You probably should have replaced the strut tops and bearings while you were there anyway, 99% of the time they're fucked... not to mention the actual struts depending on how old they are. You can get aftermarket ones from your local favourite parts store or the genuine ones aren't too badly priced off your local ex Holden dealer is still doing parts. You wouldn't want to drive without it in there as it's required for the strut to be able to turn with steering.


Repco, i wouldnt risk with bearings missing


Yep, Repco was the only place open today thanks heaps got it sorted


Hey guys Yesterday I installed lowered front springs into my vz ute, while doing so the rh side strut mount ball bearing has fallen out and the balls have gone everywhere My main questionn is Can I get away with driving without a strut ball bearing for a day or two? Part code: BD1B 351873 D Also where can I get one other than wait a week to get one from eBay? I might try pedders tomorrow, but if any of you guys have been through this I'd appreciate some help Thanks


Most, if not all auto parts stores will carry strut tops on the shelf for VT-VZ front struts they are a common service item. Superpro is the brand to go for if there is the option.


Thanks guys, all sorted The only place I could get them today on a Sunday was from a repco not far from me which is only closed 2 days of the year 1B/22 Princes Highway Doveton VIC 3177 Australia That's the address if anyone's desperate for parts on a Sunday