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What's wrong with butter? There's not any good butter substitutes. They are all highly processed with a bunch of additives


Just use butter it's pretty much the best thing to cook something.


Not sure what you’re trying to use a butter substitute for, but I’ve used coconut oil in some baking and it worked great.


Country crock has a vegan butter made from olive oil!


Don’t know if it’s really a good substitute, but avocado on toast instead of butter is pretty good.


Not made from olive oil but ghee is a healthy alternative to butter


You are aware that ghee is made from butter?


yes i am well aware my friend but it is completely organic with no added ingredients unlike the processed butter you find normally find


nah its all garbage. as a general rule something trying to imitate another thing is going to be trash. Use the best version of the real deal if you want it, otherwise, adjust your eating habits and preferences otherwise, this is how total shit like crisco and margarine come about. corpos trying to turn a quick buck by reselling us processed refuse turn around and go "durhurr look its the same, lucky you! now you get to buy it" and we find out 10 years later (after people have been telling us for 5 and being ignored) that its actually straight up poison to us butter on the other hand is not poison. it is love and life.