Same problem


Never understood why they need online for a single player game


Step 1: Make sniper assassin gamemode optionally online. Step 2: Ignore removing it from single player missions. Step 3: Get rid of multiplayer but keep online requirements.


Step 4: Elusive targets available at all times after support has ended.


Step 1: Have it in the first game when there was no online mode aside from contracts. Step 2: Keep it in every entry since.




I sincerely hope IOI have learned their lesson with this always online crap.


I know I have, on Series X there are non-stop disruptions, it's ridiculous. I honestly put off playing it more than I'd like to because of it. It's so annoying to have it pop up literally every 5 minutes. I have to be in a good mood to play it, otherwise I'll get too frustrated, and quit due to the connection issues, and I wish I was kidding. It has ruined one of my favorite games. Opening tickets, sending E-mails and contacting support has done nothing. Every update I keep thinking they'll fix it. Here's to hoping.


Considering they've tripled down on it by now and STILL have no plans in place for making the game fully playable offline I'd say they very clearly haven't, if something ever goes wrong and they can't maintain the servers we're fucked and left with 3 barely functional games And honestly why should they care enough to learn a lesson? There's no competition and people keep buying into their always-online crap, I'm guilty of this aswell but atleast I got my keys cheap as a way to protest their growing bullshit since 2016


I wrote that thinking of future games, like their 007 project. For the Hitman series, I think that ship has sailed a long time ago, the always online is probably definitive by now.




There are mods, and on PC you can unlock everything.


yeah well maybe some of us smooth brains dont know how to mod it properly


It's literally drag-and-drop to install the mod framework.


derp :P


There are different solutions for that purpose which don't involve constantly checking for internet connection and interrupting gameplay in a single player game. IOI's implementation of DRM is atrocious, there's no way to justify that.


They openly stated that it was to prevent cheating, not piracy at a GDC event years ago.


It's out right now!


Just like the massive failure at launch. I don't understand with the colossal failure at the launch of this game why they thought it was a good idea to not improve their servers at all.


One would think that at launch there could be issues. But, one would think that any development company would get 2x the guesstimated servers needed just in case. Fast forward to new content being released, one would then assume that they would double their 2x server count again because of the rush of customers wanting to play the new content on release. But here we go again, addressing the issue with critical thinking. Common sense? Nah, don't need it. /s


Don’t have that square enix/warners money backing them anymore like they did for first & second game


Yeah so how about simply removing the online requirement and making it a non-issue? It's not as if they need a connection for anything other than Sniper Assassin co-op, which could be P2P just fine.


That’s exactly what they should do because they can’t afford to run stable servers it seems. I agree just remove it


I'm getting the same bullshit message how the fuck could there be service maintenance if others are playing? I own the game but I'm trying to play it through the cloud on gamepass and i can't just fuck it I'll play gta online.


Others play offline but you don't have the challenges/opportunities.


Can you not play the new map in offline mode?


you don't get unlocks if you play offline


Yeah but you can at least get used to the map and play around with it.


Just go do something else until the servers are fixed, problem solved.


Well that’s just genius. Disappointed that you can’t fully enjoy a game you paid more than €50 for? Do something else! Spoiler alert: OP did in fact not think to stare at their screen hopelessly, so drop the obvious “advice” and also consider that if you pay for something, you should be able to enjoy everything that you paid for.


Play in offline, get to know the map, figure out strategies. Once the servers are fixed you will have an advantage, that’s what I meant by doing something else.


A FREE DLC map in a complete game we bought along time ago isn’t something that we need to expect to be perfect, IOI took my money over a year ago when I bought it from Epic, the deal has already been made. If they offer us ANYTHING FREE we should be grateful, not bitch about it.


the maintenance was announced beforehand and you could still play offline, quit complaining.


Except you can't complete any challenges and earn XP to unlock things unless you're online at all times. It's stupid.


You shouldn’t have to play offline, you unseasoned scallop. If you pay for something, the full experience shouldn’t be locked behind a pointless connection requirement. The game’s expensive, I should be able to unlock things even if I have no connection.


It's a thing because the challenges and elusive targets are all server based, and so to always have these monthly updates and dodge the platform specific patch process (that costs money) they force us to play online to get everything accurately. If they let you download it directly they would need to give money to the platforms and pass the patch process. Do I agree with it? Not really but if you want these monthly frameworks of content then it's something that's required.