A little windy, yeah?

A little windy, yeah?

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Personally, I’m not so sure I’d be walking on those piers


Not to be that guy, but that’s a pontoon, not a pier (At least where I’m from)


Not to be that guy, but if you say pontoon here people will be thinking of a slow ass boat


Not to be that guy but, on the pontooon makin' waves and catching rays up on the roof... jumping out the back, dont act like you don't want to ...party in slow motion ..out here in the open.. Mmmmmmm...motorboatin' Ok I was that guy.


i’d just call it a floating dock or pontoon dock


Yeah I'd definitely pier my pants


The dock is looking like a Mario kart track.


Only here you die for real


Why did they tie to the cleat/ bollards on the other side of the walkway.


Better angle on the cleat.


More lines onto more cleats, plus those are the smaller style cleats which are bolted into a steel or aluminium channel, instead of through bolted. The channel can deform and the cleat pull out with enough force.


My guess is they weren’t sure that dock was gonna hold up


If you make the line longer it gives it a bit more stretch/spring/elastic so you don't pull the bolts out of the pontoon or the boat.


This is bizzare, you never normally build a marina where it's so vulnerable to wind and waves. Did a man made breakwater disappear or something?




Ah, that'll do it. Have seen similar chaos in anchorages but never a marina. Scary stuff, glad to be sailing at 52°N...


Where is this?


I think I see an FL on the lifeboat so maybe Florida?


Lifeboat? Do you mean dinghy? Oh found it. Yes, it is a dinghy.


Dingy? Do you mean dinghy? Oh found it. Yes, it is a dinghy.


Yep my spelling is atrocious, and my comment wasn’t being a jerk, but yours is.


I'm just sayin, if you're going to be condescending, you should probably be 100% right.


I wasn’t being condescending. I was just looking at the video and typing. I couldn’t figure out what he was saying and FL was only in a few frames. It is pretty sad how you assumed bad intent.


Crazy! Would love to see a longer video or different angles of something like this happening.


So many 500,000 dollar bills in so much danger


Must've been pretty sudden, all the boats are uncovered and look ready to go


Bit of a breeze.


I like the dude who gets off the main pontoon and realizes as the whole thing bucks around that's it probably a bad idea.


what all those people doing there? Are they the boat owners? If so, are they really risking their lives to save their boats? If not, are they simply stupid?


Personally, I'd go out there, if I could help secure and protect my boat. I would wear a life jacket though. I would only do it if there was a nearby shore that was down wund and not too rocky. Those waves aren't too large to be dangerous to me. I swim for hours in big surf so the time. Those boats aren't prepared as if it was a hurricane, so the owners are probably reacting to a heavy squall.


if it’s a hurricane I would have heard about it in the news and I would have prepared for it BEFORE, not during the storm. That’s what I don’t understand.


That's why it isn't a hurricane. Most boats are prepared beforehand for those, or moved to a safer spot, or taken out of the water. Since these boats were not prepared, then I'm thinking it is likely a sudden storm or heavy squall.


I don’t buy it. I live in the coast in the north of Norway and we have a lot of storms and variable weather and people here is always prepared beforehand for any kind of storms. 50 years ago that could happen, a sudden unpredicted storm, but nowadays weather forecast is really precise for the next 24-48h and something like that sea would have been predicted at least 24h before.


I understand, what you say is mostly accurate. It sounds similar to where I live, Cape Cod, Massachusetts. What if it is a strong, tropical thunder storm, with a microburst? There are frequent thunder storms in Florida, almost every day, in some places. Those are not perfectly predictable, and one could have had a microburst perhaps? We had a tornado a couple years ago. We get one only about every 20 - 30 years. You can't predict that, just like you can't predict certain strong squalls that could create weather like this for up to an hour.


Fuck that, that’s why you have insurance.


Until they deny your claim because your boat wasn't secured properly and that's why it got damaged...


>If not, are they simply stupid? Well no not really. I don't really see people risking their lives or at least there is no direct immediate threat. Its not ideal conditions obviously but its also not crazy windy in that. The sea state / movement is making things look worse than they actually are. There would be other tell tales signs of it being crazy crazy windy like the surface of the sea seperates constantly and that isn't happening. So at a guess about 40-50mph winds max. What the people are doing there is probably lengthing lines / making sure they have not shaken loose / stretched / worn out etc... Its not really something that can be prepared for either other than have stuff in good working order already. You have to deal with it when the storm comes. What you don't want to happen is 1-2 of the boats to actually get loose. Thats when it actually gets dangerous. You also have to consider here that people may actually be living on some of the boats and have nowhere else really to go so they don't really have a choice.


It fucken wimdy


A little fresh


A little windy, yeah?


Looks like perfect sailing weather, if you make it out of the marina.


Damn. Imagine being at sea in one of those boats with this type of gale blowing you all around. No thanks.


I'd rather be at sea. Fewer things to hit.


Been there before... ugh. r/liveaboard




that would be pretty fun if it wasn't windy and you were just trying to balance on the pier


fuck. that.


Svalbard pier?


Dude I would never walk on a floating dock in those conditions especially those new style ones that are super light


Ah yes, the two best friends r/heavyfuckingwind and r/heavyseas