Technically we were official from our first date because we never dated anyone else past that. Formally though, a few months into the relationship he called me, “his girl” and it caught me off guard so I made a joke about being the only girl and he said, “well yeah” so we consider that our ‘let’s be official’ talk lol We discussed marriage after a few months too because he’s about 10years older than me so I wanted to know if he had any expectations or timelines on kids, marriage, etc and to let him know mine so we didn’t waste each other’s time. Got engaged at 4 years of being together, married at 5 years, and been married for 2 years with a kid. Everything has happened so organically and, thankfully, we’ve continued to be blessed in our relationship.


Met in 2001. Started dating after a month then I moved in with him a month after that, but I kept my apartment for 3 more months, just in case. We were together 3 years, had moved to another state, and were visiting his mom in his hometown when on a whim he asked if I wanted to get married. I said yes and we went to the courthouse the same day. Still together and still in love. Our days are filled with hugs and smooches, and we hold hands in bed. 😍


I met my husband when he was on leave in the Navy so our first 2.5 years we were long distance. We managed to see each other a couple of times a year, but it was mostly phone calls and texts. We had A LOT of time to talk. He used to get drunk and tell me about how he wanted to marry me and in the morning pretend he had no memory of such a thing. We were young and stupid and it made me laugh a lot. I knew I wanted to marry him after about 4 months and was very upfront with my desire to get married. He proposed after a year and a half and we got married a year later. We just celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary!


3 months to talk about marriage, married in our 4th month, and have been together for 12+ years... and I wouldn't have changed a thing on our timeline. Well, maybe added another kid before tieing my tubes, but we're more than happy with the two we've got. My biggest thing was having kids early so I could enjoy my adulthood. Being in my early 30s now with a nine and ten year old being able to do fun stuff with my husband, even without the kids, was way worth handing my 20s over to motherhood for. Being at the spouse meetings is interesting, because even as young as I am to all the other mothers, I don't have a baby on my boobie anymore having to chase after a toddler. Tits nice. The previous real relationship before that was a 2.5 year relationship that led me to leave him on our wedding day. That took two years to get to talking about marriage. I feel it's more about the connection you have with your partner, the understanding between each other, and seeing all the good balances through each other's flaws. Time is not much of a factor anymore. We are but a speck of time on this planet. Why waste time hoping things work out, when ultimately it's in your hands to make it work. It only works if ya work it😆😉😎 Wishing you the best in your future relationship endeavors 🥰😎 Side note: We did not have a big wedding. Small, cheap, sentimental... is the way to go. Photography/video was probably the only money I spent and cake. We both wore flip flops down the aisle🤙😎 Wishing you a happy relationship and a happy stress free marriage!


Engaged 2 months after we met, married at 3 months. Still very happily married 10+ years later.


This sounds like such a whirlwind romance, and I'm most impressed that you planned a wedding within a month! I want to know more to your story 🥰🤩


The wedding planning was one reason I knew I had the right one, was actually very smooth 🤣. Even went through an entire 250 page premarital workbook in that month as we both were having the maybe we're crazy thoughts, that just made it more obvious we were a good fit. Had a nice wedding at a local park next to a lake and a small reception. Did it on a Tuesday during the day to keep the crowd down, so mainly close family and friends plus was easier to get the venue. We met online, found out we had quite a bit in common and I invited her out to dinner that night. Dinner turned into a 4 hour walk and talk in the park in the cold in February, been together just about every day since for the last 10+ years. 5 kids in a blended family to make it more interesting :).


I believe it was 8 years before the marriage talk. My parents split when I was young. How they treated each other after kind of ruined the idea of it all.


We’d been friends for a while before we got together as a couple so we felt comfortable moving quickly. It was four weeks to the day after our first date that we started talking about marriage, and 2.5 weeks after that that we got engaged.


We were exclusive pretty much immediately, and then "I love yous" made it official after 4 months. We moved in together at 10 months with the understanding that it was leading to marriage. Engaged one year later...and now we're about to hit our 5th wedding anniversary!


My husband and I got engaged on our 2 year anniversary. Married exactly six weeks later. We are celebrating our one year wedding anniversary today 🥳💕


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8 days engaged 5 months married Still best friends madley inlove ...42 years later