Yeah the problem was that they weren’t dating their cousin (grievous break of Icelander customs)


There’s fuckin 31 people there options are slim


Cursed Baskin Robbins family


31 flavors of cousin baby Iceissippi baby


Sad iceabama noises


Sadder icebsburgs family noises


Lmao. Icecharlesburg II of Spain cannot send his regards


It’s your cousin or your sibling, come to think of it is this why Hitler loved Iceland so much?


I don’t know if it’s true, but I heard they have a website there so you can check if the person you’re dating is from your family or not, distant relatives etc.


I heard it was a phone app


Thats not true, We have Íslendingabók (Book of Icelanders) which is just a website with every Icelander and information about them, and then a generated picture of how you're related, almost everyone in Iceland is at least 9th cousins, so we had the same Great-Great- Great- Great- Great- Great- Great- grandpa


What was his name?


That is amazing...out of curiosity I looked up the population of Iceland (~372,000) and it is about the same as my small U.S. city, which really put it into perspective.




A Azorean reading this.


If Iceland is Shelbyville, does that mean Greenland is Springfield? I always confuse the two of them: Iceland is green and greenland is ice.... Shelbyville is cousin marrying territory, Springfield is wife murdering territory (looking at you sideshow Bob)


I’d vote for Kodos too!


Wow! Really? I know of both of those paces!


There's an Icelandic dating app that checks to make sure you don't accidentally date a relative.


It’s more than that, it’s to make sure your relative isn’t too close. There’s a certain level of relation it’s impossible to avoid.


Lol, seriously? What's its name?


Íslendingabók, Book of Icelanders


It's because they have amazing birth records, so they can show you the connection. It's not because it's that easy to find a relative.


Icelanders try not to fuck their cousins challenge (impossible)


I don’t think French and other Europeans punishing women for having relations with German soldiers was a good thing but I can kind of understand it, but what did the Americans do to piss of the Icelanders so much?


The Icelandic authorities wanted to keep the Icelandic race pure and didn't want any American blood mixing with it. So even if a girl was just seen walking down the street with an American soldier, she would be dragged to court and charged with betraying the fatherland and sent to a "rehabilitation camp" usually without the parents knowing. If they protested or denied that it happened they would be called a dumb slut and hard to work with. These were just 14-17 year old girls who were just finding their part in society and they would be stripped away and sent into the wilderness away from friends and family. This happened in the 50s and the Icelandic Government has never officially recognized or apologized for this.


"Hitler tried to racially purify people next door." "Oh... Silly man. After a few more years we won't stand for that now will we?"


"I cant get the fuckin trees.Ach!I will kill everyone in the world!"


I will always upvote an Eddie Izzard reference!


Good to know, my opinion of Iceland just dropped quite a bit


People don't really think about it now, because we just lump post-WW2 into "liberal and progressive and modern" for the western world but there was a shit ton of fucked up stuff still happening then. Switzerland was forcibly removing children for adoption from single mothers. (and women didn't get the vote til the 70s) Ireland still had the fucking horrific [Magdeline Laundries](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magdalene_Laundries_in_Ireland) until the 1970s. Many horrific racist policies in the US existed past the 50's. The UK was still criminalising and chemically sterilising gay men. It's a little concerning how easily people will believe that "The west beat the nazis, and so everything was cool" for stuff that is within living memory, and that many of the rights we assume to be basic, core fundamentals today were won comparatively recently.


In 1958 Belgium was still hosting human zoos as entertainment


Also the forced sterilization and lobotomies of Sápmi, Kvæn, Forest Finns and Nordic Romani didn't end until the late 60s in Norway (and probably Sweden too) The "West" was shitty places to live for very many - especially minoritys - so there is no wonder places like USSR and Cuba were seen as viable alternatives. In my humble opinion, many of the improvements in living standards we see after WW2 was a result of compromise between the traditionally powerful and the labor movements under the implicit threat that the working class would go all out revolutionary if society didn't drastically change and living conditions improved at the same rate or better than it did in the USSR (and that gap was a lot closer for far longer than history seems to remember)


Wait till you hear why they have no people with Down’s syndrome.


Most countries have very high rates of selective abortion for Downs babies. The US is about 67%. Iceland is 99%+, the Nordics are all high 90s.


I mean, obviously? You're not doing the child a favour by putting them into the world knowing they will have Down's.


I wish some parents understood this intead of doubling down and making their whole life about raising them against all odds, it's not about the kids, its narcissism.


Yeah I'm glad for genetic screenings. Having kids is already life-altering enough but at least it's largely only a 18-ish year responsibility. Having a special needs kid is literally a "for the rest of your life" situation.


The real problem is the time period after the parents die.


Sorry to be overly German, but having seen the (preemptive) purge of disabled children disguised as an act of kindness during our "gamer years" makes me wary of that argument...after all, most children with Down´s are able to life happy and fulfilled lives, making the choice for them that those aren´t worth living doesn´t really sit well with me. [https://www.t4-denkmal.de/Rassenhygiene-im-Nationalsozialismus](https://www.t4-denkmal.de/Rassenhygiene-im-Nationalsozialismus) Translation: Not a punishment, but salvation. Which parents would wish their children such a terrible fate? Who should be responsible for such a terrible fate? Context: Propaganda during Operation T4, aka we Germans during our "gaming years" getting rid of our disabled (and sterilising anyone who could produce them...).


Some kids with Downs are severely disabled, but most are merely intellectually limited. Most can live happy lives, have relationships, love, marry, have jobs. Many are quite happy. They are more reliant upon their parents/the state than some people without intellectual disabilities, but are generally able to care for their own hygiene, sometimes meals, sometimes transport (the bus, not drive).


Smart Iceland






“The source is that I made it the fuck up” Foxyfox probably


There's none, as this is just anti Sweden propaganda. We're getting a lot now from Russia because we want to join NATO, and from the Muslim world because it's not illegal to burn a quran.


I know, that's what I suspected.


Is it illegal to burn any other major religious book?


Probably triage misrepresented as euthanasia.


Op is simply connecting the dots. When people got Covid, some of them died, something must have killed them 🤔


That's not true, perhaps you should change your comment.


To be fair, Sweden allows passive euthanasia (withdrawal of life support). It could have been their own personal choice. IE if you're 85, you're on ventilator and know you will die from lung failure in a month, might as well go out on your own terms. Edit: had "medically assisted euthanasia" (doctor actively euthanatizes a patient ie via injection) here previously which isn't the same thing as passive euthanasia


I'm swedish and thought that euthanasia is illegal regardless of what. You sure you're not confusing Sweden with Switzerland? Which has assisted euthanasia


>You sure you're not confusing Sweden with Switzerland? New version of confusing Austria with Australia just dropped!


As a swede it ain't new.


Oh. You're completely right. Still allows withdrawal of life support, though, no?


No You should probably change your comment then


I almost died from covid and there was a period where it hurt so bad I would have taken euthanasia if it was offered. I was being told I would not survive. I just wanted it over.


glad you’re still here friend!


Glad you're still here friend!


You're groovy too.


in merica, the patients must suffer until last breath cuz of some people religious beliefs


That’s not true. All states allow DNRs, and Oregon was one of the first (maybe the first?) places on earth to legalize medically assisted suicide.


Well not really religious reasons. More because for families who have a really hard time letting beloved family members pass away. That's not something I'm gonna criticize tbh.


There's also a few ethical questions to consider. Some doctors outright oppose it as they feel it violates the Hippocratic oath. Or if the patient is in a state where it can't be determined if they're truly able to consent.


> cuz of some people religious beliefs a small fraction of people sure, but most of the time its because they don't have a DNR in place and their family is keeping them alive in the hopes that they'll survive etc, its just simple human feelings where they hope the person will be fine and so they keep them on life support and stuff and the person usually can't say anything against it because they're in a coma etc


Depends on the state: https://images.procon.org/wp-content/uploads/sites/43/legal-MAID-states-Dec-19-2022-1.png


Wait until you hear what we’ve got cooking in Canada.


Are you implying that Canada cooks people with Down's syndrome? Are they for eating?


The extra chromosomes contain that delicious flavour.


No, Canada isn’t real


Nothing wrong with aborting downs syndrome fetuses.


I'm going to guess this same "racial purity" motive was a driving force behind that one too


That guy is full of shit. Since the early 2000’s pretty much everyone gets pre-natal scans, the government does push this. When those scans come back positive for down’s syndrome most women choose to abort, the government does *not* push this. It’s literally just a majority of Icelandic couples choosing to abort fetuses with life-altering medical issues, that’s all there is to it.


\^This. It's not that it's government-mandated; it's that *literally almost every parent* of a fetus diagnosed with Trisomy 21 chooses to abort in Iceland. On average, only 2 children are born in Iceland each year with Down syndrome. The country averages for DS-related abortions are: * Iceland: 99.99% * Denmark: 98% * United Kingdom: 90% * France: 77% * United States: 67% Related: [https://www.cbsnews.com/news/down-syndrome-iceland/](https://www.cbsnews.com/news/down-syndrome-iceland/)


Is it lower in the US because we see people with Downs in a better light ..... Orrrrrr because huge swaths of the population can't get basic medical care so folks have no idea ahead of the birth what genetic conditions lay in wait? (Real question)


The most likely explanation is that more people are more likely to be ardently opposed to abortion


Well that, but mostly subpar healthcare and the fact that American society (overall) has fairly regressive views on abortions and female health in general. A little under 80% of US births will have had prenatal care initiated within the first trimester of pregnancy, and abortions are illegal in 20 states after this stage of pregnancy. Whilst this is also tends to be the case for most developed nations, the countries in question are able to initiate prenatal care within the first trimester for up towards ~99% of pregnancies. The actual availability of abortions in the US is incredibly low with only 12% of US counties actually having an identifiable abortion provider.


Good luck aborting now


Would this not stem from the same culture that caused the other one?


Oh, absolutely. I'm just noting that it's not the Icelandic government that's forcing parents to do something against their will. At least, not this time.


It's not eugenics, they just abort any kids with issues


That's... Literally the definition of eugenics


Eugenics is not for consensus disorders that just purely make life harder. It becomes grey when it is not for the fetus.


What's a little eugenics among homogenous populations though?


Part of the reason I don't want to reproduce is to avoid my genetic weaknesses carrying onto my child.


And that's a good habit. Honestly same. I have scoliosis and most likely will never have children. I say it's by choice (probably not) but what can you do? Also it's fair that they do perform abortions on fetuses with downs. Is it ethical? Maybe not. Is it practical? Yes, very much so. One of my concerns is that humanity will use modern medicine as a crutch because it's so effective. Natural selection won't take place and genetic diseases will be passed on and grow in severity as people reproduce.


I would give you a gold medal if I could. Let’s just say I wouldn’t use the term “pro choice” because that would indicate you had an option. Horror storys man. Horror storys.


Wtf are you on about? My towns filled with em as well as specific jobs made that they can do. I dont go a single day without seeing one


99% of downs babies are aborted in Iceland. About 1 baby with downs per year is born. All countries have high selective abortion rates for downs babies; the Us is one of the lowest rates at 67%


Selective abortion just got a lot harder in the US for most people too….


Still less restrictive than France. Even Missouri which has some of the most strict laws.


Would you want your child to live with Down syndrome? Would YOU want to live with Down syndrome?


Because they make intelligent decisions?


So that's why there are no black dudes in Iceland...


Wait till you hear about the [Guðmundur and Geirfinnur case](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gu%C3%B0mundur_and_Geirfinnur_case), and [how they run their police investigations](https://amnesty.is/assets/waking-up-to-nothing-harmful-and-unjusified-use-of-pre-trial-solitary-confinement-in-iceland.pdf).


Damn , now I look at iceland in a different light now. Thanks for this info


I think the police killed Guðmundur and Geirfinnur (based on just reading your link and then a couple more I found)


I mean I assume they don’t feel the same way now. Guys, please tell me I’m right…


Impressive that a nation was so disgusted with Americans so far back. Still terrible though


What's a wee bit of eugenics (without) friends?


Yeah same with the US now, the attack on women is disgusting.


Holy shit, that's crazy. My grandfather in the USAF met my Icelandic grandmother in the 50's in Iceland, no wonder she was willing to move to the states with him.


>The Icelandic authorities wanted to keep the Icelandic race pure and didn't want any American blood mixing with it. Ah, the Hapsburg line of thought


While the aweful things that were done to the women is sadly true and is a pretty black spot in our history i just gotta say, that first sentance is basically pure bullshit. The soldiers actually outnumbered all the men on the island and reportedly, looked and smelled way better, had way more money and possibly treated the women like actual people comparatively so idk why youre talking about race when its way more accurate to call them genuine proto-incels. But yes shit was fucked that much is true


So basically the same thing as with the vikings and england where the women actually preferred them as they were well groomed and nice smelling


Honestly ye it was pretty much exactly like that lmaoooooo


I never heard the viking part. Do you mean the vikings were preferred or the English were preferred?


There's a source talking about English men complaining their women preferred the Norsemen who had settled in the region because their grooming standards were higher than the local native people. So the women had actively been choosing to go be with the Norsemen. The English at the time decided to go kill those guys for it. It *is* a later source but it is one nonetheless


Vikings would do all the bad things you think they did to ol' Aenglalond, but also sometimes they stuck around and just woo'd all the women.


Well I am just copying what I learned in history class this week, and that is what was talked about (Nationalism was very prominent back in the day) . And it was also something about the Icelandic men being jealous that the women were more attracted to the Americans


That last part is true, and im sure there was some xenophobia mixed in there too (we were basically still living in the year 874 before the 1940s) but keeping the blood pure was still very low on that list, hence why im calling them incels not racists lol. Which is worse is for everyone to decide for themselves but if we're gonna be shat on i want it to at least be accurate lol


Yes you're probably right, like I said I dont know, I am just quoting my teacher who said that it was the reason.


Not blaming you man, if they bring it up again you can correct them lol


My response to the first comment was damn and my response to this comment is *damn*


>looked and smelled way better, had way more money My how the turntables.


Can this subreddit require that comments like this from OP actually provide reputable sources (I.e. scholarly) for their claims? If you’re making a statement like this about historical fact you need to substantiate it. The only information I could find with a quick Google search is a article (non scholarly) written by a fiction writer, W.D. Valgardson, on the subject. Do you have a better source?


The movie Stúlkurnar á Kleppjárnsreykjum [https://www.ruv.is/utvarp/spila/stulkurnar-a-kleppjarnsreykjum/22174+](https://www.ruv.is/utvarp/spila/stulkurnar-a-kleppjarnsreykjum/22174+) (only in Icelandic though) [https://grapevine.is/mag/feature/2016/03/04/slut-shaming-and-state-sponsored-persecution-in-situation-era-iceland/](https://grapevine.is/mag/feature/2016/03/04/slut-shaming-and-state-sponsored-persecution-in-situation-era-iceland/)


>Icelandic authorities wanted to keep the Icelandic race pure and didn't want any American blood mixing with it. Swedish dogs, your blood is tainted by generations of race mixing with Laplanders, you're basically Finns.


I remember what my dad said to me on my first day of school. “Comb your hair, you look greek.”


Balkan moment


Should have expected to see Pierce's dad chiming in on a post about ethnic purity.


Community memes!


If they apologize about it, people will remember it happened.


Their lineage was as pure as driven snow.


Their lineage is as pure as a pug's


Their daughter just vanishes and they knew nothing about it?


You'd notice when she doesn't come home, which is far too late to help her. So she'd have _no_ advocates while the law dogpiles her for being a person.


Jesus fucking christ Iceland. If that was their attitude it wouldn't surprise me if they joined the axis had Britain not occupied them.


Many/most countries had funky ideas about race and bigotry back then, Europe just tended to go more by ethnicity/religion than skin color.


Nazism was pretty big in Iceland at the time. The son of the first president was a hardcore Nazi. One of the more popular political parties today (Sjálfstæðisflokkurinn - The Independence party) was originally a Nazi party and the grandpa of Bjarni Ben (A man in the Alþingi) was a Hardcore Nazi. And Nazi propaganda was being played on the radio almost every day. Like I was in class and we were listening to propaganda in ICELANDIC which is just crazy to me.


I really don’t like the Independence Party, but they have absolutely not ever been a nazi party. There was a substantial nazi wing within the party in the 30’s that had more influence than it should have. Tbh you’re making a lot of baseless claims up and down this whole thread and I’ve been trying to find sources to back you up but I haven’t found much of anything. Where are you getting this stuff?


14 year old girls with a american soldiers that are men. They should be in court too.


Kind of stupid considering the massive infusion of Celtic blood Nordic people gained during the Viking Era. So I guess mixing is good to them only when slavery, human trafficking and rape are involved?


> The Icelandic authorities wanted to keep the Icelandic race pure and didn't want any American blood mixing with it. Jesus Iceland we quite literally just had a war over this kind of thing


Going to Iceland this summer, I'll try to remember this and ask a tour guide


Bro, what is it with Social Democratic Nordic countries that, today, are among the happiest and most socially mobile countries in the world, and having super, **super** racist skeletons in the closet? Edit: I couldn’t remember the second word in “Social Democratic” so I just used socialist, even though there’s a pretty significant difference between the two.


Most places in the world have many skeletons in the closet, if it isn't race it's ethnicity and religion


They are not socialist, but capitalist with a good social security system. And pretty much all of Europe (and tons of other nations) have super, super racist skeletons in their closets. My take is that they just have small populations, which makes management easier and cheaper, rich natural resources (plus high income from tourism), very little military spending and strong immigration laws preventing the accumulated wealth from "leaking" (a minus in my book). All while actually having the will to spend money on the social security system and progressive technologies (unlike for example my country, Germany).


*social democrats*, thank you very much Big difference


The truth is socialism worked in the Nordics because they were ethnically homogeneous AND they had that Lutheran work ethic (not the sexual morality, mind you). Both have changed since. Source: I lived in Sweden and find the Nordics and their history fascinating.


Is that something to do with the idea that people feel less inclined to support socialist policies if they feel an "other" will benefit? There's definitely a right-wing mindset in the UK of immigrants being lazy benefits-taking scroungers (whilst simultaneously taking all our jobs somehow, Schrödinger style)


Sweden has never been socialist. Source: I'm swedish and I've been here my whole life


It was not only Americans it was foreign soldiers in general


…they literally JUST told you not to ask


Invaded and occupied after Denmark fell. No one likes an invader.


Wasn’t that the British? And we’re the Allies a harsh occupation force?


The original invaders were British but Iceland was handed over to the USA later. They were not harsh and they built like all of out modern infrastructure like airports and highways


What did the romans ever do for us?


I take offence to this




"Ilsa why did you choose that american soldier instead of me?? Why would you do that sister?"


When is this format banned with Mr.Incredible


I like this format if OP gives context in the comments


Should we bring that "those who know vs those who don't know"


Tbh it's less shitty, at least gives us a hint or inspires curiosity


context: https://www.reddit.com/r/HistoryMemes/comments/125110a/comment/je1xdst/?context=3


Some moderators are annoying on this sub, make random rules out of nowhere.


At least this format gives me something to search up if I don't read the comments.


What did they do?


OP's comment: https://www.reddit.com/r/HistoryMemes/comments/125110a/illegal_slts/je1xdst/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=ioscss&utm_content=1&utm_term=1&context=3


My mom has a friend whose mother, Gudrun, was from Iceland… she moved to the United States with an American soldier. I bet this is what happened to her. It explains a lot; she was the most unhappy person I’ve ever met. I don’t think I saw her smile or laugh a single time. I’m not being hyperbolic—she literally never smiled. (Gudrun’s mother also committed suicide when she was like 8 years old… her response was to spend the summer living under the porch like a feral animal while her father drank himself into a stupor. Icelandic people have issues)


>she was the most unhappy person I’ve ever met. I don’t think I saw her smile or laugh a single time. I’m not being hyperbolic—she literally never smiled. What having to live in the US does to a mf.




Mother… suicide… at 8 years old? They need to slow down man what the hell


or Iceland where their women came from in the first place


I hate this meme format


I’m okay with this format as long as it’s explained in a pinned comment, which this is not




So you ain’t going to provide context or?


[OPs context](https://www.reddit.com/r/HistoryMemes/comments/125110a/illegal_slts/je1xdst?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share&context=3)


This is the same shit as that Mr incredible type meme. Plus you dropped no context


I don't get this, can you explain?


https://www.reddit.com/r/HistoryMemes/comments/125110a/illegal_slts/je1xdst?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share&context=3 He did tho


Context: ​ [https://www.reddit.com/r/HistoryMemes/comments/125110a/comment/je1xdst/?context=3](https://www.reddit.com/r/HistoryMemes/comments/125110a/comment/je1xdst/?context=3)


Also never ask Iceland why there weren’t any Black-American soldiers in Iceland after WW2 either


Well.. there were... I remember some. Do you specifically mean in 1946 or something?


They were banned until the late sixties


What are you referring to? would be interested/horrified to read more on it.




Now I'm curious.


I'm gonna need a source on that one chief


Context on this?


Context: [https://www.reddit.com/r/HistoryMemes/comments/125110a/comment/je1xdst/?context=3](https://www.reddit.com/r/HistoryMemes/comments/125110a/comment/je1xdst/?context=3)


Never ask an Argentinian where his grandpa is from


How about your atrocious spelling of relationships?


Theres one (1) extra a there, not that big of a deal


Real ationships


Iceland, not cool


good old Iceland haha


I find something new on Google everyday and it's horrible things like this 90% of the time. I think authorities should include some horrible events like this in school curriculum just to make that 90% reach 100%.


I weep for the future of Lazytown.


Norway nervously sweating in the back


Iceland is cold for this one


Time to introduce Iceland to liberty. Through the American seed. An American past time. We are a weapon of mass reproduction. Call in the jizz troopers.


Can we finally ban this lazy ass format?