if I walk by or touch the screen. It would drive me nuts to have the screen lit up all night in the hallway. OLED would work perfect if they just made a screen timeout on it.




This is the /r/HomeKit subreddit; how many of us actually interact with the Ecobee unit instead of changing settings via Siri/HomeKit or even the Ecobee app?


Apple Watch has no problem showing me the time and same complications all day


There are software tweaks that can address this. Eg shift the image slightly every few seconds, enough to prevent burn in but not enough to be noticed by the user


I'm sure that works well on TVs and monitors, but on a mostly black and white screen that's pretty much going to be displaying "72" for years on end, even with pixel shift the burn in will probably be noticeable after a couple years.


What about 1hz refresh like on the Apple Watch?


IIRC that’s about power savings on not refreshing the screen. Burn in can still happen


It’s not necessarily about the controller/panel refresh, it’s about the LED itself staying on for different amounts of time than the rest, thus aging unevenly and leaving a ghost image behind


Shifting image may work on ecobee because the icons and numbers are thin… But shifting the images by a few pixels won’t prevent burn-in on TV, because some pixels will still show the same color (e.g of the logo, persons, etc). For example, think about the CNN logo; if we shift the logo by a few pixel, the majority of the pixels are still showing red/white just like before shifting, so they still show the same color and that causes burn-in


I could not care at all about the quality of the screen. I glance over sometimes to see the temperature, but all my settings are controlled by HomeKit and I have the Ecobee widget on my phone. Usually I'd have to walk out of my way to see my thermostat. It's not like any thermostat I've ever had had a better screen.


>I hate how ecobee renders make it look like the backlit screen isn’t there. All of my ecobees have the very obvious rectangle screen completely opposite from this seamless image Wow I thought I was the only one! I still love it, but that really irked me. The industrial design on the nest is just so much better, I hate that google bought them.


Confirmed: No OLED [“4 in. full-color LCD touchscreen”](https://www.ecobee.com/en-us/smart-thermostats/smart-thermostat-premium/)


It appears there’s an “Enhanced” version to replace the Lite and a “Premium” version to replace the flagship. The latter is believed to include a air quality sensor.


I like how it looks from the front, but that’s it. Does this still look like cheap plastic crap from the side?


I think that is very much a matter of opinion and perspective. I don’t consider my 3 lite cheap looking at all. Especially as compared to what it replaced.


I prefer the solid look and feel of a Nest, but I hate their ecosystem.


You may be in luck! https://www.macrumors.com/2022/05/16/ecobee-smart-thermostat-premium/


Oh good! Well, I’ll check it out, but I’m still waiting to see what happens with Matter.


Totally agree. If you haven't added your Nest into HomeKit via homebridge, I highly recommend it.


Works and looks great!


Gonna set up homebridge as soon as I can get my hands on a Pi. So never? I may have to dismantle my octoprint setup : /


I run octoprint and homebridge both on a rpi3b via docker.


I’ll have to Google what that means, but thanks for the idea!


Starling works great if all you need is Nest support https://www.starlinghome.io/


I did on my old house. With my new house, I’m going to wait for what comes out with Matter support.


Just use homebridge with the Nest thermostat. Best of both worlds.


And if homebridge is too much effort/hassle, Starling Home Hub is totally worth it.


So pumped for this! Moving into a new house in the next month and I've been planning out my homekit system. In my old place I used a Nest with Homebridge but I excited to have native homekit support...This also looks much more premium than the current (past) ecobee units.


Do you have a list of the products you plan to get? We are are doing an extension and complete renovation to our house which will be complete in November so would be interested to see what you have on your list :)


Going through this right now. - Ecobee - figure out if/how to integrate with existing alarm system - smart blinds (Serena is so expensive, IKEA might be the way to go, but curious about longevity) - smart bulbs where they make sense - smart light switches - fireplace (possibly using that new relay that was just posted here a few days ago) - robot vacuum (need to see which ones integrate with HomeKit via homebridge) - doorbell, but this seems like a lost cause - maybe an outdoor camera or two I think that’s it for now.


Ecobee already has native HomeKit support.


Let’s have that new UI on the existing models already, ecobee. No need to wait for these models to launch.


Slight tangent but leveraging the topic of new hardware, if my 3 lite works correctly, is it safe to assume that I could upgrade to a newer model without too much fuss?


It would sure be nice if new models would just snap onto the old wiring plate.


I think it was a real ‘miss’ by ecobee to not have a common base plate. It would make upgrading so much easier.


Eh but the most time consuming part is turning the breaker off.


That's why we just save time by skipping that part :)


The macrumors features list seems fairly short vs existing models. It has a different exterior and does air quality monitoring. That’s the only changes. And their non-premium “enhanced” model being released at the same time has the same exterior as existing models and doesn’t include air quality monitoring. I think they’ve run out of innovations and are launching “new” products in the same way that the Mars Bar company launches “new” Mars bars.


Why is it so big. It doesn’t need to be a tablet on the wall


Looks about the same size of the current ones, if the plant is anything to go by. Do you think those are too big as well? I personally find them just fine, especially factoring in it being a touchscreen.


Nest looks so much better still, homebridge it is for me




UI on the best is good


Down voted the exaggerated headline. It's not a leak if there is no source or context. This could just be photoshop.




fair point, but the article's basis of the theory just references the image posted on Reddit, thus this is a bit of an infinite loop of logic.


So your preferred logic is that the same instant the Premium model was leaked from the Canadian Tire website, someone photoshopped the Enhanced version for Reddit? Is this the simplest conclusion you’ve found?


Looks great. Having a slider and push button is a good feature.


This is looking good.. even better than Nest. Love it


The UI is both modern and a bit retro looking. Kind of reminds me of iOS 8 UI a bit.


dang I just got 2 of them


If only this fully supported Carrier Infinity/Bryant Evolution systems


I really miss the thermostat design of the nest. Felt so natural to just rotate the body to make a quick adjustment.


I wish my Ecobee 3 had simple + and - buttons for quick and easy adjustments


https://www.ecobee.com/en-us/smart-thermostats/smart-thermostat-premium/ Officially released here today. Does anyone know if it works with a Fujitsu system?


Wish I could get something this pretty to replace my IR blasting Sensibo Air.