When i google “three black teenagers” i get a compilation of these 2 screenshots


And that's OK


Google "5 black men", always has one white woman in it, which symbolizes unity.


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Sooo, I can't help but be curious about Google's algorithm. It's based on our searches, so does that mean that these searches were considered more "successful"? By that I mean, have we (collectively) taught it to be racist? Also, would it consider predictive text? For instance, are people who search "3 black teenagers" more likely to continue with "arrested" or something? Pretty messed up regardless, but if anyone could shed some light I'd be interested.


When there’s a news article about 3 black teenagers alleged to have committed a crime it will be titled “3 black teenagers from x suspected of y”. When there’s an article about 3 white teenagers it will be titled “3 teenagers from x suspected of y”. My 2 cents.


and when they put the word "white" in its a stock image


The meme is if you are a black suspect you are a "man, with no outstanding warrants, questioned". If a white suspect you are a "man questioned".


Isn't it usually the opposite though? I know in Chicago news sources, they only don't say race if the suspect is black.


Maybe! Possibly depends on majority race of the area the report comes from? Like how if a white guy in Mexico City commits a crime the article could say “a white American suspected of y”. Might be nothing just what I noticed in the past.


I hope there is a study out there about this because I swear when I was younger like 7-12 i really noticed this from the local news. They would just never mention when the person commiting the crime was white.


Right, so then the algorithm associates "three black teenagers" and y. Messed up. Comes back around to who is writing the titles. I wonder if that's a conscious decision. Do you suppose media outlets and clickbaiters find better results when they include race? That brings it back to the reader.


Definitely no conscious usually, when people talk about the term "privilege", they actually just mean the fact that you don't have to think about a certain aspect of yourself most of the time. The term has been weirdly twisted by far right media, but in reality that's all it really means: that an aspect of yourself is considered "normal", or like a lack of something, while any variation is worth noticing. Like how straight romance books are just labeled Romance, while gay romance books are labeled Queer Romance, often. It's no a prejudiced thing, it's a practical labeling, but it inherently reminds people of a cultural norm and which people can think of them selves as just "People" as opposed to "Black" or "Trans" or "Gay"


That's very insightful actually.


I'm saving this comment to refer back to when having this sort of conversation with someone. Actually planning on using it with my kids bc I've had a hard time articulating it so succinctly. Thanks.


The algorithm is just being honest. I'd rather have that, than some politically correct bs


This is absolutely part of it. News articles will absolutely specify race when the people are "minorities", but rarely will when they are not. Most of the country is predominantly white, so most articles won't mention race unless someone isn't white. However, I would doubt you'd see a local news article from somewhere like Detroit that specifies anyone as being black when Detroit's population is predominantly black. It's just the way people are for the most part. It's only worth pointing something out when it's different. I'm not saying there's no racism involved, but I'd assume the algorithms think news articles are either more relevant than stock images, or there's just more articles mentioning race in that way.


The fact that most of the country was white is not a good excuse. It's just another form of shitty racism.


When was the last time you saw an article headline like the ones you just said? Link?


Lol I’m not a journalist. Like I said it’s my 2 cents, just what I have noticed, and I’m not looking to get into a Harvard referencing dick measuring contest.


This was in 2016, and a lot has been done in the past 5 years to combat racism in algorithms. Now you get images of this article from the guardian


This is undoubtedly a component. How large of one, I don’t know. I believe Microsoft developed some AI a few years ago that basically became Adolf Hitler after like a week, but I can’t remember the name. Collective sentiments can be shocking when we’re faced with their results.


Ai can suffer from systemic racism.


The algorithm is highly personalized. It tries to give you what it thinks you would find most relevant .


Same if you search for three white teenagers :)


search "two black teens" instead


Yeah this happened back in 2016 ish …


same with three white teenagers


At least you guys get actual people, we get minions when you search "three yellow people"


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because yellow is not a serious thing unlike when you say black or white.


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Hahaha google has some weird algorithims


When you google black person you see black people, when you google white person you also see mostly black people






There's [articles ](https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2016/jun/09/three-black-teenagers-anger-as-google-image-search-shows-police-mugshots) from 2016. I don't get the same results at all in incognito mode


Incognito doesn't save you from the Google bubble anymore.


Use brave tor browser, just don't use it to search the actual deep web


There is tor for that


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now search three muslim teenagers


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Try three middle eastern teenagers in search ..


I don’t know about google, but the pornhub results are next level.


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Google just showing you the facts


Lots of stupid comments every time this comes up. When three white teenagers are arrested the news article just says three teenagers. If they're black it says black teenagers. So Google sees an abundance of articles with the words "three black teenagers" and their mugshots. The issue is with news agencies, not the search engines or "StAtIsTiCs".


I don’t think it was aimed at statistics.


are black teenagers arrested at a higher rate than white teenagers?






I’ll Take it




Funny how that was mainly caused by the crack epidemic where innocent black men were being arrested which increased the single motherhood rate.


Take my upvote also


Bingo. Ain't no one's fault three blacks kids getting arrested happens so more often then anything else the algorithm pulls it up first




Always is. None of my black friends who are doing well blame race on anything. Of course they experience racism (I’ve seen it first hand and it was disgusting) but they don’t have a chip on their shoulder about always being kept down. It’s more of a rich vs poor situation. If you grow up poor and your parents are shitty, most likely your going to be poor and shitty unless you figure out a way to break the cycle. Just look at Asians. They have a strong family unit and are the most financially secure race. Their crime statistics are so low it’s shocking. Most poor people I know are addicted to drugs and can’t keep a job (black or white). I like drugs but you really can’t keep your life together with an actual addiction. I’ve spend a lot of time around poor ghetto people of every color. The ones who always complain are the ones who contribute the least it seems white or black.


>I like drugs but you really can’t keep your life together with an actual addiction. I think you underestimate me


You guys ought to try searching 'drug crime black and white' on Google. The first 10 links it gives you explicitly or implicitly alludes to racial disparities in the justice system. Just check. Btw, I'm not even black nor white.


How do you know it happens more often?


I actually cleared my browser history and cookies and all that with NET-Toolbox and searched both on google and yahoo and yeah it’s basically the sad same thing. Look it’s sucks but check it out. I’m Latino. I have a great job. I’m a foreman I’m the shit in my field. My race has never played a negative role. If anything being bi lingual got me my first Foreman’s position at 22. But I have a bunch of cholo loser deadbeat cousins and homies I grew up with or grew up from (cuz they still being dumb ass teenagers at 44 years old) that still live at home and get pipe drunk and rob people and go to jail or stab they old lady and go to jail. They are completely stereotypical. Stereotypes arent wrong. They just don’t encompass everyone. I’m no longer stereotypical…. But I was. So just cause you ain’t what the masses think you are don’t mean they ain’t gotta reason for thinking it. Or that the stereotype doesn’t exist because it doesn’t exist within you, and pretending otherwise doesn’t help. It just makes it worse by emboldening that socially negative viewed behavior as being, “oh we just passionate” or some stupid shit. Try “irrational” “overly dramatic” “ridiculous” “socially outlandish” “culturally destructive” or something more realistic and maybe things can start to change for the better. Till then spare me the 10 word rebuttal.


Good for you dude. Also, how can I get “pipe drunk”?


Smoke enough meth and you’ll know what I’m talking about.


Just look at all the lies that she’s told you I don’t drink and I don’t do drugs


More like it gets reported more often. Other than that it's not easy to be raised as a black child in this world. Too many racist fuckers everywhere. Even the nicest person has his limits.


White teenagers do crimes in larger groups or alone.


Yeah the widely known fact that whites don’t group in 3’s is why. Lmao listen to yourself


Big sad




13% of the US population **gets arrested for** 50% of all crime, which doesn't prove that black people commit more crimes, but instead proves that the US justice system is racist ftfy


Your numbers are out, Billionaires account for only 0.35% of the population


Numerous surveys show that whites and blacks smoke weed at the same rates, but blacks are far more likely to be arrested and charged with it, and even when whites are arrested and charged, they receive lesser sentences on average. That's just one example. There are numerous others. But sure, let's pretend that enforcement is equal and completely unbiased, which totally doesn't distort the crime statistics. /s Your racism is showing, and it's ugly.




“If we stop testing for covid the numbers would be better”. If you spend most of your time in the hood checking for crimes, that’s where you’ll find it.


> If you spend most of your time in the hood checking for crimes, that’s where you’ll find it Lmfao because a cop driving up and down the steeets of suburbia interrupting kids basketball games and seeing jim and frank meticulously tending their lawns every three days is a really good use of resources. But maybe they’ll get a jay walker!


Just dont commit crimes...


Please name other examples?


There are numerous ones, including black and Latino drivers being more likely to be stopped, police being more likely to use force against blacks, even when unarmed, and blacks being more likely to die when force is used. The infamous "Broken Windows Theory" touted by Rudy Giuliani and others led to more black youths being randomly stopped and frisked by police. Racism affects decision making at every point in the justice system, from stops to arrests to trials to sentencing to imprisonment to parole. You can read more about it here: [Source](https://www.urban.org/sites/default/files/publication/104687/racial-and-ethnic-disparities-throughout-the-criminal-legal-system.pdf)




That part.


And it’s sad. People shouldn’t be judged by the color of their skin.


They aren’t. It is usually a class issue not a race one. It’s just that black people were put into a lower class due to not have generational wealth due to slavery etc etc. Poor people are more likely to commit more petty crimes.


Do you have an example?




Could you please add some context as I’m not an American? Do black people take more drugs?




What laws? They must be very specifically aimed at black people only because Asians and other immigrants to America are not being held back at all, it’s like they are living the American dream


If you aren’t just trolling and trying to start shit, do a quick google search on redlining. Direct government action led to economic disadvantages for anyone who was black.




Back your statement up with sources, or at least an example please.




He's talking about murders and violence. They do about 50% of the violent crimes.


Income is the greatest predictor of one's likelihood to commit a crime. Black people are stopped without just cause five times more likely than white people and several times more likely to be charged for the *exact same* crimes that are committed by other races. Once charged, they are sentenced to an average of 20% longer jail times than white people for *the same* crimes. If you don't see the issue with the bullshit statistics you keep spouting after reading all of this, you're part of the problem.


Doesn’t help that they more often than not get super defensive when around people in uniform. That ends up being viewed as suspicious and like they’re hiding something.


Basically they are more aggressive and confrontational


I wonder why they feel the need to be defensive and cautious around people who get rewarded for murdering them most of the time.... it's surely a mystery no one will ever be able to solve




>the abject failure of the black race. Holy shit this is next level racism. You must be a grand wizard or whatever the hell the KKK calls their leaders. The fact of the matter is that Black and even Latino people face racism from birth because of the systemic racism designed to keep them in poverty and jails. Many laws have been designed *specifically* to target minority populations to uphold the status quo and shitty racists like yourself use the data obtained from that skewed and biased system to further justify your racism. Most likely because you have nothing to offer the world beyond the fact that you're white. Of course the base level statistics show Black people commit more crimes, because the system was literally designed to incarcerate and oppress them.


You assume I’m white for obvious reasons, I’m not a racist but you want me to be, you need the strawman. Please outline the specific laws that target black people only, they must be hugely specific to only black people as it’s doesn’t seem to effect the Asian diaspora who are knocking it out if the park in every metric. I want to see these systematic systems that you are harping on about?


I assume you're white because you're racist against every race except white people and live in Oklahoma which has a much higher percentage of white people than the rest of the US. You are 100% a racist as you have evidenced by your rhetoric about Black people. The war on drugs started because the government was still reeling from the Civil rights movement and needed a more subtle way to oppress the Black population. They heard that marijuana and Crack cocaine were more prevalent in the Black community so they chose to enforce laws against those two drugs far more seriously while simultaneously increasing police patrolling in Black communities. Asians are increasingly targets of hate crimes, but have not been as specifically targeted by federal legislation as the Black and Latino populations. If you wish to educate yourself more on the subject feel free, you have the literal cumulative knowledge of the human race at your fingertips but instead you choose to place the burden of your education on random internet strangers who really don't care enough to do so.


So the govt “oppression” makes a 13 year old black kid shoot another 13 year old black kid for the latest jordans? Nice logic bud. https://randomcriticalanalysis.com/2015/11/16/racial-differences-in-homicide-rates-are-poorly-explained-by-economics/ “Although it’s clear that poverty predicts homicide quite independently of black, it’s also clear that black predicts independently of the poverty. Moreover, if you look closely at the distribution and other analysis I present here it’ll be clear that poverty doesn’t come close to closing these racial differences.”


You're really using a random person's blog as your source?


It’s literally stats. You’re mad at facts 💀


Did you even read his explanation?


Yep, just don’t care


That group has the highest poverty rate of 20%. Having nothing to loose simply increases the number of people that are willing to commit crimes to get out of that situation.


Lose, it’s lose


How does murdering people at 5x the national average get you out of poverty? Lmao


Couple of things here: - that’s not what comes up when you search for three black teenagers - Google images is CONSTANTLY changing so even if you image search for the same thing every week it’s gonna change a L O T My wife (gf at the time) was doing a Spanish lit paper on a poem called “el botellon” or something like that (the bottle?) and when she image searched it, a closeup of a glass soda bottle sticking out of someone’s asshole (bottom side inserted, of course, so the cap sticks out) was the first image search result for a week or two. I think one of the things that made it even funnier was that every other pic was just an innocuous picture of a bottle.


Also, one's results is affected by things such as location and *previous search history*.


Hmm… She was in Nashville and I was in Atlanta tho. 🤔 Also, we’d definitely have much different search histories.


Hey, not to bother you, but your phone needs charging


Truth is hard


Google has since updated their algorithm, but there's a similar situation in when you image search "American" "European" "african" it's pictures of flags and buildings and then when you search asian, it's just asian women


This post is from 2016


God I hate the fucking mods


based google images


Why does everyone make it out like white people are the only ones who are racist? I got treated like shit by plenty of black people for being white when I was younger, guess what, nobody cared.


You look hard enough you can find racism in anything


I think this is because when three white teens commit a crime it’s just called three teens but they mention race when they are black


Yeah this might be it based on keywords from the articles


Lol literally the opposite is true


Seriously. I've seen this argument multiple times yet it doesn't hold up in my experience. Everyone is so scared of looking racist nowadays so when it comes to shootings and such they won't mention their race unless it's a white person. A good way to test this is to Google "white man shooting" then next do "black man shooting". The only time they mention "black" is if he's the victim. The only time they mention "white" is if he's the perpetrator. Edit- In addition, here's an interesting point. Go to your local sporting goods store, or check online, and look for the targets that have people portraying the "bad guy" like a robber. You likely won't find one with a black guy on it. It's always a corny looking white dude. Companies are scared to look racist, even though statistically the odds that a robber would be black are greater. I searched "Thug shooting targets" Innocent man- https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQSXNTPpsGRIg8fq6KctzNWHGtMTcbarS6w5A&usqp=CAU "Terrorist" (Really just a white dude dressed as an Arab)- https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/91wfa0uuM7L._SL1500_.jpg This is 1 of only 2 I could find of non-white "Thug"- https://tjtarget.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/NTC-520.gif 2 of 2- https://www.pistoleer.com/shooting-targets/pics/ntc505.gif "Thug"- https://www.speedwelltargets.com/v/vspfiles/photos/G52-2T.jpg "Thug"- https://sc04.alicdn.com/kf/HTB1Q75ZhTlYBeNjSszcq6zwhFXaK.jpg "Thug"- https://bakertargets.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/PK_BadGuyPack.jpeg "Thug"(Old white guy in a camo hat)- https://tjtarget.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/NTC-515-updated.gif "Thug"- https://wearethemutantsdotcom.files.wordpress.com/2017/01/x-dorao.jpg "Thug"- https://gunfire.com/data/gfx/pictures/medium/3/0/1152230303_1.jpg


Oh yeah like those two black girls who casually killed an Uber driver and didn't give a shit? https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nbcnews.com/news/amp/ncna1273276 I wish you much luck finding an article saying they're black in the headline. Also good luck finding an article about a mass shooting by a white guy that doesn't mention he was white


Actually crazy the amount of racism on a sub which is based off a black phrase. Comments section is sickening.




Lol calling everyone racist, then proceeds to say the sub is based off a "black phrase".


I accidentally searched three black teenagers am i racist too?




Google artificial intelligence ain't that intelligent.


Welcome to the racism club


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I just googled it and its true. FUCK THE SYSTEM. It is sad


They probably didn’t steal anything


Apparently the white teenagers are for sale on the shopping tab


Now google and see the differences


So is google racist or just weird


Oof the internet is butt hurt about this one.


That’s messed up


And we expect A.I. not becoming racist smh


try "three muslim teenagers" :)


Google racist now too?




Seems about right


Those are mugshots (?)


Worst part now, when I tried this like a week ago — not counting pictures directly referencing this— I got 3 white teenagers on both searches before 3 black teenagers under its search




They’re all mugshots




i cant tell if u are saying hold up to the shoping part or the jail vs free part


There is always a reason why stereotypes exists. Nothing racist about it. Learn to deal with the reality of higher probability.


I could explain it to you with statistics but then you'd have to ban me for being apathetic to emotional problems


The only thing that came up was this image , bs


Is Bing also racist or not?


3, that’s a magic numbaaa


Try looking for white family.


You do it now and it’ll show you news reports of Google being racist.


About right




It's 5 years old.