It's discontinued?! I had no idea, I'm still working from a gigantic Costco bottle I got about 4 years ago. I also occasionally use the Aveeno apple cider vinegar clarifying shampoo. I like it, though I don't know that I'd say it's QUITE as good as the Neutrogena.


Same!!!! Now I gotta go to costco to see if they still have any lol. I use it like once a month so it lasts forever


Literally just used the last of mine, I guess I’ll use Dawn now


hairdresser here: I like Paul Mitchell shampoo two. follow with conditioner, but I haven't found a Paul Mitchell conditioner I like, so use a different brand. choose conditioner that says "moisture" rather than "protein" because too much protein damages your hair. /r/dailywash may have tips


I use suave daily clarifying shampoo and make sure to follow up with a deep conditioner. It's what I transitioned to after the discontinuation of netruogena


So I’m a little hesitant about responding because I don’t have alternatives. But I was like you once. I had an oil rig for a head, it didn’t even take that long to oil up <24 hrs. But the truth was that it was irritated (even if it didn’t feel that way at the time), and I had to start rinsing my head more often to get rid of shampoo buildup, and having shampoo-less showers where I just use conditioner at the ends of the hair. Oil production depends on a lot of things like genetics and hormones but irritating your scalp with harsh shampoos is definitely a recipe for oily hair. Hair follicles are alive and sebum is produced to protect them. At least this is what I think and what worked (and was proven) for me. Currently using a shampoo without harsh drying ingredients and my hair is ok and it’s not oily. In conclusion, there’s a small chance that harsh ingredients in shampoo is causing your head to rebel against you. I could be wrong. Good luck!


Some of us just sweat a lot more, or tend more towards oily skin. I have fine hair, and it gets very greasy very quickly. Others in my family have tried the ess-frequent shampoo thing without success - my sister always had a very natural but strong scent to her hair after one day, and my own hair got very greasy causing more acne.


I’ve been using Pantene Classic Clean as an alternative. It’s not *quite* as strong as the Neutrogena, but it’s the strongest SLS shampoo I’ve found and it does the job.


i’ve used the kristen ess clarifying shampoo and it seemed similar. it’s not as harsh as the neutropenia but it’s pretty good.


I’m using odele right now but i believe i’ve heard that ouai makes a good one too!


VO5 has a good cheap one also, green with a Kiwi lime scent.


Is it discontinued? I just checked on Amazon and the anti-residue formula is available.


Herbal essences rose hips or tea tree shampoo are both super similar and it’s what I use now to replace it


Seconding Paul Mitchell. I really like the 3. It’s actually more clarifying than Neutrogena. It does have a much higher pH though. I’m planning on using the 2 as my full time replacement for the anti residue shampoo when I run out of the Neutrogena and still use the 3 for some extra clarifying umph Edit: meant to write 2 not 1


This site could help in the search. It lists shampoo ingredients to look for that that remove build up: [http://science-yhairblog.blogspot.com/2016/07/shampoos-which-remove-product-build-up.html](http://science-yhairblog.blogspot.com/2016/07/shampoos-which-remove-product-build-up.html) I just ran out of my Neutrogena and now have to start hunting ...


Thanks! Have you tried any of the recommended shampoos?


No, not yet as my last bottle of Neutrogena lasted until this month. I think the shampoo listing on the science-y hair site hasn't been updated in a few years but the site is good for the ingredients to look for in a clarifying shampoo. I'm currently trying Pantene Pure Clean and Clarify which seems ok ... it seems to get rid of build up, but then being Pantene, it leaves you with a coating of panthenol on your hair.


ooh, that sounds luxurious! 😍


It does seem to work pretty well, now that I have been using it for a while.