Hope you charged the customer accordingly. We don't go that deep on a standard 150 dollar tuneup. Got way too many other points to hit. I like to do a comprehensive job, but if I see that this needs to be done, I immediately go to the customer and let them know what's going on and how much extra it will be


Most of my jobs are diagnosis and repair so this was actually a service/repair call. Unit was a complete mess electrically so had to do those repairs first to even diagnose it while running. I didn't suspect the condenser being this dirty from the middle so instead of a 2 part job it turned to 3. Initial suspect was overcharge, non-condensables, bad TXVs (At least one TXV was bad), dirty condenser. So after fixing all those I thought I'd be done, then saw the head pressure after weighing in charge. Now I know when to suspect internally dirty condensers, my mistake was not shining a flash light through most of the condenser, checked small part of it and thought It was clean after cleaning it without splitting.


T&M all day every day. If they want cleanings as part of the maintenance the spring maintenance is going to be a very expensive maintenance compared to the other ones for the year. Always funny reading comments about not charging enough to do a split coil on maintenance. There should be no standard price for a maintenance it should be 100% dependent on the equipment being covered... Show the customer what they have, explain the necessity of the cleaning and if they don't want to pay for it just write them a proposal for the proper cleaning and make sure it's on every ticket going to them. When the system is fucked and they need that cleaning to get it working you charge them accordingly and you remind them of the multiple attempts to preemptively handle the situation that they continually declined.


8 ton 2 stage RTU. According to the client even manufacturer's service team couldn't figure it out, along with 4-5 other techs.Changed both driers and TXVs as well. Before and after pics[https://imgur.com/a/C0YC50d](https://imgur.com/a/C0YC50d) Client says unit temped down to 20C while testing which never happened before, so they're really happy.


I don’t forget, I just don’t do it. They want my maintenance way too cheap. I split the coil and charge for my time, I lose a customer.