Let me just have my snake bite back🥲

Let me just have my snake bite back🥲


The x-rays, therapy, and nurse blow job(special services) together still cost less than the ambulance ride.


Wait.. the blowjob isn't complementary.. what a rip off..


Obligatory: "But here in in Europe..."


Wait, we get free bjs in europe?


Yeah, why do you think most Brits are gutted about Brexit?


They are obbligated to stabilise you here in eu


That's what I tell the hookers all the time...


come on. they aren't free either.. at least I get one free with every massage.. though my mums probably just being nice..




If she rips it off, she's doing it wrong.


Its because they have the best bitchez in the ambulance cars


Even a ride would cost less


Oh, ... I never understood what intensive care was all about. I hope I end up there one day!


Its when conditon is unstable


Fuck I love being in Australia when we get the ol danger noodle bite we receive free treatment


Last snake bite I got cost me no more than $26


Was that for a 6 pack of beers for the ambo ride into hospital


Nah for the taxi to the hospital not goanna pay $400 for the ambo over a snake bite.


If I had to wait for a taxi I would be dead. The taxi services here are shit not only that the local Ambos have anti venom with them as I live rual


Well it was a brown so chances of death were slim, and even if it were on the cards I probably wouldn't have died within the hour it took me to get to the hospital. If I were at my farm at the time I wouldn't have bothered as I have a medical fridge always stocked with antivenom.


Danger noodle made my day 😂


Pretty sure a bite from the nope rope in canada would also be free, but we only have the rattlers. Y’all got a whole different game down under.


Yeah we have way too many danger noodles that are want to kill


That’s if you live long enough to get the treatment


If you're smart about it you should have plenty of time


Nothing is free, honestly. You've paid into national healthcare through taxes.


That's how society works, taxes are there to pay for the citizens needs, what backwards world do you live in?


Random crowd anywhere for no reason: "USA! USA! USA!" Probably


The backwards world where the tax money I pay at least indirectly benefits my family rather than those too lazy to earn their keep.


So you rather make the entire working class suffer an inferior healthcare system than allow a few poor "undeserving" people have access to life essential healthcare? The right to Life is a constitutional right which requires access to healthcare.


And if you’re living in Australia then there’s a high risk of venomous snakes. So you can either pay tax and be treated without a hospital bill, or you can go bankrupt after a few bites. Which would you rather have?


You can opt out of taxes?


Yeah dude, just don’t pay. What’re they gunna do?


Ganish your wages, seize your bank accounts and property, etc. The IRS is no joke.


Mmhm, and I was taking the piss. So that was a joke


Mea culpa.


No worries mate, all in good faith


Yep and it's way cheaper to pay the tax. Private insurance is a rip off if it's your only option. Almost every country with a public system also has significantly cheaper private insurance because the public system keeps it cheap.


It's way cheaper but you receive lower their care if you aren't put on a waiting list or denied care altogether. You prefer your system, I prefer mine.


So has America.


You're not a beneficiary of a tax-sponsored health plan unless you're on Medicaid or Medicare. Most Americans are on neither.


Fuck i love being in America where my health insurance will pay this off


You cannot count on that. If you pass out in the ambulance and they take you to an out of network hospital you are shit out of luck. The vast majority of bankruptcy in the US is due to medical debt.


I mean I'd rather live in America and have my private health insurance pay for it than live in Australia and have to deal with the other bullshit they're ramming through legislation Edit: apparently an increasingly Auth government passing more and more blatant power grabs as long as medicine stays cheap. Enjoy your bread and circuses, and watch the rust on those gravity harnesses


In the USA I was t-boned on a motorcycle which broke my femur, ankle and shattered my tib/fib in over a dozen pieces leaving quarter sized pieces of bone on the road. I was lifted by helicopter and had 1.5 years of surgeries where they first put a rod in femur, pins in ankle, and a cage to hold all the lower leg together, then a rod in lower leg, cut out and sewed part of my abs (the upper layer of 2 of the 6 pack) into the hole in my leg one artery and vein at a time, even redid that surgery on the spot cause surgeon wanted it perfect (12hr surgery), grafted my thigh skin over the muscle, grafted cadaver bone and my hip marrow in the missing couple inches of bone, then took out the metal rod after I snapped it in half rehabbing and put a larger one and did another bone graft. Sure, it was about 15-20k out of pocket, 200k+ total, but a couple years after to 10 years later I walk perfect 95 % of the time, ride my bike to work almost everyday, can do century rides, go hiking, can walk carrying my wife, and can even ride a motorcycle still though not that into it anymore. Socialized healthcare: free femur rod and lower amputation, I’m assuming without helicopter in which case I would have bled out.


That Sounds so wrong My dad got heart surgury and it cost us 10k... (bc we put him in the Best Hospital there is, basicly a hotel with nurses)


So glad i live in Germany like damn


Wenn man dann mit 25 noch studiert fällt das Kindergeld weg und oben drauf darf man noch 106-111€ für die Krankenkasse blechen. Insgesamt ist das System toll, aber es hinkt trotzdem an manchen Enden.


Yea, fuck google translate too


Sorry, I just don't want the Americans to know, that the German healthcare system isn't perfect.


We know it’s not perfect, just like most countries it isn’t perfect. Our problem is so much as breaking a bone can be life changing simply because of the cost. Most healthcare systems worldwide would be better than what we have here currently.


Warum sagst dus ihnen ? Sollte etwas propaganda sein :-)


Hm aber die 100 Euro für Studenten ab 25, ist wohl eine der wenigen Ausnahmen, bei denen die Gesundheitskosten jemanden in Deutschland in Bedrängnis bringen könnten. Und selbst dann hat man mit 25 gute Möglichkeiten das aufbringen zu können und es ist planbar. Dafür kann du in Deutschland jederzeit zum Arzt ohne jegliche Selbstbeteiligung und hast keine unerwarteten Kosten.


Das stimmt. Ich finde bloß, dass Leute die später anfangen zu studieren oder ihr Fach wechseln zusätzlich unnötige Kosten haben. Ist mehr Systemkritik generell als Kritik am Gesundheitssystem.


And yeah we still far better than america tho


I just don’t understand how Americans cope with any medical attention… it’s sad really


That isn't what the person paid, it is a listing of all the charges sent to insurance. It is a summary of charges.


Ah I see, are insurance policies and excess high?


That's not easy to say without more information. You can get better coverage and lower deductibles by paying a higher premium, but there's no way to know at this point.


Typically you get insurance through employer (And they are preselected options like high deductible lower premium, or high premium lower deductible) and there is out of pocket limit in a year, anything over is paid by insurance. And insurance doesn't pay full amount they negotiate and pay less than that.


Bro, none of it makes sense. It's all made up bs as an excuse to charge people shittons of cash for anything. A few months back I had to take a specific type of Covid test at urgent care because some company was being strict about it. Cost me $100 and I still haven't actually received the bill yet. A few days later someone posted a clip or image on Imgur of a woman complaining that she went to urgent care, took the same test (across the country), and it cost her $250 copay WITH her insurance. I think that's a pretty good example of America's healthcare system. Basically, there are no rules because the reason the system exists as it does in the first place is to fleece you of as much money as possible. The REAAALLY shitty part is that hospitals AND insurance companies do this to you. So you need medical care to live, you can't find out the price of anything until after it happens (there are supposedly lists but an 'out of network doctor or specialist' just glancing at your chart can 100% fuck you), monthly payments are high, insurance companies use any excuse to raise the prices (because again, fuck you), you have a co-pay, you have a deductible, and after all of that insurance companies will fight you to actually cover your medical expenses. Why? Because fuck you. Welcome to America.


Me playing devil's advocate, I think these ridiculous price tags are just there to let you think health care is so expensive that the only way to cover it is to pay insane amounts of money for health insurance. USA health care system is beyond obscene from the rest of the world's point of view.


No the hospitals do not have a wink wink arrangement with the health insurance companies to do this. The health insurance companies negotiate drastically lower "allowable" rates from their in-network providers and super high charges that other people get hit with, and out-of-network insurance companies, help make up the difference. Anyway, for tons of the insured, a policy would still leave them pretty screwed on this, depending on what their annual out-of-pocket maximum is, and whether that includes pharmacy. Mine did not (!).


No, hospitals don't have arrangements. I work in Insurance, we straight reprice and tell hospital this is what is customary in your area you are overcharging, or w/e.


Simple, we don't.


We don't. I've been needing a doctor's visit badly because I have a bunch of large bumps under my skin around my body. They have been there a while and keep growing. I don't have insurance so the best I can do is a walk in clinic for like $70-150. But they only give you a brief look over and all the exams and specialist recommendations are America prices. I honestly don't want to go to a hospital because I know it will be financial suicide. I'm currently searching for low cost or charity type hospitals near me that I can try out. My wife needs a mammogram too so that's another issue. I'll definitely do that first and find the cheapest one and pay out of pocket.


Dam sorry to hear that! I’m from the Uk where we have the NHS and going to the doctors or hospital we don’t think about the cost as there isn’t one unless you need a prescription, I think about how lucky I am as sadly my mum passed away last year due to terminal lung cancer she had loads of treatment as in Chemo and radiotherapy aswell as loads other scans and I think about if we didn’t have the nhs I would now be left with hundreds of thousands worth of bills which I wouldn’t be able to deal with, I’m just so lucky that we have free healthcare! But my heart goes out to anyone that requires help medically but can’t due to not being able to cover costs it needs to change!


We have a big problem here in the great USA where people die a lot because they put off getting medical attention while their illnesses are treatable. All because they either have no insurance and/or are too poor to pay out of pocket.


I've had a bad vein in my leg for several years. Finally decided to go have it fixed. The laser surgery was $2,300 dollars. My insurance company approved the surgery because my deductible is $2,500 dollars. Now they are denying any of the follow up treatments. Because I have almost met my deductible. I pay over 300 a month for my premiums and that's cheap compared to the family plans. Some of my co-workers are paying $1,400 for the family plans. I can definitely relate to what you're saying about putting things off.


You have to pay for emergency care too? Seriously what next, will firefighters leave you with a bill after putting down a fire or police bill you after stopping a robbery... They don't already do that, right?


No they don't, I'm sure it'll happen in the near future tho


We’ll in some areas of the country they do, unless you’ve paid into the service via a tax of some sort


They WHAT?!?


Yeah some townships are too small and/or stingy, to pay for a local fire department. So a volunteer service program is started with hand-me-down gear from full paid fire stations. That service program allows people to opt into a small income tax for the service, so if you don't pay the tax, they send you a bill if they ever respond to your address. The best option is to get out of any area with that level of fucktardom.


Yeah, fire and water taxes can be charged. Usually on a yearly basis, as already said it's usually in the smaller towns. Lots in CT, in my experience. Source: work in taxes


Depends. Where my brother lives the fire department charges for calls. The paramedics almost always charge. If you don’t have home or health insurance, you’re screwed.


I think this actually used to be the case in the early 1900s for firefighters in some parts of the country.


I remember a story from some place where people paid firefighters directly. One house that didn't pay caught fire and firefighters refused to put the fire out. When offered to settle the outstanding bill on the spot, they refused, since it would send a wrong message.


Ok I never saw one of these. Please tell me that this is an exaggeration and a snake bite dosent cost you 150k in the US.


That's a legitimate bill. My cousin was in a car accident over there on holiday, didn't have travel insurance... $27,000 in medical bills.


But… But its a fucking snake bite, unless it was poisonus its literally desinfecting and bandage over ut and you’re done, and even if its venomous most anti-venoms are relatively cheap????? A car accident for 30k I can see but a snake bite for 150??????


The 80k pharmacy is the anti-venom which is painstaking to make and so the prices are crazy high. Everything elss is like, yep, that's what it costs to go to the hospital and stay for awhile. Especially ICU. No insurance? Well, they'll negotiate it with you some maybe even by half (but not that anti-venom cuz a lot of that is their cost.) They'll give you forms to apply for assistance and stuff, do payments, blah blah but if it's the county hospital they could also put a lien on your house. My mom was in with leukemia for a over a week. Her total bill was something like $600k. She had excellent insurance so we only had to pay $10k to the hospital. Whew.


Did he buy the pharmacy ? Damn


I think they gave him a kilo of coke for the pain…




Is this some sort of America joke I'm too European to understand?


aMerIcA iS tHE GrEAtEst cOUntRy iN tHE wORld


Its because he didn't have his guns with him real Americans are always prepared shoot the snake.


His dumbass fault for not getting insurance


Those are insured prices. If you aren't insured you get a lower price. After insurance covers what they feel like it ends up being about the same.


Exactly the opposite. Insurance companies negotiate lower prices which the uninsured don't have the clout to get.


There are nuances I'm oversimplifying but privatized health insurance is fucking you more than you think.


Having insurance makes them bump up the price because they know they'll get more money from the company.


What the fuck is this even?? I'd seriously consider dying than having to pay that bill. No lt even kidding🤦


Oh OK I get it now. Those "Don't tread on me" flags that Trumpist 'Muricans like to wave are actually warnings. "Be careful you don't step on one of these and get bitten, because if you do, this "freedom" system we defend so much implies that you'll be ruined!"


The American healthcare system is truly terrifying. Good to live in Europe. We actually care for our people.


I'd much rather die than have to deal with Americas healthcare bullshit.


Crofab is crazy expensive.


You would've thought they could've thrown in the "Special Services" for free ... That's just greedy!


This is when you ask for an itemized statement of all services. Then you go through and ask when and how everything was used. You'll find that the bill magically shrinks as they charged you for stuff they never used.


Maybe you get it down by half. Except the anti-venom which a ton of that is their cost. Then what? Heh. But hopefully they had insurance.


That's basically what insurance companies do, they go through the bill, weep out the fluff, then go for the stuff that the hospital is marking up beyond 100%. Once all that is done then they pay the rest minus whatever your percentage break is. If you're one of those who foolishly get a flat 80/20 policy this will still hurt. Always, always get a crital loss stop on your policy. Like 80/20 10000 or something like that. A flat 80/20 means your on the hook for 20% of the total bill. If he had a flat 80/20 no stop he is on the hook for 30ish grand. If he didn't have insurance his best bet would be to take that bill to his local social security office. Unless he is making six figures that should easily double his yearly income and force the little use social security rule that says it has to step in to help with medical expenses. After having sold insurance, and been licensed to do so in two states, those two things have stuck with me for life.


Right I mean this is what a lot of people know already, and of course, lots do not. Hopefully he has insurance. The actions you mentioned if he is twisting in the wind withoit are great possibilities and all of -- but obviously his best bet is a bet that could still leave him screwed. But that's the state of things. A terrible, dysfunctional, craven state. Obviously you are right about the math of 20% etc. It's interesting the great variability of knowledge between folks similarly positioned around insurance and the consequences of the plan elements even though often it's laid out pretty clearly. Not the fine print but things like your out of pocket maximums etc. That variability does tell us that more needs to be done educating the consumers (again, for those that even have many choices.) My only issue with what you said is "foolishly get" as if everyone has such a wide range of choices in the policies they can get in their market and price range if they are some of the few getting individual policies, or thru their employer. I can't imagine standing in front of someone on the hook for 30 grand who had to choose from the best of bad options and say "you were foolish." But, hey, some people are like that.


Not everyone can get policies it is true. But a lot of people don't shop at all. Used to exclusively sell 100% policies, they were a little more expensive, but I personally preferred to know after my clients met their deductible for the year they were safe. You'd be shocked how many people I tried working with that knew they had an 80/20 with no critical stop loss and were happy with it because it was 20 bucks cheaper. You usually do have the options, the issue is the agent wants to make more. I've told a lot of people looking for insurance, record the agent. Let them know it too, you suddenly get more policy options. To preface this, I quit insurance when manager told me " you got 6 million in errors and omissions insurance, lie to them to make the sale of the best payoff."


R these real charges or it’s just a joke?


Those are the initial charges. Insurance would have ended up paying a much lower negotiated fee, though I’m not sure how much they would have been willing to knock down the pharmacy charges. CroFAb is in short supply and really expensive (it’s basically a speciality drug and doesn’t benefit from economies of scale during production.)


I listened to a podcast about the manufacture and it was fascinating. Economies of scale right? It's Step 1: collect underpants, step 2... Just kidding it's collect *snakes* and extract the venom and it's not done with robots... And also if you get bitten by a less common snake? And you need that specific anti-venom? Yikes.


It’s also an enormous pain in the ass to work with. The product comes lyophilized and has to be reconstituted back into solution, which it sometimes doesn’t like to do. The process is not automated and requires a pharmacist to mix each dose by hand for 30-60 minutes. Can’t mix them up in advance as they need to used within four hours. Sometimes presents a serious challenge for smaller hospitals with limited overnight pharmacy staff; if there several critical patients who have rapidly changing infusion needs the pharmacy quickly because task saturated.


Basically what happens is the insurance companies negotiate with hospitals for a lower charge, then when it comes around to pay, they pay part and tell the hospital to suck it up or all their customers will go somewhere else, so the hospitals raise their rates to get what they actually agreed upon. The end user won't see anything near this much, unless the insurance company denies their claim. This is basically the prebill. The end result will be much more sensible (but still completely fucking ridiculous)


I bet there real because that’s how expensive it is


This looks legit, but it’s just showing the gross charges before insurance. With insurance, it’s probably a lot less (though still potentially ruinously expensive)


Even without insurance it would be less. The hospital does not expect the average person to pay a bill like this and most will work with people to set up a payment for a reasonable sum.


Mmmm.... I mean even 1/4 of this could devastate someone plus that pharmacy bill ain't going down much. :-/


The sad part is the bills are this high and the doctors haven't had a real raise since the 1990s. Forever nurses make less than a junior programmer too.


Are thire under ground hospitals, Like third thir ones with limited liability. This is a rort


This is why kids you don't live in America XD


That's about $1100. An hour if you stayed 6 days as the bill implies. People nearby to keep you from dying. Food, housekeeping, listing to you whine, wifi, tv, etc.


God bless America 🇲🇾


Hahaha hospital bill


Holly shit .. that's so much .


Imagine if your card didn't decline.


What does "Special Sevices" mean?


I love how “I will call an ambulance” is an insult in America.


I am offended by what you are suggesting and believe you need American medical care, let me call an ambulance for you.


Get away from me!


This is why I live in Canada








Imagine needing to go to the hospital and they tell u u gotte pay 6 grand to even get there like bruuuuuhhh this country f'ed up


Apparently you can request a detailed print out of everything and the costs, and then they have to give you what it really cost. Which is usually less than 1 percent of you original bill. The paper he has just outlines costs and doesn't give a specific enough description


that’s a good deal on special services


Yep. This is America lol. Before I could get surgery I had to live with a dislocated shoulder for like a week. I had an old brace from middle school but it was a bit too small on the pre surgery check up I asked if I could get a new one. 800 something bucks... I was like I'll make the old one work.


Therapy services? What, for the snake or the person? If for the person they charged over $1400 for a nurse/medical assistant to ask the patient to attempt to move the injured appendage, and counted that as therapy.


Dude US is wild, how can you afford the medical care in first place?


they dont......... and dont you try to call for an ambulance, call an uber instead, its cheaper.


I'd rather take my chances of randomly becoming immune to the snakes venom than have to deal with that bill. RIP either way.


Hospitals charge so much because they know insurance will low ball them it's a shitty system


I think you would have been better off dying


Pharmacy has the audacity


Wouldn't it be cheaper to hire a private doctor for a year?


If you have a card that wouldn't decline, you've done really well for yourself.


but how much was covered by insurance


dont u have........like......insurances over there in america? edit: this guy was hospitalised for 3 months? for a snake bite?


Americans don't have universal healthcare, everything you think you know about the US just throw it in the trash at this point


i thought insuranses covered almost everything even in the us


Not everything, some times you have to go out of pocket


whats the point of insurance if u gonna pay 100 grand anyways then, do they cover only when they feel like it?




30 grand for a fucking baby and americans call america a good place to live


It sucks here, I wouldn't call it good. I'm trying to leave😭


the eu would be a perfect place for u, almost same salaries with cheaper real estate and cost of living, once u save up enough money u can move here :)


Thank God for universal healthcare


The special services would have been enough to upset me lmao


What did they do charge u for the entire pharmacy..... I had back surgery for less


*special* services. They're so special it's the cheapest thing in there.


American pharmaceutical companies and greed. I'd say take a breath of that freedom. But you shouldn't because between Covid and asthma it probably going to cost you 20k


so you have chosen death


As an American I’d just tell them to let me die


is this an america joke i am too british to understand? seriously if they are charging that much they better of given a free blowjob, free servant and a new fucking car with caravan because you're gonna need to sell your house to pay for that


I was confused for a good minute trying to find the snake bite on the paper (like a hole or something)


Bruh what antivenom medicine costs 84 fucking grand? And why was he hospitalised for 3 months lol


Antivenom is legitimately super hard to make... but that is rediculous! Insurance companies paying eachother crazy numbers with our money....


The fuck is pharmacy and laboratory services. If I’m giving you 100 fucking grand I want details


How did the system get this bad? Really now… why are we allowing the system to be this ridiculous?


Now I know why Rambo titched up his own wounds.


Im so glad I was born to be european


so the "don´t tread on me" was for real?


what are the special services, if it's so expensive it better be a,happy ending


Shame. I live in the UK (Scotland specifically). We don't need a those Bills and stuff. Or at least I think we don't.


Was the snake from Mars?


Oh yeah I love the American medical system, totally works fine for every person who lives in the country. Haha no honestly if I got this bill I would probably end up dying I already can barely afford rent.


There’s no way this is legitimate. This is exaggerated.


Go to Canada


Thats explain covid death rate. No one can afford an hospital in USA. That and 60% of whole population is Obese cow type.


The fuck is "special services?" You get a BJ while they give you the anti-venom?


Merica, fuck ya!


Well it’s settled I’m fucked either way if I get bitten by a snake. I hate living in the US.


Murica 🇺🇸


Gotta love the USA and their healthcare system. When I’m able, I’m going back to Europe


Per a news article the guy picked up a snake to take a selfie and got bit. He spent 5 days in the hospital and depleted the anti venom for two local hospitals. $150k is crazy but as always there's more to the story than meets the eye


wut? like how can that be so expensive looks like if they pressed random numbers! insane...


$83k in pharmacy charges? What, did they give him IV platinum?!?!?


“Pharmacy - $83,341.25” For that price, I’d expect to own that fucking pharmacy or at least a decent share of it! Or alternatively, be walking out with several kilos of opiates!


$462 for a happy ending?


“Remember me?”


that better be in venezuelan currency


83k for pharmacy? Did they inject construction materials into you?


Freakin idiot shoulda brought his own anti-venom.


I just want to know which assays cost 20 racks to do in a lab.


I'm sorry Bill turned into a piece of paper with numbers on him, get well soon Bill!


Yo that’s why you join scouts


Pharmacy = $84,341.25, what’d he buy the whole fucking thing!?


With that amount of bill, I can open my own laboratory in India.


How would your card not decline i cant even keep 500 in my bank account 😭


Dude i'm from a third world country and that would cost me just 10 dolars




That's America for ya