Not a doctor, but aspirin is a blood thinner and thus very bad for us hemos. Vastly increases the likelihood of bleeds and more scarily, internal bleeds that may go unnoticed for too long. I personally avoid any non-acetaminophen medication, so I can't speak for how it affects our condition in a day to day lives that are not life threatening. I personally suffer from chronic pain and lots of headaches, so I take a bit too much acetaminophen often which is itself dangerous. It can be very hard on the liver and thankfully haven't had any issues with that so far. Additionally alcohol and marijuana are also to a lesser extent blood thinners and should be used with caution as well. Random additional note, mixing alcohol and acetaminophen can be fatal so avoid those overlapping (hangovers extra suck). I know you said that the headaches are caused by work stress, but I would recommend making sure you are otherwise taking care of yourself especially if acetaminophen is not enough. Like drinking plenty of water, eating well and practicing mindfulness/meditation. And if they are consistant and bad enough, I would see a doctor. Could always be other reasons that are treatable for those headaches. And/or if the job is that stressful, maybe looking for alternative work may be beneficial as well. Hope you feel better :).


damn, your advice is exactly the same as mine but much better said lol .


Aspirin affects platelets during their formation and platelets have a lifespan of 7-10 days, so with a dose of aspirin you may be affecting your clotting for the next week. You should avoid it for sure.


Really the only non-opioid pain medicines that do not interface with hemophilia are acetaminophen/paracetamol and Celebrex (celecoxib). NSAIDs function by inhibiting the production of prostaglandins (a hormone that is responsible for inflammation) by reducing the activity of the Cyclooxygenase (COX-) 1, 2, and/or 3 enzymes. As I understand it the COX-1 enzyme also has a strong impact on the production of platelets. Since platelets are an absolutely essential part of the clotting process anything that inhibits or otherwise negatively impacts their function or production is bad for us. Some others, like aspirin, have even more significant blood thinning impacts on the blood. Celebrex is what's known as a selective COX-2 inhibitor. Because it only impacts the COX-2 enzyme it does not cause the same problems as literally every other NSAID. There was another Cox-2 inhibitor (Vioxx/rofecoxib) that was removed from the market years ago wording over cardiac concerns. My Hematologist has time me that is currently being investigated for safety and efficacy among hemophiliacs only. Apparently that's because it's believed that the high risk side effect that had it pulled off the market doesn't apply to us. Especially not when used in non-geriatric patients.


Don't do it man. I had a couple of similar-looking pain relievers in the house growing up in my teens and without checking, I took the one that had aspirin--and *kept* taking it over the course of a week or two. I felt like shit; my face was constantly flush, I would get nose bleeds, and generally felt sluggish and like I was going to die. Eventually something provoked me to take a look at the pain reliever. Sure enough, as soon as I stopped taking it, I went back to normal.


Once in a while is not a health risk, it's just not recommended For long term use, since hemophiliacs usually need about 2to3days of pain relief medication, an NSAID or ibuprofen, can prolong a bleed, wh8ch in a severe bleed could lead to serious risks. But An Anti-inflammatory usually WORKS better for migraines or headaches since most headaches are related to pressure or sinus (without injury of course) a single dose, for aches or pain, even in a minor bleed is pretty safe. Caffeine also helps with migraines. FOR MAJOR BLEEDS OR CONTINUOUS PAIN RELIEF IS NOT RECOMMENDED AND CAN BE VERY DANGEROUS. also helps with migraines and headaches


I sometimes take for inflammation but within an hour I feel like I start to leak around my joints and bruise easy. I only take it when I infuse but it's still a risk I only ever do a small dose never over 500mg like non hemos take it easy.


There aren't a lot of great options. Too much of anything can cause problems. An asprin won't kill you, but maybe try Naproxen or Ibuprofen to see how they work on your headaches first. Your doctor might have a prescription option if you're having a lot of headaches.


I still don’t get headaches too much, just every now and again when it’s been a long/stressful day. But thank you, I will!


i dont think Aspirin is optimal - is prob still your best option . If you think they couild be stress related, you might not actually require pain meds, but would benefit from some breathing/mindfulness etc exercises. I know that sounds like a cop out but if its stress induced, maybe the best option isnt masking the symptoms and tinstead trying to mitigate the cause? I dunno jsut recommendation. Also if you have access to it, I find CBD very useful for general pain. It works well for my bad joints and muscle sorness due to exercise. In actual answer to your question about aspirin - I dont take it due to being a bleeder, but I imagine its not the worst thing you can do. prob best to chat to your doct. All the best!


Since you are hunting for pain relief alternatives to aspirin, you will eventually stumble unto Diclofenac. At first the ingredients looks kosher and it also seems to actually work and so you will use it and use it until


Trust me, stay as far away from any NSAIDs as you can... Unless you're having an active heart attack then nothing good will come from mixing NSAIDs and hemophilia...lol