May Allah reward you for turning away from haram. It’s not easy. Make dua and ask for forgiveness, he is all forgiving all you have to do is ask. Enshallah it becomes easier and you only grow from this experience. Remember this dunya is temporary, akhira is forever.


Thank you for your wholesome dua


May Allah make your situation easier 💕


If the relationship was toxic, wether you’re both muslim or not, it’s best to let go as it would only make you feel worse. Inshallah it will get better and you will heal and shed some of the guilt 🤲🏻


You did what's best for your akhira sis. You also gotta remember that Allah swt sees you struggling and will reward you for all the efforts that you're making to please Him. Don't you ever think that Allah is unaware of what you're going through. Be patient and InshAllah Allah will bless you with an amazing husband that will be the coolness of your eyes. May Allah make it easy for you and may Allah keep you always on the straight path sister.💜