Last known photo of Napoleon III, Final French Monarch, 1872 [598 x 893]

Last known photo of Napoleon III, Final French Monarch, 1872 [598 x 893]


French politics confuse me. They had monarchy but then killed them in the 1790s. Then napoleon came to power shortly thereafter? So what changed? And then there was a Napoleon III in the middle of the century that tried to conquer Puebla and gave us Cinco de Mayo.


Monarchy- revolutionary govt- republic- consular rule-napoleons empire- restored bourbon monarchy- deposed bourbon monarchy after the 100 days campaign and its gets foggy for me after that.


After the 100 days it goes: Second restored bourbon monarchy. The July monarchy 2nd Republic The second empire The 3rd republic The Vichy regime/Free French Provincial Republic 4th Republic 5th Republic


This stuff right here is exactly why "top down" history is so painfully boring to me lol.


From 1789 to 1799 there was a whole lot of chaos in France, governments fell and generally seemed ineffective. Coupled with being at wat since 1792, by 1799 the people wanted stability. That's not to say they wanted to go back to the bad old days of 1788 or something, the directory was ridiculously unpopular and seen as corrupt. Napoleon also knew how to control public opinion which was just becoming a thing at the time. Napoleon also negotiated peace with Austria (against orders mind you) so he was seen as a man who could bring peace


I’m not insanely knowledgeable about the subject but to my understanding the European powers didn’t like Frances revolution & were worried their citizens would do the same (as they liked their monarchies) so that’s what made Napoleon declare war, then when he lost and came back and lost again (ignoring those 7-8 times he slapped the entirety of Europe) the rest of Europe re-implemented the monarchy into France


Opium wars make a lot more sense after looking at this photo


He was extremely ill at the time of this photo, he'd die a few months later in January 1873.


He literally had opium stuffed up his privates throughout the late 1860’s. He was suffering from gallstones and surgery was unsafe at the time, so the best thing to do was to use opium as a painkiller


To be honest I can’t imagine what he must have felt during the war. He was already suffering from many illnesses and problems, being with his troops on the battlefield must have been agonising


Yo they had color photography then this guys is just being a hipster for his time if you think about it Ref: color photography was made in 1855


You do realize there's a long way between inventing something and then also making it available to the broader public? Just because the car was invented doesn't mean everyone can get one in an instant




Pretty long actually. He ruled France continuously from 1848 to 1870. 4 years as President, 18 years as Emporer.