The LFX motors are generally ok for timing chains as this problem was addressed in this variant of the engine, but it never hurts to ask. I have 2011 VE series 2 SV6 that has the LLT engine and I just replaced the timing chains over Xmas. It drives like a new car again. (158k) One very important issue with these engines, make sure you enquire about service history intervals because if the engine was ever starved of oil, this could present future issues with spun bearings on the crankshaft (you think timing chains are expensive...)


Okay thanks for your input mate appreciate it 👍


If [this](https://www.redbook.com.au/cars/details/2011-holden-commodore-sv6-ve-series-ii-auto/SPOT-ITM-232240/) is anything to go by probably about $12k ish. Do you know if it has had the timing chains done? That is a [common problem](https://clcarsblog.com/holden/ve/common/commodore-problems/).


No but ive heard about it being a problem and reminds me i should look into it, thanks mate!


No worries. It is costly. I did it on my Omega V6 Alloytec and it was a $2k job.


Ouchhhhh, yeah I only plan on flipping this one as im not a fan of autos so id rather not have to do that lol


Kilometres are lowish so 11k to 13k, but u might have a 3k timing chain job ahead of you


Okay sweet thanks mate


Sounds like a great deal to me. I got an LFX SV6 one six months ago for 160km at $16k. Peak dealer used car market unfortunately. They are sensitive to oil changes and two mechanics and plenty of people on the forums advised 10k oil changes, some even 5k. I noticed mine made a noise on startup when due for the service at 15k and went away straight after the oil change. Think i’ll go 10k intervals.


I have a SV6 07 Alloytec done 220k. Was an ex cop car at the start of its life. No cam chain issues so far, though I’ve only had it 6 months.